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Review: A three (3) extended RV maintenance warranty was purchased in January 2013. Five (5) contract failures are noted:1) On September 23, 2013, one tire tread separated and ACC Warranty refused to honor the "ACC Tire Protection" coverage.2) On September 27, 2013, the transmission failed. ACC Warranty denied coverage for the repair. ACC looked for any excuse they could think of in old records. From ACC Warranty, "This contract is not valid until ACC receives full payment and has approved the application and inspection. ACC Warranty accepted the extended warranty and the full payment. One excuse was that Ford did not change the filter on a transmission service. Ford does not change the filter because its fluid evacuation procedure cleans the filter. 3) ACC Warranty refused to honor its "trip loss" provision.4) ACC Warranty refused to cover car rental allowance.5) ACC Warranty cancelled the policy prior to the end of the first year and refused to provide a refund of the full or partial policy payment. This is clearly a thief of the premium.Desired Settlement: Full payment of contract:1) Tire protection cost $ 111.702) Transmission repair $4,728.403) Trip interruption $ 5.004) Car Rental $ 244.115) Total refund of premium $3,120.00 or partial of $2,255Total due $8,209.21

Review: Advertised 24/7 claims service but does not respond to claims. Said they would pay a claim but did not and would not refund my money for the warranty. Stating that I had filed a claim. They never paid the claim nor contacted me back in over 2 months. I had to pay out of my own pocket to get my RV out of the repair facility. Now when you call 888-299-9888 it just says, please leave a message and you get a beep. He de-activated my account! Kept my money! Small Claims next stop!Desired Settlement: Full refund, 0 services fulfilled!

Review: I purchased a five-year RV warranty from ACC on July 18, 2012. On September 17, 2013 I took my RV to[redacted] in Willow Street, PA for repairs. [redacted] followed ACC's procedure to file a claim and received approval. By December 16, 2013 ACC had not paid [redacted] despite multiple attempts to resolve this with ACC by phone and email. As a result, my wife and I were personally liable and required to pay [redacted] $979.97. Additionally, ACC has arbitrarily deactivated our account, rendering the warranty terminated more than three years from its scheduled expiration. This is not the first problem we have had with ACC. I will provide documentation if necessary for your investigation. The documentation includes ACC's sales materials, copy of the warranty, emails, proof of payment, and a list of dates and efforts to resolve this with ACC.Desired Settlement: My desired settlement is: 1) a refund from ACC of the $979.97 payment I made to [redacted] minus my $100.00 deductible; and 2) Reactivation of the warranty per the original terms or a refund of the money I paid for the three + years remaining on the warranty I purchased.

Review: I purchased an extended warranty from ACC in August of 2012. In March, 2013 I filed two claims for $830 + $3,284 for repairs I believed were under warranty, and received an authorization number from ACC for these. At the time the authorization was issued, they said they believed both would be considered one claim and subject to one deductible and issued an authorization number. Both service centers do not bill warranty companies but expect the customer to pay and be reimbursed. The large claim was for Freightliner. Invoices were emailed and faxed to ACC on March 21; subsequently I was told they would pay $730 towards the $830 claim and review the other. Later (7/31) I was told they were denying the $3,284 claim, and would now pay only $232 on the other. On August 19, 2013 I cancelled the contract, per the provisions in the contract as they apply to Oklahoma, and they confirmed a refund of $4,254 would be made about 30 days later. Contacts have been attempted on 24 separate dates, by phone, and email since the start of the claim process. Most of the times I called I have had to leave word, with no responses, and emails and a certified letter have not been answered. To date, I have not received payment of any of these.Desired Settlement: Payment of amounts due.

Review: Purchased a 'Recreational Vehicle Service Agreement' on 07/23/2013 From this Company. On 06/04/2014, I wrote a letter to the attention of [redacted], reference Customer Contract #[redacted], requesting cancellation as required per Contract Article 4. Never received a response. On 07/25/2014, I sent a follow-up letter requesting the current status of my request. No response.....On August 22, 2014, I started calling their only listed telephone # (1-888-299-9888). I have made a total of 17 calls from 08/22/14 to date and only got to leave a voicemail. However, on 08/25/14, I did contact [redacted], Contract Manager, and he advised me to call extension #[redacted]. At 10 :36 am, I called and left voicemail. At 12:00 pm, [redacted] called me back. I told her about the letters I had written rquesting cancellation, and she said she would review the file and let me know what was going on lthat same day. She never called back, resultling in me calling that extension almost every other day until 09/09/14. Now the voicemail at extension says to "Please enter the fax number you wish to have the document sent to" .Desired Settlement: To received a refund of $2575.00 as per the written stipulations of the contract which would be a refund of 2/3 (Two thirds) of the total sum paid of $3860.00 for the unused portion of the contract period.

Review: I purchased an extended warranty from ACC on Feb 5, 2014 to go into effect May 1, 2014. I filed a claim with them on May 27, 2014. Claim was not resolved until July 8, 2014 an not to my satisfaction do to them not covering a covered component. I filed a complaint to have the claim go to an arbitrator. That certified mail ended up being sign for in Florida by a [redacted]. Once it had finally been signed for it was past the ten days required for the claim and have not heard from anybody about it. After numerous times of calling during the claim process and not being able to contact a person or have them contact me as their claims line says they will. I have decided to cancel my warranty contract with ACC RV Warranty. I have emailed and faxed the request to cancel on the 25 of July 2014. I have not heard any thing from the company. I emailed and faxed a letter requesting information on when I can expect my refund check for the unused portion of my warranty. This was a 5 year warranty. My account number [redacted] has been disabled. The company did send me a check for $375.00 for the service call of the above claim. I know that that amount will be deducted from the $ 3760.00 plus the three month that I had it prior to my request to cancel.Desired Settlement: Honor their contract as written for the cancellation of the contract.

Review: I mailed a letter on July 23, 2014 requesting the termination of my extended RV warranty contract with ACC Warranty Group. Per their instructions I included all of my contact information an my RV's current mileage and an independent third party to verify the RV mileage. On September 8, 2014 I attempted to call ACC Warranty and their supplied phone number only has a taped line to leave a fax. Their website states that they have sold their extended warranty business to an "unnamed party". I am requesting assistance in getting the money owed from my purchase price returned to me.Desired Settlement: I am requesting a refund of my purchase price of the extended warranty on a pro-rated basis.

Review: We live in our motor home full time and our front AC unit on our motor home went out 7/15/13. We took it to a RV service shop in Fresno, Ca. on 7/18/13. The RV service shop contacted ACC Warranty and got approval to do the repair. When the repairs were finished they called ACC Warranty to get payment but the person would not return calls. On 7/19/13 at 4:54 P.M. Pacific time the RV shop talked to [redacted] at ACC Warranty, He ok'd for customer to pay bill and ACC will reimburse to customer. I have been in contact with ACC by E Mail & phone attemps several times a month, every month since July. ACC E Mailed me back that the claim has been approved in Sept. and a ck. was going to issued. I have never received any ck. and ACC will not return phone or E Mails. I received a Phone call one evening from [redacted] the OWNER of ACC Warranty, He was very up set and was very rude because I was putting pressure on them to pay the claim that was 6 months old. He does not contain himself in a professional way. He threatened me he would cancel our service contract if we didn't like it. I don't now if we have been canceled or we still are under contract.Desired Settlement: Pay the claim that they have agreed to pay. If they want to cancel the service contract they need to prorate the balance of the remaining Two Years.

We placed a down payment to ACC Warranty for 1850 dollars in June 2014 as our old warranty from another company expired at the end of June. We agreed to pay a monthly payment after that for an additional 10 months. Mr. Burgess, the alleged president of the company was not a professional man from the beginning and that should have been my first clue but we needed the extra peace of mind that an extended warranty provides as our business takes us on the road. I sent the payment in on a Thursday via on-line. The following Monday we were terminated because Mr. Burgess accused us of committing a fraudulent act in violation of our contract. This was three days after we sent our payment in-long enough for the payment to clear our bank and into his hands. Mr. Burgess told us he was going to keep our money for 30 days because, "he could", all the time accusing us of trying to scam service on our RV. We had questions we needed answered and he (Mr. Burgess) became angry and suspended our email account and refused to answer any phone calls from that point on. We immediately contacted our financial institution and tried to stop payment but it was too late. Here it is in early September of 2014 and we have yet to receive our refund. Do not do business with this company. Mr. Burgess is rude, obnoxious and cannot be trusted to deliver anything he tells you over the phone. He is arrogant and obviously a thief as he has no intention of returning our money.

Review: Company going out of business with out any notification. Needed to us my purchased service and number has been diconedted . All my corespodence is by email and mustbe on a cloud discription is blank. IDesired Settlement: I want all my money back for this service I purchased $1500

Review: I purchased insurance from ACC Warranty Service. The Insurance was effective 5/1/2013. On 10/11/2013 I called the company because they were refusing to pay a claim for a covered item in my motor home. The person on the phone ([redacted]) stated they were canceling the coverage effective 10/11/2013. They further stated that the refund due me for the remainder of the coverage would be remitted within 30 business day (4-6 weeks). Talked to [redacted] on 1/17/14 while in Quartzsite, he stated I would have a check within 30 days. I spoke to [redacted] again in late February (on the phone) and he stated I would have a check within 10 days, and still have not received my refund. I have found that there are many complaints for this company for not paying claims and not responding to complaints. I paid 4760.00 for the warranty, and he owes me over 4000.00 in a refund that he hasn't paid. and all he has to say is how everybody is trying to rip him off. All I see is how he is ripping off the people that are trying to live on there fixed incomes.Desired Settlement: All I want is my refund, the over 4000.00 that you owe me.

Review: We purchased a four year contract on January 26, 2013, (contract dated 2/3/13) for an RV service agreement to have any covered component fixed or repaired. On November 3, 2014, I attempted to contact the company to get our Norcold refrigerator cooling unit replaced. The telephone number is no longer in service and the email I sent was returned as undeliverable. Here is the error codeSMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO: [email protected]: host [98.139.[redacted]]: 550 relaying denied for [email protected] It seems that the company is no longer in business.Desired Settlement: We paid $4,120. for a 4 year contract. We received 1 3/4 year of our contract. We would like to have the 2 1/4 year balance of our contract back or $1,831 or the cost to repair our cooling unit, which is unknown at this time.

Review: I purchased a 2 year warranty policy from ACC warranty services, [redacted], in March 2013. I sold my motorhome in November 2013 and called to cancel my policy. I spoke with the owner of the company, [redacted] and he said I would receive a prorated refund on my policy, $1437.50, in 30 days. I spoke with Mr. [redacted] several times in the next 3 months and he used the same excuse each time as to why I had not received it yet. He kept saying the weather was so bad that his office was closed. Then on Feb 3rd he told me I would not be getting a refund and I could Fxxx myself. Then on Feb 4th he sent me an email telling me it was a mistake and he would make an exception to his company policy and send me my refund. I called him on Feb 11th and left a message that I still had not received the refund. On Feb 12th he sent an email and said he was out of town but would send it as soon as he got back to the office and that I needed to stop harrassing him about the refund. I never received anything so on March 20th I sent him another email asking about the refund and on March 21st he answered with an email telling me I would not get a refund. He has consistently lied and as of date I have not received anything.Desired Settlement: I want him to give me the $1437.50 refund that he personally told me on the phone and in 3 separate emails that he would pay me.

Review: We have been trying since Sept. 2013 to get a refund from a cancelled policy. It was a 2 yr contract cancelled after one year. We have been told the check is in the mail, a new check being cut, forms needed to be filed ( which we did). Have left numerous messages that are never answered. I have been hung up on by the owner saying my call not as important as others. Have contacted them over 20 times since Sept. 2013.Desired Settlement: besides my refund, I want this company to follow through on its promises to consumers.

Review: July 2012 Purchased warranty for my RV, to contract from[redacted], at a Holiday Rambler rally, Gillette Wyoming. For 4200$ [redacted] cancelled me,claimed check in mail,lost then November all request unanswered. Checking with others people, they have same difficultly it appears to be a con..Desired Settlement: Business gets closed, refund

Review: Last February we bought a used motorhome, and purchased the service contract from the previous owner, which contract was transferrable and covered the rig "bumper to bumper." In November we submitted a repair bill to ACC Warranty Services in the amount of $1042 for an instrument cluster repair. After our $200 deductible we should have received $842 for our this repairs. After calling and emailing them a dozen times, we were finally sent a check last week for $230, which covered only the labor part of our bill. We have not cashed this check in the event they may decide we have agreed to this amount as full payment. These people will not answer telephone calls or emails, and have disabled our account so we can't even get into our "repair ticket" to see what the status is. Stupidly, I failed to research this company before we paid the previous owner for the warranty. There is absolutely NOTHING good to be found about them anywhere. Thank you for your time.Desired Settlement: We would like the balance of our bill paid, i.e. $612.

Review: Three months after purchasing an extended service agreement for my motor home I experienced two mechanical problems while on an extended trip to visit family members. The first problem was that my generator that would not start and the second one was that my rear air conditioner would not work. Both of these systems were covered by my policy. However, when I contacted ACC to get approval for the repairs, they decided not to pay for the repairs and informed me that they would cancel my policy. The excuse they provided was that I had moved the motor home. When Mr. [redacted], the President of ACC, informed me that he wanted to send an inspector to inspect my motor home I told him and his staff via phone and emails of its new location. The motor home had been at a repair shop and they could not fix it without his approval. This was on a Friday afternoon and Mr. [redacted] informed me that he would send the inspector out on Monday. The repair shop did not have any facilities or hook ups for us to stay at their shop over the weekend so we had to move to a nearby campsite. Mr. [redacted] informed me that the inspector would be there on Monday. I waited all day for the inspector to show and finally called Mr. [redacted] to find out what time the inspector would be at our location. He would not take my calls nor would his office tell me when the inspector would be visiting me. I was shocked that a licensed company could elect to not pay for covered items and withdraw from the contract. Of the $3,175 contract cost, they only refunded a portion, $2,455 of my money. Request your assistance in collecting $720, which is the rest of my money. I believe that an extended warranty company that only keeps my money and then does not pay when there is a claim is fraudulent. Since I experienced this problem with ACC I have contacted other RV owners who purchased extended service agreements from ACC and they have had the same experience I have had with ACC.Desired Settlement: Refund $720.

Review: Submitted a request to cancel the service contract (#[redacted]) and provide a pro rata refund on Feb2, 2014 and have made five contacts to ACC since with NO response whatever. When calling ACC, it seems as though I'm talking to an answering service and each time was told that someone will call back. To this point. NO ONE from ACC has contacted me and no pro rata refund has been received. Additionally, no claims have been filed against this service contract.Desired Settlement: ACC needs to honor the terms of the contract which state a pro rata refund will be provided at termination of the contract less a cancellation fee. Contract terms also state that OK limits the fee to $50.00.

Review: On 2/6/2013, I purchased a 2 year extended warranty for my 2008 motorhome and was told that I could cancel the policy at any time and receive a refund for the unused portion of the policy. Either late October or very early in November I called ACC and talked with someone there. I informed him that I was trading the 2008 motorhome in on a new 2014 motorhome and would not require an extended warranty because the coach has a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. The effective date would be November 5, 2013. The gentleman said they would send a refund check and it would be greater than $1000. I've done the math and calculate that I had the policy in effect for 241 days of the 730 day duration so I should receive a check for $1594.27 given a straight line usage of the policy. I never received the money. On 1/14/2014, I called to inquire about the refund and was told someone would call back. Nobody ever called back. I've tried calling a number of times including lately 26, 2/17, and 2/25 plus an number of attempts in January. I was always told someone would call me back, but it has never happened.Desired Settlement: I would like a refund for the $1594.27 that I deserve based on the information I was given when I purchased the policy.

Review: Group Contract #[redacted], invoice # [redacted] 4 year unlimited miles on May 3, 2012 I paid to ACC Warranty GroupOn March 20,2013 I entered into a recreation vehicle service agreement with ACC Warranty by credit card $5,275.00. On May 1, 2013 I took my recreation vehicle to [redacted] coach services for inspection prior to leaving on trip in June. [redacted] coach found several items that needed to be repaired. I gave to [redacted] the information to send to ACC Warranty Group for approval and billing. Aprox. 3 weeks and about 12 calls to ACC Warranty Group they finally gave [redacted] authorization #[redacted] And the repairs were done. As of Oct. 21,2013 [redacted] coach services has not been paid. ( Invoice [redacted] in the amount of #2,307.82)I paid to [redacted] the $100 Deductible On Sept. 9, 2013 I emailed and sent by mail my letter of cancellation To ACC Warranty contract #[redacted]. I expected within 30 days that I would receive my prorated refund. I did not. Oct. 16,17, 2013 I left messages to please let me know the status. No one returned my calls. Oct.18,2013 I called again and told office operator that if I did not receive my refund that I would file a complaint with the Attorney general of Indiana, of Indiana, and the Federal Trade Commission. I did receive a call back on Oct. 18,2103 from the owner [redacted], he told me to FK myself and if I wanted my money back to sue him. ACC Warranty states they record all incoming and out going calls. They should have a record of the aprox. 20 times I called and never but twice spoke with any one of authority. [redacted] and [redacted]. This company has no customer service what so ever.Desired Settlement: I would like my prorated refund I would like premier Motor Coach to have their invoice paid

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Address: 109 Claiborne, Donaldsonville, Louisiana, United States, 70346


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