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Green Valley Natural Solutions

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• Dec 22, 2020

I didn't get hurt too badly!
According to the online receipt I keep in a folder in my email box, I made a trial order for $9.95 on July 7. On August 20th I moved. Since I had rented a box at the UPS store, they would not forward my mail. I never received the product, and after reading all these reviews, I can only conclude that the product was sent back, if it even arrived! It had been over a month since I ordered, and with the chaos of moving to another state, I completely forgot about the order. Until today when I was going through my 'online order receipts' folder and came across this receipt. I am stunned at all the negative reviews. But, the good thing for me is that I was never charged any more, as far as I know. I will go back and look at my bank account for that time period. But one would think that if the package was returned to them as undeliverable, they would have contacted me, which they did not. So they only got $9.95 out of me. Thank you all for your reviews!

• Nov 02, 2020

189.00 scam!
They've got me for $189.00 for 2 months supply on Cellular Enhancement. Tried what they sent me vandv didn't feel any different. Wasn't going to reorder it, but they debit me another 189.00 anyway. Trying to reverse the charge here. Pain in the a[censored]!

• Oct 17, 2020

A total scam
You will never see that they have a box they check when you order a so-called free trial...nothing is free and who in the heck would pay $200 for a 30 supply of anything? Or even $89? One reviewer said $39 a bottle...scam, scam! Do not order from these companies.Every single time it is a free trial it will cost you plenty and hard to stop the charges.

• Aug 29, 2020

Like many others I fell for their scam 😩
I was charged $83.30 today after ordering the “trial” offer
I have not used any of the product and I will be sending it back..
I never get an answer by calling the customer service number so I sent an email earlier this week without any response back, only to get a debit for more of the product that I did not order. I have not opened the regularity trial products and I will be demanding a full refund. I am following up with BBB complaint, CFPB and state attorney’s office.
These scammers need full exposure to their con game!
Don’t fall for any of these online free trial scam games!

• Oct 17, 2020

I am sorry you got taken. Unfortunately, once they have your debit/credit card they can charge immediately. One think I found out is if the products are not FDA approved or make false medical claims they are forced to refund the money. Your bank or credit card will refund too if you say they charge your card without your permission. It is such a total scam whenever it is a free trial.

I have been taken by Green Natural Solutions. After trying the product, I had to request that they stop all shipments. I received no response, but assumed that since I had used there online e-mail system that the situation had been dealt with properly. I trusted them, and that was a mistake. Now I have to go to my bank to get them banned from my account. It is easy to start to do business with them, but they make it hard to discontinue. I can only glean from may experience with them that they could care less about you after they get your billing data. Beware!

Stem Cell Restore Total Rip-off/ Scam

Green Valley Natural Solutions Stem Cell Restore is a total rip-off scam. Read the fine print on your order. If you don't cancel in the first 30-days, you will be automatically be charged $199.90 every 2-months for about 2-cents worth of ingredients. Go ahead, read the label (if you have a strong enough magnifying glass to do so). You may as well be eating dirt. Don't wait. Be smart and CANCEL your order immediately. And make sure you get written confirmation of your order cancellation from them. These guys are snakes. Go look at their BBB complaints. God bless.

I ordered colon cleanse product 6-24-19 and paid $9.95 for. They sent two bottles even though I asked for just one. They spread that amount over 4 transactions that day. Now 13 days later my card is hit for $89.95. Thank goodness that Wells Fargo has inside of their banking algorithm to detect when these bait and run up amounts happen. They notified me right away all my online banking by text and by email that this amount had been charged to my card. They immediately placed a credit on my account of the same amount until I called them and explain what happened. These companies take advantage of the fact that we allow them to use our cards for their services. The services they are providing there are hidden amounts in fine print that most normal people don't see and from what Wells Fargo told me that this is an old scam that companies like Green Valley continued to use. Thank you all for putting your reviews up online so that we could set these guys on notice that we are not going to stand for this if they wanna give us a their product at a small charge to try and after our product runs out submit a call, text or email to us, that is fine with me. This automatic refill is not right, fair and should not be legal.

I would give this zero stars if I could! The advertisement is misleading and a scam! I am returning the products and will NEVER purchase anything from this company! I just wasted more than $10 on shipping.

READ ALL THE FINE PRINT. After the trial you will be billed full price for the free trial bottles you received, after 30 days. So, return the bottles before 30 days or you will be billed full price with auto re-order.
I called my Credit Union and they had 2 $30 to have the company blocked or have a new card issued.

I did e-mail them and they did respond with how to return before 30 days.

Green Valley Natural is a scam. Ordered Stem cell restore for $9.95 shipping for a 60 day supply. 60 day supply was free to try with the paid shipping. then got charged $199.90
2 days after the shipping charge. Called to have the auto ship canceled. and the charge taken off. Still getting charged again 60 days later even after cancelling. Product does nothing- not enough of any of the ingredients to do what they say it does.

Green Valley Natural Solutions is a scam. Now I am afraid to even try the product afraid it is a scam too. You have 30 days from the date the order was placed to return the intact full bottles back to the company, or you will be charged the full $199.00. So the 90 day satisfaction guarantee does not really exist. BEWARE DON'T ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY IT IS A SCAM

I called to purchase however as soon as they said $199.99 ,I knew it was a scam .Why not just be honest & say $200.Once they start with plying games you know its a scam ,beside whats with automatic billing .I don't mind the $100 a month but let me order at my capacity .The forced sale is always a FRAUD .

I am a retired white collar crime prosecutor. All these companies out there like Green Valley that sign you up for autoship, unwittingly or unwillingly, really should all be shut down. There is universal abuse of the autoship concept. Why not let people try the damn product. If they like it and it works, they can reorder. Physician do no harm. You notice these companies never use paypal where at least you have some recourse. Shameful business practices.

I decided to try Genesis and signed up for the free trial in May, 2017. Then I sent an e mail after 15 days I got free trial 2 bottles to cancel my auto shipping until I see the effect I was hoping and if I satisfied I could go back and continue. I have not heard anything from them since then and yesterday, August 03, 2017 from nowhere I get 2 more bottles in my email. When I checked my bank account I saw they charged $400. I called immediately to the customer service and was told If I send all bottles I have recieved intact then will be refunded fully. Of course the last shipment I can do that but how I can send first 2 bottles intact if I supposed to take, try them to see whether it is working?
Just does not make sense, and I am very frustrated and angry how any business especially when I gave reasonable trust and respect to deal with them sincerely to benefit for my health and concerns, can treat and scam my money if I followed all the rules. But the customer service lady read me all objections from the website instead discussing and trying to get any answer to my concerns. I knew I had to send them an e mail about cancellation so I did. But today I am here to let others know not to get in a trap like me losing my $200 for "free" 2 bottles supposed to be guaranteed 100% refunded if I am not satisfied in 90 days! IT just does not sell like this. If you have really amazing product it will sell by itself without all these unnecessary frustrations and complaints. Actually, I was going to give a try to other products, now positively I am sure NOWAY, just because of their unprofessional business practices. for review Genesis TM

Just stop trying to communicate with these scam companies. Contact your credit card issuer and cancel your current current card. It may be a hasil but it is the best way. Avoid being caught up in these internet scams. Just don't respond!
I got over two hundred dollars back, credited to my card when my credit card company saw that I was clearly defrauded . I did not request the merchandise nor did I ever receive it. Oh yeah, I got some "free stuff", pay postage only,
The clerk at the card company said they they receive several dozen of these sort of complaints every day!
Cancel your scammed card and get a new number !

I thought I was ordering the trial of the garcinia cambogia and got it and something else. IT IS NOT VERY PLAIN that this is a 14 day trial and 30 days worth of pills! I called today to get a refund on the automatic charges on my credit card. I did not get any more products so I know I cancelled the automatic shipment but unfortunately don't have a cancellation number. I feel that the charges for the automatic shipments should be totally refunded. I PLAN TO NOT RECCOMEND your products due to this hidden agenda!

Review: I ordered a 2 month trial of a joint vitamin. It did nothing. I was very surprised to receive another 2 month supply in the mail and see that my credit card was charged! Usually, one needs to "sign up" for automatic shipments. Apparently on their web site, it does it automatically. I called to send it back and tell them that I did NOT sign up for it. The customer service agent said that maybe I did not see that on the web site but I did sign up. This is misleading practice to get automatic shipments without actually going in and signing up. She said that I could send it back and they would credit my account for the vitamins butt I would have to pay for shipping. That cost was only $7, but it's the principle of the thing. They are not being upfront with people and I should not have to pay return shipping on something I did not order.Desired Settlement: I would like to be paid back for shipping costs!



Hello Ms. [redacted],We're very sorry to hear you had a bad experience. I am refunding the order in full today and you don't have to return the product.As our agent stated, in an attempt to avoid problems like this, we do explain on our order form that you will receive a new shipment every 60 days and you can contact us to cancel anytime.Here is an excerpt from our order form:Your order today includes a 60 day introductory supply (2 bottles) of Triple Joint Relief that you can try for up to 30 days, with today's charge being only $9.95 Shipping and Handling. If you are not completely satisfied, call or email us within 30 days of placing your order and you will not be charged another cent. Your free bonus report is yours to keep, whatever you decide. If you decide to keep Triple Joint Relief, after 30 days you will be billed $79.90. For your convenience, every 60 days you will receive a fresh 2 month supply of Triple Joint Relief for the guaranteed locked in price of $39.95 per bottle. That's a 40% savings from the retail value! There are no obligations, you can cancel any time by contacting customer service.Thank you.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved.


Hi, I ordered their product once but they have been charging my account every month and sending the product. All attempts at canceling the subscription have failed. This is a money extraction scheme! Customers beware!

Review: Emailed that a 30 day free trail with monthly was available for a product for regularity. Was used as advised without desired results. Upon delivery of regular delivery, I called and was informed I was responsible to return delivery, which I did immediately. When I received my ** bill, they charged me for the first "free 30 day trial."

Complained to ** and was told I needed to call within 30 days. I never saw anything regarding the 30 day. Would like $89.85 removed from my ** Bill.Desired Settlement: Remove charge from **



We did include full details on the order page prior to the purchase how the trial offer works. We're sorry to hear there was still confusion. We have processed a full refund of $79.90 for the product. Shipping and handling is generally not refunded, but we have processed a refund for that as well. A total of $89.85



I have reviewed the response offer made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

My issue is that I didn't see the directions informing me that I needed to respond within 30 days. I would like to see how the express verbiage. Once this is made clear, I will then decide how to proceed.

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