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User Kuldip Das

Dear sir
Mob 8895656095
Email [email protected]
I have already paid my previous loan amount Rs 6580. I want next loan. But it showing this bellow view last 2 days . What is the problem.
But again I have applied new loan still it is not reviewed and dispatched even it it taken 12 hours and more.

Kildly inform me if any problem from myside.

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User Amrinderpal singh

I have alredy paid plz help me

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User Chandrakant

I was my repayment amount paid on 2/10/2018 but still not show in app can you plz resolved

what is the issue
my repayment details thank you for using your sbi debit card 607xx5169 for a purchase worth rs6580.77 on pos 7001777500000000000 at finnovation tech solut txn# 827514971324.If not done by you, forward this sms from mobile number registered with sbi to 9223008333 to block your card. You may also call 1-800-111109

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User MEMON SOHEL asmat bhai

My loan apply 26/09/2018 but no response please help me my register mobile number 9662568988

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User yusuf shaikh

Today I am repayamt done but still not show in app can you plz resolved

What is the issue

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User Joplyne Kharkrang

For the first time when I apply loan got in the same day when I apply .. n I HV don my payment also ... But now I am replying for second loan ... It is showing money on the way... Since 26/9/2018.. bit till now I am not getting ... N when I try to call customer cr Ni body from their end. . why is this so if their any problem you should have info or atleast update the customer. It's a bit emergency that what I have been applying for loan... I am rating 5 because I am satisfied with the first loan it really help me when I am inneed... Please look in this matter... N please sanction my loan as fast as possible...

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User Sanjeet Yadav

Not submit my account number

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User Zubair

This is my repament detail rs.8640.36 is debited to a/c...0681 on 15-09-18 06: 29: 54 (avlbl bal rs.1399.23) at pos tid-0070017775, ref-825806993571. Stay updated with your txns. Get mobile banking app http://bit.Ly/mconnect2 but application not showing my payment

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User Reviewer1446325

Review: on the [redacted] of february, I was contacted by phone from "flash cash network" stating that I had been guaranteed a loan for up to 5,000.00, not wanting to put myself in further debt, I asked to be administered a loan for a 1,000.00. After I had given my personal information that was asked for I was told to go the nearest cvs and buy a 100.00 green dot money pack card.. Then relay the information with the hundred dollars back to "flash cash network" this was to verify that I was the person the money would be loaned to. After giving them the 100.00 on the card I was to be contacted in 5 minutes by phone with my verification no. To receive my loan. In 5 minutes I received a call from "flash cash network" asking for another 200.00 on a green dot money pack card. This card for 200.00 was for insurance purposes in case if for some reason I was unable to make my loan payment.. It would be covered. I did as asked and waited for my verification no. It never came and when I contacted repeatedly "flash cash network" I was spoken rudely to and hung up on 7 times. When I was able to get through to speak with a [redacted] I was told to go to the nearest western union and pay another 97.00 to receive my 300.00 I paid in, when I told them that the sender of money was the one to pay I was told very rudely that they would no longer be helping me to retain my 300.00. It was my loss... Here is the information for the two green dot money pack cards.. First the 100.00 [redacted] the second card for 200.00 [redacted] . I am not well off, if I had not needed this loan I would have never given up my money so easily.. These people and this company is a scam. I was a foolish victim to believe that I would be given such a loan, please help me get my 300.00 back, because of my mistake, my family and I are now hurting and doing without. Thank you for everything, [redacted] desired settlement: having the first 100.00 put back on my green dot money pack card [redacted] total 104.95second 200.00 put back on my green dot money pack card [redacted] total 204.95 total.

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Address: 252 East Greene Street, New York, NY, 10001


+1 (585) 204-7458


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