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• Sep 16, 2023

Major Headache
I recently purchased the 9007 Hi/Lo Dual Beam LED Headlight Conversion Kit.
Upon testing the installed lamps I was surprised to find the high/low beam polarity mis-wired! I contacted customer service and was informed that I would be responsible for, return, shipping to process the replacement. Therefore I decided to rewire the lamps myself.
Pre-installation I investigated the Headlight Experts installation videos, and reviewed the factory shop manual, applicable to my vehicle, for proper fitting. Following the installation, into factory new lamp housings, and subsequent testing I found that the lights produced irregular beam patterns. I re-clocked the orientation of the lamps to no avail. I enlisted the service of ASE technicians to evaluate the dilemma, to no avail.
I then reached out to Headlight Experts customer service and was advised that I would not receive a refund outside the thirty day mark. My only option was to experiment with an alternate model conversion kit. Mind you, shipping fees were my responsibility.
Hoping to convince Headlight Experts to accommodate a refund through a return of product, a reasonable request, I contacted the bank I made the purchase through and filed a claim! Ultimately, the bank agreed with my persuit and refunded my money.
The staff at Headlight Experts are, unquestionably, an unethical, unprofessional, and oblivious, sort.
There are to many options, on the market, concerning automotive Headlight Conversion kits to waste energy with a company that promotes what they are not.

• Apr 04, 2023

STAY AWAY! After waiting 3 weeks to receive my order, it finally came in. Once the "plug and play" order came in with the suggested add-ons, I installed the bulbs with minimal effort. After 1 day of use, my 2017 Acadia started acting up. The headlights quit working, no brake lights, no turn signals. I emailed the company and they suggested another harness, which I purchased. While waiting for the new harness, I took the vehicle to a GM technician, he stated that the bcm and fuse box were fried. I emailed the company and asked for a refund and they stated they do not do returns for installed items. How is a person to know if the headlights work if they do not install them? Now I am going to be out another 600-800 dollars replacing the fuse box and bcm.

• Mar 18, 2023

Terrible company
Don't do business here you will regret it. dont stand behind there products and worst customer service ever won't do what they say they will.

• Jan 18, 2023

Buyer Beware!
I ordered a LED Headlight conversion for my car that their website insured me would fit my car. It did not fit. Not enough room in the headlight shell. Customer service told me that it would fit if I just routed the wiring properly. I'm a retired professional mechanic and, trust me, it did not fit! Cost me out of pocket $36 restocking fee plus $16.84 return shipping. These are the terms of their return policy that the buyer agrees to when ordering. When their website claims: "Fitment is never a problem", don't believe it.

• Jan 02, 2023

Shady business
The company is running a shady business. You overpay for the headlights thinking you are getting a lifetime warranty for premium headlights, but then you have a tough time dealing with them. First, they didn't send H7 adapters, then the headlights didn't fit the high beams so they had to send rubber boots, then one of the headlights stopped working and they didn't want to ship to Canada, only if I paid $25 shipping. Very unfriendly customer service. Just save your troubles dealing with them.

• Dec 22, 2022

Worst company on earth! ZERO STARS!
Called to inquire about my headlight order. The customer service agent was rude. Told me I didn't know how to use my own email and that I should "have a friend or family member help me find the emails [they] already sent me." Of note, I work with email and tech for a living. Never got an answer to my questions. The same guy hung up on me -- twice.


• Oct 11, 2022

DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!
I wish I could attach every email that I have from them going back-and-forth but I will try to make this short: I placed an order with them, and I immediately regretted it emailed them and try to have a canceled. They told me they would but they really never did it. I ended up getting the bulbs and they ended up not feeling my vehicle.! According to their website, the ones they sent me are the ones that my vehicle uses, which was inaccurate, Their fault! I emailed about getting a refund and they told me sure thing no problem just ship the item back to them, I ship the item back to them and they emailed me a request for six dollars to ship me a different pair that actually fit my vehicle which is not what I wanted. I made it very clear. I wanted a refund., after so many back-and-forth with them today I got an email with some type of receipt, stating that I would be getting a credit for almost half of what I actually paid because they charge for shipping and a restock fee!
At no point did I get an apology for their website giving me miss information or nor did they try to make up for making the mistake in any way shape or form! Do your research on this company and you will find there are a tremendous amount of negative reviews. There are no places on their website or on their sites on social media to add a review, but this is for a reason they don't want anybody to read their negative reviews.!
DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!
DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!

• Oct 06, 2022

Terrible experience, wasted money.
This store sold me two ballasts (high voltage devices for xenon headlights), which I ordered. They shipped my parcel two weeks after my payment and showed a disrespectful attitude. All that time I couldn't use my car. One of the two ballasts appeared defective; after being installed and turned on, it started burning (producing smoke and a plastic part melted). My tech decided to use one new ballast, and he had only the choice to use the old one in the second highlight. I explained the situation to the business (via email) and asked them for reimbursement and to send me a label for return. They answered that I have to send the part back to them at my expense, then they will test and replace it. I explained that I didn't need the part anymore, couldn't afford to pay for the repair again, and demanded my money back. They declined my request. So, I demand a reimbursement, I'm ready to send the item to them, but I don't want to spend money on that. Personal addition: the amount of money isn't very big, but this business is exceptionally irresponsible and disrespectful. My experience with them is terrible, and I fill my responsibility to show it to them and their potential clients.


Worst company ever deal with.
Customer service is very rude and arrogant because I order a stuff for my Lexus car from this website and they send it wrong after that I tried to make return many times but it never happened so I called their customer services and the guy who received my call was very rude and making fun of me so please be aware of this company.
Worst company ever deal with.

• Oct 06, 2022

Why did you give them five stars, then? I'm pretty sure it's a mistake. :)

Do Not Spend Your Money at headlight experts
Do Not, I say Do Not spend your hard earned money on any products from this so called headlight experts. I would leave a -10 if I could. The only thing they are experts at is stealing your money. They are Rude, Crude and will lie to you, hang up on you. They say Lifetime warranty...Not True at all. They will tell you all kinds of lies. Oh those are on back order. Oh those are out of stock. It's all lies.
They will send you the wrong parts then say they are the right ones. By the time your done playing with these liars the time is up or you have spent big money returning for no reason as they don't answer your emails or contact you.
Read all of these Poor Reviews as they are all trying to save you some money and a big headache. Stay Away.
There are No Refunds so be prepared.
I spent $300 on what was supposed to be HID for my 2015 Silverado HD low beam, high beam and fog lights. ITS BEEN 2 1/2 YEARS OF TOTAL NIGHTMARE. THE PRODUCTS ARE CHEAP, THEY WANT YOU TO REWIRE THE HARNESS THAT COMES WITH IT.
Of course they retaliated against me writing a bad review like they have done to others on this site.


terrible company
This company is terrible and I mean terrible, first, they sent me HIDS both of the ballasts were friends and were flickering because they were fried and yes we tried a relay harness and tested them, they then sent me a "new" pair and of them still flickered and one was perfectly fine, turns out the "new pair" the bulb that was flickering and it was the old pair, then the new bulb was the wrong color WOW! I then reach out to them very upset as I should be and they then say they would gladly send me LEDS instead if I remove the reviews (weird) and send them 30$ to cover the difference, I then email the company to remove the review and they didn't get back to me. The headlight experts have now held my package for over a week on purpose after I paid which is illegal as well as fraud. Such a sad company with arrogant workers who don't like their job there's a reason this company has 85% 1-star reviews because they are pathetic


I wish I could give 0 stars
Biggest scam company in history. Ordered one set of headlights that I received on 2/16 that didn't work for my situation so I ordered another set that was guaranteed to be to me by 2/21 but I didn't get until 2/26 which was too late so I had to buy elsewhere. I tried canceling the order on 2/24 @ 8:13 am and was told that it had already been sent out the day before. According to the tracking they USPS didn't receive the package until 2/24 @9:20pm. I returned both sets and was issued an 80% refund for one set so I called and to ask about the other set. I first got greeted by the rudest customer service agent ever that kept cutting me off while I tried to explain the situation and then he transferred me to "someone else that has more patience for me" because I asked him to stop cutting me off. The next guy was about as rude and told me that he wasn't going to give me a refund since it had been more than 30 days and that I was out of luck on the 20% restocking charge and said that it didn't matter that they guaranteed I would get it 2/21. He said we can ship it to you a year later and if you return it we will charge you a 20% fee. Finally I called back and told them that according to the tracking I did return it back within 30 days and he counted the days and realized I was right said he would refund 80% within 7 days and hung up on me


Order a ballast, says 2 day shipping. Email them after 2 days after seeing it hasn’t gotten tracking. They say it’ll be out in 1-2 business days. They create a dummy USPS tracking same day.

I wait 3 business days, email again, and now they tell me it won’t be out for another 3 business days at the earliest…

I have wasted enough time with them with 2 false promises, won’t be giving them a 3rd chance. Looks like everybody else has experience similar.


Happy costomer
Bought a set led for my Subaru fit perfectly, just ordered hi beam , but tracking number was wrong so I contacted them and they took care of it right away in my books that's good costomer service so I highly recommend headlight Expert to deal with and I will use them in the future, thumbs up

• Jan 18, 2023

OK Ronald McDonald, lol.

Headlights across America are required to be DOT approved. I foolishly bought mine ASSUMING they would be "street-legal". They are not, and this company doesn't clearly communicate this. I'm out $100, and their customer service sucks.


Scam artists!
You pay them a lot of money for a product and receive:
1. Low quality China crap
2. No ability to return product for a refund if its been installed. Ridiculous restock fees otherwise.
3. They lie about 2 day shipping, they create a shipment through USPS so it appears that it ships, but you will not receive the product for over a month.
4. Horrible and Rude customer service.
5. You will be out your money because their products are despicably bad and fail within a few days.


Run from these jokers. . .worst mistake you'll make buying LED's
Wish I could of found reviews for them before I purchased. I really wish these places would set up zero stars. This place sent me a set of bulbs that would not fit. Then they told me I had to trim them to get them to fit. Then told me I was a dumba** because I couldn't get them to fit. Would not give a refund for $110. You can buy so much better elsewhere for 1/3-1/2 the price of their junk. Only reason they are selling so many and ripping people is because of the money they spend to stay on top of Google.


Save your money.
After spending $110+for the HID headlight kit, complete with ballasts, the right light went out. Trying to get an answer from the customer service rep was a chore, he was bored and would not answer any questions. I wrote an email, I was told to send the ballast back, and I would receive a replacement immediately. Six weeks later, I received the ballast, installed, good for three days, right headlight out, again. Write another email, and I am told the ballasts last forever, it must be a power surge. Question, why is only one ballast affected? Wouldn't the fuse blow? Took the $110+headlight kit, tossed it. Save your money.

United States


The BIGGEST bunch of Losers
Worst company ever. I was hung up on twice and threatened not only on the phone but in chat. They sent the wrong part and blamed my MASTER TECHNICIANS on not knowing how to install the wrong part. They threatened to slander my company. Called me names. These fools need to go back to their parent's basement.

• Oct 11, 2022


Robert is a mean, horrible, hateful human being. He makes this company look even worse than it already was. Cussed me out on the phone and refused to give me a refund on the items I sent back.

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