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Ethan Allen

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As we explained to Mr***, that truck has 100,milesTurbo issues are common on that model truck at 100,milesWe did not feel that we had any affect on the life of the turbo, as they have an average life of 100,milesThey are a replaceable part, like brakes, oil, and universal jointsWe went the extra mile to have the truck towed for him and even recommended a shop that we have used in the past that has a very reputable reputationWe have installed many of these kits on trucks in the past yearsWe have not had a single negative experience with any other customerAnd on a side note, I have never seen a turbo replacement cost $

I got Mr*** taken care ofI refunded his money in full via company checkHe was happy when he left
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID *** and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.
*** *** The truck was taken to a mechanic recommended by Truck Toyz to diagnose the problem The mechanic found a loose bolt that had been left in the intake When we put a load on the truck and the turbo was performing under a load it sucked the bolt into the turbo and completely ruined it This is clearly a problem caused by Truck Toyz and has nothing to do with the amount of miles on the truck A bolt being sucked into a turbo would ruin even a brand new turbo I hope Truck Toyz does the right thing here
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. 
When I originally bought the lights there was a 1 year warranty on these products.  None of them ever lasted over 6 months.  They replaced the headlights and taillights one time, and the emblem lights 3 times.  They told me they would replace the emblem lights again.  But, they never did.  They kept telling me they were on back order.  While waiting on my emblem lights to come in my taillights went out again.  When I spoke to G[redacted] (owner) to ask him to look at my lights, he said he didn't have time to mess with me.  I spoke to B[redacted] (sales mgr) he told me if I would just take the lights off and put my original lights back on they would give me my money back for all of the lights.  After I took my lights off, then they told me that [redacted] had changed their warranty to a 90 day warranty.  Every time I had work done on my truck, I worked through B[redacted] to make arrangements to have the defective items worked on.  I never pulled the technicians off of other work, I always made an appointment.  Regardless if [redacted] changed their policy or not, Truck Toyz made a commitment to me, which they are not honoring.
J[redacted] C[redacted]

As we explained to Mr. [redacted], that truck has 100,000 miles. Turbo issues are common on that model truck at 100,000 miles. We did not feel that we had any affect on the life of the turbo, as they have an average life of 100,000 miles. They are a replaceable part, like brakes, oil, and universal...

joints. We went the extra mile to have the truck towed for him and even recommended a shop that we have used in the past that has a very reputable reputation. We have installed many of these kits on trucks in the past 5 years. We have not had a single negative experience with any other customer. And on a side note, I have never seen a turbo replacement cost $8000.

I am the owner of truck toyz inc. I have been recieveing the emails that mr c[redacted] has been sending to us. I have answered all emails . mr c[redacted] has never made any appointments he pulls around to the bay for my technician to work on his vehicle. he has pulled my technichin off a job which had...

appointments to work on his truck without my permission or without and appointment. mr c[redacted] did purchase some head lights and tail lights and lighted up emblems from us as well as a mirror. we have worked on the light up emblems and lights on many occasions while products were already out of factory warrnaty which we have beteween 6 and 8 hours of tech time that wass never billed to mr c[redacted]. unforchantly the factory warranty is only 90 days from the date of purchase. truck toyz inc only assist with the manufactory  warranty. I have sent mr c[redacted] in several emails the copy of recons warranty which makes the tail lights and headlights and side lighted emblems. as in the mirror we replaced the factory mirror with and aftermarket  mirror with back up camera . after installing aftermarket mirror his compass stopped working on his dash. we have found out that the compass sensor is in the factory mirror. I have told mr c[redacted] in several emails that we would gladly take off the aftermarket mirror and put on his factory mirror and fully refund parts labor and taxes on the mirror in full. I am sorry that the other products were out of warranty but I dont know of any company can give replacement merchandise for free once out of warranty. I am still willing to return mr c[redacted]s mirror back to factory and fully reimburse his money on mirror in full.  Mr c[redacted] is welcome to contact me via email or phone to make that appointment. Tell us why here...

Review: On December 26, over a month ago, my mother and I purchased a over $5000 worth of furniture. Sales Order[redacted].

This furniture was to be delivered to a shipping company that would transport those items overseas, along with the rest of my items, as I'm relocating to Korea. These must all be shipped together to save on shipping and taxes.

Initially, I was promised that the items would be delivered in 2 weeks. Then another 2 weeks. Now, I've been informed that the shipping date was changed to February 9 without further explanation. The local store did not know when or why the shipping date was changed.

All my household items, including my mattress, are at the shipping company awaiting the furniture to arrive so they can ship. I've been sleeping on the floor for almost a month now waiting.

I'm very upset at the postponed delivery and would like to demand immediate attention to my order.

Thank you.Desired Settlement: Please deliver all ordered items as soon as possible.



To Whom It May Concern, [redacted] placed his order on 12/26/14 and the he was given an initial estimated date of arrival of 2-4 weeks. It was explained to the client as well as clearly listed in the Terms and Conditions of Sale, that our estimated delivery dates are only an estimate of the approximate date the order is expected to arrive and is subject to change. The original estimated date listed on the client's sales order was 2/25/15. We

confirmed there was an order entry error and unfortunately lack of

follow up on this order which resulted in the delay the client has

experienced. We have rectified this error, completing their

order. We have completed the delivery for all remaining items with [redacted] shipping company, on Wednesday 2/4/15. We have been actively communicating with [redacted] via e-mail, apologizing for the delay, lack of follow up and confirming the completed delivery. We also removed/refunded the delivery fee to [redacted] credit card and provided him with a copy of the receipt for confirmation. During our recent e-mail conversations with [redacted] we had hoped that we could speak with him over the phone to provide a more personal explanation and apology. Here is [redacted] most recent response: -----[redacted] wrote: -----To: [redacted]From: [redacted]Date: 02/01/2015 09:44PMSubject: Re: delivery charge[redacted],

Review: I purchased a bed from Ethan Allen on Dec, 2013, cost more then $2000. A few month later, the paint on the headboard started peeling off, that happens on a few different spots of the headboard.

At beginning of May, I went to the Ethan Allen store, and was directed to send email to warranty department, after some delay, I finally got a email with a service order :

service order is [redacted]7.

Then, two weeks later, a gentleman (apparently from third party) came to my house and took some picture, after that, there were some phone call about how the bed can be fixed. The bottom line is, they need to take the bed frame away, and it take 10 days to repair. The problem is that I would have no bed to sleep on during the repair period. They said they will loan me a bed frame during this period. However, it's been 2 weeks, I still haven't received any message yet.

It's been 7 weeks since I initially reported the defected bed, but it hasn't been resolved.Desired Settlement: I need to have this bed repaired or exchanged ASAP. and I need a loaner bedframe during repair period(if repair is an solution). Or I need an alternative solution for this product.

The fact that the paint peeling off after a few month usage made wondering the quality of this bed!!!!



This client accepted delivery of their bed on 11/30/13 & contacted us on 5/6/14 in regards to warranty concerns. We sent a technician out and confirmed we needed to make some warranty corrections to the headboard of the bed. We advised the client we could make the necessary corrections in our local shop and the client agreed but demanded a loaner bed to use while his headboard was in shop. We advised the client that we do not typically have loaners to offer, but as a courtesy would purchase an instant frame to fit his bed, so he would not have his mattress set on the floor during the shop service.

We explained to the client that we would be purchasing this new frame and it was estimated to arrive to us around the week of 6/9/14 and we could receive the frame any day during that week. We stressed that this was an estimated date, there were no guarantees and we would contact him to schedule the shop service as soon as the frame came in. We received the frame on 6/17/14, two days later than anticipated.

The client had e-mailed in the late evening on 6/17/14 stating that it has been two months since he has been waiting and had filed a complaint. We e-mailed him back that next morning on 6/18/14 as soon as we got into the office and apologized for the additional delay and confirmed we had just received the loaner frame. We worked with the client's schedule and setup the shop service pick up for 6/24/14. We advised the client that the shop correction service can take approximately 10 days for completion. This time frame includes weekends when our shop is not staffed, as well as pick up and re-delivery transit time.

We are currently working on the correction for the headboard and will contact the client to schedule re-delivery upon completion. Please feel free to contact me if there are any additional questions regarding this client's service.

Thank you,

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Description: Furniture - Retail, Furniture Stores (NAICS: 442110)

Address: 27079 Chagrin Blvd, Cleveland, Ohio, United States, 44122


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