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• Jan 24, 2021

Outrageous prices. marginal, at best, service
Why would any HOA, Condo Assoc or management company use this outfit? Are they getting a cut or a kickback? $456 just to get a boilerplate pdf resale package within 6 days is outrageous. $350 base fee and a $100 expedition fee and a $6.00 convenience fee. Just simply outrageous. I am considering filing a complaint with the state as it is just plain wrong for this outfit to be legally enabled to fleece consumers unabated.

Horrible and terrible experience
I tried to submit a request for a custom HOA questionnaire to be filled out on the website for $275 and there was a section that requested either “standard questionnaire” or “lender-specific form” which had an additional $75 charge. I tried checking the lender-specific but since the buyer of my home is paying cash, there was not a lender to choose so I checked “standard questionnaire” and proceeded to a section that allows you to chose a document to attach to be filled out (at least that’s what I thought). Within 30 mins. I received a pre-canned standard questionnaire instead of the one I submitted and when I called, the call center representative told me that I actually have to choose “lender specific form” and under the lender drop down menu, I’m supposed to type “my form is not here” (as if I would know to do that) and then they would fill out my form. She then proceeded to tell me that this happens all the time and I asked why they don’t fix the website, but she did not know. Then she told me I must place another order for the $275 plus $75 to have the correct form filled in. Needless to say, I was indignant and requested that I speak with a manager to resolve. I did not receive a call back until the end of day and the supervisor informed me that all sales are final and that it was my fault for not calling them to choose the correct option, which I thought I was filling it out correctly which is why I didn’t call. He refused to give me a refund or to allow me to submit again for no-charge and at the end of the day, I would be spending $625 plus cc fee’s to have someone fill in a check-box questionnaire that takes all of 10 min. to fill in. This is highway robbery, especially when homewise knowingly allows customers to make this mistake and pay for it all over again. This is criminal and the supervisor (Brian) would to NOTHING to help!

Horrible support from customer service lead (supervisor)
In short: We had a horrible experience with an Acting Customer Supervisor of Brian (he also mentioned his title as Customer Support Lead). He refused to provide service that was offered to us by other agents multiple times. When we asked for a reason, he said it was because "we contacted customer support six times". We then inquired if that was an official policy of the company or his personal decision. Without giving us clear response to this question, he eventually hung up the phone. He also refused to transfer us to his supervisor or to give us her direct line or email address (he only said that his supervisor name is Kristina, title - Customer Support Supervisor but provided us with general phone number and email, saying that he would resend her our complaint once he receives it).

Below are the detailed steps of our business interactions with (the other agents and representatives were helpful and willing to assist but they would always transfer us to their supervisor Brian who would then decline because we called "too many times"):
1) our lender placed an order with for a standard lender questionnaire bundle - one page with three questions, HOA budget and HOA master insurance ($246.00 fee paid);
2) the next day we called and asked if it was possible to rush the service to be completed prior to the original delivery date due to close proximity to our closing date. We spoke with agent Maya and she informed us that the questionnaire was with the Community Management company, and once they release it, we could call HomeWiseDocs again;
3) we then contacted Community Management company and asked them if it was possible to process the documents and release them back to HomeWiseDocs. They agreed to help and within 30 minutes sent us an email confirmation;
4) we called HomeWiseDocs again and they confirmed that they received filled questionnaire from Community Management company and offered us to pay $125.00 more for additional rush for our file to be completed the same day; we responded that we would confirm this with lender and call them back;
5) within an hour we called them back with an intent to pay for the additional rush charge ($125.00), and customer representative Michelle picked up a call and after speaking briefly to her supervisor Brian told us that Brian would give us a call back to process the payment;
6) after waiting close to two hours, we contacted them again through LiveChat, and finally we received the first call from Brian. He said he would no longer do additional rush that day (although previously one of the agents told us that it could be completed that same day if we paid additional rush charge of $125.00) and he told us to call him back the next day at 8 am PT;
7) Brian also said that he would send our order# to all his agents through a group chat to instruct them not to do "rush delivery that day" and transfer all calls directly to him;
8) next morning, when we called Brian to request additional rush again, he responded that he would no longer offer us additional rush because our agent contacted him again the previous night, and in total we contacted their customer support six times. We were shocked by such a response and asked him if it was his personal decision or if he could name a company policy that he based his decision on to decline additional rush service "because we contacted customer support six times the previous day". Obviously, he didn't provide us with any such company policy. He also refused to transfer us to his supervisor or to give us her direct line or email address.

When we spoke with our Community Management company about this situation, they were very surprised about our interaction with Brian because when they followed up with HomeWiseDocs the same day, they were also told by the representatives that our file could be processed the same day if we pay $125.00 additional charge but they always transfer us to their supervisor Brian who then declines to process the rush service due to what seems to be a personal decision that he didn't confirm to us with any company policy. Community Management company told us that they would also try to escalate this case through their channels as well.

Eventually, when our lender contacted them the same day, they were able to process the questionnaire and send us the documents within a few hours. Why were we told by Brian that he would no longer do additional rush for us because we "contacted customer support six times"

Terrible service & exorbitant pricing
They had 12 days to complete a simple limited review Condo HOA Cert. Due date came and went with no HOA Cert. Homeowners Associations out there - please do not use their service. They are not servicing you or your homeowners...only themselves with their exorbitant pricing.

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 17, 2016/02/07) */ ***Document Attached [redacted] This complaint is not validThe order was placed on 6/The requester did not use rush and was not required to as there is no rush fee if order is placed within daysActual completion date was actually ahead of expected completion date and no rush was requiredThe order was placed on 6/25/and completed on 6/29/ahead of the Expected Completion date of 7/10/The community management company met is committed time frame

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 18, 2016/02/05) */ This order contains separate documents that were purchased individuallyOnly sentence of of the documents is illegiblePage of the Bylaws has the first sentence cut offI have received authorization from the management company to provide a refund for the full price of the Bylaws in the amount of $The full order of $would not be refunded as the remaining documents are legible The payee will see that refund of $issued back to the American Express card within 3­business daysThe management company has also been notified by HomeWiseDocs to update the Bylaws document have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to meThe merchant also stated they would try to upgrade their website to be more clear.Sincerely, [redacted]

A full refund has been submitted to [redacted] A total of $will be credited back onto her Visa card within 3-business daysWith this $and the previous $she was refunded, we believe her concerns have been addressed since she has been refunded the full price of the order

Dealing with this company was not a pleasant experienceThey demanded that we pay $plus a $processing fee for information on us to provide information to someone else (never stating who)To add insult to injury, I paid over over the Internet but never received a receipt of paymentI also requested information on who was requesting this information and requested a copy of information that was sent to this third party and have received no acknowledgement of my request or a copy of information sent to a third partyNeed I say this is a money pit and an unnecessary so called resource of information gathering of peopleI do not recommend using this service

$charge for a set of CCRs on a condominium project Outrageous! Not only that but buyer has no control over process as lender/title company simply orders at the ridiculous price and passes through to Buyer This is the type of thing that RESPA was supposed to protect against have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to meSincerely, [redacted]

This was my very first time using this service. The process was very seamless and Brian W exceeded my customer experience today. He patiently walked me through the process of ordering a resale certificate. This was definitely a 5 star experience. Thanks again Brian for your patience and for leaving a positive impact, and thanks for hiring the Best!

After receiving the information provided by Mr*** from, HomeWiseDocs contacted him and left a message on 6/5/We were able to speak with him directly on 6/7/Our Operations Manager discussed his concerns and that fact that he felt confused by the process and was unsure about
which documents he needed It was further discussed that Mr***’s lender should have told him the exact documents that he needed, or in the alternative placed the order on his behalf which would have eliminated the confusion of the processFurther, HomeWiseDocs is not in control of any of the charged fees, all fees are set by the property management companies At the end of the conversation Mr*** was very appreciative of the call and surprised at how quickly HomeWiseDocs called to resolve his concernsWe have refunded Mr*** $The customer is completely satisfied with this resolution HomeWiseDocs absolutely cares about every customer and the Customer Support Representatives do everything possible to meet the needs of all customers in a friendly, efficient and thorough manner

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 17, 2016/02/05) */
The requester will be notified that they will receive full refund
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (2000, 19, 2016/02/21) */
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
The company offered me a full refund, which
I accepted

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 7, 2014/08/19) */
I have spoken with the customer in great length in regards to her complaintI informed her that we do not have anyone employed with our company by the name of *** so I am unsure whom she spoke with originallyThe customer had the
ability to update her existing order free of charge for the first days after the order was placed, however instead of utilizing that option she chose to place a brand new order at full priceUpon investigation into her complaint I was able to verify that two sets of duplicate documents were orderedI have cancelled and refunded one of the orders for $as no customer would be liable for purchasing duplicate documents in errorI am unsure whom she spoke with during her contact with HomeWiseDocs as we do not have an employee named *** and if the customer would have requested to speak with a supervisor this issue would have been corrected that dayThe customer is now satisfied as she is only paying for one set of documentsWe strive at HomeWiseDocs to provide excellent customer service to each and every customer

HomeWiseDocs*** provides payoff quotes for a homeowner's association to which I belong, and charged me a $to send those documents to my title company ($for the documents and a $"convenience fee") Well, time went by (about a week) and the docs still hadn't arrived My closing was in danger of being postponed unless I paid an additional $rush fee (plus, you guessed it, a $"convenience fee")
Facing real financial damages, I bit the bullet and paid the fee, and called my closing agent immediately She had, at that moment, received my paperworkThis organization obviously holds its information hostage unless you pay the rush fee, as the information was all ready to deliver, and they wanted to wring out every dime from me they could
You should be ashamed of yourselves, and I will never do business with you or any organization who contracts with you

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 17, 2016/02/05) */
The requester will receive their full $refundWe will work with the community management company to update the description of the litigation document so that it is clearer that it is an application
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (2000,
19, 2016/02/08) */
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
My Complaint has been completely resolved- Thanks to all parties involved-
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
*** ***

HomeWiseDocs has tried multiple times to contact this customer in an attempt to discuss this matter, however a return call has not been receivedDirectly speaking with this customer is of great importance, as the need for more specific details and additional information regarding the multiple
components of this complaint are essential in gaining a clear understandingThe provided opinion of HomeWiseDocs is not an accurate representation of how we conduct businessThe details that are listed within this complaint are in no way a manner in which HomeWiseDocs provides service.
HomeWiseDocs does not set the fees for the offered documentsThe fees are set by the respective management company and are in accordance with their respective state’s statuteHomeWiseDocs genuinely cares about it’s customers and each customer contact is handled with concern as well as professionalism.
With regard to this customer's suggestion that HomeWiseDocs is a “robotic company”, on the contrary HomeWiseDocs goes above and beyond to assist each customer in every way possibleOur Customer Support under no circumstances disconnects a call during interaction with a customer, nor are messages ever “thrown out”There is always a supervisor or manager on siteHomeWiseDocs has measures in place to provide detailed information to the supervisor or manager and a return call is made as soon as possible. All messages are forwarded to the appropriate party and any request to speak with a supervisor is honored within an adequate and timely manner.
HomeWiseDocs absolutely cares about every customer and the Customer Support Representatives do everything possible to meet the needs of all customers in a friendly, efficient and thorough manner.
HomewiseDocs would still like to speak with this customer and try to assist in addressing her concerns

On September 7, I spoke with *** ** regarding her complaintI explained to her that the her tit** company placed the order under an incorrect association name of Oaks of Clayton HOA instead of Clayton ParkThe management company received the order on August 10, and had until August 24,
to process the orderHomeWiseDocs does not set fees nor transaction turnaround times, they are control**d by the management companiesHomeWiseDocs acts as an intermediary between the community manager and the requestorHomeWiseDocs relies on the community management company to communicate if there is a delay, if the HOA is no longer managed by the management company, or similar situations.On August 23, when this management company went to process the order, they noticed the error, and notified the requesting tit** company that the order was placed for the incorrect associationThe order was cancel**d and $was refundedI further discussed with Ms** that in her complaint she mentioned that her tit** company offered to decrease her closing costs by $due to the errorI stated that she may want to speak further to them, since it was their errorI apologized that she felt our chat representative wasn’t c**ar in explaining the situation to herShe stated she now understood the situation and was glad to hear that she was refunded the $previously when the order was cancel**dShe also requested I provide her the information in writing for her to discuss with the tit** companyI **t her know I would be responding to the for the complaintShe was satisfied with my explanationShe thanked me for the call.HomeWiseDocs absolutely cares about every customer and the Customer Support Representatives do everything possib** to meet the needs of all customers in a friendly, efficient and thorough manner

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