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I am rejecting this response because:  There is no truth in the answer to my complaint.  I will be happy to supply copies of all written documents between myself and this company.  Unfortunately, your software does not allow uploads of more than one document per complaint. I have received nothing in writing from this company since I signed the contract and have received no such verbal offer.  However, [redacted] owner and representative, has called me repeatedly asking for grace.  He stated on the day of my initial complaint to, that the check would go out on "Friday".  He repeated the same this past Monday, 11/06/17.  He seems to be well practiced in his deceit and has not demonstrated any honesty or honor in this transaction.  As you will see, according to the "conract"  I cancelled within the time allotted, per the agreement.  The notice was sent via certified mail and signed for on September 18, 2017.  [redacted] and Grellis Construction have no legal right to my deposit since no work was performed and was not due to start until November 10, 2017.  In my opinion, this is an attempt to cheat me and delay action against this company.

From: Ground Up Home Solutions<[email protected][redacted].com>Date: Thu, Jul 6, 2017 at 2:48 PMSubject: [redacted] updateTo: [redacted] <[redacted]>Hello [redacted],**.  [redacted] had solar installed on the roof without communicating that to us, the solar company that installed it damaged the roof and we aren't responsible.  -- Ground Up Home Solutions([redacted] <office>###-###-#### <fax>###-###-#### <c...
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.  I was initially concerned with the carelessness of how my paperwork was handled.  The wrong first name was entered on the invoice and the appearance of back dating the 'Date of Transaction' on the Notice of Cancellation was unsettling.  This was my primary motivation for cancelling the work order.  In addition, I subsequently felt that the price for the work was too high.Mr. S[redacted] did not hand deliver the refund check himself on the date promised but sent a substitute person to deliver the check the following day.  This person called me on June 1, 2016, indicating that she left the refund check in my mailbox because I was not home.  This was not true; I had been home the entire day waiting.  While I had the lady on the phone I checked my mailbox; no check was inside.  I asked the lady to immediately retrieve my check from whatever mailbox she placed it in as it was not at my address.  She finally got to the right address and I received the check in hand.

 Complaint: [redacted]
I am...

rejecting this response because:[redacted] I just wanted you let you know that as of today October 28th, I have had no further contact with Ground Up Solutions and they have not returned the funds as promised. [redacted] 

The project of renovating [redacted]s kitchen was approached with excitement to create and execute her ideas and preferences.  The kitchen was completed and met [redacted]’s expectations.  Behind every project is a story , depending on the age and details of the home.  At...

Ground Up Home Solutions, the customer’s needs are just as important as ensuring safety and promoting longevity for whatever work is being done.  The needs of the home and the customer at times may have a conflict of interest, or another crucial step must be added before that need can be addressed in respect to safety.  Throughout the project [redacted]’s concerns were noted and all concerns of [redacted] did receive responses.  It is our hope that [redacted] acknowledges that Ground Up Home Solutions did make numerous attempts to resolve her concerns until her concerns extended out of the range of her initial project.  Ground Up Home Solutions hopes to work with [redacted] in the future and has noted her complaint so that all staff members can use this as a learning experience to take preventative measures going forward.  We are making all efforts to promote open communication between the customer and staff during all stages of a project.  [redacted]’s request for a refund has been denied because we have made numerous attempts to address her concerns.We thank [redacted] for taking the time to give feedback and has given her complaint acknowledgement.  The Owner, Mr. Gregory S[redacted], sincerely regrets her experience and wishes they were able to make a compromise but after numerous attempts to address her concerns, [redacted] is not satisfied.  It is the hopes that one day [redacted] and Ground Up Home Solutions will be able to move forward and work again together.

Same check verification sent to the client

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved] Complaint: [redacted]I  did not ask for a four inch ramp.  The job was not done professionally and that's why they painted over the floor and half of the walls.
When I drove over the painted floor the very first time (after waiting a few days to make sure that the paint dried), the tires stripped the paint off.  Although they said someone was going to come on a Saturday to look at it, nobody showed up.
The not showing up when an appointment was made happened a few times with this company.
I recall being told that the paint job was good for 5 years.
A contractor who looked at the job said that indoor paint was used on the walls and floor.  He also said it appeared that the painting of the walls damaged something that effects the door from going up and down.
 I don't want 10% off from a future job from a company that treated me disrespectfully by telling me that they'd show up and then not showing up.

[redacted] was fine with the job but didn't want to pay the balance because we didn't use a coarse sander (we used a liquid sander). She got upset because when we were done with the job, we asked that she pay the balance. We cleaned up the job on the way out. ** [redacted] never...

contacted us about coming out to "fix" whatever issues she was referring to. We will be happy, upon request to come out and rectify whatever issues she is having a problem with and would like our final pay upon a 3rd party inspection. [redacted] is free to call the office at anytime to request service and we will handle any issues she has expeditiously. Thats our policy.

We contracted a bathroom job for [redacted] to fix some shotty work that another contractor did to her home and then left her high and dry and wouldn’t come back to finish the work. We contracted the job after one of our head designers and technician did a thorough estimation, layout, design of...

the bathroom. [redacted] did not cancel her job within the timeframe allotted by the contract and is subject to a termination fee. She was presented two options for late cancellation: 1. Pay the termination fee. 2. Continue to get the work done (as stated in her comments, she still needs to get her bathroom completed). We have also offered [redacted] a $638 discount on her job based on a new bathroom rebate coupon that she is eligible for. We would like to know what [redacted] would prefer before we close up the office next Friday for thanksgiving holiday.

From: [redacted]<[redacted].[redacted].com>Date: Thu, Sep 24, 2015 at 7:43 PMSubject: Re:To:...

Greg S[redacted] <[redacted][email protected][redacted].com>Greg and Anisha,We never received the check you said was mailed last Saturday. I wanted to let you that tomorrow we will proceeding with the complaint with the Maryland licensing board and also with the home improvement guaranty fund. After which both complaints are finalized we will be pursuing a lawsuit against your company. On Monday, September 21, 2015, Greg S[redacted] <[redacted][email protected][redacted].com> wrote:This is a copy of the check that was  mailed on 9/19/2015, it was mailed on Saturday.  We will also be closing out the permit so that the new company can take over.  I can be reached at ###-###-####---------- Forwarded message ----------

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