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Energized Health

1116 W 7th St STE 246, Columbia, Tennessee, United States, 38401-1811

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• Apr 11, 2024

Everything in Life is Relative; and Only Our Creator Knows It All…
Is the price tag for this program a bit hefty? Yes for some, and no for others. It’s relative. If one has 10 pounds (or less) to lose and has no chronic conditions whatsoever, the charge clearly could be considered a bit too much. However, for someone thinking about writing a check for any kind of heart surgery—just as one example—the cost of this program might be considered a drop in the bucket; AND surgery might not even be needed if they try this program first.

I am now an alumni member. When I started (I’m a female, 5’9” and at age 71) I weighed in the 180s, and when I finished I weighed in the 160s. I had no chronic disease issues, and was taking no drugs of any kind, but was in constant excruciating pain—in the top of my right foot, and in my right arm between the elbow and shoulder. All pain is intermittent now, and is no longer nearly as severe. I’m headed in the right direction. Thank You Father in Heaven in the Name of Your Son!

One thing I really did not appreciate however, and in my humble opinion is totally inappropriate is that on my program graduation day they suggested I go and have a hot fudge sundae. Seriously? That is equivalent to telling a recovering alcoholic who has been sober for “X” amount of days to go and have a little drink. Is a little bit of heroin OK? A little bit of cocaine? Absolutely not! One’s LIFESTYLE has to change PERMANENTLY! One can never ever go back.

I continually remind myself throughout each day that there was only one perfect human who ever walked this planet—our soon returning Messiah. Undoubtedly this program has helped many. Dr Atkin’s low carbohydrate diet helped millions and he did not have all the facts right either.

For anyone unable, or unwilling to pay the cost of admission I recommend they seek out Barbara O’Neill’s free 41-video series entitled “COMPASS.” You will be greatly served. I pray the folks at Energized Health will review her material as well and incorporate it into their protocol as they see fit.

Continued Love and Blessings to all, always, and in all ways, Steph

• Apr 11, 2024

Energized Health delivers!!
Energized Health delivered exactly what they promised and even beyond my expectations. They delivered professional services throughout the program. I would recommend them to anyone as long as they commit to following the recommended patent pending protocol throughout the entire time. It's so worth it!

• Apr 08, 2024

Energized Health
Signing up for Energized Health is one of the best decisions of my life from a health perspective. Actually it effects more than my health, it affects every area of my life because my body is present in every aspect of my life.
As we age our body naturally degrades as the toxins and pollutants we eat and breathe act to destroy our bodies. I worked at Ground Zero as a rescue worker and was exposed to some of the nastiest pollutants known to man. I was breathing glass particles, dust and the remains of the fallen for weeks. Over the years my body was steadily decaying as did many of the other rescue workers that have already died from exposure to that toxic environment. As a matter of fact more than half of the firefighters that worked there have sadly already perished. My number was up as my body was steadily failing and my health was in a harrowing decline.
Thankfully I saw an ad on television promoting Energized Health, it was a message from out of the blue. The ad mentioned that the Energized Health program helped to get people off pharmaceutical medications. Being on heart medication, I found this to be very exciting, as I was having difficulty with the medication I was taking. The heart medication I was on seemed to be giving me frightening heart palpitations and chest pains, palpitations and chest pains so bad that I thought I would be meeting my maker a lot earlier than I cared to.
After starting the Energized Health program, the pounds started to fall off me. I had already lost 10 pounds before starting the program but for months no matter how I starve myseld, I couldn’t lose another pound. I was stuck. Doing the Energized Health program I ended up losing close to 30 more pounds. I threw my medication away after only a few weeks on the program and my heart feels better today than it has in the last 20 years. This program is miraculous!
Not only was I able to escape the clutches of the pharmaceutical companies and their debilitating “medicines” my body started to feel better. After years of having tight neck and back muscles that caused incredible discomfort, my body no longer had inflammation and the constant pain and discomfort I had for decades suddenly vanished.
I no longer had to get expensive massages and chiropractic treatments on a weekly basis. My body celebrated a new state of well being and I am flourishing today physically, mentally and spiritually as a result of doing this incredible program.
No matter what it takes or what condition you are in, I highly recommend that you start doing the Energized Health program as soon as possible. It saved and added years to my life and I bet it will do the same for you!

• Apr 07, 2024

Highly Recommend
My husband and I started this program the day after Christmas. I was already mostly fit and had a lifetime wellness routine so my results were minimal. I did see benefits from drinking the water and from the exercise programs. My husband, however, saw major results. He went from having pain in his knees and probably on the verge of two knee replacements to no pain without surgery. I tell people that this cost less than our major medical deductible so we have saved money! We both are in our sixties and are feeling great!

• Apr 06, 2024

Energized Health Completely Exceeded My Expectations!!
Before I started the program I was really obese and had no idea how to get my weight under control. I developed severe heartburn and had a lot of inflammation in my body. Working from home during Covid, having meniscus repair surgery after Covid and going through menopause was like a perfect storm, I gained about 20 lbs on top of being severely overweight to begin with. I tried many diets in the past and they worked temporarily, but in the end I just kept putting on more weight and buying larger clothes. Here comes Energized Health to the rescue! The program was really easy to follow and taught me a lot about nutrition, exercise and spirituality. I had a wonderful coach and the Energized Health community is fantastic! John and Chelsea Jubilee put together 102 incredible daily videos. In addition to just teaching us about the program, they have shared their life experiences and their core beliefs with us, which I though was unbelievably courageous of them. In these daily videos they never failed to encourage and celebrate us, and each video conveyed how much they care about our success on the program and in life in general! These two founders of Energized Health have abundance of integrity and are genuinely trying to improve people's lives. On this program I have lost 27 lbs, dropped a lot of inches and gained intracellular hydration (confirmed by InBody 770 scans). Just to give you an idea about the inches lost, the jeans that used to be tight around my waist, and really tight after a meal, can now be easily pulled down around my hips without being unzipped. I can now bend down and tie my shoes and not be out of breath since there is no longer a huge amount of fat pushing on my diaphragm. I dropped my shirt size from large to medium and donated a lot of large size clothes to a local charity. I completely got rid of heartburn, Once again I now enjoy eating oranges and tomatoes without having to follow them up with several antacid tablets. All the inflammation is gone! I did not realize what impact the inflammation had on me until I got rid of it. It took so much of my attention, I was irritable most of the time and not happy. Now my attention is just on life and I am happy! My metabolism is better than it has been in many years. I have more energy and due to the exercise regimen I am much stronger. I have tools for life now! I am not where I want to be yet with my weight and will do another round on the program, but this time I have all the tools and understanding to succeed. I have access to all the videos for life and am sure this second time around I will gain more out of each one. If I do come up with any questions, there is the ever-expanding Knowledge Vault as well as the weekly Zoom calls that Energized Health team holds, that includes John and Chelsea Jubilee as well as all the coaching staff, where all the questions are answered and people’s successes are celebrated. I cannot thank John, Chelsea, my coach and the entire Energized Health team for my success! I love you all!

• Apr 02, 2024

Total Transformation
Energized Health was a worthy investment. Cellular hydration is the key element. Easy to follow protocol, not a diet- a lifestyle change that has produced significant results in my life. I lost unwanted fat, I felt good before I started & now feel 10x better, more strength & stamina. looking forward to continue the healthy lifestyle- mind , body & spirit.

• Mar 19, 2024

Your Commitment + EH Life Habits = Total Sustainability!
So many KEY pieces of info are left out of health training in this world. With Energized Health I learned why it has been so difficult to lose weight and live healthy. The keys I learned are for life and are bringing me into health more and more every week as I apply these specific habits at the right times daily. They walk you through their proven process with no shame, blame or expectations other than seeing each of us transform from the inside out! The life long support system they have created gives hope and helps us through every challenge that can come up on our health journey. So grateful for Energized Health!

• Mar 16, 2024

Energized Health keeps its promises!
My friend Tim did Energized Health over a decade ago and I watched him slim down quickly. My roommate Keith learned their weightlifting protocol years ago and has always raved about it (and he's in shape!). So when I met John Jubilee, he looked me over and said I could probably shed 50 pounds of fat on the protocol (2 week intro, then 88 days)...and I did! Got rid of 52.5 pounds of fat, plus gained good hydration and added some muscle mass. The slogan of "Simple. Scientific. Sustainable." is right on the mark, and the coaching calls keep YOU right on the mark. Not cheap, but totally worth it if you value your health. Energized Health gets an A+++

• Mar 14, 2024

Time to make changes in my life!
It was time that I either made changes in my life or I settled being overweight and unhealthy. I made the wise decision and joined the Energized Heath family. After 88 days, I have 50 pounds less fat, am not taking any prescription medication, and am feeling wonderful. I will be continuing because there is more to go before I become the best me but I had and will continue to have the support I need to be successful. Thank you to Coach Sherry for the support I needed to be successful!

• Feb 27, 2024

Amazing Program
I'm so glad I invested in this program! I still have a way to go but it's proving to be the right answer for my health issues and years-long battle with my weight. 59 pounds of fat gone and healthy muscle, hydration, and even bone gained in less than 4 months. That's amazing and transformative. Big THANKS to John & Chelsea and my coach Karen. I'm ready for the next 88 days!

• Feb 26, 2024

Amazing and Life changing Program
I highly recommend this program to everyone. It changed my life and stopped my arthritis in its tracks. I wasn’t on it for weight loss, but found that my body changed for the better, turning it into muscle. My coach Kimberly was amazing. I am now living a very happy, healthy and pain free life.
CC from Fort Lauderdale

• Feb 21, 2024

The Next Right Thing
Thank you John and Chelsea for all the encouragement along the way. I have struggled with weight all my life and am now on my way to better health thanks to your program. I still have a ways to go and will keep going until I get there. My coach Shelby was a God-send and appreciate her so much! Life will always bring struggles and when you are doing the right thing they are sure to come, and they did! But I kept moving forward a day at a time thanks to the encouragement and guidance provided in the program. BLESSINGS!

• Jan 29, 2024

Energized Health is certainly a 5-Star Family in my book
Energized Health is certainly a 5-Star Family in my book. At first, I was a bit skeptical about signing up and investing more money in another diet program. I've tried the shakes, Atkin's, Keto, and a few other diet programs. Sure you lose weight, however, you gain the weight right back again the second you deviate from the program. I spent about one-year researching Energized Health before finally pulling the trigger.

What sets Energized Health apart from the others is that it's not a diet, it's a permanent way of living the best life you can live. This new way of life starts with the first 88 days of learning how to eat clean, consistently portioned meals. Throughout the 88 days, you are coached by the most knowledgeable coaches (Thank You Coach Sherry) who are always there to support and encourage you through your transformation.

It's not just about weight loss, many other non-scale victories can be achieved depending on each individual's goals. The main reason I decided to give Energized Health a try was to get off all the medications I was currently taking for High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol. I'm happy to say that I no longer need to take any of these medications and was even able to pack up my CPAP machine for good as I no longer snore. I had been on statins for the past 28 years with lots of unwanted side effects like muscle aches that I no longer have.

As for my total 88-day transformation weight loss, I am down 40 lbs. I've lost 2.5 inches on my neck and 6 inches on my waist. It's getting a new lease on life with a protocol that can be easily maintained as you are not limited to the type of foods you can eat.

I recommend the program to anyone who might have health issues and would like to overcome these issues the healthy way as opposed to popping pills that can have serious adverse side effects.

• Jan 25, 2024

Raving Fan
I was experiencing severe side effects from a medication to treat my moderate ulcerative colitis- shortness of breath, fatigue, and generally not feeling well. Although I cannot say the health protocol was a cure, it eliminated all the side effects from my treatment and I am currently in remission with almost no side effects. I have lost 47 lbs. of fat and significantly increased body water percentage to 57 percent, and will continue until I reach 60. The body fat scale was a game changer showing my deficiencies in protein, hydration, body fat, skeletal muscle, and my metabolic age. The guidance on supplements, and my coach, were awesome. Love the videos of John and Chelsea Jubilee- information and insight that goes beyond your physical well being. If you can commit to this transformation, it has the potential to be life changing.

• Jan 21, 2024

I first heard of Energized Health on Newsmax TV (along with many other weight loss ads). I’ve tried a lot of them. I was very skeptical because nothing else has ever worked for me for very long. So, I scoured the internet for any negative reviews. Problem was, I couldn’t find any. Even the ones whose titles said they were negative turned out to be positive. So, after some hesitation, I decided to call. I am so glad I made that decision. My cardiologist has been nagging me to lose 50 pounds and said all I have to do is eat meat and vegetables. Really? I had told my regular doctor that the only way I was going to lose weight was to stop eating altogether. Following the Energized Health protocol as best as I could, I started to see results immediately, in spite of the fact that I have COPD issues after a heavy smoking habit in my younger years that finally caught up to me and resulted in me needing oxygen at night and when exerting myself during the day. I have found less and less need for the oxygen. I had installed a stair lift on my basement steps because I couldn’t walk up the steps without running out of air but I have now been able to navigate the stairs many times without the stair lift. I have a way to go to get to my goal, but I have lost 28.2 pounds on the scale, but gained 10.2 pounds of healthy hydration, which calculates out to a transformation and fat loss of 40.6 pounds. I would have never believed it possible – all while eating every 2 to 3 hours. Thank you John and Chelsea Jubilee and thank you to my coach, Sherry P., for all your help in keeping me motivated, including the weekly zoom calls where I can see other real people and their success. I am going to do another 88 days and am confident I can reach my goal and then will be able to maintain it for the rest of my life. I feel so good! I can hardly wait to see my cardiologist’s reaction when he sees me next!

• Jan 16, 2024

Heaven Sent
My life experience is like so many others. I have struggled my entire life with weight issues starting in the 2nd grade being put on diet pills and trying every other "thing" that was promoted for weight loss. I didn't know as my younger self that there is so much more to health than just losing weight. This program is such a blessing because it is filled with the science and knowledge to make it the last one you will ever need to follow. It will give you the foundation to make it your way of life from now on. Divinely inspired and filled with encouragement, you will have no regrets for choosing this program for your health journey.

• Jan 11, 2024

This program has literally been a life-changing experience for me. I have fought the weight battle hard for over 40 years. I prayed and prayed for a solution, because I had just become hopeless. I saw the commercial for Energized Health and sensed it was the answer to my prayers. I began with the 5-5-5 challenge, and it worked for me. After committing to the program, I have found more than I could ask or imagine! The health benefits are incredible. I feel healthier and more energetic than I ever dreamed was possible! I have lost weight, inches, dangerous fat and probably gained years, most definitely quality of life. All of that in a little over 3 months! The program is easy to follow and the personal weekly coaching and online supports were excellent, the motivation I so desperately needed. The program is pricey, but all in all, I would say that I got the bargain of my life!

• Dec 31, 2023

The Energized Health program is absolutely incredible. It is empowering, which is priceless. It is easily sustainable for a lifetime and I wouldn't want it any other way. Not only do I feel an unbelievable sense of peace and well-being, I lost 26.5 lbs. and 23.80 inches is 88 days. Every person should take part in Energized Health. Just do it; there will be no regrets!

• Dec 30, 2023

Time Well Spent
I cannot express how well this program works. I feel so much better than I did and I thought I felt fine when I began the program. Started the program as a healthy active person thinking I needed to get in better shape for the next stages in life. Little did I know just how much this would change my life. The aspect of having a weekly accountability and encouraging coach was invaluable for me. Thank you John, Chelsea and Tonya my coach and all the folks who help out at Energized Health.

• Dec 27, 2023

Energize health will transform your life like it did mine. Several months ago I was significantly overweight to the point that I couldn’t or wouldn’t do the things I used to do like hiking, biking, skiing or other physical activities because of something that I truly should be able to control but didn’t - my health. Today thanks to energize health, and it’s comprehensive approach, I’m 45 pounds lighter, with more energy, and now doing the things I love and want to do without struggling due to being too heavy and out of shape. Energize health was life changing for me.

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