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Global Restoration Services

14 Prosper Ct Unit 8, Lake in the Hills, Illinois, United States, 60156-9520

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• Nov 23, 2021

Liar changes addresses again
When trying to understand Conman Daniel Wilnau & his enabler Ray, u notice address changes all over the place. His source to ripoff customers is Home Advisor. This mother's new address is 1330 Crispin Drive, Unit 206, Elgin, IL 60123 on Home Advisor..
Only problem is when u cross reference this address, no such entity like Global Restoration Services or Conman Daniel Wilnau exists. The Grayslake Police Department has a police report on Conman Daniel Wilnau for threatening a female customer, public record, 21-1920, dated 1/27/21. Was the 2k u ripped off from us worth it mother? How hard were u & Ray laughing when we waited for u on May 29, 2020. Conman Dan can't remember all his lies. He responded to the BBB that we owed him money still. In his Home Advisor rebuttal dated 9/17/20, he lied we did not exist. Still laughing that u have been suspended from Home Advisor. Recommend u two try to be honest in the future.

• Nov 20, 2021

Daniel Wilnau is a thief, liar, cheat, & conman
I can't emphasize enough that Wilnau & his enabler Ray are two thieves. There is no Corp., no insurance, no employees, just two liars working out of their truck, & hope they don't get caught. Look at the reviews from other customers & u will notice a similar pattern. When Wilnau gets caught, he will start lying. Unfortunately, he did operate under the radar screen but not any longer. Local law enforcement watches him for other alleged illegal activities. Has a police report in Grayslake for threatening a female customer. Hopes u don't find out!

• Nov 23, 2021

Conman Daniel Wilnau forgot to change his address back to Elgin. Moves around frequently to prevent from being sued. Newest address for his cons is 1330 Crispin Drive, #206, Elgin, IL 60123 according to Home Advisor. Hides so often can't remember which address the living piece of mold uses. Cross reference this new address & u can see no entity associated with CONMAN Daniel Wilnau or his other lying outfit, Global Restoration Services, exists. Too bad u & Ray were not honest & could avoid this in the first place.

• Nov 06, 2021

Suspended from Home Advisor
Conman Daniel Wilnau has been suspended from Home Advisor & Angie's List due to non performance & complaints by female customers. Do not hire. Beware of his fellow crook by the name of Ray. They stole 2k from us in May 2020. Was it worth it u SOB!

• Nov 11, 2021

Read all his negative reviews in ripoff report, google, yelp, angie's list, home advisor, & bbb. Police are aware of him & other alleged illegal activity.

He charged us 2k up front, showed up one time, claimed he needed a dumpster, & never showed up again. Kept claiming he would come back later as he had other jobs, then when we called from different numbers, hung up on us. The check had already cleared too. Plus potential false Army Vet credentials. I asked as a 35 Army Vet about what he did, & he sounded confused my question. Ft. Bragg NC does not offer basic training. First red flag after he was hired. Read similar reviews.

Dan told me he had a certificate of insurance but When he got to my property all he had was a screen shot off of his computer with the date and phone number cut off. He said that's all he ever needed on the BIG jobs he did. So I copied the Insurance company name and location and the policy number and Dan's company name. Then I found the phone number on line for the insurance company. After getting all ready to come in, THEN Dan told me they did not take credit cards but did take ***. So I said ok and then mentioned that I was looking up his insurance on line and THEN could pay him. That set him off and he said if payment was a problem, I could find another company and he left. After that, I continued the call to "his insurance company" and found out that the certificate of insurance he was trying to pass off as legitimate was not . It was from 2013. So, except for the waste of my time, I was very fortunate that he left my property, work undone!

Global Restoration Services Response • Jun 16, 2020

Sharon you rescheduled with us a total of 3 times after a total of 3 trips to your home costing our company money that was the first few red flags we had with you, we provided a certification of insurance 2wice! You did not understand it we also gave you a copy so that statement is incorrect, we do in fact take credit cards but because of your back and forth we decided not to take that form of payment from you, and as we suspected when we told you this again you had an issue...we provide a wonderful service and we work hard to provide this once in a great while we do in fact come in contact with someone looking for a free service I believe this is what your intentions where and why WE decided not to work with you. As I left I respectfully told you to please find another company that may be suited better for you.

Customer Response • Jun 17, 2020


Global Restoration Services Response • Jul 16, 2020

Like any company we get some very happy customers and some we just can not satisfy , in this situation every statement could not be more false, we in fact drained down all the SEWAGE not flood water as the customer first stated he had then upon arrival had us cutting out walls to find another leak he had after our 3rd trip to the home the customer kept adding additional work wanting to be done only at that time did we request to adjust the estimate of work needing to be done and he refused , we are in fact OWED money from this customer, the comment about false representation of military service is nothing short of false and disrespectful we have several witnesses. Again we have many great reviews and believe they speak properly of our 15 plus years in business.

• Nov 11, 2021

A liar beyond belief but he has paid the price. Suspended from Home Advisor & Angie's List. Before u say it's not true mother, I checked it out myself. Liars like this come back. Beware of a guy by the name of Daniel Wilnau & Ray.

• Nov 11, 2021

There were no witnesses. U thought it was funny hanging up on us after u stole 2k. This is even funnier mother!

• Nov 11, 2021

Conman Dan lost again. I have proven what a lying, hostile human being he really is. He is about to be thrown off home advisor & not getting any new leads. I checked it out myself. Stop away from him & his fellow enabler, ray. Negative reviews on BBB, ripoff report, google, yelp, Angie's list, & home advisor. Was the 2k u ripped us off worth it, u b [censored] ?

• Nov 06, 2021

A liar who is now been suspended by Home Advisor. Call them up & they will tell u they are not furnishing any more leads. Read his other reviews on Google, YELP, Home Advisor, & Ripoff Report.

Great service, professional and friendly. Less than 24 hour response time. Everything explained with before and after video.

I highly recommend these guys. Very personal and they did great work.

• Nov 23, 2021

Only thing I would recommend Conman Daniel Wilnau & Ray is to steal from u, & Dan to threaten female customers. Grayslake Police Department on file.

Before I moved into my house two years ago, the home inspector found mold in the attic. The previous owners had Global Restoration Services our for the remediation and to this date there is still no mold. I’ve spoken to Dan a short time ago about another area in my house that I believed to be mold. After an inspection and air test, he advised it wasn’t mold at all. So glad he didn’t lie to try and gain a bigger “job”.

• Nov 23, 2021

He does not tell the truth. Conman Daniel Wilnau has made bogus claims of he was procuring dumpsters or I saw one that he had 85 employees.

We hired Global and are completely satisfied work was completed 100% to our satisfaction.

Contacted Dan per warranty transferred to us when we purchased property. supposedly they had taken care of mold in the attic after inspection done on the house. when we moved in it looked ok just looking at it fast, few weeks after needed to get in to attic and the mold was coming back and discovered that all the original work had not been completely done when we looked further into the attic and saw areas never treated. They pretty much only took care of the area that is easy to see.
called him and told me to send him pics, send video instead showing him all we discovered, said he needed to come in and find out what is causing it and told us he would come certain day at certain time. never showed and no call, texted him asking him why he did not show up, never got response. called him and he hung up on me. called again and left him message to call back and husband left him message as well and he never called us back

Global Restoration Services Response • Nov 14, 2019

We spoke with this customer, they sent a video of the attic in question the home owner in FACT received water damage from a roof leak that cause mold the water damage voided the warranty they refused to send a copy of the warranty for these reasons.

Customer Response • Nov 15, 2019

Yes he is correct we did send the video of condensation, he texted me back saying he needs to find out what is causing that. he cannot go by a video to say that it is a roof issue
made appointment and he never showed up and then hung up on me when I called him. and left message and never called me or my husband back.
he cannot go by a video to say that it is a roof issue
had another company come out and they said the removal of the mold was not all done in all the area and done very poorly where it was done. and its not a roof problem.
the fact that he hangs up on his customers and never bothers to call back and never show up is unacceptable

• Nov 11, 2021

Just a liar, Daniel Wilnau. Notice that these complaints all sound familiar. Warranties my a[censored].

Dan *** came to help with mold remediation thru Home Advisor
On 6/28 he brought a Hepa filtration system ask for $3500 which we paid since we trust people
He didn’t offer a contract
Since then he didn’t show up to do the work
He lied to us that he couldn’t get a dumpster and ask that I get one
We are now almost 3 weeks living in a mold infested house
We are asking what are ways for us to recoup our money

Global Restoration Services Response • Nov 14, 2019

This customer and Global actually went through a 3rd party arbitrator and in fact global won the case not only did this customer fabricate the entire complaint but had to pay restitution.
This complaint from The Elrads is completely false.

• Nov 21, 2021

Hey Conman Daniel Wilnau the liar, notice to the BBB u lied that we owed u money. Next in the Home Advisor review u claimed u never worked for us though u sent us a text & signed the back of the check. Wilnau knows already how to steal from clients, & knows there is no investigation if it's under 5k he stole. Don't believe anything this lying Mother says. Your best bet is to keep away from this liar & his enabler Ray. Don't play spin the wheel with this living piece of mold

• Nov 20, 2021

This is a common lie like the case against Liz. Wilnau lost in Arbitration & was so upset, a Grayslake Police Department was filed for threatening Liz when Wilnau lost his temper. Its on file Mother!

I had contacted three different companies for the mold remediation and I had found Global Restoration Services via Dan contacted me 10 minutes after I had submitted my request with HomeAdvisros and he came in to my home within an hour. Dan had inspected the attic and we had agreed on the price (best quote I had gotten between 3 different companies). He begun working immediately once we agreed on the price, job was done within 2 hours. Dan also provided me with the 25 year warranty on the “Mold remover and preventative antimicrobial” work. The whole process was quick and work was done by the “License” professional. Thank you Global restoration Services.

Dan ***, Owner of Global Restoration Services, Lake in the Hills, IL, was contacted for an estimate for mold remediation in January 2017. We received an estimate for his services and he was informed at that time, no services would be performed until after other issues in our attic were corrected. He was contacted in January 2018. We were ready for the work to be completed. When returned to inspect the attic, I answered the door, he didn't introduce himself, nor did he state the name of his company.He was asked to provide license and insurance information at the time of the estimate. Instead of giving us that information he responded " DONT ASK ME THAT. IVE BEEN IN BUSINESS TWENTY YEARS!". He did send us a written estimate with license and insurance information by email. Because of his unprofessional behavior we made the decision to hire another contractor.
He called and left messages. He was told he would be kept in mind. Today he sent the following text messages to our phone:
"Two trips out for ? and you asked me to keep in touch for a year? Dude your ridiculous. Im actually glad I did not touch your attic "
"I do not care and trust me very called for obviously you dont own a business, you not only wasted my time but cost me money... Im well off so I doesnt bother me... enjoy your little home and constant issues Its customers like you that contractors cant stand"
I would warn anyone to stay away from Dan ***, Global Restoration Services, Lake in the Hills, IL.
DAN *** GLOBAL RESTORATION SERVICES, LAKE IN THE HILLS, IL, through the above texts show his values and character... which is questionable. The other complaints/reviews are consistent with questionable business practices.
Homeowners should beware... an estimate for services turned into an expectation to be hired...Homeowners can risk hiring contractors like Dan.
Always follow the recommendations on the *** website. It's a useful tool.

Global Restoration Services Response • Nov 14, 2019

Fact of this matter is we provided this customer a estimate, upon arrival we ALWAYS hand a business card with all our certification and license information on the front and back of the card- these statements could not be more false anyone who has met me or any employee of global would admit we are VERY RESPECTFUL. I’m sorry this customer feels this way but it is simply false.

• Nov 11, 2021

This is not an IL Corp. Check with the IL Secretary of State. Just two conmen, one by the name of Daniel Wilnau & his enabler Ray who are not licensed, carry insurance, & just will do anything to steal out of their truck

I am not sure if the business address is correct or not, the man I delt with is *** from Global Restoration but I thought he was out of *** but am not sure. I cannot find an address on his letterhead.
I am part of a Homeowners assosiation and we contracted him for a mold problem one of our crawlspaces. He came did what he said was remediation. He billed us we paid and he gave a warrant good for 25 yrs.
Well there is apparently still mold so I contacted him twice by phone and 2 emails asking him to contact us and come and do a recheck and he has ignored all communications. This is a health concern to tenants in the building with concerns of the mold.

Global Restoration Services Response

***, *** N. Airlite Unit D Elgin, IL 60123 ***[email protected]om

Hello Mrs ***,

Fist off I want to apologize for the delay in this emailed response, please know I have read this complaint in it's entirety and would like to respond:

1. When you called you stated there was still mold in the crawlspace area of the first building and asked me to call *** and schedule a walk through to review.

2. I spoke with *** and did in fact come by and review the crawlspace again so the statement of me disappearing I'm sorry is incorrect.

3. Upon re inspection I noticed several things which I brought to ***s attention, 1 the relative humidity was approx 78% and there was standing water in the crawlspace again, also I noticed bottles of bleach which I was told the tenant that caused the flooding attempted to spray the wood him self.

4. As per the warranty it clearly states you must maintain the relative humidity between 25-35% and warranty is void to do lack of structure care and or flooding.

5. Applying bleach to the wood by your tenant (or home owner who caused the flooding) is highly not recommended as bleach is 93% water and 7% hyposodiom chlorite which becomes a gas and all that remains is water in return washing away our product and feeding mold.

I'm sorry again for the delay but all of this was clearly explain upon re inspection.

Customer Response

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:I don’t know a “***” so I would like to know to how he got I. The crawlspace and we have not detected any standing water!


Global Restoration Services Response

Apology and correction the gentlemens name was *** in ***B this is the gentlemen who let us in to inspect.

tha k you and yes there was standing water and bleach bottles.

• Nov 21, 2021

This mother threatened a female customer & had a Grayslake, IL police report. Watched by law enforcement. Do not hire Conman Daniel Wilnau & his enabler Ray. Dangerous person.

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Address: 14 Prosper Ct Unit 8, Lake in the Hills, Illinois, United States, 60156-9520


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