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• Sep 10, 2020

Save your money. They are horrible. Wish I could give negative 1,0000
I have had my plan through Sears for about 2 years. Called them on August 24th as my 6 year old Sears Kenmore
Elite French refrigerator was not working. Took them 8 days to show up. Then tell me I need 3 parts and parts were ordered. Now being told it will maybe October before parts come in. When you ask for someone you can speak with they pass you on to another person who then hangs up on you. I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER PRODUCT FROM SEARS EVER AGAIN. No wonder they are going out of business. Gonna contact the insurance commissioner and attorney General to file formal complaint. There should be a class action suite filed.

• Jan 08, 2020

This company is TERRIBLE I have been a customer since I have had negative experiences in the past, but none like my current claim On Sunday night 9/my hot water heater broke so around 8pm I called Total Protect to file a claim the computer assigned me to a plumber I no loner want in my house because when Total Protect sent him the last time he used my steak knife to clean putty out of my drain that his associate had put in days prior (that was in Dec2015).So I stayed on the phone to get assigned to different plumber Leah came on the phone while I was sucking the water up She assigned me to E....MCo, I read their reviews while on the phone and didn't like it so I asked if I could hire my own plumber and she said I would have to call tomorrow to speak to a supervisor I called 8:am on Mon 9/12/spoke to [redacted] who told me I could not hire my own plumberI asked to speak to a supervisor, was placed on hold for about minand then was told by [redacted] that a supervisor would call me By lunchtimeI decided to try one of their companies I called and was told by Marlene that these were my only choices for companyAlso having no hot water is not an emergency So I called the recommended company E....MCoI told them my 50gal gas hot water heater broke and there was water all over the basement (if I turned the water on at the tank)She said someone could come that afternoon (I had to go back to work) so she suggested Tues between and I said OK so I went into work and asked off for Tuesday afternoon Tuesday afternoon the truck pulls in my driveway at min to (still no call from a supervisor) The man gets out and I said I was worried He would not be able to finish He said he wasn't doing the jobjust looking to make sure replacement necessary (water comes out bottom when turned on I told Total Protect He then walks over to look at water heater and says well that wall has to come down I said no that heater was put in with wall up He then walks to the back of heater and says well you will have to move that table- (no problem I will move it) I said ok He then come back to the front and takes a picture and says I don't even know what size heater this is(written on front gal) I told him it was gallons I had a gallon Bradford heater good model.He then starts to do his paperwork I tell him I am off on Thursday, can they do it then, since I already took off Tues.afternoon he said I don't know could take a few days to get hot water heater I ask if they work on Satmorning because I am off he said I don't know I told him I wasn't paying my deductible now he wrote that down and left I called Total Protect and got [redacted] she understood my frustration and tried to get someone to help me After min she came back and said she saw I was waiting for a supervisor to call they have hours to call so some one would call me I called at 6:30pm and spoke to [redacted] .he told me his supervisors were gone He transferred me to consumer complaints and I got Cai who told me she was a supervisor She understood my frustration with EMCo, and suggested I could use my own plumber and file for a credit or use another company and gave me the name I said I thought I only had choice according to Marlene and she said she didn't know why I was told that She told me she had off until Mon 9-but that she would have someone call me in the morning to tell me how much credit if I used my own plumber or if I wanted to use one of their companiesI also expressed my concern that I would not get a hot water heater of comparable value, she took the model number and serial number of my hot water heater Wed morning a young women from the authorization dept called (I forget her name and she told me they would give me a$credit to use my own plumber (where do you buy a gallon hot water heater for that amount or I could use E..MCo I ask for a supervisor Lucky me I get SUMMER ., from authoriztions She told me they will only give me a $dollar credit if I use my own plumber, or I can use the crappy E....Mcompany and the I would have to pay a total of $on my own in addition to them paying the $They were my only choicesThe $is for my $deductible (which Cai told me was for the min evaluationthe guy was here min) and expenses not covered by my warranty such as removal of heater and modifications to gas and water lines.So I end up paying 2x's as much as them DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THEIR WARRANTY COVERAGE They use the cheapest companies and products and you still pay So in the end I pay $deductible, lose hours of work, countless hours on phone, hire my own plumber and get $from them Where do you buy a $50gal water heater for $dollarsPut your money aside each month you will be better off

• Dec 04, 2019

I would never recommend this company to anyoneI took the warranty from two companies choice home and Total home protect (THP) for my two housesI thought I have THP just in case cheaper choice home warranty does not provide good serviceBut very sad to say that it is actually oppositeChoice home warranty is much better in response and servicesI filed several service requests with Total Home.For 1st one the technician and THP did not follow up for appointment 2nd time they denied the claim for reason which does not make senseFirst it took seven days to have a initial look at the appliance just to deny itIt seems like their main aim is to find some absurd technical/non technical reasons to deny the claimThis amounts to cheating.They think people will accept all illogical reasons I encourage all warranty holders to not accept their reasons and fight it I will immediately call my credit card company and block them from charging any amount

• Nov 29, 2019

I have a home warranty contract with Total Protect (which is somehow related to Homesure in Florida) I'm happy to say that I have had three claims in the 1/years I've lived here: one plumbing and two appliance With one hiccup, it has been a positive experience When I was not contacted by one company within hours, I called and got another appliance company (so that problem was solved) Three times I had positive experiences Twice they came out and fixed the problem on the spot Once I was told the dishwasher's leaking was not an electrical problem, so it was not covered Maybe I should have known that, but I was mad that I had to pay $to the tech without having the problem resolved However, he cleaned up the inside a bit and told me to use less detergent I haven't had a leak since (and I didn't pay for new gaskets or whatever)

• Nov 24, 2019

I wanted to share my experience with Total Protect (TP) to forewarn others thinking of signing up with this Home Warranty CompanyI signed up with Total Protect on May I asked about their plan that included maintenance checks of our home systemsI was told they no longer offer those plans because their new plans just simply cover everything regardless of age or problemI signed up and after waiting their day grace period, I called them on May to request service on our AC systemThe AC was working, but it was not cooling the house, although I had the system serviced in March by United Air Temp and was told the system was working when they finishedTotal Protect sent out Atlas AC on June to check our AC and they determined the system needed to be replacedI called Total Protect multiple times over the next week and was told they were researching the issue and someone would get back with me soonI then called on June and used their call back service to have an ag

• Nov 21, 2019

DO NOT BUY HMS WARRANTYWe bought a -year old condo and were offered HMS Warranty at closingWe thought it prudent to purchase the warranty, but it turned out to be just a big waste of our moneyI called several times to find out if the warranty covered our sump pump battery and refrigerator ice maker, both of which are notWhen I asked about replacing our locks, I was told that the locksmith's cost would be covered up to $(actual cost $116)All I had to do was email the bill for reimbursement -- what they didn't say is that it takes more than weeks for them to cut a check! While our warranty was in effect, we had to replace a 'completely dead' hot water expansion tank and the oil-leaking furnace motor After reading about other customers' nightmares with their claims, we didn't even bother to call HMS again for the following reasons: 1) We would have no choice in choosing the company we would trust to make the repairs 2) Immediately needed repairs (like water expansion tank) would not have been done until the repair report went through their "approval process." Our expansion tank was immediately installed by reputable plumber of our choice on a day and time that was convenient for us 3) Each HMS diagnostic service call costs $and no guarantee that the parts and labor are going to be covered under the warranty! No reputable company in Cincinnati, Ohio, charges $to come out and diagnose a problem 4) And most importantly, I DID NOT WANT TO GIVE THIS COMPANY ONE MORE CENT of my money!!!! I also did not want to get caught up in their service "run-around" I don't know how these people are allowed to stay in businessOur realtor told us about HMS Warranty, but in my opinion Real Estate Agents should stop offering these useless warranties -- and at the very least warn their clients about the impossible claim process IF HMS WERE A REPUTABLE COMPANY - which I do NOT believe it is -- HMS would reimburse us for the necessary and vital repair costs we have incurred during our HMS warranty period Regrettably, I trusted my Realtor and did not check customers' reviews before purchasing, nor did I realize how misleading their marketing materials areWhen you look at their brochure, you think you are buying full coverage for your new home until you try to make a claim And it is only then that HMS tells you that the Warranty tier you bought does not cover that repair, such as the ice maker part on your refrigerator - when the refrigerator is supposedly covered BE FOREWARNED -- DO NOT BUY!!!

these guys suck! beware they do not cover anything they always find something that is not covered yet in there booklet it states that it is I have problems with these guys everytime I submit a claim example water heater went out contract states clearly that water heater and componets are covered they stated that I was not up to code and not covered wanted to charge me 800+ dollars to replace and bring up to code hot water heater was up to code except a 69cent pipe that I ended up paying 65$ for through this horrible warenty beware and stay clear!!! dryer started making noiseput in a claim tec found that the drum is cracked page states that dryer is covered but get a call from home protect and they say that drum is not covered not mechanical part really then what kind of part is it? again stay clear of these thieves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

• Nov 19, 2019

I have used Dewayne for a long time with my Insurance and he always does a great jobI have my home's and auto's with him and Dewayne is always very prompt in taking care of any policy servicing that I might have and his prices are the best I could find in the Decatur Alabama areaI highly recommend him

• Nov 19, 2019

MS employees and technician have poor customer services skills, and their plumbers do not have plumbing experiences When my husband and I called HMS, we asked to speak with a manager and each time we were told, "The manager is not available; however, he/she will call back" days later, and a manager has not called back Each time we called HMS with an issue, we received information for several companies that did not service our areas However, when HMS finally located a company, the plumber did not have the skills needed to correct the issues, so NOW our basement is flooded We called to have our washer, dryer and refrigerator repaired, the technician did not call back, so we had to purchase new appliance HMS cannot meet the terms in the contract! HMS loyalty, values and integrity are bogus

I received this warranty when I bought the home in short it is worthless In years I have spent roughly with only three claims each time I have taken off work only for the company tech showed up extremely late In fact right now I am waiting for a refrigerator specialist who should have been here between 9- Not to mention I have been without a refrigerator for three weeks thank goodness for the spare in the basement They absolutely choose the cheapest route dont buy please

• Nov 11, 2019

When a serious problem arises you have a hard time getting to upper managementshould you make it things will happen 1) line is busy 2) they promise to call back and they don't Minor problems are handled ok, but serious problems are met with gate keepers not letting you talk to someone else

• Nov 10, 2019

This home warranty is one of the worst I have worked withThis is my second very bad experience with themI made a claim about my AC not functioning properly days ago, they assigned me to a contractorI made calls to the assigned contractors and left messages about my problem and my claim number, after not receiving any calls back I contacted HMS again and they asked me to give the contractor more hours to call me back (after the agent supposedly contacted them), still not a word from them after hoursI called HMS yet AGAIN and got a simply justified excuse: "The company has no available opening at this time, we will call you back to let you know if we could find another company to fix your problem." in minutes, I got a call back that my claim was forwarded to their service network and they will process the claim and I need to call them back to find out which company will accept my claim- in other words we are back to square one that we were days ago! With outside temperature rising and the second weekend approaching, I am helpless! Poor costumer service, poor resource availabilityWill definitely cancel my renewal and look for a better home warranty

• Nov 08, 2019

I must tell you that dealing with this company was one of my worst experiencesMy furnace died and I went through weeks of providing documentation to no availTheir service reps kept asking us for more information and clearly lead us to believe that I would be getting a reimbursementI made replacement decisions based on that implied promiseUltimately my claim was denied for a reason that should have been told to me upfront and would not have necessitated weeks of paperwork, calls, follow up, etcTheir representatives' knowledge and treatment of my claim was unnecessarily complex, confusing and totally inaccurateI was lead on and made expense decisions on erroneous informationThere was never any intention of honoring my claim despite their literature

This company is just a money collector and middle person who pushed off responsibilitiesWe filed a claim and have our dryer fixedThe warrant company has arranged a appliances company to show up onsite for assessmentsUnfortunately, the technician broke the kitchen sink drainWe did not notice that hours laterCalled the company and they said they are not going to do anything and have me to deal with the appliances company myself since they are listened and insuredI believe, as a middle person, they should address this issue more proactivelyInstead of pushing the problem back to the customers, they need to find a solution ASAPOverall impression is they are just money hungry and reluctant to do any real workThumbs down

• Nov 04, 2019

I have been with Total Protect for over 1 year. In that year, I had two service calls. The first call I had, it took over 4 days for them to send someone out to do the work I needed to have done. Of course, the Plumbing Problems I was having of course they didn't cover it, so we were back to square one. I had to hire someone else to come in and fix it. I called to cancel my services with Total Protect, and 5 months later I started having more plumbing issues, and I noticed at that time, Total Protect was still charging my account. So, I tried them once again. This time I was having issues with my Garbage was making an unusual noise. I was also having issues with my kitchen sink. The Hot Water was seeping out slowly, but the cold water was coming out as normal; which was my biggest issue. Lastly, there was the Master Bathroom Sink. The water in one of the sinks was draining really slow; so I needed the Plumber to come out and look at all three. When I placed the order online with Total Protect, they only sent the Plumber a part of the job, which was the Garbage Disposal only. When the plumber called me, he said he wasn't told about the sinks, but only the disposal, I told him don't come out until I call Total Protect to add the remaining items. When I called Total Protect, I told them EXACTLY what was going on with everything. When the Plumber came out the next day, he looked at the Garbage Disposal first, and noticed there was a piece of Chicken Bristle stuck on one of the blades, which is why it making the noise. When he pulled it out, it was back to normal. The Bathroom Sink just needed to be cleaned around the silver part in the drain area, and it started to work better. The Kitchen Sink was the main problem, which I why I needed them to come out. When he checked the sink, he said he will need to replace the kitchen faucet because the Hot Water was not coming out properly with the one we have. He said he will submit it to Total Protect to see if they will cover it. Well lo and behold, I get a call from Total Protect stating they will not cover the Kitchen Sink because it's not covered under my contract. Of course, that's what I expected. The things that does not have to be replaced and is an easy fix, no worries...but when they have to come out of pocket, it's never covered; and the contractor get to walk away with $125, Total Protect still charged my account $43 a month, and everyone's happy except the consumer. This was a total Disservice. They do not live up to their name at all...they should be called Semi-Protect or Halfway-Protect...but they DO NOT Total Protect. I am very displeased with them. I called and spoke with a Supervisor named [redacted] in [redacted] and she said she cannot offer me a refund of the $125, for a $10 job. What the Plumber did, wasn't worth coming out. I explained in total detail what was going on when I called their Customer Service Team, and before sending someone out, they could have just told me they don't cover it. Now I'm out of $125, and the problem still exist. I pay them $43 a month, and I've only called them twice, and neither time did they fix my problem. I only came to Total Protect to save money because I previously used American Home Shield, and they were great. I switched to Total Protect to save money because they were cheaper, BUT YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. I learned a very valuable lesson in all of this. I am a Foster Parent, and my plumbing, AC, and Electrical Units has to work properly, which is why I chose a Home Warranty. I called to ask for a refund of $125. I don't believe it was a fair amount to pay for what they did. When I spoke with the Supervisor, she said the $125 is non-refundable. I asked her again, "Are you saying, you cannot do anything for me, including refunding the money?" She tried to justify it by saying, they pulled the bristle out of the disposal, and cleaned the ring around the know, the $10 job. BUT, for the job they will have to pay a little out of pocket, they don't cover that. What a surprise. I do not like Total Protect, I do not recommend anyone them to anyone. They want your money...they're offers are very tempting, but don't fall for's not it. V. [redacted] , ***

• Nov 01, 2019

I want to point out the lack of integrity displayed by this company and it's shell corporationsThey run an email span campaign which I tried to unsubscribe to - they offered that option but it didn't work It wasn't possible with their email provider or on their shell company web sight I contacted them directly through their online chat Their advice didn't work eitherIt makes me wonder if their goal is not to provide an honest and quality home warranty but rather to collect personal information from an unsuspecting public and use that in some nefarious way If they lack integrity in the small things can their warranty be trusted

• Oct 29, 2019

after my third claim denial I had enough of total protects lack of coveragetotal protect finds a way to exclude your claim on some " technical condition " they may list these conditions in their disclaimer but it sure gets trivialthe exceptions they claim to covering claims makes it difficult to get any satisfactionI cancelled my coverage after the third denialtotal protect - protects their bottom line

• Oct 29, 2019

DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS SERVICE! I believe this company to be a scam HMS uses the lowest of low service providers Calling customer service is a nightmare Been trying to get my AC fixed for days! It is over degrees and they can't find someone to come out to the house after the first person who came out did not fix it properly DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS WARRANTY COMPANY

• Oct 27, 2019

I had this insurance for almost two years and I am so disappointed with this companyI had called for a claim for a water heater and was told a technician will contact me within hours Almost hours, I still haven't received a call so I called customer service againFinally I received a call from the technician, which he would be able to come later that day The technician came and said that he would submit the report the next day when he return to the office with his findingI called total protect who said report hasn't been submittedCalled Monday, says report is still not submitted and someone will contact me within 24-48hrsCalled Wednesday, Thursday and by this time there is still no movement on the claimSo, I was told they would expedite processCalled Friday and Saturday and this time, the rep says claim will now be escalated as the status has remained the sameI should hear from them Monday, at the latest, yet another hrswait I've ask them if they can use another technician because I don't have hot water for two weeks now and I was told that we have to use the company that they assignedSo finally after two weeks, the technician finally called back and I was told that the technician had a death in the family that the company but will send the invoice within hours When the insurance company receives the report I was told that I would have to pay the technician another $To fix my water heater because the plumbing was not up to the codeI told them that my house was build and as far as the code I had it check with the city inspector plus I had two estimate on two different company on how much would it cost to changes my water heaterI was also told that the company whose fixing it may not be able to fix it right away because they where busySo I've ask if I can have another company to fix my water heater because I don't have water heater for three weeks now and really I don't trust the company and technician that they haveThe technician had my water heater as poor condition and leaking, don't you think they would consider trying to fix it ASAPSo finally I was told that I was approved to get another company to fix it with my own expense and will reimburse me the water heater and labor I finally receive the approval and the amount they will reimburse meTo have the water heater fix and upgrade some of the plumbing yet still better than the company they were going to useNow I sent the reimbursement request, which would take 4-weeksAs of today, I'm still waiting for the company to send me my check It's been more than two months now and still waiting for my reimbursement I WILL NEVER refer this company for anything

• Oct 25, 2019

Monday, Jan 4th: I called HMS with an emergency work order concerning a broken heating unit that was producing carbon monoxideThe unit was also not functioning or providing heatI let HMS know there were children in the homeHMS said they called Grants to send a technician within two hoursHMS said they made the claim as an emergency claimHMS gave me Grants number, and said to call Grants within two hours if they didn't show up or call meAfter two hours passed, I called Grants two times and left messagesNo one ever called me back Tuesday, Jan 5th: I called Grants early in the morning, and they told me they would send someone out to look at itNo one ever called me back to tell me the outcome of the visit, though the current tenants did say someone stopped by the houseI called Grants back in the afternoon, and they said they won't hear back from the technician until Wednesday, Jan 6thHMS did not hear back from Grants either which was the first delay in ordering the proper replacement parts Wednesday, Jan 6th: I called Grants, and they said I needed a completely new heating unit, and they were waiting for HMS to approve the orderI called HMS, and they said they did approve the claimI called Grants, and they said they were still waiting for HMS to approve the unitI had to call back to HMS, and have HMS call GrantsOnce HMS called Grants, HMS said they would order the unit and have it expedited because it was an emergency orderHMS also informed me that I would need to pay $out of pocket expenses that they would not coverHMS told me to call them back in hours to get the estimated time of arrivalI called HMS and Grants and asked them both for emails concerning what was being done, what was wrong with the current unit, and what unit was being ordered to replace the current unitE-mails still were not sent Thursday, Jan 7th: I called HMS to receive the ETA for the unitThey said it was going to take an additional 24hrs to get the ETA for the unitI still did not receive e-mails concerning the broken unit or the replacement unitE-mails still were not sent Friday, Jan 8th: I called HMS for the ETA of the unitHMS said the unit would arrive today (Friday, Jan 8th)I called Grants multiple times who told me the unit never arrivedE-mails still were not sent Saturday, Jan 9th: Grants is closedE-mails still were not sent Sunday, Jan 10th: Grants is closedE-mails still were not sent Monday, Jan 11th: I called Grants who said the unit still hadn't arrivedI called HMS who said the unit did arriveI had HMS call Grants who informed HMS that the unit did actually arrive on Friday, but they did not have the proper equipment to unload it, so they rejected the deliveryHMS had to call around to find the location of the unitHMS left a voicemail stating they spoke with [redacted] from Grants, and that the unit finally arrived and they would call me tomorrow to schedule an appointmentE-mails still were not sent Tuesday, Jan 12th: I Called Grants to schedule an appointment, and they said the heating unit had arrived, but that it was an electrical unit, not a gas unit which is what I neededI had to call HMS to tell them they ordered the wrong unitThe unit had to be returned and reorderedHMS then told me to call back tomorrow (Wednesday, Jan 13th) to get the estimated time of arrival of the reordered unitIt takes HMS hours to get the ETA for partsThey told me that they would expedite this unit due to the circumstances of this emergency work order/claimE-mails still were not sent Wednesday, Jan 13th: I called HMS and they told me to call back in additional hours because they still did not have the ETAI asked to speak to someone (supervisor/manager) about my claimE-mails still were not sent Thursday, Jan 14th: I called HMS in the morning, and they said they still did not have an ETAHMS then called me and left a voicemail stating that the unit would arrive tomorrow, and they called Lisa at Grants an let her know as wellThe voicemail also stated that Grants would call me once the unit arrivedE-mails still were not sent Friday, Jan 15th: Called Grants who said the unit never arrivedCalled HMS and asked to speak to a supervisor againReceived a call from an HMS supervisor (Demetrius)I called him back, but no answer E-mails still were not sent Saturday, Jan 16th: Grants is closedE-mails still were not sent Sunday, Jan 17th: Grants is closedE-mails still were not sent Monday: Jan 18th: Called Grants about the heating unit who said it still was not deliveredCalled HMS who said it was delivered FridayAsked to speak to a supervisor againHMS called Grants about the unit and deliveryI called Grants who said the unit finally arrived and to call back tomorrow to schedule an appointment for installationDemetrius called and left another voicemail, so I called him back and left him a messageHe never called me backE-mails still were not

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