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FrontPoint Security Solutions

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Review: A recent household change has required my family to reduce expenses. Life happens. I have had Frontpoint for over a year now and have had pleasant experiences with them. Until I needed to cancel my service of $42 / month. I was told that I still had 24 months left and if I wanted to cancel I would have to pay 80% of that which was north of $700. And that would be for service that I wasn't getting. The only thing they wanted to do was take my service level down from $42 / month to their next level down which was $35 / month for the next 24 months. I have no options. All the lady kept asking was if my situation was permanent (so they could defer the obligation but not extinguish it) or temporary. She even wanted me to have a friend or family member take over the contract. I told her that after hearing all this and them basically keeping me trapped with a service I don't want to use anymore with a company that I no longer want to deal with anymore. Now I'm stuck.Desired Settlement: All I want is to be able to cancel my service without paying for something I won't be using. It's ridiculous to ask me to pay for 2 years of something while they won't be providing the service.



Good morning,

We hope that every customer will enjoy each experience that

comes with owning a Frontpoint system which is why we took the time to

investigate this customer’s complaint thoroughly.

Once Frontpoint received this customer’s complaint we made

sure to investigate the contract the customer signed as well as the time

remaining on this customer’s contractual agreement. We then had

one of our Support Supervisors reach out to this customer to discuss multiple options

for their situation.

On 10/6 the customer confirmed via email they wished to

cancel their contract and they felt that the arrangement our Support Supervisor offered was acceptable

and tailored to their current situation.

We aim to address each customer’s complaint fully and we are

happy that we able to come

to a resolution that worked for the customer’s specific needs. We are

more than happy to assist in any other way possible if needed.

Thank you, and please let us know if there are

any further questions or concerns.


Teddy M[redacted]




Although this was not the best solution for me as I still have to pay out more than $200 to cancel, I felt that I had no choice. To say I am satisfied is a stretch but I guess it is what it is. I'm more glad the relationship is over.

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


I was in the market for a home security system and came across FrontPoint online. I called the number on their website and was immediately connected to a sales associate. They were extremely helpful in getting to know my security goals and tailoring my security system to my needs.
We discussed the number of doors and windows in my home and decided on a setup that would ensure that every entry in my home is covered.
The prices given were extremely reasonable and I like the fact that I can do a DIY install. At no point did I feel pressured by the sales associate to commit to something that I wasn't interested in.
The shipping was fast and efficient. Within a few days, a large box showed up at my front door. Everything is nicely laid out inside of the box and comes with everything I could have asked for. Install took only about 30 minutes.
After installing my new equipment to my liking, I called the number in the box to activate my home alarm. A sales associate walk me through the process and the whole thing took less than five minutes.
I've had my system for a few months now, and I have yet to have any problems with the equipment or the service.
FrontPoint has given me an excellent home security system and the excellent customer service to match. I would highly recommend them to anyone in the market for a home security system.

A very good system and simple to install. I have recommended 2 other homes get the system and they both have added a system. I have recommended to a third home, waiting on response.

FrontPoint has been wonderful! We spent a lot of time researching before deciding on them. From the initial help with designing our package around our needs to the customer service we are 100% satisfied. They even rushed a new battery to us overnight due to an incoming storm that potentially could cause us to lose power. They are always professional and do whatever it takes to provide us with what we need to stay safe. An excellent choice in home security.

Review: On August 19, 2014, after numerous calls from the sales rep., Ben T[redacted] I entered into a 3 year agreement with Front Point Security based on the promise that my first payment would be due on November 1, 2014. I was told I would receive free service from August through October 31, 2014 to help with the activation cost. On September 2, 2014 $45.57 was taken out of my account without authorization. I contacted customer service and was told there are no notes confirming my claim. I contacted tne sales rep., Ben T[redacted] but he hasn't returned my calls.Desired Settlement: I want what was verbally promised to me, no payments due until November 1, 2014.



A representative from FrontPoint Security has contacted me and resolved my issue. Please update your records.

We were on Vacation in Arizona and San Francisco when our dog sitter calls and tells us the house had been robbed. This was the first time we had been robbed in 21 yrs. Our daughter whom we were visiting went on line and found your site and purchased the system for us for Christmas, the best part is we are selling our house and this system will be coming with us to our new home.

I purchased a FrontPoint system several years ago and could not be happier. I purchased the system when I lived in Indiana and moved it to Oklahoma. I called them to let them know I was moving and, like they say, they sent me a box that had instructions and extra pads for when I got to the new home. It was super simple to install then remove and reinstall at the new home. Their service has always been outstanding and every person I have ever talked to has been very nice. I highly recommend FrontPoint Security Solutions!

This is a great security system. My alarm has gone off a couple of times and the police respond promptly.

FrontPoint is highly recommended to work with.
They are professional, simple, and to the point. No unnecessary distractions, phone calls, emails. They understand that business owners are here to run their business, and they are here to quietly support us. Wish more companies can run themselves in this manner.
Thank you

Outstanding product. I have been using Front point for over 3 years. Great customer service and hassle free installation. Have never had an issue with false alarms or the equipment. monitoring service is very quick to respond and always helpful.

FrontPoint equipment and service are very good. However, the monthly monitoring fee is
far too high. I have requested that it be lowered in line with other self installed security
systems on the market but they will not do so.

Review: In initial discussions with said company, it was not clear to me that I would be responsible for shipping charges. I understood that I would receive a full refund for an alarm system that I believed to be $99.95 total. I did not request overnight shipment of the product and am now being told that if I request overnight shipment that I must pay for $50.00 for that shipment. Had I understood that, I would not have ordered it as money is a concern of mine.

I feel a little mislead. I am not able to find any documents emailed to me that outline the shipping charges as the company has stated.Desired Settlement: I would like a full refund of the shipping charges. Considering what this company makes in monitoring, I think they can afford to credit my [redacted] card.



Review: I have not been happy with this product from the moment I got it. My first set of products did not work with my house and I had to pay extra to get ones that kinda worked. The door sensors don't always work and the company has not cared. I have been wanting to cancel this product for about six month. I don't even have the product plugged in anymore, because I didn't want to waste the money on the electricity for something that wasn't working. I finally canceled it over the phone and was informed that I signed a three year contract which was never my intention. I would also have to pay 80% of my remaining balance which is over $800. This is unacceptable. To cancel a cell phone you have to pay less than $200, but to cancel this service $800. Once they started getting my money, they no longer cared about my issues or problems.Desired Settlement: I want my policy cancelled and the application of my prior payments applied to any cancellation fees, because of the lack of service and working equipment.



To Whom It May Concern,

Excellent security company. Better than ADT!

I love Front Point. I was skeptical at first, but wanted a home security system. I asked tons of questions and every one of them were answered until they knew I understood their answer or solution, and they love hard questions. I found that they have a lot of features that I wouldn't have thought of, but now can't live without. We've had some false alarms (all my fault) and then one real break in to our garage. Front Point stayed on the line with me very patiently until the police arrived. Protecting our property just that one time (expensive tools, bikes, new car, etc) was worth every penny I've paid to have Front Point. They are #1 to us!!!

An easy company to have an alarm system with! Easy system to install and setup. Great customer service each time I have had to reach out to their team.

I have been completely satisfied with FrontPoint from the time I first contacted them for information up to the present. When I had a question, they have always responded quickly and professionally. Their equipment was easy to install myself, since it came in the box ready to go.

I've used FrontPoint for 3 years and I absolutely love their service. During the last 3 years, I've called many time regarding technical issues and they were always quick to solve any problems and replaced faulty equipments at no additional charge. When I call, there is never a wait and their representatives are knowledgeable about the equipments to the minute details. It is because if the excellent service and easy to use system that I've stayed with FrontPoint and will continue to many years to come.

Excellent customer service

FrontPoint is a great company that takes excellent care of its customers. Their customer service representatives are very responsive and provide as much help and information as needed. They're always willing to take as much time as needed to talk me through changing the battery in the base unit or adding a new light timer. They always respond to any questions or concerns right away. We're extremely happy with their service and the quality of their products. We love the fact that the system is wireless and that we own the equipment and can take it with us if we move.

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