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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.  There is no response to view however I have been contacted by the business that the funds will be credited to my account. 

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because: I am your client who is paying for said service (month!y) therefore you are accountable to me. You fail to realize I am a paying customer and I demand a detailed account of my utility usage.  Your business model is lacking.

[redacted],Thank you for contacting us in regard to your concern with your electricity consumption.  We have been in contact with your community management and they have asked that we provide them with a cost estimate to have us send a meter technician to visit your apartment to verify that...

your meter is capturing your electric consumption accurately.  We are currently working with them to get this work completed.  You will be contacted directly by your community management to schedule this visit by the meter technician.  This may take some time and we appreciate your patience and understanding.The management has asked that we continue to bill as is for the time being.  They would prefer to handle all electricity disputes on their end.Thank you!Conservice

[redacted],At Conservice we receive utility bills from
the provider, WSSC, for the entire community of North Bethesda Market. The
cooling tower,...

fountains, and irrigation at North Bethesda Market are
separately metered and the cost of these is deducted from the total amount
billable to residents. In addition, a deduction that covers common areas such
as swimming pools and public restrooms is taken out of the remaining amount of
the bill and paid by your community management. 
The remaining expense, after these deductions, is divided among the
residents using ratios based on the number of occupants in their unit.  Per your lease agreement, you are billed for 3
Over the last few months, the total expense
from the provider increased significantly causing resident bills to increase as
a result.   Your community management has been working
with the provider to decrease the rate used to calculate the water charges and
recently, the provider lowered the rate. 
Your most recent bill due 10/1/15 should have reflected this decrease.
You should still expect a
fluctuation in your bills each month as consumption for the entire property may
increase or decrease.  However, your bill
specifically, for water and sewer decreased from $107.74 to $44.35 from August
to September due to this rate change.Thank you,Conservice

Hello [redacted],I apologize for the frustration you are experiencing. I understand that you contacted your bank to stop the auto pay process. However, in order to effectively stop the auto payments, you would have needed to go to our website,  Attached is the Auto EFT...

agreement that outlines this process for your reference.  As a result, we were authorized to continue requesting the funds. Unfortunately, since the bank had received the request to process a stopped payment, the $25.00 charge is currently seen on your account as a returned check charge.  I also wanted to let you know that your account is no longer set up for autopay on our system, so this should not be an issue in the future. Again I apologize for the confusion and the frustration. Thank you,Conservice

Mr. [redacted],We are sorry this issue has been an inconvenience to you. The charges on your original final bill for water and sewer were incorrect. When our system automatically determined your final charges and sent out your bill, it did not prorate the charges. As you noticed the automated charges only...

prorated the trash and not the water and sewer amounts. The charges should only account for the days that the unit was under your name, which was until the 22nd of October. This was not the case in your first bill. The charges have been fixed and attached is your final bill with the prorated charges. This bill has also been sent to the property to make them aware of the mistake, so they know what is due. Meter reads are only read once a month at the end of the current cycle. Because you moved out during the middle of a billing cycle, your charges are based on your prior month's charges prorated to the number of days you are in the Apartment Home before your move out date. Your new Water amount is $4.77 and sewer is $7.73. Thank you,Conservice

Ms [redacted],We will ask the Community Management to mail the documentation that was provided directly to you.  Thank you!Conservice

[redacted], The meter system at your property, Steele Creek South, had been having an issue with the transmitters. This issue has been corrected. While the meters themselves were recording consumption, some of the transmitters on the property that broadcast the meter reads to the leasing...

office were malfunctioning. As a consequence, Conservice was unable to receive reads for your unit from late June 2016 through early January 2017. The final read from your meter based on actual consumption was 104593 on May 25, 2016.When Conservice is unable to get reads from a meter an applicable average is used to determine expense. In your case a property average based on average consumption at the property was used. The amount varied over the six months Conservice was unable to get reads; from a low of 2810 gallons (in July 2016) to a high of 3315 gallons (in August 2016). Your estimated meter read on December 25, at the end of the cycle used for the bill due February 1, 2017, was 125465. In early January Conservice was able to access your meter read again. On January 25, 2017, the end of the cycle for bills due March 1, 2017, your actual read based on real consumption was 150196, a difference of 24,731 gallons from the estimated read.During the period when your meter was not checking in Conservice had estimated that you used a total of 17,986 gallons. In actuality, your consumption was 45,603 gallons. Conservice had been under estimating your consumption. In situations where a resident has been under billed for actual consumption, a "true up" of expense occurs, where the resident is billed the difference between the estimation and the actual usage. On the bill due March 1, you were charged consumption for that difference; 24,731 gallons. Shortly before Conservice received a notification from the of your concerns, the leasing office at Steele Creek South contacted Conservice and inquired as to possible options to assist you because of the large increase in your bill. After consultation with Fogelman Management your bill due March 1 was reduced by two thirds. Your bills due April 1 and May 1 will have charges based on actual usage during the applicable period (in the case of the bill due April 1, a consumption charge of 1112 gallons) along with one third of the expense from charges sent out on the bill due March 1. One third of the charges equal $49.71 for sewer and $18.71 for water. It was determined that splitting up the cost from this large bill over several months would make it easier for you to pay. Thank you,Conservice

Conservice Account #[redacted]
Dear Ms. [redacted],
In September the provider bill increased significantly. The
following month the bill had credits on it due to a provider billing error. The
credit was passed through to the residents, though it was not broken out
individually. The...

credit was added into the entire community. It is our policy
that if there was a provider error that caused bills to increase we pass
through the credits that they issue on future bills.
Your charges for the bill due September 1, 2015 were $[redacted]
for water and sewer.  The following month
they decreased to $[redacted]. This reflects the credit.  As the provider bills fluctuate every month
the billing will also reflect that. Since then your bills have been in the $60
According to the utility addendum in your lease you are
billed based on occupants and square footage of your unit.  The property pays a portion of the provider
bill to cover common areas. I have reviewed the email communications sent
previously. The “How Is My Bill Calculated” is a very great example of how the
property is billed.  I show that you
signed a new lease, which includes an updated utility addendum. You will see
changes to your bills starting this coming month. This change is that you will
be billed based on factored occupancy instead of a split of factored occupancy
and square footage. Factored occupancy applies a number per occupants in a
unit. The multiplier is a value of 1 for the first occupant; add a value of .6
for the second, and a value of .3 for each additional occupant on the lease. With
this billing method you r bills will still be about the same amount. 
For factored occupant billing we take the provider bill and
subtract out the common area percentage. The remaining amount is then divided
by the total multiplier for the property to get a per occupant value.  Please see below for an example.

The total water expense for the community


Less 10% for Common Area Deduction

$2,000 – $200 = $1,800

Total which will be allocated to residents


A value based on the occupancy in each unit is given and the
total community multiplier is reached (assume the total community occupant
multiplier is 521 for this example)

Total Community Occupant Multiplier = 521

The adjusted provider expense is divided by the Total Community
Occupant Multiplier

$1,800 / 521 = $3.45

This gives us the amount per occupant

$3.45 per occupant

If your apartment has 2 occupants, your monthly water bill is

$3.45 x 1.6 = $5.52

Please remember this is only an example and the actual
provider bill amounts for this community are significantly different.
If you have any further questions please feel free to
contact our customer service department at ###-###-####.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because: I have email trail of the discussion I have had with your customer service team. In addition, you also have records of my calls with your customer service team because everytime I call your office, they make reference to it. This means it is in your system that I have been trying to work with your team to dispute these  charges. You can't charge customers without informing them about potential charges. In this case, no one informed me that I will be charged vacant charges and hence I am disputing this fact.  I don't agree to pay for charges for which I am not made aware.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
To Whom It May Concern: I am responding to the last notice where this complaint was closed because I did not respond.  In fact, I was checking and gathering my records to provide facts as to why I am filing the complaint for inappropriate and excessive charges.  I was charged at least three separate occasions when I was out of town (for extended periods of time).  The cold and hot water charges are also inconsistent with the same days.  This charges are bogus/false.  And, no one else lives in the apartment or had access to the apartment.  The reason the utility come gave that sometimes there is a one day delay in applying charges does not hold up.  In fact, the continue to charge for consume for multiple days while I was gone.  See the attached document as my proof. Therefore, I am continuing to dispute this charges and requesting reimbursement for the days and times highlighted from their original invoice document they sent in response to this complaint.  In addition, Conservice explanations continue to vary each and every time they respond with no real supporting notes!  I am also requesting a detailed monthly usage report to confirm the charges on the bill reflect the usage and times when I am at home.  Finally, I will be filing a formal complaint with the Utilities Commission and all reporting credit agencies until this issue is resolved.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at ###-###-#### or[redacted].  Regards,[redacted]

Dear [redacted] [redacted],We are sorry that this issue has been frustrating and the inconvenience it has caused you. As part of our company, we don't deal with any collections agencies at any point. We do not have any of your information that would be required to work with a...

collection agency such as your date of birth and social security.  Because of this, there should be no amount of money that is being collected on behalf of Conservice. When a resident has a past due balance, that is up to the property's discretion if they want to involve a third party collection agency, but it does not involve Conservice. An explanation of our final bill process will help clarify what happens with your utility balance. When a resident gets moved out of our system, a final bill is created that covers all utilities from the last day of the cycle from your most recent bill up to your move out date. Once the final bill gets created, those charges are then sent to the property. At this time your account is closed with Conservice and your balance is then transferred to the property resulting in $0.00 owed to Conservice. It is then the property's liability to collect that amount, if they were not able to receive a balance, they can turn that over to a third party collection agency, if they so choose. We have taken a look at your account and everything was processed correctly and accurately. You have no balance with us. If you could provide us with a copy of the bill that you received saying you still have a balance that needs to be paid we would be more than happy to further investigate this for you.Thanks you,Conservice
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. I do wish to see Beginning / End water meter readings on all resident water statements in the future.
Laurie V[redacted]

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Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because: I was not told up front about having another company pay my bills for me. I f I had the utiltities in my name then whoever came after me would not have to pay anything in regards to my previous usage. I would rather pay a deposit to the power company of 300 dollars than to pay 120 a year for your service plus the additional  1500-2000 dollars a year extra in money for the power bill. I appreciate your response but it doesn't resolve anything. Thank you and have a nice day.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:The dates that I was double charged is from June 8th, 2015 - January 4th 2016. I am asking for a full refund for the electricty charges only for those dates. I expect a check to be sent out and I do not want a credit but on the account. The dates that I was double charged are as followed: Jun 8th '15 - Jul 2nd '15 $89.45Jul 2 '15 - Aug 3 '15: $99.95Aug 3 '15 - Sep 1st '15: $130.26Sep 1st '15 - Oct 1 '15: $153.35Oct 1st '15 - Nov 2nd '15: $93.77Nov 2nd '15 - Dec 3rd '15: $65.89Dec 3rd '15- Jan 4th '16: $58.00Total amount: $690.27 I am not sure why your account deparment cannot match the amounts up correctly as I have sent over each monthly invoice for those periods and your company has all of them on file. Like I stated earlier I expect a check to be sent out for the total amount due and no credit be placed on my account. Thanks,[redacted]          

Hi [redacted], Conservice is billing based on the electric usage of each specific unit as each unit has its own meter to read the electric usage, not by building.  We also take all roommates’ move in dates into account when we are calculating the bills so nobody is charged for days during the...

billing cycle they may not have been there.  This is why you received a bill for the first cycle and your two roommates did not.  You have access to your bills that break down where the charges come from at, however, there is not a way to break down exactly where usage comes from as the unit's meter reads the electric consumption for the unit as a whole.  During the cycles that you've been billed for so far the biggest contributor to electric usage is the air conditioner, but again, there's not a way for us to determine if this is the culprit for sure.  In addition to The Reserve at Orono covering the first $25 of each resident's electric charges, they've also set a cap in place so your bill will never be over $35.  If you need assistance logging into the website or have any other questions please reach out to our customer service department at 1-866-254-4577.  We are available to assist you with your questions and concerns Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Eastern Time.Thank you,Conservice

Laurie V[redacted],Thank you for contacting us regarding your concern.We have contacted the Regional Manager. It has been decided that you will be billed for water and sewer according to your lease.  I believe that the Regional Manager has reached out to you to discuss this resolution.  If...

you have further questions please feel free to contact us back.Thank you!Conservice Billing Dept

[redacted],The property manager for your community reached out to us and explained your great standing with making payments at the leasing office. They asked that due to your previous good history we remove the NSF fee and convenience fee as a courtesy. With your property manager's recommendation we have decided to remove the NSF fee and convenience fee associated with the returned payment. The current balance owed on your account as of 12/1/2017 is now $25.Thank you,Conservice

Thank you for reaching out to us with your concern. We researched your questions and below you will find information on how your bill is calculated. Trash is billed by allocating the total provider bill based on a factored occupancy for each unit at the community. Due to the nature of this...

allocation method, bills may fluctuate from month to month depending on the bill amount which is received from the provider. To help better explain how your trash charges are calculated an example can be found below.** This is an example only and does not reflect actual bill amounts**Add a value of 1.0 for the first occupant; add 0.6 for the second and add 0.3 for each additional occupant on the lease. The total trash expense for the community $2,000Less 10% for Common Area Deduction $2,000 – $200 = $1,800Total which will be allocated to residents $1,800A value based on the occupancy in each unit is given and the total community multiplier is reached (assume the total community occupant multiplier is 521 for this example) Total Community Occupant Multiplier = 521The adjusted provider expense is divided by the Total Community Occupant Multiplier $1,800 / 521 = $3.45This gives us the amount per occupant $3.45 per occupantIf your apartment has 2 occupants, your monthly water bill is $5.52 $3.45 x 1.6 = $5.52  Sewer is a flat charge of $19.46. The sewer charge comes from the provider bills as well as the yearly tax bills. The sewer charge only fluctuates as the provider expense changes. Since Conservice matches the billing methods of the provider, we are unable to bill sewer based on usage instead of billing a flat fee. We do not anticipate this amount to change anytime soon.  Irvine Property Management has requested that we do not share provider bill information to the residents as this contains information for the entire property. We do no accept any payment on behalf of your property, Village - Cambria. Financial Services manages the payments, late fees, and any other consequences of resident's not making payments. While we do understand your frustrations of having to pay a charge you are contesting it would be best to speak to Financial Services to see if they would be able to work with you on payments. Thank you,Conservice

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