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I filed a dispute against a charge on my account on Tuesday morning as I was told that nothing could be done until the charge had postedI was told to be at the branch in Rehoboth Beach at o clock in the morning to be sure that my dispute was filed early and therefore could be processed quicklyI was then told by two different members of the branch that within two days my account would be credited the disputed amount until the investigation into the charge was completeI explained that I had proof from the owner of the business that the charge was incorrect and at no point did anyone ask for this proof, even AFTER explaining that I had the owners personal number and he agreed to speak to whomever he needed to speak to in order to clear the problem quickly It is now ThursdayI still have no received my creditI have continuously been told that nothing could be done to tell me exactly when I would receive my creditMy account is in the negative and nobody within the branch or the banks customer service line have offered any help at all and have only told me that I will have to waitIt will be a day weekend and therefore no business will be conducted due to the holidayNobody knows when I will receive my credit or who I can talk to and they assure that there is no way to expedite my disputeThis bank is terrible and extremely unhelpful

This letter Is In response to a customer complaint that WSFS Bank received from the on July 25, regarding [redacted] On May 27, 2014, [redacted] visited the WSFS Bank West Newark branch and completed a fraud dispute claim form, Indicating that his WSFS Bank debit card and possibly his PIN were stolenThe dispute form is attached [redacted] highlighted transactions on this form to Indicate which ones were fraudulent As part of our standard practice, the dispute form was forwarded to our fraud investigation team for further investigationLatisha Scott, an electronic fraud analyst, contacted [redacted] and spoke to him on several occasionsHis description about what occurred the night his card was stolen changed several times,and the details also did not match the information he provided to the police (see attached police report)In addition, several of the transactions he initially disputed In the branch, he later indicated to [redacted] were validThese transactions included an ATM withdrawal of $and a Wail Mart charge of $The Wal-Mart charge took place during a time when he indicated that hrs card was not in his possession Due to the conflicting information surrounding [redacted] 's loss of his debit card, WSFS Bank denied his dispute If additional information is needed regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact me I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 10143789, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below The description about what occurred the night the card was stolen had differed because I didn’t know when or where the card was stolen at the casino or at the residence in [redacted] The last place I used the card was at the casino I was told by the [redacted] police that if I thought the card was stolen at the residence I had to contact the Local [redacted] police department, which I promptly did So I told the police what happened at the residence and they would follow up with the other departments to investigate When I initially met with [redacted] at the west Newark branch about the fraudulent charges I told her I wasn’t sure about the charge of $ She said that I should put it in the report anyway and that the fraud department would investigateAfter I had time to look over the transaction history I realized it was valid The [redacted] charge of $was never indicated as valid to her or Latisha Scott After I first met with [redacted] she contacted me to file a police report, which I did on May 28th While at the police station I called [redacted] and asked her to fax my fraudulent transaction history to the officer [redacted] at the [redacted] police department She said that she cannot do that and that the fraud department would get him all the pertinent information I emailed [redacted] the incident report number and the officer’s information on May 28th In the mean time [redacted] contacted me but never left me with any return contact information I emailed [redacted] on June 3rd asking for [redacted] contact information but I never got a response back The next correspondence was a denial letter in the mail That was the first time I had [redacted] ***’s information I promptly contacted her to see why the case was denied When I asked her about the police she had no idea that I filed a police report So the whole time officer [redacted] was waiting for the information from the bank to investigate my case and was never given the information He was more than willing to pull the surveillance videos when I first met with him He would contact me and all I could do was tell him that the fraud department would contact himBut little did I know that the police report information I sent to [redacted] at the branch never got to [redacted] who was supposed to be investigating my claims I asked [redacted] to pull the videos after the denial, which she said she was waiting on the police response The police were not responding because of the miscommunication within the bank not getting them the information in a timely manner These videos would support my claims of the fraudulent activities I have never been to a [redacted] in Mays Landing NJ I never indicated that the $charge was valid This was one of many fraudulent charges at [redacted] at 4:25am There was a fraudulent charge of $at [redacted] at 4:24am then the fraudulent charge of $at 4:25am followed by other fraudulent charges at 4:35am, 4:37am, 4:41am, and 4:in addition to all the [redacted] fraudulent charges The [redacted] is in Mays Landing, which is minutes north of the casino I had gone back to [redacted] from the casino, which is Minutes south It doesn’t make sense or the timing of it for me to take a taxi back to [redacted] then take another taxi almost 45minutes north to a [redacted] in Mays Landing I was home sleeping at the time of these fraudulent activities There was also another person staying at the [redacted] residence who could testify to the fact that I was home during the fraudulent activities, never left and was nowhere near a [redacted] in Mays landing I am positive that the store surveillance videos would prove this claim

Thank you for taking the time to communicate to us [redacted] 's complaint and experience at our Union Street BranchWe sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or frustration this may have caused [redacted] According to my research, her son opened an account on 7/24/with $Unfortunately, there was no activity in this account since it was opened and caused him to accrue a total of $ in $inactivity feesThese fees are standard and disclosed in the fee disclosure given to her son when the account was opened In addition, these fees were disclosed in every monthly bank statement mailed to the address on fileOn February 28th, [redacted] agreed to refund $out of the $Per [redacted] ' son's request, the account was closed on 2/28/ Given that her son has already received a generous refund of $and the fees were disclosed various times throughout his tenure with WSFS, no additional refunds will be honored at this time [redacted] 's concerns with the manner in which she and her son were treated have been discussed with the Associate at the Union Street branch I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below First of all this business claims superior customer service, the whole process has been a complete hassle The letter that they responded to me is obviously a generic letter because it is not even addressed to me, it is addressed to someone else I do not agree with the response I have even talked to my current bank and they can't even believe this has happened over a measly $deposit that cleared my account on that Monday following said deposit I want this bank to give me all the fees back In the process of waiting for a response more fees are assessed to my account daily Such a huge disappointment Regards, [redacted]

WSFS Bank Is In receipt of the customer complaint flied by [redacted] regarding the fraudulent use of her WSFS Bank debit card_ The fraudulent charge was made on July 1,In the amount of $242.89, and posted to [redacted] 's account on July 3, WSFS Bank Card Services processed [redacted] 's dispute and credited her account for the full amount of the fraudulent charge on July 8, 2014- In addition, although WSFS Bank does not have record of charging [redacted] a replacement card fee of $5.00, as a courtesy, on July 11,WSFS Bank refunded $to her checking account We believe that the above actions resolve [redacted] 's .complaintIf additional Information Is needed, please do not hesitate to contact me

I've done business with WSFS for over years I always find them to be customer friendly Lots of branches and I am always treated well when I use a branch

This letter is in response to a customer complaint that WSFS Bank received from you via e-mail on
February 25,
*** ***t makes reference in his letter regarding overdraft fees he was assessed on transactions he had disputedOur review of his account reflects the
following :
• On January 15, *** *** contacted our customer service area and did closed his debit card account and was going to file a dispute for the transactions he said were in errorNo dispute was received from *** ***
• On February 19, *** *** contacted our Lewes branch, where he again indicated he was going to file a dispute for transactions that he said were in error and the teller noted this on the system No dispute was received from *** ***
• On February 19, *** *** was contacted by overdraft service area regarding his overdrawn account*** *** again indicated that he was going to file a dispute for transactions he said were in error Our service associate asked him to fax a letter to us and he indicated he could not fax the letterOur service associate then recommended two other options to get the dispute letter to us; by mailing the letter by USPS or by taking a picture of the letter by a smartphone and emailing it to usNo dispute was received from *** ***
As of today, we have not received any information regarding his dispute and based on the date of the transaction(s) , we may no longer have the ability to act on his behalf to recoup these disputed funds
The checking and savings accounts are both closed and have zero balancesIf we can be of further assistance, please contact use at ***

I have been a WSFS customer for over years I deposited cash money into the ATM the previous day and was inquiring about the delay to my account The bank teller proceeded to tell me there is a delay in the deposit because their customers lie about making deposits in the machine I'm years old, have been with WSFS since I was yrs old and now I'm a LIAR?? Wow, so much for customer service and respect for people!! My son has Wells fargo & his ATM cash deposits are available immediately!! Needless to say, I am a very dissatisfied customer of WSFS! Rather than to explain your policy in a respectful manner, it's easier just to call your customers liars! You ought to be ashamed of yourselves!!

I was told by a CSR I my loan was approved & 1/the amount of loan would be deposited in my checking acctThen I was told to go to Walmart & buy money gram, send them the deposit back to them on "a good faith effort" showing it was really me & my acct wasn't overdrawn & to pay that amount with my debit card & the whole amount of loan would be deposited in my checking account within minutesRED FLAG! I didn't fall for it, neither should anyone else
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed.
I am not happy at all with this response frankly We have two accounts there and have for years plus our kids have also had accounts there I was at the bank several times during this period and the only thing they suggested was for me to move over my from the savings and put in a mm acct as I would accrue more interest In the past this never happened no one ever notified me by mail or phone that fees are accruing times It is just good customer skills I have every cent to cover anything that came out They said to change the fee charge well I already did maybe they should look at this more closelyI have since then transferred all the over so I am not charged meaningless fees just so the bank can make money and not provide a loyal customer serviceI have talked to several banks about this and they think it is classless and poor customer service

This letter is in response to a customer complaint that WSFS Bank received from the on July 21, regarding Mr*** ***
Mr*** states In his complaint that he changed his mailing address in with the post office, but WSFS Bank changed his address to an
incorrect New Jersey address at that time,and statements were returned, resulting in subsequent return mail and dormancy fees being charged to his accountMr*** also stated that these fees were "unannounced." After reviewing Mr***'s bank statements dating back to 2008, it appears that WSFS Bank never changed the mailing address to a New Jersey addressThe address on record remained *** *** *** *** *** until July 16, when Mr*** called WSFS Bank and updated his address to *** *** *** *** ** ***-
In addition, all fees are disclosed to customers on our Fee Schedule provided at the time of account opening
Sometime during February 2009, a statement mailed to Mr***'s ** *** *** was returned by the post office as being an Incorrect addressIt is WSFS Bank's policy to update address records for a customer when a forwarding address is provided by the post officeSince no address update is recorded, it appears that no forwarding address was provided by the post officeOn February 21, 2009, the first return mail charge of $was debited from Mr***'s accountThe $return mail fee continued to be charged•monthly until July when Mr.*** called to update his addressThe total return mail fees charged to the account during this period of time were $
In addition,dormancy fees are charged when there has been no activity on an account for two years or more and WSFS Bank has lost contact with the customer (in this case, the returned mall was Indication that contact had been lost).The first $dormancy fee was debited from Mr***'s account on January 21, This dormancy fee also continued to be charged monthly until Mr*** contacted WSFS Bank in July The total dormancy fees charged to Mr.***'s account were $On July 16, 2014, WSFS Bank refunded $In dormancy feesAs a customer courtesy, WSFS Bank has now refunded the remainder of dormancy fees ($130.00) to Mr***'s account
We attempted to speak to Mr*** regarding the action we are taking to resolve his complaint, but to date he has not returned our callWe believe that the above resolution is fair and that the above action will resolve his complaint
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
*** *** is either being advised incorrect information or is purposefully trying to deceive the I've attached the language as stated directly from WSFS Snapahot Deposit which completely differs with what myself and the have been advised It states and I quote "checks deposited on weekends, holidays, or after 6:00PM will be processed the next business day." This is only verbiage one gets during the deposit Also, he has eroniously stated dates that I called about this problem when in fact the last date he gave was due to the fact that WSFS charged me a $fee for an automated transfer from my checking to my savings using unavailable funds This practice is in direct violation of the Dodd Frank act, and the bank did satisfactorily return my $fee I've attached a screenshot of the exact verbiage for the and *** ***'s review I would advise *** *** to go ahead and make a snapshot deposit himself to see if he is properly disclosed of funds availability before drawing up documents from the banks legal department Also, during my first interactions with WSFS regarding this matter, they were advising me that I made my deposit after 6:00PM and that was the reason I was being charged They said ** *** you made your deposit at 9:56PM, so it posted after When I said that was completely the superviser finally said well we emailed you, would you be able to send me the email to verify the time I was like "oh great well this will prove I made my deposit before 6" but I was completely unaware that they did indeed email me confirmation So I go to my email account and nothing, the kind representative said check your spam, and there it was, sure enough a receipt of deposit that was indeed made prior to the 6:00pm cut off Once I emailed the email back to them that they sent me they waived the fee This was the first go round Then came the second when I was finally advised no MrSturgeon "we hold your deposit for day"I said I just went through this several weeks ago and they said it was because of the time, and I proved made it in time and you did waive the fees Then another supervisor got on the line and began screaming at me "** *** we've been over and over this with you I'm documenting your account, you will NEVER have another refund from this bank do you hear me"I was taken aback to say the least and decided at that time I would pursue a different line of communication which is when I contacted the I believe that because of this sup this situation has really just made WSFS on the defensive I've banked there for years and had $refunded due to Snapahot and it truly is not clear and says nothing except what I've attached when you make a deposit with your smartphone Any disclosures should be on the same screen where it say deposits made after 6:will be processed the next business day That means to me and I believe anyone that reads it that deposits made before 6:00PM will be processed that day

This letter is in response to a customer complaint that WSFS Bank received from the on September 8, regarding Mr*** *** ***
Mr***'s complaint concerns a late payment for his auto loan with WSFS BankOn June 13, 2014, Mr*** did in fact set up autopay so
that his loan payment would be automatically deducted from his checking accountBut at that time, the June 1, payment for his auto loan was overdueSince autopay was set up after the due date for the June payment, Mr*** should have paid his June payment manuallyAs a courtesy WSFS Bank did waive the late fee for the June payment, but the delinquency report to the credit bureaus is accurate
If additional Information is needed regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact me

This letter is in response to the additional concerns *** *** flied with the on August 26, regarding WSFS Bank's original response to his complaint of July 23,
In his most recent complaint to the, *** *** states his concerns about WSFS Bank not communicating with the•police department han l!ng the investigation of this matter*** *** ,an electronic fraud analyst handling the investigation of *** ***'s case for WSFS Bank, spoke to *** on three separate occasions before WSFS Bank denied his dispute *** *** did not mention during any of those calls that the police were involvedOnce *** received
the denial of his dispute, he contacted *** *** and informed her about the police report.As soon as *** was made aware that a police report was filed, she contacted the police (on or about June 16, 2014), and provided details of the matter.On June 17,2014, the police department faxed a copy of their report to ***.That report was Included in WSFS Bank's first response to the Revdex.comSubsequent to *** *** receiving the police report, she sent information to the police concerning her investigation
*** also expresses concerns about no one pulling the surveillance video from the store where he claims the fraudulent activity occurredWSFS Bank has no authority to request surveillance video from a merchant, and WSFS Bank cannot control what the police choose to do in their Investigation
As stated in WSFS Bank's previous response to the,due to the conflicting Information surrounding ***'s loss of his debit card and inconsistency with the information contained in the police report, WSFS Bank denied his dispute
If additional information is needed regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact me

We have reviewed your second letter to the regarding the June loan payment on your loan account ending in As you know, the monthly payment for this loan is $Enclosed Is your May bank statement for your checking account ending in The May 1, payment of
$was deducted from this accountAlso enclosed Is your June statement for this accountAs you can see, no loan payment for $was deducted from this account on June 2,(June 1,
was a Sunday) On June 2,2014, the balance in your account was negative as reflected under your dally balances; therefore, the auto pay system could not automatically deduct the loan paymentAlthough It appears upon review that the charges causing the negative balance were disputed and refunded to you, no loan payment was ever made for the payment due June 1, as evidenced by your statement
On June 6, 2014, you closed the checking account ending In and opened a new checking account ending in The June statement for that account is also enclosedAs you can see, there was no loan payment for $deducted from this account eitherOn June 13, 2014, you changed the auto pay on your loan from checking account ending in to the new account ending in 4143, enabling future loan payments to be automatically deducted monthlyThe July statement for account ending in shows the $loan payment being deducted as planned However,the June Installment remains outstanding
In order to resolve your concerns regarding the negative credit reporting, as of today, WSFS Bank has removed any late fees and delinquency reporting with the credit reporting agencies related to this outstanding balance Enclosed is a copy of the form sent to the credit reporting agencies updating your account to reflect no past due amountAlthough WSFS Bank has removed any negative reporting with the credit reporting agencies, your loan payment for June of $is overdue Please contact John BealCollections Manager, at 302-283-or [email protected] to make arrangements for the June payment
Itrust that this resolves your concernsIf you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or John Beal
I have reviewed
the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

This message is in response to additional concerns shared regarding Customer Concern ID *** For the reasons set forth in our previous response dated March 9, 2015, we are unwilling to refund any additional fees at this time

This letter Is In response to a customer complaint that WSFS Bank received from the via e-mail on May 2, regarding *** *** ***
We have researched *** ***'s deposit account relationship with WSFS and noted that on October 10, 2010, he chose to opt In to our
courtesy overdraft service program, which allows him to make purchases or withdraw cash using his debit card when there are not enough available funds to cover these transactions Contrary to what *** *** alleges, *** ***'s account was overdrawn by
$at the end of the day on April 24, In reviewing the overdraft fees referenced In *** ***'s complaint, we note that there were six (6) $overdraft fees related to the April 24, overdrafts In order to resolve his concerns, we have refunded half of these overdraft fees, for a total refund of $
In addition, based on ***'s concerns and comments regarding the overdraft service and the fees related to being in the program, we have opted him out of our courtesy overdraft program As a result, if he does not have sufficient funds to pay debit card transactions and ATM withdrawals in the future, these transactions will be declined at the point of sale, thus avoiding future overdraft fees
We have attempted to speak to *** *** regarding the actions we are taking to resolve his complaint, but to date he has not returned our voice messagesWe believe that the above resolution Is fair and that the above actions will resolve his complaint

Please see the attached response
*** ***

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