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On or about February 28th, 2014, *** *** purchased a *** *** *** from Trucks OnlyAt no time were any statements made about this vehicle being "bulletproofed," nor was anything put in writing that attested to that statementIn fact, at no time did *** ever bring up this
accusation about bulletproofing until his latest complaint with Trucks OnlyAt the time *** *** purchased the vehicle, the vehicle was sold "AS-IS" with the state Implied Warranty only*** *** signed the Implied Warranty statement saying the "seller hereby warrants that this vehicle will be fit for the ordinary purpose for which is used for days or miles after delivery, whichever comes first." Additionally, *** *** was offered an extended warranty which he signed off that he declined(Proof of both items included with reply.) After approximately miles were put on the vehicle Trucks Only made some repairs to *** ***'s truck, largely due to his loud complaining and for customer goodwillLater, approximately months and nearly miles after purchase, Trucks Only fixed a driver's side hub bearing on the vehicleThis was again due to *** ***'s bullying and threatening waysAt that time, the vehicle was operational and functional to the customer's satisfaction, otherwise I can assure you that *** *** would not have accepted the vehicleNow, months later after the latest repair and months after original delivery and purchase, *** *** again wants Trucks Only to fix his vehicleHe again wants to use bullying and threatening tactics in which to accomplish thisTrucks Only adamantly refuses to adhere to these types of threats*** *** has already trashed Trucks Only and its employees with bad reviews, attacked other satisfied customers on social media, and continues to make slanderous claims and accusations that are completely unfoundedTrucks Only is in fact examining our legal rights with counsel in regards to the slanderous statements made by *** ***It is completely unreasonable and unrealistic to expect Trucks Only to continue to make repairs nearly a year after purchase, particularly when the customer by his own admission is using the vehicle for off-road use where breakdowns and repairs are far more likely to occurAgain, this is WAY outside of the implied warranty period and the customer declined any type of extended warrantyTrucks Only adamantly refuses to make any further repairs to *** ***'s vehicle and will take legal action should his slandering and bullying continueTrucks Only has done nothing but tried to help *** *** over and over again only to be repeatedly bullied and berated by himAs far as him never purchasing from Trucks Only again, I can assure you that the feeling is mutual and we will never wish to sell him a vehicle again
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
*** ***

** *** *** ** *** *** *** *** *** *** ** *** *** *** ** *** *** *** *** *** ** ***
*** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. I will wait until for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved
*** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me.  I will wait until for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved.

As Mr. [redacted] stated, he had a title loan on the vehicle he traded in with a very high interest rate. At the time he traded it in, Mr. [redacted] wished to put $6000 down which was needed to be able qualify for the vehicle he had selected. However, he was only able to put half the amount down upfront and...

required a two week promissory for the remaining $3000. As a result, the paperwork was held up from being finalized until the down payment was paid in full and the high interest title loan continued to accrue interest during that time. Mr. [redacted] did sign a statement that he would be responsible for the full amount of any difference in the payoff from what was figured. Thus, he would be contractually responsible for the FULL amount due of $422. In an effort to resolve the situation amicably we would be willing to have both sides take responsibility for half of the amount owed and settle the matter for $211, even though we are under no obligation to do so. Please advise if this will solve this matter. Thank you.

I have included the original "we owe" form from the customer's purchase. The we owe form is where any promises included in the purchase would be listed for Trucks Only to perform in the future. As everyone can see the form is blank and no detail or any other work for that matter was promised. Further, the we owe form specifically states "I do understand there is 'no other free work to be performed' in the future." Obviously there is no contractual obligation on Trucks Only's part to perform the work the customer feels they have promised. However, in the interest of resolving the situation and finding a resolution that both sides can live with, I will make a one-time, non-negotiable offer to Mr. [redacted]. If Mr. [redacted] is willing to make an update to ALL his reviews he has left about Trucks, which includes [redacted], and the, and any others not listed here, to reflect at least a positive rating with Trucks Only, then we will perform his requested detail (a $250 value.) The detail must be performed by the vendor of Trucks Only's choosing and the vehicle must be brought to our Mesa location Monday through Friday and left for the entire day to perform the detail. No transportation will be provided. I feel this is a fair offer and one that both parties can live with. If Mr. [redacted] is agreeable, he can reach out to our service adviser Dave N[redacted] to schedule the appointment to have the work performed. This shall serve as a binding agreement for both sides and once the reviews are updated we will gladly schedule the appointment.  Hopefully this will settle the matter for all sides. Thank you.

We have reviewed the situation by the customer. Lifetime warranty is based on the lifetime of the product and can be viewed differently by different repair centers.  In viewing this particular situation the warranty team decided the item would be replaced as to repair it would be more than the item is worth.  At times this does come into the consideration of a warranty.  Eagle Creek does stand behind its products and strives to provide the best service to our customers.  Or Ecom customer service supervisor will contacting the customer to work directly with them to help resolve this situation.

Trucks Only has decided to erase Mr. [redacted]'s debt with us. While completely,within our contractual right to pursue those monies in the full amount, we have decided we will not continue the matter further. Thank you.

It is unfortunate that Mr. [redacted] has taken to attacking and shaming Trucks Only through social media sights,, etc. You would think that someone that made such an incredible deal on a beautiful truck and traded in a lemon law buyback car with head gasket issues and a possible blown engine...

would be appreciative of what a company did for him. But instead he has taken the approach of leaving bad reviews and making other complaints. I guess this is the world we live in where a customer can air grievances and untruths without any fact checking. Businesses have no control with what the truth is and no way to respond without further attacking from customers. As I stated to Mr. [redacted] originally, we will offer him a free oil change in our service center for his inconvenience. In addition, we/I apologize that he was offended by the tone of our conversation, and there will be no future issues going forward in regards to any communications. That is all we are willing to offer. The vehicle was in more than presentable condition when it was offered to him and nearly two months have passed since he took delivery of it. At no point until now was a free detail ever requested or promised, nor is there anything in the original paperwork promising as such. We are not offering that as of now. Mr. [redacted] more than received a fair deal slanted way in his favor and it is time for both sides to move forward from this deal.

Unfortunately we ran into multiple mechanical issues with the vehicle purchased by Mr. [redacted]. These repairs took much longer than originally anticipated. We have spoken with Mr. [redacted] and given him the option to cancel his deal and receive a full refund of his down payment. He has selected this option...

and we will be refunding his money today and canceling his contract per his request.

We have consulted with the manager from the [redacted] Road location. The customer had come in and discussed the matter with the manager. We had scheduled an appointment in our service department to address the concerns the customer had. The customer did not show for the appointment. Further, the manager made no less than ten follow up calls to determine why the customer had not shown for the service appointment, to no avail. Trucks Only had every intention to resolve the customer's concerns but we have been unable to make any contact with the customer. We will await further information. Thank you.

I completely under stand Mrs. [redacted] concern as we had not responded to her emails which we did not receive.  I have been working with the warranty team and they will be reaching out today to get the situation resolved.  We are also looking into why the initial emails that were sent were not received so we can prevent this from happening to any of our other customers.  Thank you for your time and understanding as we work to get this situation corrected.

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response.  If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted].  Receipt of a check in the amount of $149.81 would be a satisfactory resolution for me; however, I do dispute the business's recollection of what transpired.  I will wait until for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
I have not been contacted by the sales manager as stated in the dealers response. No plan of action of any kind has been discussed or agreed upon. I've had no contact with anyone representing Trucks Only since 2/16, which was my last attempt to have these issues addressed and resolved with dealer, the honorable way.

On or about April 4th, 2014 [redacted] purchased a [redacted] from Trucks Only. At the time of sale, the vehicle had 98,001 miles on it. At the time the vehicle was purchased there was some minor repair items that were completed on the vehicle. Those items were repaired to the customer's...

satisfaction. It should be stated at the time these repairs were made, the customer was observed several times "peeling out" of Trucks Only at a very agressive and high speed which would have caused the engine to rev at a very high RPM. Approximately six months later, the customer called Trucks Only to state that the vehicle had experienced a major mechanical issue and what could be done to help. At no cost to the customer whatsoever, Trucks Only had the vehicle towed from the customers out of county location and brought to a third party shop where we have a lot of major work performed. This was done out of customer goodwill on Trucks Only's part even though there was no legal or warrantied reason to do so. The shop verified that the engine had a major failure ("was blown up"). The shop also notified Trucks Only there was a high probability that the engine failure was due to repeated abuse and neglect to the vehicle. The reason they suspected this was due to several factors. At the time the customer purchased the vehicle, it had brand new tires installed on it. When the vehicle was brought in, it was observed that the front tires had about 70% tread remaining (appropriate for the approximately 7,000 that had been put on the vehicle). The rear tires, were COMPLETELY wore out with virtually no tread remaining. (Pictures of the front and rear tire wear are included). The only way those rear tires could be completely worn out was due to repeated racing and "burning out" of the tires. It's also important that these are large, off-road style tires. The amount of force necessary to "burn out" these tires is immense. This would be similar to the type of abuse that Trucks Only witnessed first hand when [redacted] was pulling in and out of the Trucks Only lot. In addition, the undercarriage of the vehicle was extremely muddy which would show that the vehicle had probably been heavily used off road, further damaging the vehicle. [redacted] references that this should be covered under Trucks Only's lifetime engine warranty. First off, it has been widely known in the 10+ years that Trucks Only has had this warranty program, that diesel engines have always been excluded and the warranty is not eligible. (Contract included showing diesels excluded is included). Beyond that, the claim would have been most certainly denied for excessive abuse, based on the factors stated above. Lastly, a claim would have also been denied for lack of maintenance, as no maintenance records can be presented by [redacted]. There is simply no coverage of that type for this vehicle. At no time was the customer ever told the cost to repair the vehicle would be $9500. The repair, however is a very costly one. Trucks Only is under no obligation to do anything at this point due to the mileage on the vehicle and the time that has elapsed since purchase. However, we would like to try and help resolve the issue with the customer. The owner of Trucks Only would like to offer [redacted] (and any other relevant persons) to come in and sit down face to face to try and brainstorm a resolution to this situation. If that is agreeable, he can contact [redacted] to arrange a meeting time. Thank you.

The contract has been canceled and there is no valid contract in place on this deal. All documents are kept as a record, but the contract is void. As far as a settlement is concerned, I would need to get a receipt of the money spent on the muffler. The customer was well aware that this deal was subject to getting the vehicle in the shop and checking for issues on the truck. It had higher mileage so certainly this was a possibility. I will offer to send $250 to resolve all matters, and not require any further documentation, but that will be the best, last and final offer.

First, to address some of the comments stated by [redacted]:1. Trucks Only does not feel it is unrealistic for dissatisfied customers to review and voice their opinions. That is the point of review sites. However, we do take issue when the customer DIRECTLY responds to other customers' reviews that had an outstanding experience by saying negative things to them. This, in our opinion, IS using bullying tactics and involving customers that had nothing to do with [redacted]'s situation. That is flat out wrong.2. The customer that returned the vehicle prior to [redacted] did so because they were unable to secure the financing needed to buy the truck. It was not due to mechanical issues. Any accusation that the vehicle was sold knowing of pre-existing problems is completely false. If the problem was pre-existing, why was the issue not addressed until 2400 miles had been put on the vehicle? And if it wasn't fixed properly after that, why was it not brought back in until another 5000 miles were put on it? It's not like these issues came up one after the other immediately. Rather, months passed and thousands of miles were added to the vehicle. Remember, the implied warranty in the state of Arizona is 15 DAYS/500 MILES, WHICHEVER COMES FIRST.3. The fact that the customer declined an extended warranty "because it's just another way for the dealer to make money" is ridiculous. The extended warranty is offered so there is coverage to have repairs made when these types of situations occur. If the customer declines that extended coverage they should take full responsibility for all future repairs, instead of trying to get the dealer to fix their vehicle every time something needs repair.Obviously, both sides in this matter feel very strongly about their position. In the interest of trying to resolve this matter, Trucks Only will make a one-time, non-negotiable offer to at least try and meet the customer halfway in this situation. The customer stated the repair was about $1000. Trucks Only will offer to split the cost of that repair and send the customer a check in the amount of $500 and he can have it fixed at a shop of his choosing. This will release Trucks Only of any future obligation of this or any other repair based on the length of time the customer has owned the vehicle. In addition, [redacted] will refrain from posting additional negative reviews and cease contacting other satisfied customers on review sites. If this settlement offer is agreeable, we will need a current address and will send the check immediately. This shall conclude all future dealings with [redacted].
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
I signed the paperwork on 2/28 but did not receive the truck until 3/7 due to repairs required.  I have text correspondence from Trucks Only employee [redacted] where he used the term ‘bulletproof’. I also have text correspondence with [redacted] regarding the ‘bulletproof’ statement being false. I declined the warranty because I feel it is another scam by dealers to get more money.  In my opinion, Trucks only does not check out their vehicles before selling them or the warranty would be more than 15 days.  I bought into everything Trucks Only employee [redacted] told me.  I  thought he was a standup guy and that Trucks only was a good dealer that would take care of their customers .  At no time was I loud with anyone at Trucks Only.  In fact, the majority of my correspondence was done by text.  I have proof of all of my complaints by text in writing by [redacted] my salesman who works for Trucks Only on my phone dated and time stamped. I also have pictures sent to me by [redacted] of a part that would be changed during the ‘bulletproofing’ process.  I was assured over and over that I was buying and very strong truck.  This was 1 of several items I had asked to be fixed off of an estimate from a 4x4 shop early on. I gave a copy to [redacted] in Trucks Only’s service department and asked for those items to be repaired.  Trucks only gave me a receipt stating the hub was changed (I also have a copy) of both the estimate from other shop and trucks only.  The hub is one of several items that they claimed to have fixed but did not.  I have at no time ever threatened or bullied anyone at Trucks Only. I believe this is their way of trying to discredit me. I never raised my voice at any time.  Again, most of my conversation had been via text so I would have a written record. Trucks Only has no way to test the 4 wheel drive at their location.  I have never taken the vehicle off road because the 4 wheel driver hasn’t worked from the start.  I did not test until I was on my ranch and needed it for work and yes it was months after my purchase.  As screen shots of my text messages will show, I was calm and polite (saying please and thank you) when I brought it to their attention.  Again, I have never threatened or bullied anyone.  I just want Trucks Only to deliver a working vehicle as promised.   I did post reviews regarding my issues with my purchase on [redacted] and on review websites for the dealer.  I guess it’s the opinion of Trucks Only that dissatisfied customers shouldn’t be allowed to give reviews regarding the service they received. The requested repairs are the same repairs I have been asking to have fixed since I purchased the vehicle.  Their claim that it has been months later and all of a sudden I want them to fix my truck is ridiculous. The truck was used in my back yard, at the horse ranch I live on. Never once has my truck been off road for recreational 4 wheel driving as they claim. Again all I have proof by text with times and dates I am working with [redacted] to get a print off to show you. I also have attached a copy of the receipt from Trucks only and the estimate I gave them from the other shop of items that needed to be fixed. I also have photos of the hub Trucks Only claims to have changed. No way was this changed at all. It is all rusted and the bolts were hard to get off from rust. If the repairs where done this would not have happened. This axle broke during normal driving conditions.  Seems that the locker which is part of the hub was also broke and kept the driver side in 4wheel drive which, as you can see by the photos, did not have a good result. If Trucks Only did the repair and checked the 4wheel drive as stated on their receipt this would have never happened. My truck is used for pulling and not recreational 4 wheel driving.  The one thing I admit I should have done was demand to take the vehicle off road during the test drive.   I was told by [redacted] we could not do that.     I would like to add that they had covers over the lockers on the front axle and I was not told the truck had these. During the test drive when I thought I was testing the 4 wheel drive by the switch inside (only shifts the transfer case which was and is working fine)and  this switch does not lock in the hubs. [redacted] in the service department told me how it was supposed to work but it did not work.   It’s my opinion that the covers and failure to mention the lockers was another way for them to hide the fact the 4 wheel drive never worked. Coincidentally, I ran into a friend of the person that bought the truck before me  He took it back a week or later due to all the issues with the vehicle.  This further demonstrates that Trucks Only knew about these issues and did nothing to reconcile.   I am not asking for a new vehicle or anything more than what I paid top dollar for which is a working 4 wheel drive vehicle.Regards,[redacted]

We certainly hope to resolve the situation with Mr. [redacted]. While disputing some of the details as set forth in his account, we will send him the requested amount. However the reason we objected to his full request, was because we were never consulted prior to the repair work being done,...

nor that he would expect us to be responsible for his out of pocket costs until after the work was actually done. Also, HE specifically told our office manager to not send him the check for $75 because that was not an acceptable resolution to him. Otherwise he would have had the check at the time the agreement was made. The check for the requested amount will be arriving shortly.

Ms. [redacted] purchased her vehicle in September of 2014, over one year ago from today. At the time of purchase, Ms. [redacted] signed an implied warranty statement giving her a limited implied warranty of 15 days or 500 miles. In addition, Ms. [redacted] also signed a statement that there was no work promised...

or implied to be done on the vehicle. As we all know, September is very hot in Arizona so it clearly stands to reason the A/C was functioning properly at the time of sale. Otherwise, it would have been addressed at the original time of purchase over a year ago. In addition to signing off that there was no work promised, Ms. [redacted] also signed declining any extended warranty protection going forward, which would have covered her repair at this time. All signed documents are available for review upon request. It is unrealistic to expect a dealership to fix maintenance items one year after the purchase date. Additionally, there is no way to know how this vehicle has been used and maintained over the past year's time. The only offer we are able to present is to offer to repair the vehicle, at Ms. [redacted]'s expense, but at a wholesale price. This option would most certainly save her money over paying a retail repair shop to complete the work. Please advise if Ms. [redacted] would like to explore this option.

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