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• Sep 28, 2021

Scam artists!
You pay them a lot of money for a product and receive:
1. Low quality China crap
2. No ability to return product for a refund if its been installed. Ridiculous restock fees otherwise.
3. They lie about 2 day shipping, they create a shipment through USPS so it appears that it ships, but you will not receive the product for over a month.
4. Horrible and Rude customer service.
5. You will be out your money because their products are despicably bad and fail within a few days.

• Sep 21, 2021

Run from these jokers. . .worst mistake you'll make buying LED's
Wish I could of found reviews for them before I purchased. I really wish these places would set up zero stars. This place sent me a set of bulbs that would not fit. Then they told me I had to trim them to get them to fit. Then told me I was a dumba** because I couldn't get them to fit. Would not give a refund for $110. You can buy so much better elsewhere for 1/3-1/2 the price of their junk. Only reason they are selling so many and ripping people is because of the money they spend to stay on top of Google.

• Sep 13, 2021

Save your money.
After spending $110+for the HID headlight kit, complete with ballasts, the right light went out. Trying to get an answer from the customer service rep was a chore, he was bored and would not answer any questions. I wrote an email, I was told to send the ballast back, and I would receive a replacement immediately. Six weeks later, I received the ballast, installed, good for three days, right headlight out, again. Write another email, and I am told the ballasts last forever, it must be a power surge. Question, why is only one ballast affected? Wouldn't the fuse blow? Took the $110+headlight kit, tossed it. Save your money.

United States

• Aug 08, 2021

The BIGGEST bunch of Losers
Worst company ever. I was hung up on twice and threatened not only on the phone but in chat. They sent the wrong part and blamed my MASTER TECHNICIANS on not knowing how to install the wrong part. They threatened to slander my company. Called me names. These fools need to go back to their parent's basement.

• Jul 21, 2021

Robert is a mean, horrible, hateful human being. He makes this company look even worse than it already was. Cussed me out on the phone and refused to give me a refund on the items I sent back.

• Jun 11, 2021

TERRIBLE!!!! Buyer Beware
If I could give a negative 10 I would. I ordered conversion headlights for my 1978 Chevy C10 from this "company". When I ordered, all was good. Received my lights which I love(d) quickly. After installing my LED side markers, there was a quirk on the drivers side.
With the headlights on, the driver's side side marker will not blink. Passenger side - no problem everything works as it should. I have had numerous emails back and forth over 2 days trying to get this figured out. I even send a video showing the problem. All I get as a response in return is I need to order these "resistors". I send an email asking should I order one, or two. Which "filament" do I order?. Why does one side work properly and the other doesn't. ABSOLUTELY NO RETURN RESPONSE. Apparently I am supposed to follow them blindly down this path - do as I say and do not ask questions. So I called "customer support". If THAT is customer support! The person I spoke to was RUDE! DEGRADING! TALK TO ME LIKE I WAS SOME STUPID WOMAN! Sorry dude, I probably know more than you ever will. I finally ask him WHY was he being so rude! He made some excuse about being a 3rd party answering service. WHAT EVER! Anyway even that i[censored] couldn't answer (or wouldn't answer) my questions.

So, $300 dollars later, I have lights that something is wrong, they are out of the return period, they want me to spend MORE money for something that "should" fix it and at this point and I am trying another company that I have dealt with that KNOWS what "customer service" is. So my LED conversion is costing me over $600. They will be getting their lights back, not in one piece so they cannot resell them though.

• May 16, 2021

Horrible company, they just keep taking your money, no matter what their "warranty" is.
Passenger HID started to flicker 8 months into owning their kit on my 2019 duramax, was customer service told me they wanted me to ship the old ballast back or pay them more money for a new one, this is my company truck btw. They took their sweet time sending it out and now 3 weeks later I have the ballast. I installed it tonight to now see I have a failing bulb as well. Their customer service is a bunch of smart-alecks who want to send me the definition of a "warranty". I'm so pissed off right now. I'm loosing money and they could care less about me as a customer. DO NOT FALL VICTIM TO THIS, THEY WANT YOUR MONEY AND TO DITCH YOU. It's all Chinese junk marked up, just look at the pics as far as what their products will do and do to your 70k dollar truck.
Horrible company, they just keep taking your money, no matter what their 'warranty' is.
Horrible company, they just keep taking your money, no matter what their 'warranty' is.

• May 09, 2021

Never do business with these guys
Made a order for leds for my car a week later I called to see if they were going to send them the guy that answers the phone is a ignorant lien a[censored] promised 2days a week later I called back the same a[censored] answered the phone I ended up emailing them to cancel my order in the end I had to file a dispute with my bank

• Apr 02, 2021

HORRIBLE people. Defective products
The product they sent me was defective. When I contacted them they were rude and condescending. They tried to blame me for not properly adjusting the headlights. I told them I wanted a refund. They told me I had to try another product first. So they send me a cheap downgrade that required significant modification to my vehicle. I let them know that this was unacceptable. After many frustrating calls they finally agreed to refund me. Now they are saying they are not going to refund me they will give me store credit. Why would I buy anything else from these people. They are HORRIBLE.

• Mar 22, 2021

Extremely unprofessional!
I bought HID headlights for my Lexus SUV. I called the company, and got a very nasty, arrogant, unprofessional person. He flat-out accused me of improper installation, claiming "it's always user error". What a horrible experience dealing with this company, I can see why there are SO many bad reviews- which are definately deserved. Do NOT purchase anything from this company, unless you plan on losing the money if it doesn't work or fit your vehicle!

• Feb 19, 2021

Look elsewhere for your headlight needs
I am very disappointed by the professionalism of this company. The product I purchased does not work and customer service has been unresponsive to my return requests (despite having me buy additional items that also didn't work). I called and had the displeasure of speaking with the manager Paul. I have never spoken to a more rude company representative in my life. Paul was unprofessional, abrasive and short tempered.

• Jan 30, 2021

Poor Quality, arrogant customer service
Stay away from this company. Products are Chinese and poorly made and there Customer service obnoxious. Better quality bulbs are available for less money from local parts stores. And there American Made. The bulbs ran very hot and the adapters for keeping codes from coming up on your dash were flimsy and had undersized wiring. Don't waste almost $100 like I did and end up paying for a product that actually worked and was American made. According to there Customer service there's no bad product just dumb customers.

• Jan 22, 2021

Zero Customer Service
You better hope you receive the right part for your car! These guys are NOT experts! They sent me the wrong part for my car, and they treated me like I was stupid when I called them out on it. They had me take photos and, what do you know, I was right. They wanted me to send back part of the shipment, so they could send me the parts that were actually for my car. At this point, I had been belittled and mocked, so I just wanted a full refund. I returned the whole order on my dime, and they refunded my money minus a $12.60 "adjustment fee". Do not trust these people!

• Mar 16, 2021

Literally the same thing happened to me. I ordered a 55w dual hi/low xenon kit, along with a power relay harness and additional bulb. It arrived a week later. Opened the packaging and found I received the 35w setup. No power relay harness, no additional bulb. The bulbs are also falsely advertised as being dual hi/low xenons, but they aren't. There's a 2nd bulb on it that is halogen that turns on for the high or low beams (never tried it out to see). Contacted them, and they told me to send them a picture of the ballasts. Sent them pictures of the ballasts and the bulbs and everything I received. They replied "So they sent you the upgraded ballasts by mistake. You ordered 55W standard (+$15) and you received the 35W Canbus (+$30)." My vehicle doesn't need canbus lights, so it was a downgrade, not an upgrade. 55 watt bulbs are more powerful than 35 watt bulbs. If I needed canbus, I would have order the 55w canbus ones! Then they continued to belittle me trying to still tell me that it's an upgrade. Sorry, but it's not. A 55w bulb setup and a 35w canbus setup would work regardless in my vehicle, and the 55w would be brighter. So no, it's not an upgrade. After about 10 back and forth emails, they provided me with return information. I stated how horrible the customer service was several times and they said "HORRIBLE customer service? I doubt you will ever run across a company again that respond as quickly as we do and is this willing to help you out." They may have returned my emails quickly, but they didn't try to help me out 1 bit. I reminded them in just about every email that they still didn't send me the power relay harness or the extra bulb I ordered, and the fact that they aren't dual xenon bulbs like they advertised, but that was completely ignored by their customer service. They offer a lifetime warranty, but I doubt they'd ever stand behind their products!

I know not many people will read this, but don't make the same mistake all of us have done. Find a different company and save the headache.

• Dec 16, 2020

Read this before dealing with these guys
I bought a full set of low and high beam bulbs for my Lexus GX470 and installed them, and the light output appeared no better than the stock halogen bulbs. Very disappointing. Called customer service and was told they were probably installed incorrectly (?), and to turn them 90 degrees to align them. I was able to move one enough to put it in the requested position, and still poor results. Asked about a return, and was told that sorry - we don't cover returns on parts once installed, and that only an exchange was possible. Why would I want to exchange these for the same thing? Ended up buying a different brand with great results, so now I'm stuck with $200 worth of poorly engineered bulbs. Customer service rep would not offer any solutions on a refund, even when I offered to pay a restock and shipping - sorry, you're stuck with them. I have since read many reviews (they're own YouTube videos have comments removed!) with similar issues which I wish I had read before ordering.

• Nov 13, 2020

Major Improvement on 2021 Subaru Crosstrek Outdoor
My Subaru Crosstrek came with Halogen Headlights... separate high and low beams.
On lit streets, it was hard to tell if my lights were on. So I ordered LED headlights from the Headlight Experts... then I read the reviews... then I worried that maybe I threw my money down the toilet. I watched a video on how to replace the headlights on a late-model Crosstrek before attempting the replacement. It was straight forward. I replaced one side at first... so that I could see the difference and examine the beam's direction and spread. The LED side looked brighter and whiter... so I installed the second set of lamps. There is an amazing improvement. I can see again!
Major Improvement on 2021 Subaru Crosstrek Outdoor

I ordered this company's "Plug n Play" LED conversion kit for my Mercedes Benz equipped with HID xenon bulbs. The kit arrived promptly enough, however, not one syllable of instructions. Their rep told me I have to cut and splice wires - not exactly Webster's definition of "Plug n Play". My mechanic wouldn't touch it, adding NOT to cut into M-B circuitry. Check out the attached picture of the 110v plug on their product

So I returned the kit for a refund. So not only did they charge a 20% re-stocking fee but also had the audacity to charge back their "free" shipping fee.

People, stay away from these goofs

In order to upload this review I had to give a star so the one star is not so much

Come into the light
Having to pull the bumper off of any vehicle to change bulbs is troublesome for any vehicle owner. Due to poor engineering and manufacturing cost, more companies have gone this route. I did not want to go down this road every couple of years just to simply plug in a new bulb. I decided to change my inferior Halogen bulbs to LED conversion lights. Headlight Experts had just what I wanted and needed. The conversion was as simple as replacing a replacement Halogen bulb, yet with ten fold longevity and clear brightness. I was thankful I could replace my High, Low and Fog lights with their LED conversion kits. If they would have made a wedge bulb for my running lights I would have purchased that one too. I had to go to PIAA for that one. Another leader in lighting. When I did need Headlight Experts expertise, their customer support was right there quickly and as effective as their product with email (the way to go ) service, actually showing me instead of visualizing it over the phone. I too am thankful I was guided to Headlight Experts, for this very important and quality product.

Headlight Experts
Hands down worse company , ordered everything they say I needed and now it says bulbs out on my dash , nobody will get back to you the guy that answers the phone is a 🤡 and doesn't have a clue , buyer beware they'll take your $$ but that's all you get

Don't purchase
No customer phone calls taken..always a busy signal..snide customer service. Prepare to be disappointed if you buy and have problems.

Read all the reviews
I didn't read any reviews, should have. Pretty much all the poor reviews were spot on. Ordered 55watt ballast kit, an additional bulb for a spare, and some additional wiring that was supposed to make sure of no flickering, or headlight out warning dash light. The order was supposed to get a 10% discount, and free 2nd day shipping, but wouldn't apply by tab/button on the page. I ordered anyway, and sent off an email to customer service letting them know about the problem. The next day I received an email stating order has shipped, and another letting me know they applied the 10% discount back to my card, but no mention of the 2nd day shipping. Ordered on a Thursday realized the next thursday I still had received nothing. sent another email off asking why, the reply stated "delay with the 55watt ballast" nothing else. I checked my card and they had taken the money the day I ordered them. That bugged me, usually I never get billed until it ships, so I cancelled the order. I called and asked to speak to a supervisor, got this guy and asked why I received a notice that it had shipped but didn't, why I wasn't notified they were out of stock/delayed, why I was billed before they shipped. The guy kept trying to talk over me, blaming everything from the computer to coronavirus. He then told me they were on their way shipped on the 6th... I asked why since I killed the order on the 2nd, and had bought
replacements from a different company, already received, and installed them. I figured the sent them anyway to charge me a 20% restocking fee if I was to send them back. When I did finally receive them they were sent 3rd day, not 2nd (dude stated all shipments were 2nd day). I also only received the kit with the normal wiring harness, no extra wiring for dash warning lights. Lame as California company. I have ordered a few kits in the past from other companies without any problems. I should have waited for "" these guys rock, had a bulb go out sent another kit. Had to fix a bad connection in the harness, they sent me 2 harnesses for spares. (Had a bulb out on my rig, and they must have been shut down due to covid couldn't wait) run away from headlight experts lame af

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