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Green Cities Energy, LLC

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[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a...

reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]
 Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
1) The company is providing incorrect information again.  No change was ordered.  I have emails from the electric company showing that the company sent the electric company an email stating that I wanted more panels to hold off on the meter install.  When in fact, the roof can not hold more panels.  I have 32 and have no room for the others.  Another lie from the company and I have documentation to provide that with them.  2)  The company has asked for the quote from the electrician.  I have it and he never provided me with an email, which I have asked for via text, which I have documentation.   And I NEVER asked to replace the meter without permits.  That is against the law.  The company never even offered to do it without permits, which is against the law.  The company is lieing again.  They have an answer for everything, but when it comes down to it, they have zero documentation, which I do.  I offered them to resolve the situation by comprimising to $750.  Now that they admitted that they were going to do it without permits, which I would not have authorized, and done it for free, I will be persuing the entire $2,350 as per my attorney.  This company has nothing but lied to me and the  

- The home owner will continue to reject all answers.- The home owner has no complaints about the equipment. - The home owner simply purchased the materials only from us beyond the first phase.- The home owner still owes us money and will abuse the '' process to avoid paying past invoices.

Thank you for the update.   Ms. [redacted] was denied employment with us.  Ms. [redacted] has currently found a second job aside from working at [redacted] High School.  Ms. [redacted] then accused us of charging her roughly $30 per year.  Ms. [redacted] cancelled the aggregation service many months ago and we agreed.  Ms. [redacted] has the ability to aggregate her SRECs herself or use another firm.  We have provided all of the information that Ms. [redacted] needs on multiple occasions.  We will send another packet with instructions.  During the time of contract, most of our conversations were with [redacted].  [redacted] visited other projects we had in the area and after the installation, he provided us with several references.       Every person or agency that Ms. [redacted] has aired her complaint has been closed.  Ms. [redacted]’ most recent complaint with another agency was confirmed closed on 12/19/16.  The last open complaint is with the       Please make sure that your records reflect that we never charged Ms. [redacted] for processing credits and we also continue to provide free web based monitoring of the [redacted]’ solar panels.  As you know the monitoring on solar panels bears a similar cost as a home security monitoring system.  Finally, please note that Ms. [redacted] has utilized 100% of all Federal and State benefits back in 2012 and 2013.  Thanks again.

Answer 1) The home owner sent multiple text messages to add, change panels and/or remove panels (there is room for more).  The home owner even sent a text message to remove the panels.  The finally home owner then signed off on utility documentation that the project is OK.  After the documentation was approved by the home owner, utility meter install was complete.
Answer 2) The new panel was installed at the home owner's request because the home owner lost power.  This was separate from the solar project.  The home owner signed off on the panel upgrade.  Several months after the work was complete, the home owner discovered alternate quotes.   We have sent self addressed stamped envelopes for the home owner to send the complete documentation or provide an expert witness on what is a fair price.  We will work with this third party expert's clients to see what they charged in the past.  The home has not sent anything to date.   
Note 1) The new panel was installed at the home owner's request.  The home owner purchased materials for the new panel on his own without our knowledge.  We told the home owner that the equipment doesn't match.  The home owner thinks this should qualify as some sort of discount which is not valid.  
Note 2) The solar panels on the roof are working as expected.  The home owner has already received tax credits and free electric which required the home owner's signed approval on the project.      
Note 3) Permits were obtained for both projects.  Both projects passed all inspections.  Copies of the permits are on file with the local township.  Photos of the yellow placard hanging from the home owner's window are taken for each project.
Note 4) The home owner needs to realize that the utility has a process and it takes time which is out of our control.  
Note 5) First the customer requested $2,350, and now $750.  We have always been willing to listen to the home owner, but they have to provide documentation. 
The should not give credibility to these fictitious claims.

The home owner has agreed to sign a document that will close out this complaint.  We met with the customer shortly after this complaint was posted.  We explained to customer that each project change requires new prints and new permits.  The new prints usually take up to ten business...

days.  The permit process usually takes up to four weeks.  We explained to the customer that the project was originally for 10 solar panels.  The customer was satisfied and ordered more solar panels.  There was a total of four project changes.  The customer has a total of thirty eight solar panels.  The customer has a monitoring system (see attached photo).
The contract price is $50,000.00.  The customer has only paid $25,000.00.  The customer misrepresented that he paid $50,000.00.  We explained to the customer that money is not due and he cannot make a false claim.  Although the balance is not due at this time, the customer acknowledged that he has not paid in full.
The signed document will be emailed by 3/19/2014.  Please call us at ###-###-#### if there are any questions.

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Address: 1700 Market St, Suite 1005, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, 19103


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