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We do stand firm on our previous response with regards to this claim and the contract which was signed at least times. Respectfully,Easy Moving Company
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 10638183, and have determined that this does not resolve my dispute
Please enter your reason(s) for rejecting the business response below.Sunday, June 14, 2015, my china cabinet is not, repaired. On Wednesday, June 11, 2014, spoken with ***, manager, he said, "One of Easy Moving personnel would be contacting me to schedule an appoint to bring out the replacement glass, by Sunday and look at the inside mold to ensure they was purchasing the correct molding." As of June 14, 2015, Sunday at 09:am no one has contacted me, to schedule an appointment. I answer my phone and I have voice mail (I do return phone calls, like everyone else we have busy life). Easy Moving Company keep making false comments to make me whole. On June 3, 2015, they had two Easy Moving personnel come out and take more measurements, appointment was schedule for in between 2:pm and 4:pm I Easy Moving Co., because no one had showed. I explained, "That no one had showed up, and wanted to know their status? Easy Moving personnel asked me, "Did I have somewhere to go." I explained, it do not matter, I have an appointment and I do have thing to do."at 5:pm two Easy Moving personnel came and measure my china cabinet for the third times.First, time, in February 2015, *** *** measured the cabinet and mover china cabinet molding.2nd time, in March or April 2015, *** measured the cabinet and this was on a Sunday. He was late too, I had to call and get his status.How many more times are they going to measure my china cabinet?I am not asking for a new china cabinet, I just want my cabinet repair

Again, the attachment shows a quote was given. Please attach the copy of the MOVING CONTRACT so we may further review this claim. If in fact you do send such along with notations of claims that are covered within the terms and agreements of said, we will then open a claim. Respectfully, EMC

We do not show any records of moving this customer. Please have customer provide a copy of our contract and proof of payment to validate such.Respectfully,EMC
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 11515627, and have determined that this does not resolve my dispute
Please enter your reason(s) for rejecting the business response below
*** ***
Mr *** ***: PLEASE STOP LYING! You know as well as I do that your company moved me on May 5th, at noon and I was client# CYou moved me from *** *** *** *** ** *** ** *** *** *** in North Dallas*** *** set up and coordinated this moveSince you want to deny this move ever happened, I will next contact the TxDMV dept regarding your registration with themYou should have taken the easy and professional way out and communicated with me like a manI see what type of person you are and what type of "business" you are running so we will do it your wayLooking forward to our day in court.....hope you are as well

Mr *** ***, I have provided you my client # and am now providing you confirmation of the move you did on 5/5/The move was arranged through *** ***Two different employees at your company have already verbally confirmed this move that you are denying ever happened (one of those calls was recorded and I have that recording for future use if needed.) I have been more than patient in attempting to deal with you about this but you seem to like to play games instead of handling things responsiblyMy attorney has been provided copies of all correspondence and attempts by me so if you would prefer to handle this matter in court we can do that sirThat would be a foolish decision on your part as it will cost you both time and money! I remain flexible on how this gets handled but my flexibility and patience is not infinite....the ball is in your courtAre you going to handle this business matter in a responsible way? You have both my email and phone # so you may contact me directly if needed

I would like to reopen this complaint against, Easy Moving CompanyI submitted all the information they required and they refuse to pay for the damages to my furniture, or return part of the $I payed themThey offered me absolutely nothingNot fair at allI think others should know how they do business

*** did verbally voice the request for deposit upon scheduling which also allowed for additional discounts to the move. While we did not have a move going to or coming from San Antonio, we did have another shipment going to Killeen which would have the movers stay overnight just to continue on to San Antonio. We were very clear with regards to the deposit and show several emails depicting such. When trucks are routed for customers and intrastate shipments, we allow as much discount possible (as with yours) to each customer to be flexible in order to connect moves. I will be willing to refund $but we have given the other customer a discount based on your move to change they're dates to work with timing on your move. Respectfully, EMC

again, our denial of this claim stands firm. This is simply not the job we did. Documentation shows that or more outside parties handled this shipment after our departure

Morning, the previous facts stated on my behalf are the same as now. Please review the emails and contracts for validation. Respectfully,James-EMC

Hello, I have attached supporting paperwork to this response. Based on the terms and conditions of this service, we are denying this claim. Customer requested and provided all packing materials of their choice on this job other than several pads purchased and was present during this
service with absolutely no questions, concerns or complaints. Additionally, customer and another company handled this load again (after all job completion with signatures and leaving) as well as an outside 3rdparty shipping these goods. This shipment has been handled a minimum of times after we were done and out of our sight while customer signed all documents a minimum of times upon completion. Paperwork was presented and signed for each day acknowledging customer satisfaction on each day. Lastly, the customer has performed a chargeback on their credit card, hence no payment to us for this service. Our position stands firm. Respectfully,***EMC

Again, please have customer provide receipt or proof of this alleged move so we may review and handle accordingly. Respectfully, EMC

The response
doesn't acknowledge the many other items that were damaged It doesn't take into account the $that was stolen The response does not account for the rudeness and lack of concern displayed by the companies employees Our expenses far outweigh the money offered, but we understand that there is a standardized formula in place Please use the formula with the other items that were damaged and pay us that amount
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 11515627, and have determined that this does not resolve my dispute
Please enter your reason(s) for rejecting the business response below.*** *** and Easy Moving Company continue to ignore documented proof of the date and time they moved me(One would think that any "real" company could easily see when they serviced a customer.) Because they like to play games instead of being professional, they have insisted I provide them further documentation proving that they moved me! I do NOT accept their response and plan to continue to pursue this matter through all avenues availableThank You.
*** ***

Like I said before. Had I actually known that I had to hold their hand throughout the process, I would have done so. Had I actually known that I had to double check that they turned off the water firmly, I would have done so. They claim I signed a contract at least eight times and I probably did. But I did it in my new house, not my old apartment. Therefore, giving me no opportunity to read it, even IF I was going to read all that fine print. The only time I signed something was when they were finished and I was paying them $702. The more I think about this, the more it upsets me. These "professionals" disconnect more washers in one day than I have I my life. And they want to make it my responsibility?!? I thought that's why you hire professionals and don't try doing it yourself.

This customer has already sent a claim/complaint in to our company.  Additionally, we are governed by TxDMV law, which allow for 90 days from receipt of this claim to settle or deny this claim.  We are currently in the investigation/review process of this claim and will advice on...

findings/decisions.Respectfully,Easy Moving Company

Morning !This claim has been processed and was denied.  I have attached the email depicting such which was sent on 10.30.2017 @ 2:37pm.  This was settled within the time frame allowed. Respectfully,EMC

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:THIS STATEMENT IS FALSE, and it would certainly make sense IF IT WERE TRUE. I told [redacted] that I would love to be combined with another shipment and she told me that she did not have another shipment to combine mine with...and she would need to reserve two 26 ft trucks specifically for my move and that is why I had to pay such a large deposit that it was normally just $150 deposit but since I had to have two trucks JUST FOR MY MOVE that would have to pay DOUBLE and my deposit was $300.00.My point is there was NO VERBAL information that the deposit was nonrefundable prior to taking it from me. Only after she had the money did I discover that they were going to keep it. Once they already had the money then a email was sent to me stating that I had paid a non refundable deposit. This is wrong.The standard answer she provided is FALSE and does not apply to my situation. Regards,

Besides the fact that the $45.00 for touch up for the armoire isn't acceptable I have spoken with our apartment management and we do indeed owe $52.00 for the light cover in our staircase so I'm not sure why Easy Moving is saying that this isn't their responsibility.

The rates for long hauls are estimated/quoted based on amount of items to be moved, from where to where, stairs, timing and when.  Additionally rates are discounted based on flexibility of going with other shipments going to the same locations and even possibly going in the same direction even...

though not quite the same town.  In this case, we did not have another move going from the same town, but did have one going from Killeen.  By doing so and putting both moves onto the same moving vehicle, we also allowed a discount for the other customer as well.  The non-refundable deposit was clearly verbally stated upon the initial estimate as well as noted at the time cust. scheduled this move.  The discounts are non-refundable because of the discounted rates we do give for such shipments.  When a customer cancels, we are not able to call the other shipments up and raise their price because of such, hence the deposit is non-refundable.  I have attached emails depicting correspondence about deposits.  Please advise if you have questions . Respectfully, EMC

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