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[redacted], we do apologize for any miscommunication on our end regarding your needs for a tutor, your concerns involving the assigned tutor and feedback from our staff. Our policy does state that refunds must be requested within 30 days of payment for services being made. It also outlines that...

if a refund is requested prior to the minimum hour requirement being met that conducted sessions will be pro rated at our pay as you go rate of $65 an hour. Due to the our fault of not assigning you a new tutor once concerns were address we are refunding you the full deposit you made of $150. We are also encouraging you to give us another chance in finding your child a tutor and placing a free hour of tutoring on your account. If open to this option please email me directly at [email protected], thank you and once again we apologize for any shortcoming from our organization.

We were able to locate the account using the name, "[redacted]".The Visa used to purchase tutoring hours with us has been refunded. [redacted] and her mother have both been emailed confirmation along with our apology for this situation. Below I have attached this message. Good Morning,[redacted] and [redacted], your refund has been processed. This is the email you should have received once it was requested and I am sorry that it did not happen. There seems to have been miscommunication within our organization which enabled taking care of your needs promptly. I/we hope that you both are able to accept our apology. You can also see the receipt for your refund in this email below my direct contact information.[redacted]We have received your Refund Inquiry Request. Your refund balance is ($267.50) . If the payment was made within 30 days, the refund balance will be credited to your Paypal account, debit or credit card. However, if the initial payment was made over 30 days ago unfortunately you are beyond the refund policy period outlined in your terms agreement and on your webpage. No need to worry, your hours will never expire and can be used at anytime for all subjects with any tutor! We calculate your refund based on the following factors:Package Purchased/Deposit Paid: ($495)Prorated amount due for sessions: ($60 x 3.5 Hours= $227.50)(Sessions are charged at Pay as Go rate since package was not completed)Refundable credit: FrogTutoring Credit - Prorated Sessions Conducted= Refund AmountIf you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me. My information is listed below.Sincerely,[redacted]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

To whom this may concern:    FrogTutoring has refunded the client for amount owed as reflected on her account via a check that was mailed to clients address on file. Due to her complaints regarding the tutoring services along with the prolonged period taken to refund Mrs. [redacted] her funds...

we would like to credit her the remaining amount she has requested. I, Kristin Unger have pasted below the sent email from me to Mrs. [redacted].  We would really like to clear this matter up with client. Please let us know what else is needed on our end? Thank you"Hello [redacted],    I wanted to follow up to make sure that you HAVE received that check that was mailed to you? We did NOT include the additional amount for the one session that did take place but, we would like to offer you that additional amount. We apologize that you were not happy with our service and that your refund has taken so long. Please provide me with your PayPal account information so we can quickly deposit the additional credit into your account."  -Sent 6/17/15

I have sent several emails the the company requesting information on this account and each time receive a general message stating "We are sorry things did not work out. If any new tutors join our team that I feel would match great, I will keep you in mind. Here is your email confirming your refund request. We have received your Request for Refund inquiry. Your refund balance is $120. If the payment was made within 90 days, the refund balance will be credited to your debit or credit card. However, if the initial payment was made over 90 days ago the refund balance will be issued through Paypal and you will receive instructions in your email on how to claim the money. We calculate your refund based on how much you received of the following: Frog Tutoring credit:$225Free session credit:-$50Bonus credit:-$55Refundable credit: FrogTutoring credit - Free session credit -Bonus credit: $120 If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me." I intitally made contact to request a refund on April 26th and did not receive a response at this time. I emailed again and received communication on April 30th with the above message.  I folowed up May 5th and recieved no communication. At this time due to not receiving the refund or any attempts made on the account to issues the refund, I opened a dispute with PayPal. Paypal was informed of the email sent by Frog Tutoring and stated that they would make a note of the refund amount $120 in the note that will be sent to Frog Tutoring requesting the refund. I was informed that Frog Tutoring had 10 days to respond. Frog Tutoring declined the dispute issusing the message above yet again. I sent an email to Frog Tutoring on May 15th  regarding the matter and request immediate follow up call. Mrs. Unger with Frog Tutoring contacted  on May 18th and stated that she would contact Paypal regarding the dispute and issuing the refund. She stated that she would contact Paypal and follow up with me and I have not heard from her since May 18th. I sent another email on May 28th requesting immediate contact regarding the matter.  I contacted my back regarding the matter on May 15th as, PayPal stated that it was up to Frog Tutoring to issue the refund since it was a service provided. At this point I want to ensure that the money is returned to my bank as I will not be paying any fees from my bank in regards to this matter. The amount will need to be issued to my bank institute once the matter is resolved with PayPal. I do not feel satisified in the matter as the amount has not been released to my bank to clear the amount processed to my account to cover the refund. I have been contacted by the owner, my first time ever hearing from him despite attempts to reach out to him as well. I was informed that the matter is being resolved with Paypal and my bank however, since I have been lead around much with the company I am wanting to ensure that the refund is provided to WellsFargo.

To whom this may concern:    I regards to the charge back regarding [redacted], we would love to refund the amount that is owed to [redacted]. The issue, as stated previously is that the "Dispute" [redacted] has filed with her personal credit card company is in the amount of $440 when the amount owed to [redacted] is $120. We have spoke to her on several occasions asking her to cancel the dispute due to the incorrect amount so that we can in turn credit her the $120 that is owed. Until that is done the $440 will remain on hold through Paypal which is our payment processing provider and we are unable to process a refund for the amount owed of $120.    I, [redacted] have spoke to PayPal several times in the hopes of clearing this entire situation up. Each time we are informed that this is due to Mrs. [redacted] requested a much larger amount than the $120 owed specifically $440. We have responded to this complaint previously with similar information, I am unsure what else we can do until the client consults with her credit card company regarding the actual amount she is entitled to?

[redacted] signed up for our service on September 20th. She was assigned one of our tutors with the expectation from both [redacted] and our coordinating staff that everything would move forward positively. This is not what happened, instead of our tutor accommodating [redacted] and her daughter the...

situation seemed to be opposite. Clients are encouraged to contact our office immediately when there is an issue with our tutor or their account. Unfortunately, [redacted] did not contact our office until she was beyond her 30 day refund period which is highlighted on our website, on each clients account and within the terms of service each client accepts when they first log into their account with us. Once she contacted the FrogTutoring supervisor she was informed that a new tutor would be assigned and a free hour would be provided to help ease any disappointment or frustration. It did take two weeks following the conversation for a new tutor to be assigned that matched her needs and availability. Nonetheless, [redacted] is not entitled to a refund simply due to the fact she did not reach out to administration until after her 30 day refund period. We understand the tutor was not able to assist as needed and would sincerely like to apologize. Based on that and the delay in placing a new tutor with [redacted] we are going to make an exception to our policy and issue a full refund to the card she used for her purchase. We hope this can leave her with a positive view of our company and settle hard feelings that have developed. Thank you

FrogTutoring has issued and mailed the refund check to this client. Due to a systematic error, [redacted]'s account appeared to have been refunded on our administrative website view. We had to conduct extensive research to find why this refund error happened and to verify we were not issuing a second...

refund to client. This was the cause for delay, in which we apologize to client.

Complaint: [redacted]Dear Ms [redacted],
I am rejecting this response becauseI called your company within the 30 day period.?The information that was provided by your company so I could e-mail you was incorrect therefore contact could not be made to YOU within the 30 day time period. In addition, I called your company within those 30 days and was told that it would be taken care of. I was NEVER contacted and had to get a hold of the since is was past your thirty day threshold that your company passed yet I am being penalized for. I do not want to use the "credit" that I have with your company with practices such as this. I contacted you initially within your thirty day time frame but YOUR COMPANY did not respond within the thirty days which seems as it was done on purpose so an excuse for not refunding the money could not be given. It is shameful how you and your company are conducting your business!I will be contacting the media so your practices are exposed.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. The full refund of $150 is acceptable.

[redacted] signed up for our Purple II package which included 46 hours of tutoring and required a deposit of $360. She did use 26 hours which is standard for our Purple III package and includes a deposit of $150. It seems as though there was some confusion on both her and our representatives end...

when she requested a refund for unused funds. Based on the email we sent below, even though incorrect we will honor the initial email and process the refund for [redacted] deposit. This is an exception to our policy and hope that this gesture is cause for positive feedback from [redacted] and the in which she filed a complaint.

This client began our services very happy with her tutor. Over Spring Break her tutor, [redacted] injured himself to a point that he was unable to drive. We were then obligated to provide her with another tutor option whom she then began working with. Her and I emailed each other on the 30th of...

April(email attached) regarding her refund request. Then on May 8th before we were able to refund her card she filed a dispute with Paypal. I personally responded to PayPal on 5/15/15 with the correct amount owed to her but, instead of issuing her the funds PayPal closed the case.??? Since this took place on a Friday the client received an email stating the case was closed and contacted her credit card company to dispute the charges. I called her three days later on Monday? to discuss the situation and the fact that we were not disputing her refund just that the amount requested was much larger than the actual amount her and I had discussed. I am assuming the notes I submitted on the PayPal dispute were not taken into account? I have spoke with PayPal, they informed me that notes have been made to the active charge back from her credit card to review the closed case. Once a "chargeback" is submitted from the credit card company there is not much we can do besides wait for PayPal and the credit card company to resolve the case. We have spoken to this client on several occasions and would like to have to appropriate amount owed to her refunded!

To whom this may concern:     This client, [redacted] has received a complete refund including the additional amount to ease the inconvenience of our miscommunication. Once again we apologize to [redacted] for any inconvenience we have caused and hope that this "complaint" through the... can be resolved.

Management staff was not aware of an issue and as an organization we sincerely apologize for any shortcoming on our behalf. A voicemail has been left for [redacted] by FrogTutoring COO and an email will be sent as well.  [redacted]  refund will be processed immediately and sessions conducted...

will not be prorated as is standard company policy in the hopes this demonstration can in some way mend our faults. The employee whom [redacted] had been in email communication with would also like to extend her remorse for not abiding by company standards of informing her supervisor of an issue involving [redacted] account. This did not allow our organization  to ensure [redacted] needs and requests were fulfilled in a timely manner. Once again we are sorry for the lack of communication within or organization and hope that [redacted] is able to forgive our faults.

Reversal or refund have not been made on the PayPal account or to myself as of today 11/20/15.
Please enter your reason(s) for rejecting the business response below.

Attached you will see the emails between our organization and Mr. [redacted]. We have tried to accommodate his requests from the beginning of our business arrangement. All of our policies were discussed with him prior to him signing up for our service on recorded phone calls. He has become threatening...

due to his dissatisfaction with our decision to abide by our "terms of service" agreement which is outlined on our website, his FrogTutoring account, and found in the agreement accepted by each client prior to logging into their account on our platform. We do not feel that the use of scare tactics should require us to change our policies. We would like to work with Mr. [redacted] moving forward to ensure that the credit on his account is used as intended.

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