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Trucks Only has decided to erase Mr***'s debt with usWhile completely,within our contractual right to pursue those monies in the full amount, we have decided we will not continue the matter furtherThank you

I have included the original "we owe" form from the customer's purchaseThe we owe form is where any promises included in the purchase would be listed for Trucks Only to perform in the futureAs everyone can see the form is blank and no detail or any other work for that matter was promisedFurther, the we owe form specifically states "I do understand there is 'no other free work to be performed' in the future." Obviously there is no contractual obligation on Trucks Only's part to perform the work the customer feels they have promisedHowever, in the interest of resolving the situation and finding a resolution that both sides can live with, I will make a one-time, non-negotiable offer to Mr [redacted] If Mr [redacted] is willing to make an update to ALL his reviews he has left about Trucks, which includes ***, [redacted] , [redacted] , and the, and any others not listed here, to reflect at least a positive rating with Trucks Only, then we will perform his requested detail (a $value.) The detail must be performed by the vendor of Trucks Only's choosing and the vehicle must be brought to our Mesa location Monday through Friday and left for the entire day to perform the detailNo transportation will be providedI feel this is a fair offer and one that both parties can live withIf Mr [redacted] is agreeable, he can reach out to our service adviser Dave N [redacted] to schedule the appointment to have the work performedThis shall serve as a binding agreement for both sides and once the reviews are updated we will gladly schedule the appointment Hopefully this will settle the matter for all sidesThank you

We certainly hope to resolve the situation with Mr [redacted] While disputing some of the details as set forth in his account, we will send him the requested amountHowever the reason we objected to his full request, was because we were never consulted prior to the repair work being done, nor that he would expect us to be responsible for his out of pocket costs until after the work was actually doneAlso, HE specifically told our office manager to not send him the check for $because that was not an acceptable resolution to himOtherwise he would have had the check at the time the agreement was madeThe check for the requested amount will be arriving shortly

On or about April 4th, [redacted] purchased a [redacted] from Trucks OnlyAt the time of sale, the vehicle had 98,miles on itAt the time the vehicle was purchased there was some minor repair items that were completed on the vehicleThose items were repaired to the customer's satisfactionIt should be stated at the time these repairs were made, the customer was observed several times "peeling out" of Trucks Only at a very agressive and high speed which would have caused the engine to rev at a very high RPMApproximately six months later, the customer called Trucks Only to state that the vehicle had experienced a major mechanical issue and what could be done to helpAt no cost to the customer whatsoever, Trucks Only had the vehicle towed from the customers out of county location and brought to a third party shop where we have a lot of major work performedThis was done out of customer goodwill on Trucks Only's part even though there was no legal or warrantied reason to do soThe shop verified that the engine had a major failure ("was blown up")The shop also notified Trucks Only there was a high probability that the engine failure was due to repeated abuse and neglect to the vehicleThe reason they suspected this was due to several factorsAt the time the customer purchased the vehicle, it had brand new tires installed on itWhen the vehicle was brought in, it was observed that the front tires had about 70% tread remaining (appropriate for the approximately 7,that had been put on the vehicle)The rear tires, were COMPLETELY wore out with virtually no tread remaining(Pictures of the front and rear tire wear are included)The only way those rear tires could be completely worn out was due to repeated racing and "burning out" of the tiresIt's also important that these are large, off-road style tiresThe amount of force necessary to "burn out" these tires is immenseThis would be similar to the type of abuse that Trucks Only witnessed first hand when [redacted] was pulling in and out of the Trucks Only lotIn addition, the undercarriage of the vehicle was extremely muddy which would show that the vehicle had probably been heavily used off road, further damaging the vehicle [redacted] references that this should be covered under Trucks Only's lifetime engine warrantyFirst off, it has been widely known in the 10+ years that Trucks Only has had this warranty program, that diesel engines have always been excluded and the warranty is not eligible(Contract included showing diesels excluded is included)Beyond that, the claim would have been most certainly denied for excessive abuse, based on the factors stated aboveLastly, a claim would have also been denied for lack of maintenance, as no maintenance records can be presented by [redacted] There is simply no coverage of that type for this vehicleAt no time was the customer ever told the cost to repair the vehicle would be $The repair, however is a very costly oneTrucks Only is under no obligation to do anything at this point due to the mileage on the vehicle and the time that has elapsed since purchaseHowever, we would like to try and help resolve the issue with the customerThe owner of Trucks Only would like to offer [redacted] (and any other relevant persons) to come in and sit down face to face to try and brainstorm a resolution to this situationIf that is agreeable, he can contact [redacted] to arrange a meeting timeThank you I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and am concerned about the lack of follow through stated in the proposed actionI still have not heard from this businessI would like to keep this case open until I actually receive either an email or phone response to this complaint Regards, [redacted]

As has been a continuing problem in dealing with Mr***, his statement to the is filled with falsehoods and inaccuraciesFirst off, Mr*** purchased his vehicle on or about late October 2013, rather than the that he statesHe has had usage of the vehicle for an entire year longer
than he states in the complaintThe vehicle was seized by ADOT due to a theft report out of Florida approximately years agoHowever, the insurance company listed as owner of the stolen vehicle form Florida, has been unable to confirm this is in fact the stolen vehicle, and has been unable to secure titleSince Mr***'s truck was impounded, he has had continual use of a truck while we worked to resolve this issueMr***'s statement that Chris S*** " feels that they owe me nothing" is also completely falseMr*** was in dealership, with a very generous settlement check on hand to resolve the situation, that he could have walked out with that dayMr*** chose not to settle the matter due to a confidentiality clause contained within the settlement agreement that is completely standard for any contract involving this type of situationThis is for his protection as well as ours The agreement is required as Mr*** has caused several unsettling incidents while he has been in our dealershipDuring the most recent occurence, as well as previously, Mr*** has threatened physical harm to several of our dealership employeesThis is all documented by a police report and restraining order issued by the court, outlining Mr***'s unstable behaviorMr***'s assertion that this is a tactic to not settle the matter is also completely falseMr*** has the same generous offer to settle this matter IMMEDIATLYIf he chooses to, then we can make arrangements to get this resolved very quickly at a mutually agreed upon locationIrregardless of settlement, Mr*** is not permitted by law to set foot anywhere near any Trucks Only facility

This customer purchased from our location on *** *** The manager of that store has reached out to the customer about resolving the concerns the customer hasAt this time, the customer is satisfied with the plan of action Trucks Only has implementedWe will strive to resolve the issues to the
satisfaction of the customerWe will report further once the concerns have been addressed

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. I will wait until for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved
*** ***

Can I please have the customer email some pictures of the holes in question so I can take a look at them? He can send them to ***Also, I'd like to contact the customer directly to discuss the situation if he is agreeableThank you

I have forwarded the information on to our Ecommerce team and they have not received the emails in questionThey are working with our website IT team to determine why these have not been received. Our Ecommerce Supervisor is reaching out directly with the customer to provide the necessary
parts to fix the bag in question. We do apologize as this is not the level of service Eagle Creek likes to provide. We appreciate this being brought to our attention so we can work with the customer and also determine if there is a larger issue at play. If you should need more information regarding this situation Please let me know. Thank You

The Eagle Creek Warranty Manager *** *** contacted Mr*** *** 12/04/and is sending him a replacement buckleWe are looking into the matter to determine the root causeWe do appreciate the opportunity to improve our service
Thank You
*** ***

*** *** ***:
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.this resolution is unacceptable due to the fact this was all discussed in Detail with *** the sales repI was going to not purchase the vehicle when I was told that I needed to put 6,downIt was *** who offered to split the deposit over pay periodsWe shook hands and we made an agreement that I would pay the 6,down split over payments and the trade in and we had a deal *** said my trade in would be paid in full and my MAX out of pocket was the 6,not one penny more It makes sense now why they rushed me through the signing did not want me to read any of itIt sure is a bait and switch and I do not accept this offer and I am considering legal action.
*** ***

On or about July 31st, *** *** and *** *** purchased a vehicle from the Trucks Only location in *** ***Their loan funded with *** *** *** *** on August 20thAt that time, *** withheld the proceeds of the first payment that was becoming due
within daysThe customer received a credit to their loan in the full amount of that paymentWhen this occurs it is understood that the customer is to make their payment to the dealer that had the payment deducted from their fundingThe customer signed a promissory agreement that explicitly states "by signing I authorize Trucks Only to run my credit card for any past due monies owed, even if less than total amount due, and up to total amount authorized by cardholder's bank." In this instance, the first payment owed represented past due money owed and therefore Trucks Only is entitled to run the cardAfter the $payment that was authorized, and other credits the customer had to the account, the remaining balance to resolve the matter is $This is money that the customer 100% received a credit for and is expected to payWe would hope for a quick resolution to this matterAll documentation that supports the facts stated above are included in this correspondenceThank you

I tried to reach out to Mr*** by phone but was unable to leave a messagePlease have him contact *** *** ** *** *** ***Thank you

We would be willing to inspect the tires at our main Mesa facility, and if confirmed that the tires are past acceptable levels, we would be willing to replace at no expense to the customerPlease have the customer contact Dave our service manager at *** to schedule a time to inspect the

On or about July 13th , Mr *** purchased a Chevy Silverado from Trucks OnlyAt the time of purchase, Mr*** was made aware that the vehicle had recently been traded in and would require shop checkout and maintenanceUpon receiving the vehicle in our shop it was determined that the
vehicle had numerous existing problems as well as potential future concerns and issues as wellIt was determined that it would be in both parties' interest to not sell this vehicle to Mr***It is never our intention to sell a "bad vehicle" to a customerI do apologize about Mr***'s lost time and would be willing to send him a check for $that should cover any fuel and other expenses that were incurred with traveling back and forth to Trucks Only during this process
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
I am seeking $because I bought a new exhaust muffler for it and had it installedI am seeking hours of pay for time that at missed at work at $23/hour for the total time it took to locate the truck, purchase and complete paper work then also the time I took to bring it back and find a ride homeI am seeking $for gas which is a combined total of $Also, the contract that was given to me upon purchase of vehicle was left in the truck's glove box which I never got back nor did they contact me to let me know I left itThey never gave me any type of form or paperwork showing they "cancelled" the contract they just stated they "shredded" and they said "we'll act like it never happen" so at this point I really don't know if I have a contract with them or not
*** ***

I was promised a clean vehicle by Jesse, in-fact he stated with my fiance' with me that all vehicles are cleaned and detailed when purchased"All of that is cosmetics, we will take care of that when the purchase is made" Ironic how the slogan of the company is " Customer Always " when I've been constantly treated so poorly by the owner of this company. I'm not complaining about the deal I got with the truck, nor have I everSo to constantly throw that in my face after YOU ( TRUCKS ONLY / SULLIVAN MOTOR COMPANY ) offered me a deal on my "Buy-Back Lemon Law" vehicle, Your company yourself said " this offer is too good to pass up, you should really let us buy it from you, we can sell it at an auction where you'll have more issues trying to sell it yourself..." Let's stick to the issue here and not get off subjectI was treated poorlyI did get my oil change, the vehicle was dirty when I purchased it and our social security number was flagged by the government due to a mistake on behalf of the company, regardless of who made the mistake, they were acting on behalf of the company. I'm disappointed on how the Company / Chris have been attempting to shame me and trying to me feel guilt for the offer I took them up onI will not stand for this nor should any others
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
On or about February 28th, 2014, *** *** purchased a *** *** *** from Trucks OnlyI signed the paperwork on 2/but did not receive the truck until 3/due to repairs required At no time were any statements made about this vehicle being "bulletproofed," nor was anything put in writing that attested to that statement I have text correspondence from Trucks Only employee *** *** where he used the term ‘bulletproof’ In fact, at no time did *** *** ever bring up this accusation about bulletproofing until his latest complaint with Trucks Only I also have text correspondence with *** *** regarding the ‘bulletproof’ statement being false At the time *** *** purchased the vehicle, the vehicle was sold "AS-IS" with the state Implied Warranty only*** *** signed the Implied Warranty statement saying the "seller hereby warrants that this vehicle will be fit for the ordinary purpose for which is used for days or miles after delivery, whichever comes first." Additionally, *** *** was offered an extended warranty which he signed off that he declined(Proof of both items included with reply.) I declined the warranty because I feel it is another scam by dealers to get more money In my opinion, Trucks only does not check out their vehicles before selling them or the warranty would be more than days I bought into everything Trucks Only employee *** *** told me I thought he was a standup guy and that Trucks only was a good dealer that would take care of their customers After approximately miles were put on the vehicle Trucks Only made some repairs to *** ***'s truck, largely due to his loud complaining and for customer goodwill At no time was I loud with anyone at Trucks Only In fact, the majority of my correspondence was done by text I have proof of all of my complaints by text in writing by *** *** my salesman who works for Trucks Only on my phone dated and time stampedI also have pictures sent to me by *** *** of a part that would be changed during the ‘bulletproofing’ process I was assured over and over that I was buying and very strong truck Later, approximately months and nearly miles after purchase, Trucks Only fixed a driver's side hub bearing on the vehicleThis was of several items I had asked to be fixed off of an estimate from a 4xshop early onI gave a copy to *** in Trucks Only’s service department and asked for those items to be repaired Trucks only gave me a receipt stating the hub was changed (I also have a copy) of both the estimate from other shop and trucks only The hub is one of several items that they claimed to have fixed but did notThis was again due to *** ***'s bullying and threatening waysI have at no time ever threatened or bullied anyone at Trucks OnlyI believe this is their way of trying to discredit meI never raised my voice at any time Again, most of my conversation had been via text so I would have a written record At that time, the vehicle was operational and functional to the customer's satisfaction, otherwise I can assure you that *** *** would not have accepted the vehicleTrucks Only has no way to test the wheel drive at their location I have never taken the vehicle off road because the wheel driver hasn’t worked from the start I did not test until I was on my ranch and needed it for work and yes it was months after my purchase As screen shots of my text messages will show, I was calm and polite (saying please and thank you) when I brought it to their attention Now, months later after the latest repair and months after original delivery and purchase, *** *** again wants Trucks Only to fix his vehicleHe again wants to use bullying and threatening tactics Again, I have never threatened or bullied anyone I just want Trucks Only to deliver a working vehicle as promised In which to accomplish thisTrucks Only adamantly refuses to adhere to these types of threats*** *** has already trashed Trucks Only and its employees with bad reviews, attacked other satisfied customers on social media and continues to make slanderous claims and accusations that are completely unfoundedTrucks Only is in fact examining our legal rights with counsel in regards to the slanderous statements made by *** *** I did post reviews regarding my issues with my purchase on *** and on review websites for the dealer I guess it’s the opinion of Trucks Only that dissatisfied customers shouldn’t be allowed to give reviews regarding the service they received It is completely unreasonable and unrealistic to expect Trucks Only to continue to make repairs nearly a year after purchase The requested repairs are the same repairs I have been asking to have fixed since I purchased the vehicle Their claim that it has been months later and all of a sudden I want them to fix my truck is ridiculous , particularly when the customer by his own admission is using the vehicle for off-road use The truck was used in my back yard, at the horse ranch I live onNever once has my truck been off road for recreational wheel driving as they claim where breakdowns and repairs are far more likely to occurAgain, this is WAY outside of the implied warranty period and the customer declined any type of extended warrantyTrucks Only adamantly refuses to make any further repairs to *** ***'s vehicle and will take legal action should his slandering and bullying continueTrucks Only has done nothing but tried to help *** *** over and over again only to be repeatedly bullied and berated by himAs far as him never purchasing from Trucks Only again, I can assure you that the feeling is mutual and we will never wish to sell him a vehicle again. Again all I have proof by text with times and dates I am working with *** to get a print off to show youI also have attached a copy of the receipt from Trucks only and the estimate I gave them from the other shop of items that needed to be fixedI also have photos of the hub Trucks Only claims to have changedNo way was this changed at allIt is all rusted and the bolts were hard to get off from rustIf the repairs where done this would not have happenedThis axle broke during driving conditions Seems that the locker which is part of the hub was also broke and kept the driver side in 4wheel drive which, as you can see by the photos, did not have a good resultIf Trucks Only did the repair and checked the 4wheel drive as stated on their receipt this would have never happenedMy truck is used for pulling and not recreational wheel driving The one thing I admit I should have done was demand to take the vehicle off road during the test drive I was told by *** *** we could not do that I would like to add that they had covers over the lockers on the front axle and I was not told the truck had theseDuring the test drive when I thought I was testing the wheel drive by the switch inside (only shifts the transfer case which was and is working fine)and this switch does not lock in the hubs*** in the service department told me how it was supposed to work but it did not work It’s my opinion that the covers and failure to mention the lockers was another way for them to hide the fact the wheel drive never worked. Coincidentally, I ran into a friend of the person that bought the truck before me He took it back a week or later due to all the issues with the vehicle This further demonstrates that Trucks Only knew about these issues and did nothing to reconcile I am not asking for a new vehicle or anything more than what I paid top dollar for which is a working wheel drive vehicle. Regards,
*** ***

We reviewed the situation listed in the complaint and our Ecom customer service supervisor is reaching out to the customer directly to correct this situation. Eagle Creek stands behinds its products and will work to ensure the customer is satisfied with our solution. Thank you for
bringing this to our attention

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