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Executive Housing Strategies Inc

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Don't give (sell) them your vacation points or certificates - you'll regret it
Stay far away! As close to a scan as you can get for anyone sucked into turning over your vacation club points or vacation certificates. Charges you approx. $1700 (maybe more now) to take your Vacation Club points or Interval certificates & then tells you they'll get you 2, 3 or 4 times as much in rental income. say they "guarantee" but they really can't guarantee anything. READ THE CONTRACT BEFORE GIVING THEM ANY MONEY. its clearly says there are not "guarantees" & most "suckers" don't make any money off this. they probably won't send you the contract until you agree to give them money. They refused to send me the actual terms and conditions until I put up a big fuss. then Richard Hemrick (on 4/27/21) told me that was a different company & then he hung up on me - No it wasn't; it was the same company. I kept the name in the notes in my phone in case they ever called my spouse. BTW - it's against the vaca-club rules (in the contract you signed) to sell your points or certificates, so if your vacation club finds out they'll drop you and keep all the money you paid in. Also - there aren't many companies sending executives around the country due to continuing Covid issues, so how much money can you really make in 2021?their fast talking sales people make this sound like a good deal but it's NOT. it's only a good deal for them. THERE IS NO FREE MONEY. I'm sure the great reviews were from people who've rented places thru these folks, and not from the poor souls who turned over their points or certificates to "EHS" Orlando. happy for those people who book rooms thru this company at reduced rates & have had good experiences. it's the people who provide the rooms that are subject to the scam issues (paying to have their unused rooms and vacation points/certificates marketed by this company).

Executive Housing Strategies did rent some of our points The lady that contacted us was very helpful in walking me thru the process of booking the rental We received a check from the family that was renting our points

So happy I saw the previous complaint in timeAlmost fell for this scam and got out just in timeOnce I read the contract and saw that there is no guarantee on renting your timeshare or even the price they would pay I did not sign my contractthey do say they are a member of the which is a lie, they are a member of the Online Business Bureau which I have never heard ofThey were very persistent and wanted to rush the deal as fast as possible which was my first red flagNot sure what would have happened if I did go through and sign the contract but hope I can be done with this

I spoke with a woman named Laura about renting my timeshare, In the past I ran to a lot of fly by night companies and to no success in generating any rental incomeAfter doing further research and a close friend of mine conducting business with this organization and having success am going to and have decided to work with her and the companyI look forward to working with Laura and Executive housing strategies to finally making some income with my timeshare

Executive Housing has located renters for my excess [redacted] timeshare points They contacted me in the Fall to be a villa source for my excess [redacted] units I have recovered my membership fee in less than year, and will continue to use excess [redacted] points for renters Executive Housing locates I would recommend them to anyone with excess timeshares

We just spoke with EHS We listened a long to Gus tell us how things work and then he transferred us to Paula or Paulette, not sure what her name was She kept pressuring us to give her our payment info, although we wouldn't yet be charged, to lock in the special rate today, normally $1595, today $ We told her 2-times we wanted to read what they emailed us first and she finally said ok and hung up on us That is totally unprofessional and gives the impression it must be a scam

My experience with EHS has always been very positive, even pleasant The staff is eager to help, and they are prompt to respond to questions, complaints, and/or client preferences I feel as though I get personal attention whenever I have any dealings with them

I paid for this company to rent my place (I WISH it had been $like the previous customer reported - mine was $1500) and I have not received any correspondence or other contact until a card I received the mail weeks ago allowing me to spend more money with them They enthusiastically said my property would be highly rentable but I have received NO word from them in months now Every time I call them I am instructed to leave a phone number for them to return my call but they never do DO NOT be caught in this scam

I signed up with this company in July of They have done nothing for me but take $in a fee Be warned! I have contacted this company at least times since we signed up We have lowered our price as suggested by the company and we have still had no offer I called again this week and they said they would Try to expedite my rental We will see but I don't hold out much hope I am thinking of trying to rent my points out on my own They told me it was guaranteed that if I get a rental before them they would return my money We will see if that works or not I checked these people out of this site before I signed up and only saw one negative comment I wish more of these comments would have been on here before I spent I would have never gone through it

I received a cold-call from Michael S [redacted] from EHS A quick spill about how "legitimate" their business really is, and transferred to Paula B [redacted] where I was informed about the one time payment for a lifetime of their services I was skeptical and my gut said no, but after some discussion and reviewing I signed a contract with EHS on the 15th of September After signing and paying $I have not heard from EHS I was told by both Michael S [redacted] and Paula B [redacted] that I will be receiving a phone call in 14-days informing me of my client ID number and status of my account It has been days I have called both of their cell phone numbers and left voicemails last week, I have called both of their office phone lines and left voicemails last week, I have called the EHS main line and left a "to whom it may concern" voicemail last week, and I sent an email to [redacted] requesting that someone with authority contact me back via email, phone, or LEAVE A VOICEMAIL I don't consider a shadow call and quick hang up after rings with no voicemail to be a legitimate effort to contact me! Any respectable business should be able to keep in contact with their customers and return calls and emails promptly

very friendly customer service, got rentals in one year so far

I was called twice within mins of each otherThe man was trying to pressure me into signing a contract with Executive Housing Strategies and claimed that the company was accreditedOn the first call I said I would have to discuss with my husband if we wanted to rent out our timeshareThat wasn't good enough answer for "Joshua" so he called me back within the minutes of the first callThey claim the can get $1400- $if we will give them 4,of our pointsI got on the website and the fees are outrageous (almost $3,000) with no guarantee that the company can or will rent out your time shareDo not get involved with this company [redacted] ext [redacted] is "Joshua"

We received a phone call from a guy named TJ back in March of this yearHe said he worked for Executive Housing Strategies and wanted to know if we had any points available with our Timeshare Resort that we would like to Advertise for Rental The idea sounded intriguingHowever, I was skeptical, since we did not have any proof of where he was calling and we have received calls from others asking for money upfront Right off he offered me his license number and advised me the call is being recorded for my protection TJ took time to explain how their advertising and rental program workedHe was very patient and answered my questionsHe also advised us that there is a fee for us to signupThe way he explained the fee and the reason for it made sense, especially knowing that they offered a Money Back Guarantee Even though we have yet to finalize a rental, the experience has been positive so far and my calls have been answered whenever I called the company

I signed up with Executive Housing Strategies to rent out my points and had a superb experienceAnyone who may have posted a negative response must have mistaken EHS for another company in this field, I received an offer within daysThey told me that it may take up to days, although the representatives were confident in their marketing methodsI received the exact amount of money that they had told me I wouldI would recommend this company to anyone who is need of renting out their timeshare pointsThe outstanding customer service they provided was a plus as well10/

I received a cold call from this company mid July I asked them to email or mail me their information, and set up a phone appointment for weeks laterI received a contract via emailI reviewed the very simple contract and viewed the website, Not impressed with neitherI received the follow up call by a very nice young manHe explained the company but seem to have talking pointsI was transferred to his Manager (Deal Closer)The manager was a very quick talker, wanted me to put $on my credit cardWhen I began asking questions he appeared irritated by my questionsHe then stated well good luck and hung up on meWhen I began to ask questions concerning My timeshare and
My $HE got irritated With Me, and hung upThank Goodness for the hang up lets me know this is a possible SCAM

I have only had one rental to date but it was very positive with prompt payment to me

they tell you that they'll rent your place out no problemthey take your money and you don't hear from them againbe wary of what they tell younot worth the money!

I really feel scammed after reading some of these reviews! I paid $for EHS services last May/June and have heard NOTHING from themWhen they called me to solicit their services, they said they were in 'need" of my points, and that they had the ability to use my points on rentals that July and rentals that AugustI heard NOTHING from them! I followed up several times inquiring on my advertising and possibilities of rentingThe calls always go to voicemailYes, I heard back once from them, where they told me that I was in my first days, so I should expect something after the daysWell, its been about aver, zero, nada! I feel they have completely cheated my out of my money, not only because I have not gotten any rentals, but it seems that I have paid far more than others for the servicesDO NOT FALL INTO THIS SCAM

It has been months since I signed up with this companyThey took $of my hard earned money and never called me back after thatAfter I called back to find out the status of my rental, they said they hadn't heard from me and that was why they were not pursuing a rental and then proceeded to said to tell me that their pricing that was offSo they lowered the offering price and still nothingI have prime property in Las Vegas right next to a convention centerThere is NO reason this property should have not have been rented out within a monthI've called them back AGAIN, and they still have not been able to rent itThey told me to waiting yet ANOTHER days to call them backAfter reading these complaints, I can see now that they do NOT do what they offer
It has been over months now and NOT ONE RENTALIn some circles they would be considered a terrible business, in other circles, they would be called scammers and thieves

I signed up with this company in July of 2015. They have done nothing for me but take $1500 in a fee. Be warned! I have contacted this company at least 4 times since we signed up. We have lowered our price as suggested by the company and we have still had no offer. I called again this week and they said they would Try to expedite my rental. We will see but I don't hold out much hope. I am thinking of trying to rent my points out on my own. They told me it was guaranteed that if I get a rental before them they would return my money. We will see if that works or not. I checked these people out of this site before I signed up and only saw one negative comment. I wish more of these comments would have been on here before I spent 1500. I would have never gone through it.

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Address: 1500 Park Center Dr, Orlando, Florida, United States, 32835-5705


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