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Enterprise Rent A Car Company of KY

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Good Afternoon, Our Area Manager spoke to Ms*** Charges were not explained to her properly and for the service she received, we are refunding Ms [redacted] $ My understanding is that she was pleased with the resolution and will contact us again for any future rentals Thank you, [redacted] Executive Assistant

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to mePlease consider this complaint resolvedThank you very muchRegards, [redacted] %

The vehicle was rented in Birmingham, AL We have forwarded this information to that group and they were going to contact If they have not heard from anyone, they can reach the Group Headquarters in Alabama at ###-###-#### I am unable to look at any of their ticket information since they are a different groupThank you, [redacted] Executive Assistant%

Our Area Manager spoke to Mr [redacted] We have contacted our Damage Recovery Department to notify them to stop seeking payment from Mr [redacted] Thank you, [redacted] Executive Assistant

Good Morning, Our Airport Manager, [redacted] spoke to Ms [redacted] regarding her experience We have apologized for the issues she had with our location and agree that we will reimburse her the difference Ms [redacted] is sending [redacted] the receipts and calling him back with the amount that she is to be refunded Thank you, [redacted] Executive Assistant EAN Holdings, LLC

Good morning! Our Area Manager, [redacted] ***, spoke to Ms*** They agreed that we would waive $of the$deposit and she would only be responsible for $ Ms [redacted] gave [redacted] authorization to charge her credit card for the $on February 27th and we have closed this out on our endIf you need anything further, please feel free to let me knowThank you, [redacted] Executive AssistantEnterprise Holdings, Inc

Good Morning, Our Group Rental Manager, [redacted] , spoke to Mrs [redacted] on February 20, There were many things that we did not do for her that she expected from a top rated customer service company There was mis-communication where we believed the insurance company had sent in the last day for the customer and we charged Mrs [redacted] and her husband for the balance Their insurance company called and said they would pick up the rest of the rental, so we refunded them fully for the charge We also offered to pay for any overdrafts they encountered Unfortunately, Mrand Mrs [redacted] are still unhappy with the situation and have decided to use a different rental car company if they have a need in the future [redacted] did give them her contact information in case they are willing to give us another opportunity to earn their business backThank you, [redacted] Executive AssistantEnterprise Holdings, Inc

Good Morning,
*** *** with our Risk Department called and left a message for Ms*** yesterday. *** spoke to the DRU department in Tulsa and found that the check refund was processed on March 25th but was mailed out to Ms*** on April 6th. In ***'s message, she detailed this information. If Ms*** has not received the check by the end of the week, please reach out to myself or *** *** at ###-###-####. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.
Thank you,
*** ***Executive AssistantEnterprise Rent-A-Car

I received your email and letter. The letter stated that the manager of Enterprise had told you that he had issued a refund that day and had left a phone message. I tried to call him back but had to leave a message and he didn't return my call. I received my credit card bill today and the full refund is on there. Thank you very much for all your hard work. I don't think that my issue would have been resolved if it wasn't for you. Thanks again %

Good Afternoon,
Our Assistant Sales Manager talked to Mr*** today and they have received their refund check in the mail. Please let us know if you need any additional informationThank you,
*** ***Executive AssistantEnterprise Holdings, Inc

Good Afternoon,
I reached out to Ms*** via email and she responded back with a time frame that she would be available. Our Area Manager, *** ***, spoke to her and they agreed on a refund of $and she will be calling him to book another reservation. The rates Ms*** saw were for the following week and *** explained how rates fluctuate depending on supply/demand. But we are going to honor the cheaper rate for her rentalIf there is any additional information needed, please feel free to let me knowThank you,
*** ***Executive AssistantEnterprise Rent-A-Car
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below. I have spoken to *** *** and was told a check was issued March 25th, which I still have not received, and this same person told you guys my credit card account had been refunded on the 25th, which is incorrect as of today April 6thI'm not sure why there were two different stories, which is it?! I was told Friday April 3rd, when I spoke with Mr***, that he would contact them and give them my email address, I have still heard nothingI want my credit card that they charged to be refunded this week, I simply am tired of waiting on this "check in the mail"
*** ***

Our Group Rental Manager, *** ***, spoke to Mr***. We have removed him from our Do Not Rent list
Thank you,
*** ***

Ms*** was contacted by the Area Manager. He apologized for the inconvenience and let her know that we could have handled it better. All of her concerns were addressed and she was glad that we addressed them with the Assistant Branch Manager. She thanked us for the call

Good Morning,
Our Area Manager, *** ***, has left messages at the phone number provided and sent an email requesting a call back to discuss. As of today, March 30th, we have yet to hear back from Ms***. We will consider this resolved unless we hear otherwise.
*** ***Executive AssistantEnterprise Rent-A-Car Company of KY, LLC

Good Morning,
Our Area Manager has talked to Mr*** regarding his concern and made him aware that in no way did we want him to feel that we were deceiving him into taking coverage. Mr*** is on his way in now for another rental and they came to the resolution that instead of
refunding him the $for the DW and PAI, we would waive his $drop fee for this rental
Thank you and please feel free to contact me if you need further information or assistance
*** ***
Executive Assistant
Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Good Morning,
Our Risk Manager, *** ***, informed me that he has left a few messages for Ms*** trying to speak with her. He was able to talk to someone with Damage Recovery and found that they refunded Ms***'s credit card $on 3/25/15. He called yesterday
and left this information on her voicemail for her.
If Ms*** needs to speak with us further, please have her reach out to *** *** at ###-###-####Thank you,
*** ***Executive AssistantEnterprise Rent-A-Car Company of KY, LLC

This is a continuous, I was unable to complete my previous compliant because I didn't have any Chars Left. After they lady from [redacted] informed me that she would be sending someone to pick me up and take me home, I took a seat waiting for my ride home. At this time it's a little after 7pm. [redacted]...

informed me he needed to lock up and he could let me sit outside in one of the rental cars until my ride came. I was very offended, it couldn't have been over 30 degrees outside not to mention it was pitch dark. After I told [redacted] all I wanted to do was seat there until my ride came he then began to get upset. He told me I could stand outside until my ride came or he could take me to the local [redacted]'s. After I told [redacted] none of those choices he gave me would be an option. I sat there patiently and quietly waiting on my ride. A few minutes later a lady walked through the door and cut the lights off and told me I needed to leave. I explained to her my ride was on its way. [redacted] and the lady began yelling telling me I needed to wait for my ride outside for my ride all while the lights were off in the Enterprise location. [redacted] then came toward me like he was going to physically put me out. They lady then yelled out to him not to put his hands on me but to call the police. At this point I was very shaken up and scared. The lady then called the police which I thought was a good idea. While she was on the phone with the police a gentleman from [redacted] walked in and walked me to the car to take me home. Once in the car I cried because I had never been disrespected so horribly in my life. It wasn't my fault that the authorization department was closed nor was it my fault that when an associate came to get me the office was already closed. All I wanted was a ride home, which I didn't get from Enterprise. Then once I finally had a ride all I wanted was safe place to stay warm until my came. I'm very very upset with Enterprise and EVERYONE will know able how I was mistreated.

Desired Settlement:

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-- Select your Desired Settlement --
A Letter
A Phone Call
Accept Refund Merchandise
An Email
Billing Adjustment
Change the Store Policy
Complimentary Service
Delivery of Order
Explanation of Charges
Finish the Job
No settlement requested - for information only
Not applicable
Other (requires explanation)
Refund-Credit Card Credit
Refund-Gift Card/Store Credit
Stop Contacting Me

Desired Outcome:

I wanted everyone included Enterprise to know how Branch Manager [redacted] treated a customer.

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. Please consider this complaint resolved. Thank you very much.

Good Afternoon, 
Our Area Manager spoke to the customer and we are issuing a refund for $96.65. 
Thank you,

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Address: 3718 Bardstown Road, Louisville, Kentucky, United States, 40218


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