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Florida Pool Enclosures

1400 s Ronald Reagan Blvd, Longwood, Florida, United States, 32750

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• Aug 17, 2020

Failure to fulfill his contract obligations. All I've gotten are a bunch of lies.
My name is ***, a disable veteran who just purchase a new home in Clermont Florida. My wife wanted a lanai so we sign with Florida Pool Enclosure on June 12,2020. We were told, it would take Florida Pool Enclosure 6 to 8 weeks to get all the permits required to build our lanai. We also provided a deposit of $9000.00 Check.
After 7 weeks has past, I called Dan (the sale's person) and ask for him to give me an update. All I got is the run around, they did nothing to show any progress. Two weeks later and still no progress. They were very quick to cash my check of $9000.00, but no communications or updates at all from them. It's been 9 weeks since the signing and nothing has been done to my house. At this time, I feel like I'm being taken advantage of, and would like to get my money back. I'm tired of the lies with no actions by Florida Pool Enclosure. And would like for them to stop and cancel my contract. No confidence in the contractor at all. Consumer Beware. All I want is my $9000 back.

Desired Outcome

All I what is my money back. This company has done nothing to take steps to fulfil there obligations. When I communicate with them, they just told me what I wanted to here. After calling them several times with no actions on there part. All I got was a bunch of lies with promises that were not kept. Like, I said above all I want is my money back.

Florida Pool Enclosures Response • Aug 17, 2020

Contact Name and Title: mike d***
Contact Phone: 407-468-8398
Contact Email: [email protected]
I have spoken to mr*** and have also refunded his deposit today.

Looking for a refund on work that we not properly performed.
At first things were good, but things went poorly very quick. First off, they started the concrete work and said they weren't moving the electrical for the irrigation, even though it was in the contract. I ended up splitting the cost with them to get the project moving. After the concrete was poured, there was damage to the side of my house. It took months and many phone calls before the concrete guy came out to fix it. Also, when the work started, they "accidently" charged my credit card for the full amount, instead of the installments that we agreed upon in the contract. Once the screen room was up, we had the biggest issues. The city wrote me to tell me I had an unpermitted structure added to my property. They did the work without pulling the permit. After this they took months to get the actual permits needed. In the mean time the city called me every week to threaten to fine me and put a lean on my house. Finally, they got an approved permit but they had to change the design of the screen room to make it meet local code. They fixed the screen room for free, but they broke some of my new lighting in the process. They didn't even clean up after they left. I had broken glass all over the screen room. When it was said and done the concrete pads at the doors are in the wrong spot because of the re-design. They will not even return my calls to have it fixed. Also, the re-design made the screen room smaller and used less materials but they will not give me a refund for the difference. The whole experience took over 6 months and was nothing but a pain. They made every step very difficult. I even got kicked all the way to the owner of the company to deal with these issues and he did nothing but blow me off.

Desired Outcome

I would like the difference of the design changes refunded and since some work was not performed correctly, I would like that refunded, as well.

Florida Pool Enclosures Response • Jun 15, 2020

this is the first time I have heard of the customer wanting to be reimbursed for the project. we have passed final inspection from the county. I will contact home owner and settle this.

Customer Response • Jun 15, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I have contacted the business and the owner directly about this issue many times, With no response. They took care of the final inspection, that is true, but whenever I asked about being refunded, they ignored the question.

Florida Pool Enclosures Response • Jun 29, 2020

I have spoken with Mr***, and have settled our differences. he is content with the results.

Customer Response • Jul 07, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
I have received a check from Mike, the owner, and I am satisfied with the refund he has given me. Thank you for all you help on this.

My experience, at the end of November 2019, an appointment was made with Mike *** to obtain a quote to install pavers.

All went well, except his crew installed the incorrect pavers.

When I brought the discrepancy to Mike's attention, he was unwilling to correct.

If you go with Mike's company, take some measure, to make sure the correct pavers are delivered for installation.

Would also like to add, out of a crew of 4-6 workers, I could not find one worker that spoke English. Which makes me wonder if Mike is paying his fair share into the social security system and other taxes for those workers.

If you do not speak spanish, it would be beneficial, to have someone on-site that is bilingual.

Bottomline, if you go with Mike's company, Florida Pool Enclosures, and they make a mistake, you will be stuck with the mistake.

Florida Pool Enclosures Response • Apr 23, 2020

I'm sorry to see you are still pursuing this. As we have discussed multiple times, the pavers installed are the pavers that you selected. Not only did you select them, you approved them upon delivery, and inspected them after installation. You then sent an email to me stating how satisfied you were with the work, and after you inspected the project you paid the balance in full. You then tried to dispute the charges on your card, but even amex agreed that we were not at fault. I'd also like to point out mam, that the company you are leaving this review for is not the company you contracted to do this work. It is our sister company. I am sorry that you feel the need to continually slander our company publicly. We 100% stand behind our work. I also do not appreciate your racial tones in this review. It is very unprofessional and particularly offensive that you bring to attention the worker's ethnicities. I can assure you that our companies are legitimate and we pay all necessary taxes required by the state of Florida.

Customer Response • Apr 23, 2020

I have the right company. I notice your company goes by many names. If it is a sister company, what is the correct name.

It is YOUR responsibility to make sure the right product is delivered.

It is YOUR responsibility to make sure the right product is installed

I tried to tell your workers multiple times it was the wrong product, but they all said they don't speak english. I don't speak spanish.

The next day when a gentleman that spoke English, came back to remove the lava rocks advised me that you will not be staining the pavers .

I did not pay you the second payment, you charged my credit card without my authorization.

Having difficulty getting deposit returned after project permit denial.
In February, 2019, I signed a contract with Florida Pool Enclosures, Inc. (FPE) for an enclosed patio (redesigning, enlarging, and adding a solid roof to my existing screened in patio). I paid them a deposit of $2100.00. This project was contingent upon getting an approved permit from the City of Altamonte Springs. I needed to get a current survey of our property to add to the permit request. I promptly contacted a company, had the survey done, and sent it to FPE in April. By the end of June, I had not heard if the permit was approved, so I contacted FPE to check on progress. I was replied to in a text in July that my permit was denied based on setback requirements and asked if I wanted a refund or to proceed in another direction. I replied that I wanted a refund.
Since July, I have called numerous times, visited the FPE company in
Altamonte Springs, and texted. We have not received our deposit back.
I have screenshots of texts stating that our refund will be dealt with when
they get back in town, or finish a big project, but no other follow up.
I gave this deposit in good faith to a company that has been in business for over 20 years. I am disappointed that my dealings with them has reached this point of making a complaint to the My desired outcome for this complaint is to receive my deposit back with no more delays.

Desired Outcome

My desired outcome for this complaint is to receive my deposit back with no more delays.

Florida Pool Enclosures Response • Nov 12, 2019

Sorry for the oversight. The check is going out in the mail today.

Customer Response • Nov 22, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
The owner contacted me and apologized for the delay in returning our deposit. We received the full deposit back within one week. Also, the owner followed up to be sure that we had received our check.
We are satisfied with the results.

Failure to complete job. Failure to abide by warranty.
We signed the contract on 3/14/19 with Dan, the salesperson, to commence the build of a screen enclosure and pavers. The pavers were completed on 6/5 and the screen enclosure was erected on 6/24. The day after the pavers were laid down, I messaged the owner, Alex, and told him that there were a couple of cracked pavers that needed replacing (I have a 1 year warranty). I also asked when they would return to seal the pavers and he indicated that it would be completed in a few weeks. It's been 4 months of unanswered texts from both Dan and Alex. Alex mentioned the sealing of the pavers was a gesture of apology due to some earlier delays; however, I have text messages from Dan, which I can furnish, where he indicated that sealing the pavers were included in the original agreed upon price. In regards to the screen enclosure, it failed inspection on 6/27. I've reached out to Clermont's permit department and they've confirmed that no one has followed up with them and the permit is set to expire on 11/26. I reached out to Dan on 8/5 and I can see that the message was read, but I haven't received a reply. If this isn't resolved in its entirety soon, I'll contact my credit card company to issue a chargeback, as well as file a complaint with the Florida Attorney General, and go on social media. I've been extremely patient and understanding throughout this entire process despite the inconveniences and hazards posed by your team's work (I still continue to find rusty 4 inch nails and black screws all over my lawn). Thankfully, none of my kids have been hurt. I can provide several pictures, if necessary.

Desired Outcome

I want the damaged pavers replaced and the entire area sealed, as agreed. In regards to the screen enclosure, back on 6/27, the building inspector indicated that it failed for a couple of reasons. I expect the work to be finished and for it to pass inspection. I also want someone to walk my entire yard with a magnetic sweeper to pick up any remaining nails and/or screws.

Florida Pool Enclosures Response • Oct 08, 2019

This complaint does not involve our company, the complaint is with the paver company she contracted. All of the issues with the screen portion have been fixed but we can not call the final inspection in until the paver company installs the door pads. We have been in contact with them to get the other issues as well as the door pads corrected and are waiting on a response from that company. Once the pads are installed our permit will be passed.

Customer Response • Oct 18, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I never contracted the paver company. As you can see from the attached contracts, the sales representative on both agreements is Dan from Florida Pool Enclosures. Your company subcontracts work to Florida Discount Pavers since the owners are related, to my understanding; however, I never personally contacted or contracted this company. The signed agreements for all of the work has been with Dan with Florida Pool Enclosures; therefore, the complaint toward your company is absolutely justified and warranted. A day after the complaint was filed, we did receive a text message indicating that the door pads would be installed and a few days later it has been completed. Unfortunately, the door pad has caused damage to the door sweep on one of our screen doors (pics attached). I was notified that the inspection would take place next week; however, there's still the matter of the damaged pavers needing to be replaced, sealed (text attached indicating that it was included in price), a faulty screen door opener that needs replacing (I messaged Dan on 8/5 about this), and now the damaged door sweep. Granted, this doesn't require remedying prior to the inspection but I do expect these items to be fixed in a timely manner.

Customer Response • Oct 18, 2019

Document Attached

Florida Pool Enclosures Response • Oct 21, 2019

we did not subcontract the pavers. The homeowner signed a contract directly with the paver company. Our contract is for the screen portion only. Regardless, the paver door pads have been installed, and the final inspection has been called in. The paver company is waiting on pavers to be delivered to repair the broken pavers and will be done and sealed this Wednesday.

FPE rebuilt our pool after Hurricane Irma. We paid in full, they did not pay *** rentals and now we have a lien on our home. See attachments.
We contracted with Florida Pool Enclosures (owner *** Delahoz) on 9/13/17 to rebuild our pool enclosure destroyed by Hurricane Irma. We paid half in advance for the work and eventually paid in full for the work (see attached) AND paid FPE additional money to cover cost over runs.

FPE's owner *** Delahoz pleaded with us for more money. We paid him an additional $6,000 specifically for the rental of a high reach -- more than we owed as this expense was in the original estimate. *** claimed his business was in danger and he was not going to be able to make payroll. We paid in full and the additional amount BEFORE completion of all work because we trusted *** to complete the project and pay his subcontractors.

FPE did not pay the lift rental company *** and *** placed a lien on our property.

We contacted *** (2/14/19) and he committed (4/10/19) to pay *** and clear the lien. We gave him 30 days to do so. At the end of 30 days he still had not completed the work or cleared the lien (see attached texts).

The work remain incomplete (minor work to be done, we hired another contractor do the larger items) and the lien has not been satisfied.

Desired Outcome

We are asking Florida Pool Enclosures to: 1) either clear the lien as they promised on 4/10/19 OR to pay us the current total value of the lien, $8,749.99 plus finance charges. Our current estimate of that amount is $12,987.42. 2) pay us for caulking, re-positioning the hot tub, tightening of guide wires, etc which we hired another contractor to complete. Total cost $1,135.

Florida Pool Enclosures Response • Jun 26, 2019

The bill to the rental company has been paid in full. I can provide documentation should you need it.

I entered a contract with Florida Pool Enclosures on Feb 25, 2019 which was paid in full on that date and no work has been done as of June 23, 2019.
I entered a contract with Florida Pool Enclosures on Feb 25, 2019 which was PAID IN FULL on that date and no work has been done as of June 23, 2019. The work was promised to be completed in April this is the end of June. I have made multiple attempts to contact the Main office and even the owner. The only communication is via text I receive back from the owner (Mike) is he is in the hospital, or the rain has delayed other projects, or even in the most recent case his septic tank fell in and he cant get to me. I am beyond livid with the level of customer service and excuses that are created. In the process of choosing this company for our sun-room the decision was made based on the sales guy Charlie and his wife Robbie (which we cant get in contact with either) assured me that this would be completed before for July. We were counting on this space for sleeping room for our family. Now we have had to make other arrangements for our family. Again I paid in FULL for this $6800 dollars. I have been understanding for far to long with what is promised week after week. I would like for the work to be completed but it doesn't seem that I am being taken seriously so I am pursuing the help of

Desired Outcome

I want the Job completed to my satisfaction within the next three weeks (Per Mike the owner "it will only take two to three days to complete) or I want a full refund that I paid them in FULL 4 months ago.

Florida Pool Enclosures Response • Jul 09, 2019

I have reinbursed mr simmons in full and he is satisfied.

Won't return calls, TXT msg's about repairs
Company did a good job and installed the screen around our pool in 4 days. Overall we are pleased with the work and product. However, we did notice a few discrepancies and notified M, the owner within a day or two of the finished job. Then we noticed a few other discrepancies or issues so he hold me to take a few days and document everything and let him know and he'd send his guys out to address and fix all the issues. I agreed but due to my work schedule and a vacation planned over 8 months in advance I wasn't able to send our list of discrepancies for a few weeks. The new list only included two or three new items that we discovered from the original list I sent him within 1-2 days of the original job completion. Since my text with pictures to M with the entire list it's been crickets. I've even used several phone numbers to call and leave messages and send follow-up texts to no avail in getting a response or someone out here to address our issues. The list consists of:

a small hole in one of the screens
one paver broke - recently found another one
gutters overflow in the corner
trim on doors looks to long
couple of other screens look defective
corner brace panel is crooked
lights strung through the screen frame - I offered to take the lights down so that some wouldn't be in the screen and others outside but the workers said it wouldn't be an issue - looks stupid now because the only way I can replace them is to cut the lights and reseal the hole up where the wire went through.

I hired this company because they were reasonable...they were not the cheapest...but also because they had a good rating...whereas the other contender had an F rating, and because M said he was prior military and I'm retired military and l*** to help my fellow veterans out.

Desired Outcome

Would like this company to address all our concerns: a small hole in one of the screens one paver broke - recently found another one gutters overflow in the corner trim on doors looks to long couple of other screens look defective corner brace panel is crooked lights strung through the screen frame

Florida Pool Enclosures Response • Jun 17, 2019

My service director, D, will be in touch today to discuss these issues. I apologize for the miscommunication, but do not have any messages from you regarding these problems sir. Again I do apologize and will have them addressed ASAP.

Signed Pool enclosure contract 12-21-17, was promised to be done before summer, and are still waiting for job to begin. Paid over $10000 no work done.
I am writing this complaint because I am at the end of my rope, not sure what options are available to me, and hoping that you can be of some assistance. Almost a year ago (12/21/17, to be exact) I signed a contract with Florida Pool Enclosure to extend and replace my pool screening in my backyard. The job was initiated as a result of damage from Hurricane Irma. On the day that we signed the contract, we paid the company a $3,221.00 deposit to secure the job and another $3.221 for layout. We were told that they were very busy as a result of the storm, and were about 90 days out from starting--totally understandable, and the timeline we were expecting. In the months following, we experienced an immense amount of avoidance, and were made to feel as though answers, or any communication at all, were an impossibility. Up until April, we were only in contact (barely) with our sales representative, and decided to get the owner of the company, Mike D, involved. We were assured by him that all communication would improve, and that he would take on our project himself, to be sure that it was done in a timely fashion, and to our expectations. Since that time, we have been lied to time and time again about start dates--forever chasing around his excuses. The concrete subcontractor did come out and pour our concrete slab, to whom we paid another $4.000.00, but that is where progress has ended. The last date that we were promised to start (which was also the fourth time the date was changed) was 9/17/2018, but we received an email on 9/16 stating that, yet again, they would not be coming. At this point, we have delayed our furniture delivery 3 times. We have looked into other companies to try to walk away from FL Pool Enclosure, but at this point, prices of pool screening have increased so much, that the option to abandon our contract is leaving us feeling helpless as well. I have attached multiple files, highlighting our correspondences thus far. They begin in April, once we were in contact with the owner, but summarize our prior experiences with the sales rep as well.
As I stated at the beginning of this email, I am beyond frustrated. I don't know how best to proceed, or what consumer protection services are available to me. All I want is to get this job done, and put it behind my family and I. We are prepared to just get our money back, so we can seek out other options, but proceeding with our contract that has already been planned would be ideal. Any advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated. The feelings of helplessness and being completely at their mercy, is getting very old. In addition to what I have attached, I have a few screenshots of text correspondences with Mike, that show all of the delays. I didn't want to overwhelm you files, let me know if you'd like me to send them.

Thank you for taking the time to review our situation, and all our attachments. My wife and I look forward to hearing from you.

Desired Outcome

Finish the job in a timely fashion, that meets our expectations.

Florida Pool Enclosures Response • Sep 17, 2018

Contact Name and Title: Mike d***/owner
Contact Phone: 4074688398
Contact Email: [email protected]
It is my full intentions to complete this job as soon as possible. Over the last 4 months we have had unusual rains which have put my company considerably behind on many projects. Dates I have given my customer were my intentions unfortunately again rains have set us back. I have paid for all the materials for this project along with permits, engineering and overhead costs. The materials are at my shop and paid for. Any money collected has been used specifically towards this job, we do not make any money until we Instal and collect final payment. I will assure my customer that his project will be completed not later than first week in October. Not sure what day but that week we will complete. I have shared my cell number with my customer and I have answered his texts accordingly. Thank you.

Customer Response • Sep 18, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
We would like to accept this response, but it sounds just like every other response we have received for the last NINE months. At this point, we would be silly to accept any guarantees made by this company. It is nice that we have his cell phone number, but we we haven't been able to get any closer to a true answer from his text responses than any other form of communication. Every time Mike has given us a new start date for our construction, we have responded with, "are you sure this is a realistic date". Giving ample opportunity to him to be honest with us. We stated that we would rather he tell us honestly when we would start, than continuously change his story. We have had to reschedule a furniture delivery four times due to these promises. As to the weather, we were able to have our roof replaced, by one of the busiest roofing companies in the area, in the same time span, with no rain problems. We signed that contract in February, had a 2 month waiting time to begin, and were still completely done within four months. On top of that, for the past month, his excuse to us has been a "serious health issue", presumably because there has not been any weather to use as an excuse. However, there is no mention of said health issues in his statement. Everything, at this point, is coming across as a continuation of lies.

We would like to keep this case open until the work is completed to our satisfaction. When reading current reviews on FL Pool Enclosures website, there are a few customers that are frustrated because they are struggling with this company due to half finished jobs at their homes. We would not like to find ourselves in that situation either. We have been told and re-told too many empty promises at this point to be satisfied with anything less than putting this entire experience behind us.

Florida Pool Enclosures Response • Nov 01, 2018

From: Mike D
Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2018 6:40 PM
To: ***
Subject: Re: Accreditation in Jeopardy

Mr Hawkins has been installed 3 weeks ago and he is very happy.
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Pool enclosure project
On April 2nd, 2018 we signed a contract with Florida Pool Enclosures for a pool enclosure and paid the initial deposit of $2774. We were informed upfront that the company was behind due to Hurricane Irma last year and that the project was expected to be completed in three to four months, which would have put us somewhere in July. By June we hadn't heard from the company as far as filing for permits and taking the final measurements. We had to reach out to them to inquire when this would be done.

In mid-June, the company sent one of their employees out to do the final measurements and we made our second deposit of $2974 on June 18. In July we hadn't heard from the company. We reached back out to the company and got the owner, Mike on the phone. We explained that we were told when we first signed the contract in April that the job was supposed to be completed within three to four months, which would have been at the end of July. He explained again that they were behind because of Hurricane Irma and that he would have to check into my order and get back to me.

We received a text from Mike on Friday, July 6 informing us that our materials were ordered and paid for June 25 and that they would be delivered to Florida Pool Enclosures on July 16. The materials would then go into fabrication and the new estimated time for installation would be the first week of August, weather pending.

August was approaching and we hadn't heard anything again so we reached back out to the owner inquiring about an update. We contacted Mike on July 30 and we received another text from him on July 31 stating they had major setbacks due to the rain over the past 18 days, which had them behind by two to three weeks. We were told that they were hoping for install the week of August 13 but that it depends on the weather.

August 13 came and went and we hadn't heard anything from Florida Pool Enclosures regarding our install. We reached out again asking for an update and received a response from Mike the same day that they had a setback. Mike informed us that he had emergency surgery, which had taken him away from the office and that he would be back to work on Saturday. He asked that we bear with him as his scheduling had gone awry but promised that they would get us completed before the end of the month of August.

The rest of August went by without any updates from either Mike or Florida Pool Enclosures. We reached out again on August 29 to request an update. The next day, August 30 we received a text from Mike that he was at the doctor's office and that he would call us when he was done. He also added that the rains were continuing to set them back.

We never received a call from him but later that day, August 29 we received another text apologizing for not keeping us informed but that he had had some complications from his surgery and that the rains keep putting them further behind, an additional two to three weeks. He said that they were hoping to get us completed by the second week in September if the weather would cooperate. He proceeded to tell us via text that he cannot make any money until the job is completed as he has already paid for the materials, engineering, permits and the overhead in admin process. We reiterated to Mike that the salesman, Daniel H who had us sign the contract said three to four months, which would have put us sometime in June or July.

Not once in this process have we been updated without us having to reach out first. We feel this process would have gone a lot different had the company contacted us and provide us with updates. We stressed all of this to the owner and our dissatisfaction with this business transaction. We also inquired about the number of jobs ahead of us. That was August 30. It is now nearing the end of the second week in September and once again, we haven't heard anything from Florida Pool Enclosures. This is now the fifth delay in our project, in which we have already paid $5748.

Desired Outcome

Pool enclosure completed

Florida Pool Enclosures Response • Sep 18, 2018

We are trying our best to deliver unfortunately my health and the weather has interrupted the process on my projects. I do not hesitate to give my customers my direct cell number so that they can contact me. I will deliver and instal my customers enclosure the first week in Oct not sure what day but we will complete it during that week. I apologize for the lack of communication in this situation, it is something we are working to correct in my company. the contract was signed april 2nd, it will be a 6 month turn around on the project we have had numerous delays due to work created during last years hurricane and the unusual rain we have had during these last 6 months. I truly apologize for the lack of communication.

Customer Response • Sep 18, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
I accept the businesses response as long as the job is started and completed the first week of October as stated.

Took my money 5 months ago. No work has been started. No one calls me back.
January 8, 2018: I gave salesman Dan H (407-252-9796) $3208 cashiers check made out to Ben T (the paver guy) 1/2 deposit to lay pavers for a patio. The salesman said they would lay the pavers in February or March and the additional screen enclosure would be completed in April.

It is now May 16, and not one bit of work has been started. I've contacted their office and spoke to a woman (Donna?) who said Mike (owner) would call me. Never called me back. Dan (salesman) did return my call once and had Ben T come to my house several weeks ago to pick out my pavers from a catalog, but then, that was it. A couple of weeks ago, Ben did call me back and promised to start the work the following Wednesday (May 9). When he didn't show up, I left a message. No return calls. I've been forced to start writing negative reviews of their company online, and I noticed that there is a pattern of this behavior as well as poor workmanship complaints.

At this point I have lost all faith in this company. I would like my deposit returned and the contract cancelled.

Desired Outcome

Refund my money for failure to start the job.

Florida Pool Enclosures Response • May 31, 2018

From: Michael (mailto:[email protected])
Sent: Thursday, May 31, 2018 8:57 AM
Cc: Dad; [email protected]*** Re: Complaint Case# *** (Ref*
This complaint has been resolved with the customer. She has expressed to me directly that she will be removing the complaint from your site as well. The issue was due to timing and her job has been prioritized and already started. Thank you.
Michael D
Vice President
Florida Pool Enclosures
(407)260-2800 office
(321)228-1269 cell

Customer Response • Jun 01, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The job has been started, not completed.

I made it clear to Mike that I would provide updates on the progress to, not that I wished to close this case prematurely.

Mike contacted me after this complaint was filed and asked me to remove it. I told him I was pleased that work had begun, but given the concerns I had and the fact that I'm paying for a completed project, the complaint will be considered resolved upon completion of the project. In the meantime, I will provide updates on the progress.

Yesterday, I received a call from the salesman (Dan) again asking that I remove this complaint from the I also told him that I was willing to provide updates, but not to close the complaint until the project is completed.

Obviously, communication problems still are evident since is being told I agreed to remove this complaint by Mike when I have told him and Dan clearly that I will provide updates but will keep the complaint open until completion.

On 5/16, when the paver company arrived, they told me that Step 1 (installing the pavers) would take two weeks. Two weeks later, I have a trench dug in my yard, but that's it. This is an understandable delay, because concrete must be poured, and there have been rain delays.

Mike told me that once the pavers are installed, then the screen enclosure (Step 2) would start. The building of the screen enclosure will take 2-3 days according to Mike.

Given that we're talking about less than two weeks to finish the project, I request that the complaint remain open. I lost faith in the communication and promises from this company, and I am willing to give them a chance to redeem themselves, but only after successful completion of the job.

I am planning to hire an independent inspector who will review the workmanship of the completed project. I will provide that report to the to close this complaint when that has been done.

All I am requesting is timely completion of the job with the quality of workmanship they represent in their advertising.

I am happy to provide additional information upon request. I will update the progress of the case with in one week.

Thank you for your time and service.

Florida Pool Enclosures Response • Jun 18, 2018

this job has been started the pavers were delivered and are currently being installed by our paver sub contractor

Customer Response • Aug 06, 2018

The project was completed August 1 to my satisfaction.

Failure to deliver services within a reasonable time.
Hurricane Irma struck Florida on 9/10/2018. I entered a contract with Fl Pool Enclosures on 9/20/2018 to replace the structure which had been destroyed by the hurricane. At the time I was told by the salesperson that they were about 3 months out, which was understandable. I started calling in January 2018 to approximate the date I was told I would be given a call back. Finally someone came out and measured. Each contact the answer was the same you will be called a day before they come out. On March 15, I called the company again and the representative said I would be given a call back. I did not get a call back but did get a text message stating that I was scheduled for the first week in April and thanks for your patience. I called on April 2, to get an approximate day and was told that now I was scheduled for the third week in April. I asked for a call back from the president and even text the number from which I received a text and no response. I have been patient but we are on the 7th month? My homeowners association is questioning since others in my situation have already had their enclosures replaced.

Desired Outcome

I am seeking that the job be completed as contracted or to return the funds that have been paid in full so that I can get another company to do the job.

Florida Pool Enclosures Response • Apr 04, 2018

the contract date is actually 10-14-17, it is our intentions to install the pool enclosure during the week of April 23rd. We have lost some valuable field time due to weather which delays projects due before Mr ***. We have removed the damaged pool enclosure, done repairs to his stucco, completed engineering and permitting, measured and have the materials on hand. The money we have collected has been used towards the project. I will personally call customer and assure him we will deliver.

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Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with Florida Pool Enclosures, but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.

This site can’t be reached

Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with Florida Pool Enclosures, but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.


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