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Dear Mr***, Our meter technician has not be able personally check your meter yet; however, the decision has been made by your community management to set your meter back to gallon units rather than gallon units for the time being. This change brought your usage for this month’s bill down to gallons, which is in line with your previous usage history. Also, as was previously mentioned, any overbilled amounts from past months were credited back to your account Once a technician is able to look at your meter, we will be able to verify whether it should be reading in gallon units or gallon units We are currently working on scheduling a date with your community to have a technician visit your property If any changes are needed, they will be made at that time. As always, please feel free to contact our customer service department with any further questions at ###-###-####. Sincerely, Conservice

Dear *** ***, I apologize for the inconvenience that these charges have placed on youWe have reached out to the management of Hearthstone at City Center to confirm that you signed your lease late in the day on 9/26/The provider, Xcel Energy confirmed that you called on 9/27/to
have service set up for the service address of *** * *** *** *** ** With this information, we were able to get approval to remove the $vacant service feeThere should now be a $credit on your ledger with the propertyWe also issued the credits on your bill that was due 1/1/for your water and sewer charges that you were overbilledYour water and sewer charges are billed based on the number of occupants in your unit and the unit’s square footageThe credit was for the occupant portion of your water and sewer charge only, since the square footage portion will stay the sameThe water credit was in the amount of $and sewer was for $7.43, for service periods 9/26/16-10/31/These amounts were included with your water and sewer charge on your bill due 1/1/Original water charge due 1/1/was $with the $credit equals the $you will see on your billOriginal sewer charge due 1/1/was $with the $credit equals the $you will see on your billIf you have any further questions please contact our customer service line at 1-866-947-Thank you,Conservice
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
*** ***

*** ***,According to Tamra at The Grove at Huntsville, your roommate moved in on 8/17/2015. Your move in date is 8/6/2015. Since you both moved in last year, you are both responsible for any electric usage that is shown on your electric meter each month, per the lease until your
lease end date of 7/31/2016. I understand that you were told different things from The Grove and Conservice For the past two months, your charges have been $(from 05/19/2016-6/20/2016) and $(from 06/21/to 7/31/2016) which equals a final bill of $This final bill also includes your allowance of $which is subtracted from your bill every month. Since your roommate renewed his lease, he will continue to billed on what the electric meter shows every monthYou are only being billed until 7/31/ I'll explain how I bill residents at the property. We receive an electric bill from Entergy for your apartment each monthThe bill we receive gives us the exact usage for your apartment and your charges based on the Entergy's per KWH rateI split the bill by the number of residents living in your unit. Each resident is then given an allowance per your lease agreement.. For the billing cycle of 05/19/16-06/20/the Entergy bill was $for your unitWhen you divide that amount between yourself and your roommate each of you were charged $when you take off your $allowance your charges for that cycle are $For the billing cycle of 06/20/16-07/18/the Entergy bill was $when you divide that amount between yourself and your roommate each of you were charged $when you take off your $allowance your charges for that cycle are $26.04. For your final billing cycle of 07/18/16-07/31/we had to do an estimated bill based on your last months of actual usage due to TX regulation requirements.If you would like to see copies of the Entergy bills for the the cycles of 05/19/16-06/20/and 06/20/16-07/18/or have any other questions, please call our customer service line at ###-###-#### and we will be happy to help you in any way we can. Thank you,Conservice

Hello Mr***,The HVAC billing for this property requires that we have access to a third party website to obtain meter readsThe time period of 7/1/through 10/12/2017, Conservice did not have access to this websiteThe collective conclusion, which was agreed upon by both Conservice and
Uptown East, was to estimate meter reads based on the most recent actual usage available until access to the website was granted. The most recent utility billing covered the dates 10/4/to 11/3/and we were able to get an actual meter read for 11/3/With this new meter read, it was found that unit had been underestimated and therefor under-billed. Given the circumstances, our estimations were reasonable, and the consumption measured by the HVAC submeter was trued up for bills due 12/1/2017 with an actual meter read. Conservice is actively working with Uptown East toward a solution to ease concerns by compiling data from previous years to compute average usage and charges for the time period in question.If you should have further questions please let us know.Thank you!Conservice

Devera *** ***After reviewing your account, we have found that the last time you made contact with our customer service was on April 27, On this call, we see that our customer service department explained that late fees were accruing because your previous balance was not paid in
full by the due date each monthHe also explained that you have a day grace period before late fees are applied.We have reached out to your property management and have come to a resolutionWe will remove late fees from your account, with the property paying $** and Conservice waiving the remaining $**Your property manager said she would be happy to meet with you to work out a plan to help you make your payments in a timely manner and has asked Conservice not to apply late fees going forward as a courtesy to you.Thank you,Conservice

Dear Ms***, Thank you for providing us with the details of your concernWe appreciate the information that was providedAs you are aware, the individual meters are no longer functionalThe industry standard when meters are not available is to use a ratio utility billing method for billing
The ratios per your lease are based on the number of occupants in the unit and unit’s square footageEach resident receives a bill that is calculated based on these ratios and will be moving forwardWe have reached out to your leasing office and they are willing to credit you for the period of time you requestedThat amount has been applied to your account and will reflect on your ledgerYou may view these credits by logging in to ***If you need anything further please reach out to our customer service department at ###-###-#### Thank you! Sincerely, Conservice

Dear Ms***,
Conservice is contracted with Winterset at East Cobb to bill
residents for their utilitiesThe contract states that we will bill based on a
formula using the occupants and square footage of each unit to bill the
residentsThis is reflected in each resident’s utility
addendumWhen each
resident signs the lease, the utility addendum is with that packetThe utility
addendum clearly states that water and sewer will be billed by option Option
states “Allocation based on a combination of square footage of your dwelling
unit and the number of persons residing in your dwelling unit.”
In order for Conservice to bill this method, we receive the
property’s provider bill each monthWe then deduct out a common area
deduction, or a percentage of the provider billThe remainder is billed out to
the residents based on the square footage and occupancy methodAfter
subtracting out the common area, we divide the provider bill in half,
allocating half the remaining expense to occupants and the other half to square
As the construction of the property does not allow for individual
metering, this was decided as the fairest way to bill residents to keep the
costs lowWhen a resident is responsible for their own utilities they tend to
try to conserve more, thus keeping the community expenses lower and keeping
rent down
The reason that you see an increase in your bill is due to
an increase of consumption at the communityThe provider bill increased by
25%This caused an increase of roughly $in your ConService bill
Unfortunately, we cannot bill according to your desired
settlementDue to the contract signed with your lease and utility addendum,
this is the method we must legally bill at your apartment community. If the community did a flat fee per unit, it
would likely be higher than what we are currently billing to account for the
fluctuation of bills over the year
You currently live in a square foot unit and only have
one occupantThis is the lowest bill combination possible for your communityThe
average ConService bill for utility charges from January 1st to
January 31st was $and this month your utility charges were
$As for your friends and family with houses, they may be in areas zoned
for different rate structuresThere are many factors that go into the rates
and individual bills
Thank you,

Hello ***,We apologize for the inconvenience you have experiencedFrom our records we show that a payment for your utilities was due 10/1/2017, in the amount of $This payment was not received within days of the due date, so a $late fee was appliedA one-time payment was
scheduled on your account on 10/17/in the amount of $to cover the utilities, the late fee and a $processing feeThis payment was returned from the back for insufficient funds, which caused a $non sufficient funds (NSF) fee to be appliedA payment of $was applied by your leasing office on 10/20/for a payment receivedThe late notice was sent, because the $processing and $NSF fee are still owed and past due.Your new utility charge of $25, due 11/1/2017, was included to show the full balance due, which is $Please let us know if you have further questions.Thank you,Conservice
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
I have verified that the new bill is at the correct level, and the credit have both been applied
*** ***

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: I was gone weeks in December yet I received my highest billOver $After my landlord called Conservice, they lowered my bill by $making it over $This would mean I am being charged over $for two weeks of service or $per month for a tiny studio apartment where I live aloneMy landlord told me before move in that residents pay $10-a month for waterLater, since my situation has become problematic she has said $15-Regardless, $a month for water (more than my electricity!) is outrageousI also have not been refunded for the other months that I have been overcharged.
*** ***

Dear *** ***,We appreciate your concern and hope that this explanation will clear things up for youThe last accurate read we received from your meter was on the bills due January 1stSince we didn't receive good reads for your meter we billed you based on an average consumption for
your unit (around 2,gallons a month)When we received a good meter read for bills due October 1st we found out that you had been under billed for the time period of January to SeptemberThe bill due October 1st is for the amount under billed in that time periodI have spoken with the property and they have issued a credit for $***.If you have any questions please call our customer support at ###-###-####.Thank you,Conservice

Dear *** ***, Modern metering systems are made up of primary components which are: the meter itself, which measures consumption, and the communications system, which transmits the consumption data out, to be used in calculating your billIf there are any issues with the communication
system/component, the consumption data becomes unavailable, even though the meter continues to work and accurately measure what is being used. Because the meter continues to function, once communication is restored we are able to 'true up' and account for any consumption not previously billed. For a period of time, the communications component was not working on your meterIt was repaired on 6/14/2015, and checked in with all of your past consumptionPer Irvine Corporate, instead of billing back all of the past usage, the usage was prorated to a period of days and added to your bill as a one time adjustment of $for water, and $for sewerYour monthly charges after the one time adjustment will be going back down to around the $27, which was when we started billing your apartment based on actual consumption. Thank you.Sincerely,Conservice

Hello ***, We have received your complaint through and wanted to respond to help explain the chargesYou moved into *** *** *** *** at Ascent on 5/19/When you signed the lease you agreed to transfer Electric services into your name through the
provider PG&E by the date your lease beganIt is outlined in the lease that was signed that if you failed to do this, the charges received by the property for your unit would be passed onto you along with a $service fee Ascent has received charges from PG&E for your unit from 5/19/2017-7/27/When you contact PG&E and set up services in your name you will start to receive the bill instead of AscentThis means that you will be paying the provider directly and will no longer receive vacant charges from ConserviceIf you have already set up a PG&E account for the electric service then please send Conservice a copy of your statement with the service dates you wish to dispute and we can review them to possibly reverse the charges and credit the amount back to youPlease provider statements to [email protected] At this time with the available information, we are not able to credit back the amount you were chargedIf you have further questions about this or how to send you PG&E statements in, please call us at 1-866-947-7379. Thank you,Conservice

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:
- Conservice stated that my first
call was placed July 14, 2015, but that is incorrectI had been calling in
because I was unable to login to my account beginning JanThe July 14th
date referenced was the first time a representative could actually confirm that
the technical issues I was experiencing were the result of Conservice’s billing
system and not my own error
- Conservice claims that I said "saving my pin is unreasonable"I did not say that saving my pin
was unreasonable, I said that that response is not a reasonable solution to
give to a paying customerIts laughable that the Conservice representative
suggest that I solve my own problem by writing down the pin, not making any
attempt to fix the Conservice system issues I was experiencingIf I wanted to
solve the problem myself I would not have called Conservice
- Sadie's suggestions regarding making
payments at the leasing office / sending in a check still do not give me access
to my statements, and I am blindly paying for water/sewer/trash without being
able to review the billBased on my experience with Conservice and the lack of trust as a
direct result, the suggestions that were made are not acceptable and do not give me full
access to the details of my account
- Sadie only credited one late
fee, in the amount of $12, and I took responsibility for two (not two or more, this was hear-say from the leasing office)I was previously
able to make payments because I was resetting the password, which stopped
working about months in (I have been on Conservice's billing for months)I was locked out of my account on multiple instances and it resulted
in a number of days going by and my bill being latePaying my water bill
should not be a 3-day process that takes time out of my workdayIt should be
quick and easy, and Conservice, as a billing company, should be able to provide
a resolution to these kinds of situations, not just suggestions that I resolve
the issues on my own
The response from
Conservice, supposed resolution that I was uninformed of until I made more attempts to
contact someone at Conservice, lack of reimbursement for predatory late fees
,and complete lack of accountability on the part of Conservice are the reason
for my rejection of the response
Conservice stated that my first
call was placed July 14, 2015, but that is incorrectI had been calling in
because I was unable to login to my account beginning JanThe July 14th
date referenced was the first time a representative could actually confirm that
the technical issues I was experiencing were the result of Conservice’s billing
system and not my own error
*** ***

Dear Ms *** ***,According to your lease in the utility addendum section, it states specifically that pest control is a separate charge from your rent of $monthlyIt also states that your trash is also a separate charge from your rent of $monthlyPlease refer to your lease for
further specifications of the break down of your monthly chargesPlease see attached copy of your lease.Thank you,Conservice
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
*** ***
My individual apt water meter in Kansas City, MO was not working from Aug to July 7th 2015, in-spite of multiple work orders and complaints to The Morgan Group / Foxcrest managementThe apt complex (The Manor Homes of Foxcrest) changed water and utility billing companies from NWP to Conservice
in June My meter was finally fixed on July 7th, with a meter read of The new company for Foxcrest, Conservice has been charging me twice the amount for estimated water / wastewater as NWP didMy last NWP water /wastewater bill for March 19th, was estimated at Since Conservice took over billing they have over-charged me for gallons of water in three billing cyclesEven though my meter was read on July 7th, Conservice with the help of Foxcrest refuses to update my utility account to reflect the new meter reading and an apt dweller who travels frequently for work and uses less than the amount of water / wastewater
Desired Resolution
I would like a full refund amount of $(June & July & Aug Statements) that I overpaid for water / wastewater during March 19th, to June 22, totaling gallons I did not useI would like my account updated immediately to reflect the actual meter read on July 7thThey
also use the same end / start date twice on their billing period and charge a random number of gallons to the residentsCurrent residents are complaining that they are paying twice as much for water than they did with NWP CompanyI believe it
Consumer Business Dialog

Dear *** ***Georgia Power erroneously started services in your name under the Bldg HSE address instead of applying it to your residential apartment, We discovered this and informed your property management who then had you switch the account to the correct address. Georgia Power did not back-bill Parkside at Highlands to when this was accidentally switched to your name, as they had previously informed us they would doThere is a gap in service from 07/- 08/which Parkside at Highlands was not billed for.We had informed your property as late as 9/15/to let you know not to pay the common area Bldg Hse account that was accidentally switched to your name, as we requested from Georgia Power to have the account back-billed to Parkside at HighlandsHowever, payments were made to Georgia Power on the account in October and NovemberBecause of this Georgia Power did not back-bill the Hse account to your propertyOnce Georgia Power was informed, they refunded the amount that Parkside at Highlands paid on the account for the charges that Conservice billed to you for the usage in your apartmentWe passed that refund on to you which was $-in totalConservice is unable to provide any additional credits as this represents 100% of the charges applied to your Conservice account.As a courtesy, Conservice has contacted Georgia Power for further dispute and they have confirmed a credit has been issued on the account under your nameThe credit is for the time that Bldg Hse account was in your name and should show up on your next Georgia Power statement, though Consevice will not be able to confirm this as the account us under your name. We hope that this resolves this issue for you!Thank you!Conservice

Hello ***,Meter reads for your unit are received from an electronic data collector that measures the water usage in your unitThe usage is then multiplied by a rate that comes from the City of Atlanta to calculate the water and sewer chargesBesides the metered charges, base fees for both the
water and sewer are billed out as wellThe rates used to calculate the water and sewer charges come from the City of Atlanta, and these are reviewed each year and updated to match the current rates from the providerThe sewer base has remained consistent at $for the past several yearsHowever the rate for metered sewer charges has been updated yearly, and is where the high amounts from sewer are coming from Unfortunately these rates can be very high, especially for the sewer charges, this is due to an effort by the City of Atlanta to curb increases in waste water, and also to encourage water conservation techniques by residentsFor water you are charged a base fee of $per month as well as: $per gallon for the first gallons$per gallon for the next gallons$per gallon for every gallon thereafterFor Sewer You are charged a base fee of $per month, as well as: $per gallon for the first gallons$per gallon for the next gallons$per gallon for every gallon thereafterFor this last cycle of 1/1/- 2/1/the meter in your unit recorded gallons of water usedBased on the above rates your Water charges come to $with a $water base charge.For Sewer the amount is $with a $sewer base chargeThe total water and sewer amount comes to $plus additional cost for trash, pest control, and billing fees the total bill is $The property is currently capping your expenses at $so while you are being billed actual usage, the property is covering any of your costs that are over $With the current amount of $the property is covering $of your total billThe property has communicated the concern about the usage in your unit and a review of the meter reads and usage history was performed to determine if there are any leaks, or if the meter is not recording usage correctlyAfter a review of the information that was gathered from the meter, it was determined that the reads are showing a consistent, similar daily usage, which indicates the meter is recording usage correctly, and reads do not show spikes of high usage that would indicate a leak in the unit. Thank you,Conservice

*** ***,We wanted to reach out to you in regards to your experience with Conservice Campus SolutionsWe had received an email from Murray South last week advising us that they had you listed in unit *** when you should have been moved over to unit *** as of January 16th I understand
that the customer service representative that you spoke with was unable to provide much information in regards to the breakdown of your chargesThe reason that they were unable to provide you with the necessary information is because we were in the process of recalculating your correct charges when you had spoken with us last weekWe have since emailed Murray South with the breakdown of the correct charges for your time spent in unit *** and ***.We have provided the breakdown of your charges that were emailed to the property so that you have accurate information as to what will be updated on your ledger with Murray South.Charges due 2/29/Billing period covering 12/23/- 01/22/2016 Total cost for Unit ***: $*** Consumption: kWhYou resided in this unit from 12/23/- 01/16/during this billing periodYour portion of this cost is $***Total cost for Unit ***: $*** Consumption: kWhYou resided in this unit from 01/17/- 01/22/during this billing periodYour portion of this cost is $***Total charges before allowance: $***Total charges after the $allowance: $***Charges due 3/31/16 Billing period covering 01/22/- 02/23/2016Total cost for Unit ***: $*** Consumption: kWhYou resided in this unit from 01/22/- 02/23/2016 during this billing periodYour portion of this cost is $*** before $allowance has been appliedTotal charges before allowance: $***Total charges after the allowance: $***We are currently working with the property for the new charges covering 02/23/- 03/23/that will be due at the end of AprilWe have ensured that you are only accountable for charges in unit *** for this most recent billing periodWe apologize for not having the information that you requested readily available during this transition between bedrooms.If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact our customer service department at ###-###-####. Representatives are available Monday through Friday from 6:AM to 8:PM, Mountain time.Thank you,Conservice Campus Solutions

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