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Review: GCI purchased the local cell phone carrier in Unalaska, AK in approximately Nov of 2013. Since then their billing and accounts receivable systems have not worked properly. I cancelled my service because of this problem. At the time of cancellation they claimed the amount I owed was approx. $260. Since then I have made a $90 payment on 11/25/2013, $90 payment on 12/20/2013 and a $90 payment on 1/3/2014. I just received another bill for $266.18 which included a wireless service fee. The invoice number is XXX-XXXXXX. The last 4 digits of my account # is [redacted].Desired Settlement: Immediately update my account. Apply all payments made. If anything has been reported to credit bureaus I should be made aware of it immediately and GCI should correct it immediately.

They might also want to consider improving the customer service skills of those that are employed at the Unalaska location.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 6, 2014/01/20) */

On 1/14/14 GCI spoke with [redacted] informing him that he made his autopay payments to his AK Wireless account and GCI transferred them to his GCI account. Becaus of this his payments were delayed in posting to his GCI account. His final GCI billing of $5.63 was credited as a courtesy leaving him with a zero balance.

Review: I moved to alaska for work and signed up for cell phone service through GCI. I had to leave alaska due to medical reasons and was being charged for a service I was unable to use. I had called multiple times to try and explain I was hospitalized and could ot use their service for the remainder of the time because I was not in the service area. No one was helpful or could lead me to some sort of resolution to be able to stop the billing. They should have let me out of the contract when I had to leave due to medical reasons. I was being charged for a service I could not useDesired Settlement: I feell they should clear my charges due and take me out of collections



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2014/06/26) */

According to GCI's records Ms. [redacted] established cellular service with GCI on 4/19/13 and added a second cell on7/14/13. On 9/13/14 Ms. [redacted] called Customer Service to make a payment and update her mailing address. On 11/14/13 she called Customer Service to review her billing. The last call on record from Ms. [redacted] was on 12/2/13 to change her cellular calling plan. GCI could find no record to indicate that Ms. [redacted] notified GCI of her situation. In addition, she received two phones at a discounted price for signing a 2-year service contract on each phone. The amount sent to[redacted] for collection on 4/29/14 was $1,066.75. Per her signed contract this amount is owed to GCI by Ms. [redacted].

Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 7, 2014/06/28) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

Around september 10th all my bills were payed GCI interrupted my service for no reason not letting me make or receive calls which is completely unethical. When I called them I asked why my service was being interrupted when my bills were payed her response was " oh, I needed to get a change of address and I figured this is he only way I could get a hold of you." No cellular company should ever interrupt a paid cell phone service for a personal question. When I explained my situation to her she told me to call back cause she didn't know. This was in seattle Washington when I was on my way back home for health care. I talked to her on 9/13.

After I got home to Michigan and my health care was being addressed, I called 11/14 to try and get out of the contract by telling them I would not be in the service area and would not be able to pay or a cellular service I could not use. Again, I explained my situation and she said since I signed a contract there is no way for me to get out of the cellular service even if I'm out of the service area because that was in the contract. I explained I am out of the service area and had to leave work due to medical reasons, and asked what I should do to address this. I called the main number in anchorage and still no one helped me.

Finally on 12/2/13 I got a letter in the mail charging me additional charges for not paying the previous month I did not have service. AGAIN, I called and told them my situation, that I CANNOT pay for a cellular service, when I am not in the service area. The letter also threatened to send me to collections if I did not pay. I told her I can provide proof through my employer, proof of my medical bills, and proof through my address. She said there was nothing she can do and recommended that if I switch my service to the lowest possible plan that they won't send me to collections in the 30days and it will "buy" me more time. That's why I switched the plan to the lowest possible one because they were opposed to rectifying the situation and I didn't want to be paying even more than I had to be on a plan I oils not get service on.

After several calls and unethical business practice I do not believe I should be billed for the service that I COULD NOT USE. I don't feel I should pay back charges of late billing services as well.

Final Consumer Response /* (4200, 11, 2014/07/05) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

I was out of the service zone November and December due to medical reasons and should not have to pay for the service I was not able to use.

Final Business Response /* (4000, 17, 2014/07/15) */

Ms. [redacted] signed a two-year service contract with GCI agreeing to maintain service during the entire period of the contract. She broke the contract. Also, Ms. [redacted] is mistaken on the reason her cell service was suspended. It was suspended for non-payment not to ask any personal questions.

Review: Earlier this year, I had 3 services at [redacted] Sitka, AK 99835. I moved in April and was told that because 2/3 of my services were billed one-month ahead - there would be a refund coming in the US Mail. Well, the total opposite occurred. They kept mailing me bills that stated yes, I was disconnected, but that I had to keep paying. I ended up getting no refunds, but did have to pay until the start of Summer. I asked for an audit - but was just told to pay.Desired Settlement: An audit and/or a refund.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2013/10/31) */

On 6/23/13 GCI emailed the following reply to [redacted] in response to his email inquiries about the status of his accounts:

Thank you for the reply. I apologize for the confusion. The status of your three accounts are as follows:

XXXXXXXXX -- cable TV account -- $0.00 due. The $2.36 credit balance on XXXXXXXXX was transferred to your cable account, making the final balance due $7.64, which was paid on 6/1/13.

XXXXXXXXX -- internet account -- $0.00 due. The $2.36 credit balance was transferred to your cable TV account XXXXXXXXX on 5/11/13. The 6/1/13 invoice indicated a $2.36 charge, to debit the credit off the account, since it was transferred to your cable account.

XXXXXXXXX -- [redacted] wireless account -- $5.27 due. Since we charge one month in arrears, which was for service from 4/15 - 4/23/13. As [redacted] mentioned, some taxes are not prorated, so they appeared to be charges from 4/15 - 5/15/13.

Please be aware that the eBill system is not a live system, so any credits or debits to your accounts will not appear online until after the 7/1/13 invoice has been generated and updated in the eBill system.

I apologize for the confusion. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to either e-mail us or call X-XXX-XXX-XXXX or X-XXX-XXX-XXXX, and a customer service agent will be happy to assist you.

Final Consumer Response /* (4200, 11, 2013/11/04) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

I'm not sure they are even reading my responses. In their previous response not only did they claim I was not due a refund, but that I still owed them more money (even though I showed them again the email with the VISA numbers asking to pay the final balance which was done). I think they have standard answers that they cut & paste to respond to folks. There doesn't appear to be a thoughtful exchange happening. For instance, they should have apologized for saying that I still owed them money. They think they are being clever.

Final Business Response /* (4000, 9, 2013/11/01) */

If [redacted] will carefully read the email he pasted he will figure out for himself that GCI has reviewed his accounts and provided him a careful accounting of what was owed, why it was owed, what was paid, and what the final remaining balance is. The email chain clearly points out to [redacted] why no refund is due.

Review: In May, I canceled my cable and maintained my cellphone with GCI. Because I canceled my cable in the middle of May I had a credit of $24.41 from the proration of May's bill. This was to be applied to my cellphone bill. Mistakingly, GCI attached the $24.41 as a balance OWED on my cellphone rather than a credit. Every month since then, my bill shows a balance due of $24.41 of which they have charged me a late fee on this erroneous balance due. I have called every month to have this corrected and they still have not fixed the error and refuse to do so. I called in September and talked to a supervisor. 5 months later, in October, after calling every month They applied a credit of $24.41 to my cellphone bill but this does not give me MY credit, it only fixes their error of putting a balance owed on my cellphone. To fix their error and give me my credit they should have credited me 24.41 x 2 = $48.82. I have yet to recieve my credit. I told [redacted], a Supervisor to fix it or I was leaving GCI. I have been with GCI for 13 years and this is how I'm treated over $24.41? She didn't care and said goodbye. GCI has stolen $24.41 from me and wasted many frustrating hours of my time each month to get this fixed.Desired Settlement: I want GCI to credit me my $24.41 and for my troubles, credit me 1 months free cellphone services of $115.00. GCI has stolen $24.41 from me.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2013/10/07) */

[redacted]'s October 1, 2013 invoice for cell service clearly shows a credit of $24.41 transferred to her cell account. If [redacted] does not have a copy of her October invoice she can contact GCI Customer Service and they will be happy to provide her a copy. The original transfer of the credit balance occured on September 3rd, two days after her September invoice.

Final Consumer Response /* (4200, 11, 2013/10/09) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

I have copies of my bill and do not need GCI to send them to me. In June, I spoke to a representative regarding GCI's error on Junes bill and was advised to pay my bill minus the $24.41 and it would be corrected on the next billing statement. I have been told each month when speaking to a representative that the online billing is never correct and it will be fixed next month. It was never corrected. $232.00 was my normal 2 month bill, not $256.41. My bill just happened to be $24.41 over my normal bill. GCI is abusing their company's power and has stolen $24.41 from me.

Final Business Response /* (4000, 9, 2013/10/08) */

Even though GCI has repeatedly reviewed [redacted]'s invoices with her on the phone to show her that she was not ever charged $24.41 she continues to insist that she was charged. GCI also offered to send her copies of her invoices so she could see for herself but she declined GCI's offer. [redacted]'s total payments towards her June invoice amount of $256.41 was $232.00 leaving her a balance forward of $24.41. This is reflected on her July invoice and is what [redacted] is claiming is an unwarranted charge by GCI. GCI has made every reasonable attempt to assist [redacted] in understanding her billing to no avail. We suggest again that she review copies of her June thru October invoices and "do the math" to prove to herself that GCI did not make the charge she claims.

Review: I purchased wifi internet service from this company for 1 week or 7 days while stating at [redacted] Unit for [redacted]. This internet did not work for the second week that it was purchased, and the speed was ABSOLUTELY horrible and not the speed as advertized when I agreed to payment. This is pitiful internet service that is actually slower than dial up.Desired Settlement: I want my $12.99 back that I was debited on 2-16-2015.



GCI has been in contact with [redacted] and will be processing a refund for him.



Review: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because:I gave [redacted] my credit card information on 3/10/15 and I have yet to see a return. It also took an extraordinary amount of phone tag for $13.00, the petty information they needed (name, address, and MAC address?) should have been in their possession already, refund my money ASAP please!Sincerely,[redacted]



Review: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because:Look how long this is taking! [redacted] told me it shiiped a month ago, I will believe it when I see it.Sincerely,[redacted]



The refund check was mailed on 4/17/15 to Mr. [redacted] Texas address.

Review: My complaint is with the fact that GCI has a data use limit on their internet service. This is the first cable service that I have done business with that has such limits. I wonder if it is due to the fact that they have such a stranglehold on the cable/internet services in Alaska; that is comparable to a monopoly. We here on Fort Richardson have but one choice for our cable service: GCI.Desired Settlement: Remove data limits from all internet services.



GCI's Terms and Conditions of Internet Service state under the heading "Usage Amount" the following: To ensure high quality and affordable Internet access for all GCI Internet subscribers, some GCI products include specific amounts of usage for a base fee as defined on our web site at GCI would also like to point out that if [redacted] would do a little research he would find out that GCI is not the only Internet Service provider available to him. GCI has always believed that competition is best for the customer.

Review: I called GCI to pay the balance due to clear our account to zero at the end of the month, (I called right on the due date) They (GCI) billing came out on X-X-XXXX which indicated that we owed more than the amount they told me. [redacted] paid to buyout the remainder of a contract to upgrade, the amount due at the time was $104.79 but GCI took that payment and applied it to a bill they say we owed them. But I called to pay for the total amount due already.Desired Settlement: GCI need to apply the $104.79 to the buyout of the contract and not use it for something not authorized by [redacted].



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2014/09/22) */

[redacted]'s August 6th invoice had a total balance due of $664.32 which included a balance forward of $193.66. The payment due date was August 28th. Three payments were received; one on August 8th for $193.66, one on August 9th for $104.79, and one on August 28th for $115.88. The total of these three payments is $414.33 and all reflect on her next invoice. $299.99 in credits were also applied to her account leaving her a balance forward of -$50.00. Her next invoice was run on September 6th with a total balance due of $304.70 which includes the early contract cancellation fee of $104.79. Payments are automatically applied to the oldest charges first to keep the customer from going past due and incurring late fees and finance charges. This is what happened with [redacted]'s billing. If the $104.79 were to be applied to the charge on the September 6th billing she would have had a past due balance forward on her August 6th billing and be subject to late fees and possible suspension of service.

Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 7, 2014/09/23) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

On August 28, 2014 I ([redacted]) called GCI to pay the total amount due, the GCI customer agent told me, the total amount due is $115.88 and not $193.66.

When [redacted] made the payment of $104.79 to pay the remainder of the contract, the GCI agent said that he's all clear on his bill, upon paying for the contract. [redacted] didn't authorize this payment for anything else!

I am appalled that GCI would say we would possibly be in suspension of services when we wouldn't be over on our account.

GCI is charging too much for pretty bad service here in the village. Making all customers who have an account with GCI! They make themselves look pretty bad.

Final Consumer Response /* (4200, 11, 2014/10/02) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

GCI is charging way too much for services that don't work in the village! We can't use our cell phones in our own homes, always dropping calls. They provide bad services.

When I called on August 28, 2014 the due date, our balance due was 115.88 and not 193.66 as stated by GCI.

Final Business Response /* (4000, 13, 2014/10/07) */

GCI would be more than happy to provide [redacted] copies of her invoices so she can see for herself that GCI has billed her correctly. Aside from that there is little else for GCI to add to its response.

Review: I was in a 2 year contract with GCI for cellular service. It was a phone my boss instructed me to get, as I needed to use it for employee contacts and business. The service was terrible, most of the time my calls were either dropped mid-conversation or never reached me. I even had coworkers call me while standing right next to me, and my phone would not ring. I found GCI's cellular service subpar and not acceptable. I complained several times to customer service about this lack of service, and was told in response to "give us time to fix the problem" and "I will let my superiors know". I gave them a few months to solve this issue.

During this time, I kept in contact with GCI, letting them know my service was still an issue. At this time, my employment was now being affected by not getting calls from my supervisors. I was in jeopardy of losing my job. I called GCI again, letting them know of my severe issues and irritation with their lack of proper response.

I let them know it was my final time of calling (7th or 8th time complaining by this point), and that I wanted out of my contract, as they were not fulfilling their end of the contract. I was paying for a service that I did not receive. The customer service representative was dismissive and continued to tell me they would "work on it". I had enough. I told them to cancel my service, I would be getting cellular service elsewhere and let me out of my contract.

The CSR was rude, obstinate, and uncooperative. I asked for his supervisor, and was passed on to another rude, dismissive and unhelpful person who said I would not be let out of my contract, that I needed to go through the "proper channels" by putting in a complaint. I explained I did this more than 7 times, and was blown off with no help. The person did not care, they kept repeating I would not be let out of my contract, regardless of getting service or not.

I let them know I would be filing with the, to which they did not care and ended the phone conversation. My phone number through GCI was XXX-XXXX and I currently have a phone number through them at [redacted] (my wife's cell) to which they combined accounts and are currently still charging the old contract charges to that account (which are over $500).

Desired Settlement: I want GCI to take the contract charges off my bill and let me out of it. I did not receive the services that they are charging me, and I now have a new account through another carrier that works for my needs. I expect GCI to remove the contract and remove charges for the phone number XXX-XXXX immediately.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2013/12/09) */

According to his account record, on July 25, 2013 GCI attempted to work with [redacted] on the wireless service issues he reported. He refused to troubleshoot with the GCI technician or even allow GCI to open a trouble ticket. He chose instead to disconnect his service even after being informed that there would be an early cancellation fee. Without his cooperation GCI cannot assist him with his service issues and GCI cannot waive the early cancellation fee.

Final Consumer Response /* (3000, 7, 2013/12/19) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

The response from GCI is misrepresenting what actually happened. The call that GCI is referring to (July 25) was my final call, after complaining for months prior to that.

I was frequently told prior to that phone call (in other phone complaints I made), that they would open a trouble ticket and investigate the issue. I was also told by a GCI employee that they would "send someone to your neighborhood with a signal tester and get back to you in a week." I waited several weeks and got no response. I called again to inquire as to why they didn't get back to me, and they said no one ever came out to my neighborhood.

All I ever got was a run around. I am not a stupid person, nor did I immediately cut my service to avoid a cancellation fee. I had given them many months to fix things, and was in danger of losing my job because my phone service was never working.

It was ONLY after I said I was fed up, and to cut my service, did they say they would begin to look into it (July 25 conversation). By then, it was too late, I had given ample time, effort, communication and phone calls to have this fixed.

I realize they are a big corporation with many customers, but they cannot refuse service and continue to bill me for services I never received. This is pure bullying, extortion and misleading on their part. After I cancelled my bill, they added $500 on to my bill. I have paid $200 of this and still have $300 left. I want the $200 paid back to me and the remaining unpaid $300 taken off my bill. Hopefully GCI will respond to this quicker than they did when I was making these initial complaints. Thank you, [redacted]

Final Business Response /* (4000, 9, 2013/12/23) */

GCI stands by the account record as referenced in our previous response. [redacted]'s lack of cooperation with GCI in resolving any service issues combined with his knowing full well the financial consequences of cancelling his services early but doing it anyway have left him in breach of his contract with GCI and thus owing the early cancellation fees. No credits will be provided by GCI.

Review: I switch from [redacted] to GCI in the hopes of having cell services when I travel out of Anchorage for work. However, the first two phones had (HTC 1 and Samsung Galaxy) only worked sometime when I was in Anchorage. I had problems with receive calls, making calls, connecting to the internet, voicemail problems and dropped calls. Finally, to resolve that issue I took the Samsung Galaxy 4G phone back in and paid for an LTE Samsung that hope would resolve all the problems I have experience in the past. The worked for a while with no problem and then I start to experience the same problems I had with the previous two phone. If a called dropped and I attempt to call back I may get a fast busy signal and then I would have to wait 5 minutes before I could call. Dropped calls would occur at home, work and there are some location in the city that I just had no services. If I need to connect to the internet to look something up I may get a message that services is not available. Desired Settlement: I don't think I should have to pay for the failure of the cell services to work. When I originally looked at GCI my cell was suppose to be free with a 2 years contract. Nor, should I have to spend my time reporting the same problem to GCI. I am paying for a service and I have the expectations that it will work the way that it is suppose to work. I do not work for GCI. Enough is enough.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2013/10/16) */

[redacted] does not have cellular service with GCI. He ported his service to [redacted] on 10/7/13.

Final Consumer Response /* (4200, 11, 2013/10/22) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

The key word here is services. I am paying for a service that I expect to work 24/7. Yes, I am aware of the cancellation fee. This was an expensive lesson. I be sure to share my experience with my family, friends and co-workers.

Final Business Response /* (4000, 9, 2013/10/21) */

As [redacted] states, he disconnected his cell service before the end of his contract. [redacted]'s account shows he was reminded of the early cancellation fees on at least two occasions before he disconnected his service but he chose to disconnect anyway.

Business Response /* (1000, 18, 2014/01/10) */

The terms and conditions for GCI wireless service found on GCI's web site state in part: Wireless devices use radio transmissions. If your device isn't in range of a wireless tower, you will not get service. And please be aware that even within your Coverage Area, many things can affect the availability and quality of your Service, including network capacity, your device, terrain, buildings, foliage, and weather.

From time to time, the Services offered by GCI may be interrupted. Interruptions of service may occur for any number of reasons. Use of GCI Wireless service constitutes the account holder's acknowledgment that both planned and unforeseen interruptions to service will occur from time to time. The account holder acknowledges and agrees that GCI shall not be liable for any harm or loss arising from an interruption of service, regardless of the nature and extent of the harm or loss. You further acknowledge and agree that responsibility for avoiding harm or loss arising from an interruption of service, regardless of the nature and extent of the harm or loss, is your responsibility and not the responsibility of GCI. Our coverage maps do not guarantee you service at any specific location, and your Coverage may change without notice.

GCI's position has not changed. [redacted] chose to cancel his cellular service with GCI even though he had signed a two-year contract and knowing full well the stated penalties in the contract for early cancellation. GCI will not be providing any credits to [redacted].

Consumer Response /* (3000, 20, 2014/01/13) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

It is true that I know the terms of the contract. I paid for a service with expectation of that service working the way it was suppose to. GCI is a local carrier for Alaska and it clean to me that they do have the capacity to provide wireless services that work. A definitely will encourage my family and friends to avoid their wireless service. I will also limited my business with GCI. Hopefully one day soon we will another more variable choose for phone and internet services.

Review: GCI has throughput limits on internet their high speed internet connections. This is because they also have their cable television connections to sell and want to limit video services like YouTube, [redacted] and [redacted]. Their internet plans have progressively higher throughput limits, however the speed also increases with the higher limits. GCI is a monopoly in both their cable television and cable internet services which allows them to gouge their customers.Desired Settlement: Remove the throughput limits for cable internet.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 6, 2014/03/25) */

The following is taken from GCI's web page titled Data Usage and You: To provide you with quality, affordable service, most of our service plans offer a generous amount of included usage. Most customers do not exceed the amount of monthly included amount but if you do, usage is billed at your plan's overage rate... Included usage allowances in our service plans assure affordable and reliable service for all customers... A small number of customers use substantially more of the network than is intended for their service plan. Left unchecked, this usage could affect the experience and cost to all customers. GCI believes the fairest approach to keep the costs down for all customers is to ensure that customers are on service plans that best match their needs and where applicable, assess modest charges for those with usage above their intended plan levels.

Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 8, 2014/03/26) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

"provide you with quality, affordable service"

This canned answer is not sufficient. The Telecommunications act of 1996 provided GCI the funds to install fiber internet to upgrade Alaska's infrastructure, something GCI has neglected to do (in violation of the 1996 Act) until 2014.

When an internet service provider buys access to the higher level network, it does not pay for the amount of traffic that goes through it, it only pays for access. GCI buys the port access from the tier 3 network provider and is not charged for usage. GCI then turns around and charges its customers if they go over an arbitrary amount of data.

As to the quality of the service, I pay $160 for a 22 Mbps internet connection and I have never seen my connection go that fast. I am not even getting the quality of internet service that I am paying for.

Final Business Response /* (4000, 18, 2014/04/02) */

While we regret loosing Mr. [redacted]'s business, GCI wishes him well.

Final Consumer Response /* (4200, 12, 2014/03/28) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

If GCI had no infrastructure problems then it would be able to provide internet access that the customer has already paid for without charging their customers for exceeding an arbitrary throughput limit.

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