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Review: My problem with GCI, is that the data service in the rural communities in the YK Delta are unreasonably slow. We moved from Montana (far from somewhere where data works perfectly), and got to Bethel, AK in September. Since GCI has a complete monopoly on cell phones, cable, and internet out here (which is a HUGE issue in the first place), we were forced to switch from [redacted]. When we picked out our phones we are informed that the data package is required for the phones that we chose. Ok, thats normal. Well we picked a data plan that closely resembled what we had previously had. The representative at GCI was more than happy to accomodate us with a 3GB data plan for each device. The issue is that GCI's networks out here are so completely inferior that we could never utilize 3GB of data usage per phone if we sat all month long trying to watch movies. In the last 3 months that we have had their service, I have managed to scrape 77MB, 351MB, and 317MB out of their data network. So overall I can get an average of 8% of my money out of their crappy network. I called to complain about a few issues, and I believe that I am being switched down to a 1GB plan on each phone, though I have yet to confirm that on a billing statement. So under that policy I would be consuming on average less than 25% of my possible usage. And I would like to stress that I AM TRYING to utilize the data when possible. Unfortunately at my house I get absolutely no data service. When working I get it very spotty.

My second issue with GCI is the broadband internet. I believe we signed up for a 3Mbps plan with a monthly cap of 15GB of usage. Above this cap, we pay $0.01/MB. We like to take advantage of streaming TV services such as [redacted], but with capped internet it makes it impossible to do so. I could get a plan with a bigger allowance, but a plan with 40GB or 60GB of usage is $149 and $199 respectively. Considering that a single [redacted] movie will run about 3.5GB, even those INCREADIBLY EXPENSIVE plans will only allow about 1.5 hours of streaming video per day. At 3Mbps I could potentially use about 30GB of data per day, coming to a total of 900GB of usage per month. But I am capped at 15GB??? Thats less than 2% of what my plan should be able to accomodate. If I were to use the entire 900GB...I would rack up a bill of about $8,909.95 by my math at $10/GB. Why can't I just get what I pay for. GCI is a phony company and gets away with bullying customers out here because there is no competition. They probably cap internet because its cheaper keep all their customers withing their bandwidth capabilities without having to pay anything to upgrade their network so that their speeds don't lag from people using streaming video. That is the biggest downfall of cable internet. Desired Settlement: I would really like to just cancel my data plan on the cell phone that I can barely use in the first place. I would far rather use the wifi in my house and the computers at work that be constantly frustrated with the crappy data network in Bethel. I have heard rumors of 3G but apparently thats been in the works for years with no results. Sounds like unkept promises to me. Also, I would like to have them held accountable for their sales reps in the stores out here. They should know as well as anyone that the data doesn't work worth a [redacted], so if that was me, I would tell someone who asks for a 3GB plan, that they should start a little lower to save money since it doesn't work well yet (if ever).

Second, I would like to see the data caps removed and have GCI actually improve their network and be helpful to their paying customers instead of just stiffing us with a data usage cap. I have read online about how GCI said they weren't collecting overage charges, but those claims haven't been supported by their customers who are receiving the bill. In Montana, our internet was about $45 per month for a higher speed and no caps on our usage. It would be ridiculous to pay $200 or more to get a level of internet that would be mildly comparable to that. I'm sure that GCI won't upgrade their networks because of my complaint, but thats OK. I will just wait patiently until another provider finally comes to town to break up their monopoly and force them to compete for customers.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2013/12/30) */

GCI is aware of the issues regarding cellular data service in Bethel. We are planning to turn up 3G there but because of some issues regarding our towers it appears that we won't actually get 3G on the air until February 2014. A new cell tower will also be built in Bethel to provide improved coverage in the neighborhood at the north end of town and that is also schedule for completion in February 2014. Better data service is on the horizon.

GCI is confident that no other Alaskan company does more to bring telephone, wireless, Internet, and TV, at fair and reasonable costs, to the Alaskan bush than GCI. If GCI is the only service provider of telecommunications and entertainment services in Bethel that alone speaks of GCI's commitment to the Alaska bush communities. GCI goes where others ignore.

Final Consumer Response /* (4200, 11, 2014/01/07) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

GCI treats bush customers with no respect. Terrible company to deal with.

Final Business Response /* (4000, 9, 2014/01/06) */

We are sorry [redacted] is not happy with our response but stand by it with nothing additional to add.

Review: January 24, 2014

Complaint regarding GCI Account Number: XXXXXXXXX

To whom it may concern,

I'm a fiercely loyal customer and I pay my bills on time (I have excellent credit scores to prove this). In fact, I have been with GCI since back when it was [redacted] Last year, however, I had such horrible cell phone service I switched to [redacted] but my internet and cable are still with GCI. Historically, I have paid the following:

Cable: $63.07

Internet: $59.99

The problems started this year when I became an employee of GCI: [redacted] I run camera for Denali Media for various events. Once I was "on boarded", I was told to go into a store and change my status to "employee". The next day, I was out in Eagle River and in an actual store....the employee told me to, "be sure I take off auto pay". She went on to say that it took months before her account was straightened out. I was told that same thing by not one - but THREE employees of GCI. I'm sure glad I listened.

Imagine my surprise when, after switching to "employee status", I received new bills:

Cable: $267.98


This all began the week of parent teacher conferences 10/14/13. (I'm a full time teacher so that's how I know.) My supervisor turned out to be wrong in the end. There is no "employee benefit" when all you do is run camera for remote events. I immediately called to reverse the process.

If you look into the notes of my account, I'm sure you'll see how I complained then "waited for the system to correct itself", but faithfully paid via phone EVERY month for my original services due on the 24th of every month.

Today, January 24, I received a COLLECTIONS letter in the mail.

Is it over? Nobody seems to be able to clarify. The funny thing is when I spoke to collections on the phone today, she reported that in the "notes" section of my account it shows a "courtesy credit" of $61.01.


My new bills are supposed to be as follows:

Cable: $61.01

Internet: $59.99

I'm not sure what to do at this point. Desired Settlement: Since this is a known hassle for employees, someone needs to look into the system and correct the flaws. I would like to know that I can set up bill pay again and know that GCI is not going to take more money than what is due.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2014/01/27) */

[redacted] failed to mention in her complaint that she missed paying her October Internet invoice and has had a double bill since her November 1st invoice. When she called on 1/24/14 she was informed the balance on her Internet account was zero because GCI credited her the one month she had not paid as a courtesy to her for the confusion on her employee status. She also failed to mention that her November 1st cable invoice was so high due the October invoice being unpaid and adding additional services in expectation of receiving an employee allowance; which she found out later she was not eligible for. Again, GCI corrected the account billing.

Final Consumer Response /* (2000, 7, 2014/02/03) */

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

GCI claims to have corrected the account billing. They were supposed to have that taken care of before and yet I received a collections letter in the mail. One department must not be communicating to the other.

Review: I would like to complain about the high prices and below standard services that are provided. Here in bush AK, we are charged more for everything that people in ANchorage are charged for, yet we don't get everything that we should. For cell service- I am paying for the data plan so I can use my phone when I am away from wireless.....yet it doesn't ever load when I need to look up something. Over time my email will udate, but it's hours after the actual email was received. We pay for this service, yet we aren't getting it. TV/cable- we pay for local state channels, but we aren't getting them.

Interent- we have been charged overage fees when we haven't been around to use the internet. I feel as though we have been wrongly billed for items such as these numerous times. Even when we have called to dispute the charges, there really hasn't been anyone to look into this.

I have been paying GCI for 10 years now and have had a lot of what I believe to be incorrect billing and below standard service, yet i'm charged for the most optimal services, and never receive them. Desired Settlement: I really just want someone to monitor GCI and make sure they are giving their customers exactly what they say they are. If they can't provide high speed data service, then don't charge for it. If you can't provide channels for tv/cable due to disputes with other companies- you shouldn't be charging for it. Just because we live in the bush, doesn't mean we want to be taken advantage of.

Please, help monitor these services! We are fighting an uphill battle on our own.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2013/12/10) */

[redacted]'s complaint is very general in nature and void of any specific issue to address. GCI suggest that she contact Technical Support for specific service related issues and Customer Service for any specific billing issues. GCI also invites [redacted] to compare any other possible service provider for her area and compare what they have to offer to what GCI is offering. GCI is confident that she will find that GCI offers the best value and service to all areas of Alaska not just the urban areas.

Final Consumer Response /* (3000, 7, 2013/12/14) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

I do have specific complaints, which are:

I have to pay for a data plan for my cell phone, yet it doesn't work in Bethel! If I can't get the service, I shouldn't have to pay for it.

I pay for channel 2 [redacted] and all of the programming that goes along with that and I am not receiving it....but i'm still paying for it. [redacted] offers more channels for less.

Final Business Response /* (4000, 9, 2013/12/17) */

GCI is aware of the issues regarding our data service in Bethel. We are planning to turn up 3G there but because of some issues regarding our towers it appears that we won't actually get 3G on the air until February 2014. The newest cell tower to be built in Bethel is to provide improved coverage in the neighborhood at the north end of town and that is also schedule for completion in February 2014. Better data service is on the horizon.

Although [redacted] is currently not available (has [redacted] also contacted them?) GCI is providing other programming in its place. [redacted] is receiving the same number of channels, even without [redacted] her current cable package includes. When available, [redacted] is an included channel not a premium one. Unfortunately, until GCI and [redacted] reach an agreement there is little else that can be done on this issue.

Review: Billing, contract and refundIn August 2013, I signed a 2-year contract for the cellular service, with three phones on the same account. One was the "main" number with Alaska800 plan @$29.99/month, and two others were on a partner fee of $9.99/mo. Later, I moved all three accounts under my business' name. I was told that the service will be exactly the same. In December of 2013, I asked to change the plan to the Nationwide500 in order to avoid expensive roaming. In January 2014, I called GCI and asked to reinstate the Alaska800 on my account (all 3 phones). GCI did not switch all three phone numbers back to the Alaska800 as I requested. Instead, they only switched two lines, leaving the third phone (a partner phone on a $9.99 fee) on the Nationwide500 ($39.99/month). So, for the period from January 2014 till now they were charging me for unsolicited service $39.99 plus fees. This is at least $30/month overcharge. Without warning, we stopped receiving messages about cellular data overuse. I understand that GCI voluntarily provides this service, but the cancellation was not announced. That caused an overuse and an extra fee of $150. When I asked why she did not receive the warning, GCI representative told me that "we don't send warnings to business accounts." As I mentioned before, I was told that the service will be exactly the same and was not given any notices about service changes when switching to business. I called GCI 10/07/14 and requested a refund of $300 for the unsolicited service, a switch back to the Alaska800 or Nationwide500 plan for all three phones with the $29.99 "main" phone fee plus two additional lines at $9.99. They told me that they no longer offer this plan (that is written in my contract) so I will need to have separate plans for each phone, minimum $29.99/mo, an increase of $40/month in comparison with original terms of the 2-year contract. The contract will remain in effect till August 2015. So I see no reason why I can not have my original plan terms back.

Product_Or_Service: Wireless contract

Account_Number: acct XXXXXXXXXDesired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Refund

and reinstatementI want GCI to:- reimburse all Nationwide500 fees for the period from January 2014.- Put all three phones on one plan, as it was agreed in the original contract (Alaska800 or Nationwide500). -put two additional numbers on $9.99 partner fee as it stated in the original contract. -remove $150 data overuse fee because they did not inform me about stopping of the warning messages. I want GCI to stop a fraudulent practice of changing terms of binding contracts as they please.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2014/10/30) */

GCI has contacted [redacted] and resolved this complaint.

Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 7, 2014/11/06) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

Most problems have been resolved. However, on the last bill (10/26/14, inv. XXXXXXXX) I still see a duplicate plan charges: on XXX-XXX-XXXX $26.99 for the Alaska 800, and, in the same time, $39.99 on XXX-XXX-XXXX for the Nationwide500). The charge of $26.99 should be removed.

Final Business Response /* (4000, 9, 2014/11/19) */

GCI has contacted [redacted] to explain the billing and applied an additional credit to the account to resolve this issue.

Review: Lack of NBC channel to rural Alaskans, Bethel specifically. Not seeming to change any time soon. GCI not talking to [redacted] not talking to GCI. Each blaming the other. Would never get away with this if it wasn't to rural customers where we have very few options for TV carriers.Desired Settlement: Get back NBC to rural folks.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2013/12/09) */

On December 5, 2013 GCI issued a news release on the GCI/[redacted] negotiations. It said, in part, ...On Nov. 22, GCI and [redacted] signed a four-year agreement to prevent disruption in Southeast and restore [redacted] signal in 22 additional communities across Alaska. In order to document the agreement, the two companies agreed to extend [redacted] signal in Southeast until December 6. Last week, [redacted] announced that it would refuse to honor the terms it agreed to and sought to impose significant, additional terms to the Nov. 22 agreement. In addition to national NBC network programming, both [redacted] and [redacted] will air alternate news from nationally syndicated One [redacted] until an Alaska news broadcast is available. Statewide Alaska news will still be available via local affiliates on [redacted] and [redacted] GCI is fully aware that consumers are tired of this issue and wants the public to understand that it has made every effort to put this to rest. GCI stands ready to implement the terms of the agreement made with [redacted]

Final Consumer Response /* (2000, 11, 2013/12/11) */

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

OK, whatever you say.

Final Business Response /* (4000, 9, 2013/12/11) */

GCI could not disagree more strongly with [redacted]'s characterization of our Customer Service. No other Alaskan company does more to bring telephone, wireless, Internet, and TV to the bush than GCI. GCI would also like to point out that if GCI is the only service provider of telecommunications and entertainment services in Bethel that alone speaks of GCI's commitment to the Alaska bush communities. If [redacted] has a complaint about a specific issue, GCI would like to address and resolve that issue for her.

Review: I signed up for internet service with GCI. I had service for 2.5 months and started off with 100 gigs a month. My husband and I are the only internet users in the household and we both are gone 12 hours of the day we also sleep around 8 hours of the day. We use the internet on average 3 hours a day. We stream on average 4 standard definition movies a week and do very mild internet surfing. The first month we were close to going over the allowable usage so we upped the plan the second month we were close to going over the allowable usage so we upped the plan to the maximum usage limits of 300 gigs. The last month we were very close to going over 300 gigs. Our internet usage never changed yet GCI claimed we were using massive amounts of internet. According to GCI's website usage calculator found at the following web address to use 300 gigs we would have had to stream 19 high definition movies a month, view 195 web pages a day, stream 12 hours of music a day, download 98 pictures a day and download 49 email attachments. This is 10X more then our usage for the month yet we are reaching 300 gigs. I complained on several occassions to customer service on the phone and in person and they told me that they were unable to give me details on the usage. Our internet is password protected, our two computers have virus scanning software and we do not have any data using appliance that are on during the day while we are at work. GCI please explain details of how this is possible, I feel that your data calculations are fraudulent and that your company wanted me to continue to upgrade my service to receive higher premiums.Desired Settlement: I feel that it is only fair that I do not have to pay for my last bill due to false advertisement claims.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 6, 2014/10/20) */

GCI has reviewed [redacted]'s account and found that on the three invoices sent to her none included any charges for Internet overages. This information was provide to [redacted] via email on October 15th in reply to her email to GCI. GCI would also like to point out that on October 15th [redacted] cancelled her GCI Internet service.

Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 8, 2014/10/21) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

The reason why there were no overages is because I continued to bump up the amount of allotted Gigs which also bumped up the cost. I feel that your system that keeps track of usage is inaccurate and according to your website and the information that I posted previously it is absolutely impossible for me to use that amount of internet. As stated before we are not home to use the internet but 3 hours of the day we continued to bump up the amount of Gigs (pay more) and GCI continued to show that we were using more internet when we were not. This is a problem and GCI needs to write off the bill due to fraudulent charges. You are absolutely correct that I cancelled my service due to the facts that I have presented. Again my main reason for contacting you through the is to find an acceptable solution to the fact that I have a bill for services that I feel are fraudulent.

Final Business Response /* (4000, 10, 2014/11/03) */

GCI stands behind the accuracy of its usage tracking. [redacted] did not get charged for any over usage precisely because she upgraded her Internet plan before going over. The billing is correct and due as presented. [redacted] has now paid her account in full after GCI applied a courtesy credit of $34.26.


I was contacted by collections but never received a bill from GCI or a phone call OR told I owe anything when I closed the account IN PERSON back in august 2013. She said they sent them. I never received anything! I gave a forwarding address, have the same phone #. She confirmed that info I gave as well. She said if you close an account they will not call you (and apparently tell you in person) you owe them. They just send it to collections.Desired Settlement: An apology for their poor business practices. I hate to think of how many people they do this to on a regular basis.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2013/11/19) */

When [redacted] disconnected her service with GCI on August 7, 2013 she provided a new mailing address in Dothan, AL. The address on [redacted]'s complaint is Navarre, FL. GCI was not provided this mailing address. The last payment posted on [redacted]'s account is dated May 25, 2013 which paid her May 16th invoice. No further payments have been received.

Final Consumer Response /* (3000, 7, 2013/11/20) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

It is common to have both a mailing address and physical address. I regularly check my mail at the given mailing address and recieved NO bills from GCI, no call (same phone number), and was not told in person when I turned in the equipment. I checked my mail AGAIN after the collection agency call and reviewed 1 letter from the collection agency with a post mark delivery day of just 1 day before. My personal and business reasons for having a separate mailing address did not hinder GCI from notifying me of the bill. I have received other bills appropriately from other businesses with NO problem.

Final Business Response /* (4000, 9, 2013/11/22) */

[redacted]'s GCI account does not show any return mail. GCI suggests that [redacted] check with her local Post Office if she truly is not receiving all her mail. Also, GCI would like to point out that most of the past due balance on [redacted]'s account was billed to her while she was stil in Alaska. Is she also claiming she did not receive her mail in Alaska?

Review: My complaint is with gci billing practices. I have had times when I call in to pay my bill to pay the amount due then I find my services are cut off due to that I didn't pay the full amount even when I call in to talk with a billing rep. I've had times where they keep a balance of as little as $0.16. When this happen they so call credit my bill to the next month which has me paying less then on the following period I have a much hight bill. On ave I pay about 96.00 per mo for Internet. Today I have them demanding $240. The Inconsistent billing is outraged and just needs to stop.

I have to often call in because they don't charge me the full amount which results in my billing to be screwed up once again. Desired Settlement: I want to just pay what I have and should about $96.00 per mo for Internet. Also being told if I just pay the full amount in the begins is childless exotically when I have to often call in when I find I wasn't charge the full amount when I called in.

I'm ready to drop gci and wonder if I should talk with a lawyer about their billing practices.



Business' Initial Response /* (1000, 5, 2013/05/07) */

Mr. [redacted]'s billing has primarily been effected by two factors. The first is pro-rated amounts charged and credited to his account whenever services are suspended and resumed. The second is Mr. [redacted] has not been paying his entire balance due but has consistently had a balance forward. Mr. [redacted]'s billing was recently reviewed with him on May 1st and 3rd and he has entered into payment arrangements with GCI to get his services resumed and catch up on the past due amount. As long as Mr. [redacted] makes pays his current billing on time and keeps his payment arrangements for the past due amounts his services will remain active and his monthly billing consistent.

Review: I switched my mobile phone service from [redacted] to GCI in April 2014. I ported my cellular telephone number from [redacted] to GCI and began prepaid cellular telephone service in April 2014 by signing up at the GCI store in Juneau, Alaska. I was paying for the service regularly. Some of the transactions were performed by credit card and many were done with cash. My last transaction to purchase prepaid airtime was done with cash at the GCI Store in Fairbanks, Alaska. I have recently moved back to Alberta Canada and I have no GSM cellular service where I now reside. I contacted GCI on Sunday, 7 September 2014 to disconnect the service and request a refund for the remaining credit that I have with GCI. My account number with GCI is XXXXXXXXX. The previous cellular telephone number was (XXX) XXX-XXXX and the account credit is $37.00USD. I was told by a GCI customer service supervisor that the credit was non-refundable and I could not receive it back. I further explained to the supervisor that I have returned to Canada on a full time basis and I did not have any intention to resume service with them. I further expressed to her that I am currently in Alaska until the end of the week and I would be glad to pick up the refund at a local GCI store, but she told me that I still was not entitled to a refund for the remaining credit. I feel that the act of retaining my money is theft and should not be tolerated.Desired Settlement: I am seeking a complete refund of the remaining credit that I have in the amount of thirty seven dollars ($37.00USD) and in a timely manner. Furthermore, I am also asking for GCI to make it POLICY for all customer service representatives to promptly inform customers that purchasing voucher for prepaid cellular service is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Keep in mind I am not a resident of the United States and I have no intent to resume residency in the United States. For GCI to retain my credit must not be tolerated per the given circumstances and it is my solemn request to receive compensation for the remaining credit and be given the opportunity to retrieve the credit from any GCI store in Alaska.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2014/09/22) */

Until recently GCI had a no refund policy for un-used prepaid minutes. With the policy change GCI has processed a refund request and mailed it to the address of record in Canada.

Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 7, 2014/09/23) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

I am satisfied that GCI handled my issue in a timely manner. However, the check that was mailed out to me has been rejected by my bank. I will be seeking another means to receive my refund from the company.

Final Business Response /* (4000, 9, 2014/10/06) */

GCI regrets that it is unable to assist [redacted] any further in this matter beyond issuing the refund check.

Final Consumer Response /* (2000, 11, 2014/10/07) */

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

I will be in contact with them to see about obtaining the check from them at their main office after our Thanksgiving holiday on 13 October, 2014.

Review: Apparently in 2008 GCI sent me to collections regarding a bill I never received. When I went back to their company in the past year to open a different product account, I was told that I need to pay for this bill & did so a year ago. This has shown up on my credit report. I have attempted multiple times to resolve this with them over the phone & have been unsuccesful.Desired Settlement: I would request that they remove the negative information from my credit report as account paid in full. As well as send me a letter stating it has been removed from the credit report & that it is not a negative on my report as account has been paid in full.



Business' Initial Response /* (1000, 5, 2013/05/07) */

Ms. [redacted] can contact Cornerstone Credit Services to dispute any item she may disagree with on her credit report. GCI itself does not report to any credit agency. The debt GCI sent to Cornerstone for collection was a legitimate unpaid debt owed by Ms. [redacted] and GCI appreciates her payment in full.

Review: GCI's Customer Service Specialists do not provide consumers with written contracts in compliance with the Alaska Consumer Protection Act, AS 45.50.471.2.13. Specifically, the Term Agreement For GCI TV (G-Series) was not provided until it was requested and the specialist had difficulty locating a copy even though they are required to be given to every consumer. The Term Agreement did not include the required name and address of the seller nor the name and address of the organization that the seller represents. It did not specify any of the terms and conditions of the sale, and did not include a description of the goods or services in any language, let alone readable, clear, and unambiguous language. The store manager stapled a sales flyer to the Term Agreement and wrote "see attached for notes" and considered that as an extension of the agreement. GCI also considers a six page Notice of Amendment to GCI Residential Cable TV Terms and Conditions as part of the agreement even though it is not provided by the specialists at the time of sale. Thus the Term agreement does not state the beginning date, ending date, rate for service, specification of the service, additional costs and fees, billing dates, or payment due dates. Nor does it state you are now forced to accept binding arbitration. As for the multi-colored flyer, the BIG NEWS is 203 channels for $29.99 a month, except for that asterisk and the very fine print at the bottom of the page mentioning G-Series plans increase for months 13-24. In this case to $54.99 a month for a true cost of $42.49 a month for the 24 month term. AS 45.50.471.2.12. prohibits employing deception, misrepresentation, or knowingly concealing, or suppressing a material fact in connection with the sale or advertisement of services. As 45.50.471.1. states "...unfair or deceptive acts or practices in the conduct of trade or commerce are declared to be unlawful." The Attorney General's Office is responsible for investigation and prosecution.Desired Settlement: GCI is to acknowledge its violations of As 45.50.471.2.10.-13. GCI shall issue all consumers, whether online, telephonic, in store or at a kiosk, written contracts meeting all of the conditions of the Alaska Consumer Protection Act specifying all of the terms and conditions in readable, clear, and unambiguous language. GCI is to cease issuing advertisements employing deception, misrepresentation, concealment, suppression, or omitting material facts. GCI is to provide training on unlawful acts under the Alaska Consumer Protection Act to all employees who interact with the public, whether in person or through written communications, solicitations, or advertisements and certify each employee's completion of the training. These conditions are to apply to all services provided by GCI, including but not limited to land line telephone service, video TV service, internet service, and cellular telephone service.



Mr. [redacted] also filed this same complaint with the Alaska Attorney General's office. GCI will be responding to his complaint through them.

Review: When I returned equipment money was withdrawn from my account and left a negative balance of 150 dollars on my account which was on a debit card that was cancelled due to the hacking of [redacted] and our banking institution cancelled and reissued all new cards... The GCI employees refuse to make any restitution of any form because I don't have that card anymore. It's been over a year and they have promised me many times on multiple occasions that the refund would happen after we go round and round about me not knowing the number of the account the card's still the same bank and account and only the last 3 numbers have changed. My address is still the same for 25 years and they assure me each time the refund will be in a few weeks...Desired Settlement: I want my closed account to not have a negative 150 dollars that they owe me and know it...



Due to an oversight, [redacted] refund of $159.30 was not processed by GCI. GCI has now completed the process to refund the credit card. GCI regrets the oversight.

Review: I have been with this company for 6 years due to them having a monopoly in the city where I lived and have filed numerous complaints with them. Because of a serious failure to provide decent cellular service I cannot complete calls for work or everyday correspondence with family and friends. My internet from them is just as unreliable. When I have contacted their technicians to address the issue they have not contacted me back or given any verification that something has been done. I have filed over a dozen complaints with their techs in the last year. Yesterday I finally got so frustrated with the terrible service I told them I wanted to cancel my contract due to their inability to provide their advertised service. They proceeded to tell me they only had two complaints on file from me and that I hadn\'t contacted them in months and therefore I had no valid reason to cancel. I was then told that if I had a problem with their tech department I needed to contact them and handle it myself. Desired Settlement: I would like to be released from my cellular contract immediately.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2014/05/06) */

GCI notes that [redacted] signed a new 2-year wireless service contract with GCI on 5/9/13 and received a free iPhone 4S. On 5/16/13 GCI extended the 14 day trial period for Mr. [redacted] until 5/27/13 as a courtesy to Mr. [redacted]. Mr. [redacted] did not avail himself of this courtesy.

GCI's wireless Terms of Service found on our web site includes the following information: Wireless devices use radio transmissions. If your device isn't in range of a wireless tower, you will not get service. And please be aware that even within your Coverage Area, many things can affect the availability and quality of your Service, including network capacity, your device, terrain, buildings, foliage, and weather.

From time to time, the Services offered by GCI may be interrupted. Interruptions of service may occur for any number of reasons. Use of GCI Wireless service constitutes the account holder's acknowledgment that both planned and unforeseen interruptions to service will occur from time to time. The account holder acknowledges and agrees that GCI shall not be liable for any harm or loss arising from an interruption of service, regardless of the nature and extent of the harm or loss. You further acknowledge and agree that responsibility for avoiding harm or loss arising from an interruption of service, regardless of the nature and extent of the harm or loss, is your responsibility and not the responsibility of GCI. Our coverage maps do not guarantee you service at any specific location, and your Coverage may change without notice.

We do not warrant that your wireless device will work perfectly or will not need occasional upgrades or modifications, or that it will not be negatively affected by network-related modifications, upgrades or similar activity.

The terms of Mr. [redacted]'s contract allow him to cancel service without penalty in May 2015.

Review: I terminated my service with GCI back in 10/2013 in person at the satellite branch in [redacted]. This was due to signing up with [redacted]. When I received my fist bill after I termindated it, I called and was informed it was taken cared of.

I asked for the confirmation number when I went to 5[redacted] and she told me she got nothing to provide but rest assure that it was taken cared of. Now, I was placed in Collection agency for $33 and cents. I cannot pay and will not for a service that was not rendered.Desired Settlement: write off the charges for I have sent them proof that I signed my with [redacted] and still was ignored.

I need your intervention for it is detrimental to my cfedit.



Initial Business Response /* (1010, 6, 2014/03/20) */

GCI records show that [redacted] disconnected service with GCI on October 13, 2013. [redacted]'s November invoice shows billing for services thru October 12th. This was [redacted]'s final billing which she never paid. GCI sent two additional billing invoices (in December and January) with no additional billing except late fees and finance charges. With no payment or contact from [redacted] her account was sent to [redacted] on January 30, 2014. [redacted] can resolve this matter by contacting [redacted] and paying this debt in full.

Customer Advocate

Anchorage, AK 99503


[redacted] (toll free)

[redacted] (fax)

Review: Automated payment service failed, was contacted by phone 1 week later to be told that the debt was being sent to collections by GCI. I payed them the next day in each of the 5 cases as I had not noticed the automated payment had failed. GCI in turn, never notified their Collections agency. The collections agency also put it against my credit as me having 5 accounts instead of just 2, which in itself is dumb because I had to have a separate account for tv and internet services. I have recently been doing my research and this is not only illegal from what I garner, but has caused significant financial damage to myself. Wanting to work it out before I have to fully take them to court for much more in return.Desired Settlement: $500 per account posted on my credit ($2500) and the complete removal of 3 of the postings to my credit, and the other two edited to be correct.



Business' Initial Response /* (1000, 5, 2013/06/25) */

[redacted] processed 5 checks written by [redacted] between 2010 and 2011 to GCI and returned for insufficient funds. GCI notified Cornerstone on 2/13/12 that [redacted] had paid the checks themselves in full and [redacted] was informed that he still owed the returned check processing fees to [redacted] properly reported the returned checks.

Consumer's Final Response /* (-5, 17, 2013/07/25) */

Utilizing another venue, the contracted company, [redacted] agreed to delete the accounts off my credit which was my minimum. While I am still very disappointed in GCI, I would like to close this complaint. Thanks.

Business' Final Response /* (4000, 13, 2013/07/22) */

[redacted] is entirely responsible for the condition of his credit report and should not be looking to blame others for the bad checks he wrote. How he chose to pay his bills does not relieve him of the responsibility to make sure he has sufficient funds to pay his just debts on time. Presenting checks with insufficient funds to cover them is not only a violation of the Uniformed Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) but is against the law.

Review: GCI continues to charge us for cable despite several calls to them to explain that our cable is covered through our condo dues. During those calls they agree to stop charging us but then they continue to charge us. They are telling us now that we have to call again to tell them to stop and that an email won't work. We have responded that we want it in writing because they have so far not complied with our request to stop charging us. We have stopped the payment source now and they have sent us a past due notice.Desired Settlement: We would like the charges reversed and for the continued inconvenience of dealing with this, we would like payment of $250. This will cover the cost of the time it has taken to deal with this issue.



GCI notified [redacted] on 2/19/15 via email that it intended to credit her account a total of $476.43 of which $281.23 had previously been applied.

Review: my cell phone service was cut off without notice and it was enormously difficult to pay bill using customer service number for pre paid then I was cut off by [redacted] 2/25/15 9am. and then same with [redacted]Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Refund I shouldn't have to go thru this kind of stress. give a customer notice before shutting off phone this is is horrible customer service



I went into the airport road store and I spoke to a supervisor at another store via phone I requested changes be made in their phone system and the problem was resolved. thank you[redacted]



On 11/25/14 [redacted] Lifeline service with GCI was suspended due to invalid paperwork. GCI had left a message for [redacted] on 11/18/14 and then spoke with her later that same day about the need for her to submit the necessary paperwork. Lifeline is a federal program with very strict rules that must be adhered to. With no response from [redacted] for corrected paperwork GCI had no choice but to suspend her Lifeline service until GCI had valid paperwork. On 11/26/14 [redacted] visited a GCI office and decided to switch her number to pre-paid service rather than re-accomplishing the Lifeline paperwork.

Review: I switch from [redacted] to [redacted] and my friends that have Gci cant call me or text me I put a ticket in with [redacted] and they did a full investigation they said it was not on [redacted] end my daughter in law has GCI and they told her that it was not on Gci end I have ticket #[redacted] from [redacted] Account_Number: [redacted]Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Other (Requires Explaination) Get the problem fixed



[redacted] confirmed that the switch issue between [redacted]/GCI has been resolved and ticket was closed with [redacted]. As neither GCI or [redacted] was billing the customer for service during the effected time period, we are unable to provide any credits. The customer is advised to contact his billing company [redacted] to requests credits.



(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)It not [redacted] fault it was [redacted] /gci and I was billed for I had to pay 20 dollars a month per phone for breaking contract.I was asking for the month I didnt get calls from gci I would like that money I was charge per phone per month for three month.



Unfortunately [redacted] was never a GCI customer and our response to him was as a cuurtesy. Because he was never a GCI customer we cannot comment any further about [redacted] service issues. The needs to redirect [redacted] complaint to the correct carrier.

Review: Modem issues led me to upgrade to a motorola surfboard modem. Highest quality modem that can be bought and compliant with every aspect of online connectivity. GCI will not upgrade the hmac address to recognize the modem unless I pay them $500 to do so. This is the only company I have ever seen in America to do something like this. So I am forced to run inferior equipment that constantly fails to work properly without a way of fixing the problem. Desired Settlement: I want them to go onto their computer and input the serial number for the modem so it will work properly.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 7, 2013/11/18) */

The following is an excerpt from the Terms and Conditions found on GCI's web site. [redacted]'s modem does not meet the specifications found in them and will not be allowed on GCI's network.

9. Device Attachment. Customers are not restricted from attaching devices, including wireless routers, to the network access equipment that GCI provides, subject to any security limitations noted herein, including GCI's right to prohibit any devices that it finds harmful. GCI supplies cable modems to all Internet subscribers free of charge. These devices have been thoroughly tested for GCI's network and supporting systems to ensure secure, reliable service at the highest possible data rates, and, where technically possible, to provide customers with usage information. While GCI does not prohibit the use of any specific cable modems on its network, customer-provided cable modems require GCI pre-certification before they can be used for service. There will be a charge for testing any new device submitted by customers. This process is necessary to ensure network security, network management, service provisioning, and the availability of usage information. Any customer wishing to attach a non-GCI-certified modem to GCI's network should inquire at [redacted] Any devices submitted for certification must, at a minimum, be approved by the FCC and also be CableLabs DOCSIS certified. GCI makes no representations about the operation of non-GCI-certified devices with GCI services and may not be able to support or troubleshoot such devices.

10. Customer Owned Modems. Below is the current list of modems certified for use on GCI's network. GCI cannot guarantee, repair, support or replace a customer-owned modem. GCI reserves the right to refuse service to any modem or modem model which, in GCI's judgment, might impair network performance.

* Arris CM820A

* Netgear CG3000D

* RCA DCM425 (this model works with limited plans, please check with GCI support prior to purchasing)

11. Network Security. In an effort to provide a secure network, GCI deploys industry-recommended security measures. For subscribers connected to GCI's wireline network, GCI employs a number of measures, including Cable Modem Authentication, CVC signed code images, Data Encryption, Baseline Privacy Interface (BPI), and Digitally Signed configuration files. For subscribers connected to GCI's network wirelessly via Wi-Fi or similar fixed wireless technology (often in rural Alaska), GCI uses unpublished Service Set Identifiers (SSIDs) and Media Access Control (MAC) protocol-based authentication for each authorized device on the network. Regardless of network type, GCI recommends customers use personal firewalls and security/malware software to protect their personal information.

Review: About a year ago GCI convinced me that I could save money by having my long distance service with them. They told me that they would cancel my long distance with [redacted] They did not & I kept gettting billed. They said that I would receive a credid or a reenbersement from them for being double billed. Now they tell me that I have to send them copies of all my bills from [redacted] Nobody keeps those old bills. They originally told me that they would take care of that. They have lied to me at least 4 different times. My request is that GCI credid me with all the double billings. Thank you.

Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Refund

Credit from GCI.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2014/01/07) */

GCI regrets the difficulties [redacted] has experienced with his long distance service. However, in order to be able provide the credits [redacted] is requesting GCI needs proof of the actual charges. Unfortunately, he needs contact [redacted] himself and request the invoices for the dates in question and then provide those to GCI. FCC rules prohibit GCI from requesting them from [redacted] and [redacted] from providing them to GCI. Once GCI has been provided the invoices the appropriate credit can be applied to [redacted]'s account. The invoices can be faxed to XXX-XXX-XXXX.

Final Consumer Response /* (2000, 7, 2014/01/08) */

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

I hope that GCI will improve their business practices in the future. unfortunately they promised to take care of things that I was supposed to do.

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