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Review: I spoke to Vicki on 6/15/15 to cancel my account with Kaufman Oil. She told me that my contract would expire on 7/1/15 and that she would set my service contract and automatic delivery to NOT renew. There was nothing else that I needed to do if I wanted to remain cancelled.

Without my authorization and without any price agreement or contract, Kaufman Oil delivered oil to me the week of 11/5/15. I called to speak to a manager to complain and get this resolved. Jessica was put on the line with me. I explained to her the situation, but she was not understanding nor helpful. We spoke for 30 minutes, and she just kept insisting on the following points:

1) They only put a temporary hold on my account but they renewed my account in September.

2) They won’t cancel an account without receiving something in writing.

I explained to Jessica that Vicki NEVER told me to submit anything to her in writing to cancel my account. I also explained to Jessica that if my sole intent in calling on 6/15/15 was to cancel my account, it makes NO sense for me to agree to a temporary hold which means I will need to call back to cancel again at a later date. It makes no logical sense for a customer to put an account on a temporary hold only to have to remember to call back to cancel again. Why would anyone put themselves at risk of getting automatic deliveries at some unknown price? If a customer wants to join after they cancelled, they can just call back at that point after they agree to a price. Jessica refused to acknowledge the logic in my argument.

I told Jessica that they made a mistake and they need to fix it. But Jessica kept saying that she wasn’t on the call, so she doesn’t know what was said. She refused to resolve this with me, and she implied that it was my mistake and not Vicki’s.

I told Jessica, they can pump the oil out of my tank or they can charge me the COD price for the day it was delivered. Jessica acknowledged that the COD price was about $1.89/gal but their “full service” price was more than $3/gal. She refused either of my proposed resolutions. I asked her to escalate my complaint to her manager. Jessica told me that the GM, Len S[redacted] would call me on 11/11/15.

Soon after I got off the phone with Jessica, I emailed her that my account should be cancelled and that I wanted her acknowledgment that my account was cancelled by sending me a return email. I’ve emailed Jessica 3 times asking that she confirm that my account is cancelled in writing. She still has not responded to my email. Also the General Manager, Len S[redacted], still has not called me as promised.

I had a Kaufman contract for only 1 year. In that time, I have had other issues with Kaufman which point to their mistakes and potential deceptive business practices:

1) When I first signed up, I scheduled my annual cleaning. Kaufman lost this record and had to reschedule it. I wasn’t impressed with their record keeping and communication, but mistakes happen.

2) My service contract was the full coverage plan. However when they performed the annual cleaning, I was told that I needed to pay for some parts. When I explained that I had the full coverage plan, they said that would only start after the first cleaning and inspection. I paid for the full service plan starting 6/29/14. The cleaning was on 10/10/15. How is it possible that I’m not covered. After several calls and emails, this was finally resolved. However it seemed like a deceptive business practice that I discovered. They tried to do the same thing to my 104 year old neighbor, but they reversed it when I called them on it.

3) Vicki failed to cancel my account as promised. Instead she put it on a temporary hold to renew in September without my authority (detailed above). This seems like a deceptive business practice.

4) Unauthorized oil delivery on 11/5/15 (detailed above). This is either a mistake or a deceptive business practice.

5) Jessica has not acknowledged my written cancellation email.

6) Len S[redacted] has not called me back as Jessica promised.

7) Jessica’s emails incorrectly list her name as “Jessia” in the “from” field. This is a clear error that has gone unfixed since her first email to me on 8/22/2014. This error is inconsequential, but worthy to note in light of the other errors. Their attention to detail is not good.


I cancelled my account with Vicki. She didn’t tell me to confirm in writing. On the contrary, she confirmed that my contract and auto delivery would NOT renew on 7/1/15. Kaufman didn’t properly follow through with this action. Instead, they have implied that this error is somehow my mistake. The Kaufman errors and deceptive business practices listed above point to a pattern. Given Kaufman’s track record it is easy to see that this latest issue is their mistake and not mine. Kaufman needs to resolve this with me, and we can go our separate ways.Desired Settlement: Pump the delivered oil out of my tank or charge me the COD price for the day it was delivered ($1.89/gal). Confirm once and for all that my account is cancelled.



Mr. [redacted], I am not sure if you are aware of this or not but Kaufman Fuel is a branch of HOP energy and in that we are we have certain rules and regulations that we have to follow that are put in place by our corporate office but there are also requirements that are put in place by the state of Connecticut in the form of laws. I will also say that in this branch I instruct all of our employees to treat our customers the way they would want to be treated, in other words put yourself in their shoes. The problem with this practice is that there is an expectation that there will be an understanding between both parties, if you will, that this is a two way street and unfortunately that is not always the case. In response to your problems let me resolve them in the following manner. I can assure you that your account has been terminated. I will see that there will be no further marketing to you as I am sure you would never want to do business with a company that displays a pattern of deception and finally I will have your delivery rebilled at $1.899 your COD price for that day and send you a new invoice. Len S[redacted]



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

Review: To Whom it may concern:

Sometime in late April 2015, we realized that our “less than two” year old air condition unit was damaged by ice. Because the air condition is being financed through [redacted] I called [redacted] to ask that someone from installation come and take a look at it to access the damage. [redacted] informed me that they now have a contract with a new company: [redacted] located in [redacted] and gave me the phone number.

I called and made an appointment for a service call. The technician who came out told me that I needed a new top that consists of three parts: fan, shrout and top cover all in one. (The charge for the service call was $132.00.) The technician said they would order the part for us and the cost would be $481.77 and wrote [redacted]’s name (field manager) on the receipt in case I needed to contact him.

While waiting for the part to arrive the weather was getting warmer and the temperature was rising in my condo. Hopping I would speed the process I called and spoke to the field manager: [redacted].

[redacted] was very friendly and came over himself to take out the shrout so that I can run my air condition. He assured me that it would be okay to run the air condition without the srout for the time being until the new part came in (3 weeks back order).

I was very patient so I waited again. However, when three weeks went by again I started to get concerned running my air condition without a shourt and not having heard anything for TLC I sent an email to [redacted].

• May 29, I emailed [redacted] for an update.

• May 29, he replied and assured me that I would be the first to know when the part came in.

• June 9, I wrote again asking for the status and also left messages on his voice mail.

• June 12, [redacted] replied that he didn’t know what happened to the cover and had to go to my house again to take the numbers of the unit and assured me that the part was on it’s way…

• June 25, I emailed him with my concern about running the air condition as is. He replied it was ok.

• July 6, he wrote that the cover was in (several calls/phone messages had taken place in between).

• July 9, finally he sent someone over to replace the cover I was at work but they called to let me know.

• July 9, [redacted] wrote back that he was confused that the old srout was not where he left it.

• July 9, I called left urgent messages on his voice mail to call me back but he did not returned any of my calls… I emailed asking him to call me. Did not hear from him. Wrote an email asking him why he needed the srout? The part he was replacing should have a new shrout, and a fan attached to the cover as I was told. I asked him if his intentions were to replace the cover and use the old parts but yet charge me for a brand new cover. He did not reply.

• July 9, I left a message for a regional manager to call me because I had a complain. No one called me back.

• July 10, I called [redacted] again and he answered…. Told me that he was going to meet me half way for all the trouble I went through and charge me $250 because he was going to use the old parts (without guarantee).

• I agreed of course but have not seen or heard from him since.

• July 20, 21, 22, left messages and emails that I am still waiting.

• July 24, my last email to him since he does not return my calls or emails informing him that I have no choice but to look for another company to take care of my air condition. I also told him in the email that I will be disputing the service call since he did not finish the job and I now have to pay someone else for a service call. Have not heard from him…

• July 24, Left another message for the regional manager to call me because I had a complain. No one returned my call.

I have all receipts and all the emails.

Thank you.

[redacted]Desired Settlement: I would like very much for [redacted] to repair my unit as he promised he would.





In response

to Complaint #[redacted], the Service Manager has contacted the customer and

scheduled the service call for 8-12-15.

The original quote will be honored.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


Review: I failed to pay my budget plan for November, 2014 and received a bill for December, 2014 stating that the past due amount ($728) plus current amount were due on 12/25/14, which I intended to pay in full. Last evening 12/15 the oil heat was deliberately cut off by [redacted]. I have a very frail 97 year old aunt that lives with us. When I called to complain last evening I was told the oil was not delivered because I had missed payment of the November, 2014 billDesired Settlement: Full restoration of the December 2014 bill which I had dropped into last night's mail. Complete discontinuance of [redacted] service and an apology from a member of the executive leadership team.



The company is attempting to collect on a past due balance with the customer. The customer had not paid their budget payment for the months of October and November, and was placed on delivery hold as a result of non-payment. When customer promised payment after she ran out of oil (as a result of being on delivery hold) the company made a delivery of oil on 12/15/14. Customer has a history of payment terms violations (has been past due 6 of the last 12 months). The company is currently owed $2,183.10 (the payment she refers to has not been received as of 12/17/14) after a good faith credit of $429.95 was issued for the cost of the service policy that billed on 9/26/2014 it has been explained to the customer that the terms of the service contract will continue to be honored until 9/26/2015 as long as she remains a customer. The company is further willing to offer a credit of $178.16 towards her last delivery (meeting our new customer offer) in an effort to resolve this dispute. This customer has requested to cancel her account and stop all further deliveries. She will not receive any further deliveries from [redacted] until she so requests and brings her account current.



Review: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because:

The company's blatant efforts to disparage my reputation only exacerbate the situation. Please note the following:

1/ The company provided no written or verbal notice at any time that delinquincy of a single payment would result in a "delivery hold">

2/The bill I received immediately prior to the delivery hold stated I was past due ONLY for the month of November in addition to the current amount for December ($728 and ($728), the accumulated total being due on the stated date of 12/25/14.

3/When I contacted [redacted] on the morning of 12/15 I was told by "[redacted]" the customer service manager who called me that my account remained on delivery hold but that he would immediately order it unfrozen -- this is directly contradictory to what is represented in [redacted]' response below which purports to assert that the delivery hold was lifted prior to my contacting Alliance Express.

4/When told that [redacted] had delivered 10 gallons of heat, I immediately called [redacted] and ordered them to cease further delivery of any further oil. In defiance of my instructions and without my authorization [redacted] immediately filled my oil tank full.

5/With regard to any alleged "violations' of payment by myself, it is curious that [redacted] fails to represent the fact that I have been a customer of the company for more than 10 years without any prior disparagement of my character by the prior ownership of [redacted].

6/The fact that I pleaded with [redacted] to provide some oil throughout the cold winter evening meant nothing to the company even though I informed them that my family included a frail relative of 97 years who had severe heart problems and could not stand the cold.

7/ It is my understanding that the check I referenced for $1456 has already been processed by the [redacted] and therefore [redacted]' assertion of not having received such is without merit.

To reiterate, the treatment of [redacted], in particular its failure to provide notice to the customer of a freeze on oil delivery in the middle of winter, violate of the consumer protection laws (M.G.L. c. 93A) of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that govern unfair and deceptive consumer practices. I request a letter of apology by a member of the executive leadership team of HOPS oil, any credit owed me by virtue of a service contract, and waiver of any fees for the unauthorized delivery of a full tank of oil.

Yours truly

Review: [redacted] Fuels Problem8/30/2013I cannot get anywhere with this company. I have called at least 3 times and asked for a manager to come and view the damage to the driveway and take back the delivery.On 8/28/13 an oil delivery was made of 74.9 gallons of heating oil at $4.699/gl. I was shocked by the price and called another company and they said their price would have been $3.519/gl. At this point I called and complained and [redacted] said that was the price for that day. As I went to the mailbox that day, I noticed 3 areas of cracking on the edge of my driveway at the lower turn. I called [redacted] and told them the large truck they sent damaged the driveway and I wanted to see a manager about this. I had noted to them that delivery was to be with small trucks only to prevent this type of edge damage. They said I would see a manager. After 2 days, no one showed and when I called I could not get any response. They told me they would call when the manager would visit. As of this date no response.At this point, I cancelled the check and told them to remove their 75 gallons and that I would not deal with them anymore. They now told me they would charge $3.869/gal., but I was not ready to deal with this company. Also, during the summer I had taken a special offer of $69 for an AC check. I was billed $169 and I paid that, but then realized I signed up for the special. I called and was given a $100 credit. Since I was leaving [redacted], I requested a refund check, and the service person said that I owed them ~$195 for the oil!! I told her they had to remove the oil that I refused the delivery, and that I wanted my refund of $100. She claimed they could not remove the oil! I told her that I refuse to pay given the behavior of [redacted] in these matters, and that removing the oil was their problem.I am still waiting for the managers visit to determine what is to be done about the driveway cracking due to their truck

Product_Or_Service: heating oil

Account_Number: [redacted]Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Refund

Resolution:1)Refund of $100 credit.2)Take back 75 gl of oil3)Repair of driveway est. $300.



September 19, 2013

Tried today. Still no msg can be viewed. I received a check

from HOP energy. Can can remove my complaint if you want to.

Review: I have a service contract with this company that includes scheduled preventative maintenance. They will not schedule the maintenance.

I've had an account with Automatic TLC since 1954 (when they were known as American Coal and later Automatic Comfort). During this time I had generally received good service from this company but last week (April 3rd), when I tried to schedule my annual preventative maintenance appointment I was told that they had no openings in their schedule for the next four months and their computer wasn't capable of scheduling beyond that date. The best they were able to do was to put me on a standby list in case someone cancelled an appointment but this was by no means certain. I paid $405.18 (including tax) for an annual service contract that includes 'scheduled preventative maintenance'. Since the company is unwilling or unable to provide the maintenance promised in the service contract (within any specified time period) I believe they have violated this agreement.

I originally spoke to the person responsible for scheduling appointments and when I tried to contact them again (April 9th) I could only speak to their answering service. The answering service said I would receive a return call that has not come. My son wrote an email (April 5th) and was promised a reply but none has come.

Having been a customer of Automatic TLC for fifty-eight years, I expected better treatment.Desired Settlement: Ideally Automatic TLC could simply schedule the maintenance within a reasonable time period. At the very least I would expect that they would respond to phone calls and emails. Alternatively they could refund the $405.14 I paid for the service contract since I'm not receiving the benefits promised.



Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2013/04/11) */

Contact Name and Title: [redacted] Svc Mngr.

Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX

Contact Email: [redacted]

I spoke to Mrs. [redacted] today. We settled on 4/19/2013 for the heating system tune-up appointment. Customer was happy with this decision.

Review: I signed up for automatic delivery and they told me that my price was a capped price of $2.349 and my price would go down if the market went down. See their "capped" description below. Now they tell me that my price goes down only if "their" price goes down. They lied and misrepresented their pricing practice to get me to sign up. Their sales scheme is fraudulent.

"Capped – This plan offers you a “cap,” or a maximum on what your fuel will cost. If the market price exceeds your cap price, you won’t have to pay more. If the market price declines, you’ll be able to take advantage of the lower price."Desired Settlement: I want my contract ended as it was fraudulent in its presentation and practice.



January 5, 2016 Complaint #[redacted]



In response

to the Customer’s complaint regarding the capped pricing plan, an early

termination fee will apply if the contract is cancelled. The customer is receiving the lowest price

based on the company’s prevailing price. The “ market" is the average of full service,

COD and new customer first fill pricing. The customer will not receive

the COD pricing as this is a full service company.



Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:

Review: We are on automatic delivery with [redacted]l. We received an automatic delivery on March 21 st. This bill came the following week, Saturday March 30th. We were charged $5.29 per gallon. I immediately called to confirm this was the price per gallon. They confirmed the price. After expressing my concern about the price and that we really didn't need the delivery(we had just received a delivery from them 3 weeks prior) they offered to change the price to $4.29 per gallon but only if we locked into that price and signed another year contract with them at that price. We declined as we don't believe in locking in at a certain price. I also cancelled our account with them. They did follow up on Tuesday . I spoke with a representative asking why we dropped our account with them. I explained a few things: 1. The shock in the price per gallon, $5.29. 2. The fact we didn't need this delivery because we just had one. 3. The average price in my county on CT gov's website was much lower. The man's response was the following: 1. They followed CT guidelines and laws for that price. 2. They completed some test that estimates the oil left in my tank which resulted in telling them I was over half empty. 3. That an average doesn't take into account some of their company's fees, etc. I further disputed this bill citing the following: 1. Our tank holds 275 gallons, half of that is about 136 gallons. If they did their test it was way off because they only delivered 75 gallons. We were obviously no where close to half empty. 2. I again added that we just had a delivery. The company's response was that we should expect a delivery every 5-6 weeks and they added our last delivery date was 2/27/14. Looking at a calendar, one can see it had only been 3 weeks since our last delivery, I asked the man to price match the average and come to a compromise. This was not an option. It is my belief that they unnecessarily delivered oil to us on day when prices were high.Desired Settlement: My husband and I looked up the average oil price per gallon around the delivery date. March 17th it was $4.10 average in middlesex county and on March 24th it was $3.94. We are looking to pay a reasonable per gallon price. The higher of the two we would be willing to pay per gallon.



To whom ever it may concern,

As a courtesy, we have credited Mr. [redacted] account in the amount of $90.28 to resolve complaint.

Best Regards,

[redacted]l Customer Service Manager



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


Review: I have been having issues with [redacted] fuel since I switched to them earlier this year. Most recently, they overfilled my oil tank and leaked oil all over my basement floor. My entire house still stinks like oil fumes after 3 days. Especially in the kitchen which leads up from the basement. Oil was spilled on multiple products we had stored in the basement and my kids sports equipment reeks like oil. After they came back to clean it up, there solution was to credit us for 1 gallon of oil that was spilled. Really? Your solution is to give us a $3 credit?

On a previous occasion, after an oil delivery, our furnace all of sudden started shutting off. I kept having to reset it. [redacted] came out and just told me there was air in the lines, but the problem persisted. They then came out again and made a repair WHILE NOBODY WAS HOME. They simply walked in , made the repair and tried to charge me around $600 dollars. I wasn't notified they were coming or what kind of repair they planned to do or how much it would cost.

[redacted]'s customer service is atrocious. Every time a called to complain they had a "it's not my fault" attitude. They were rude and would frankly do anything to put the blame on someone else. I am done dealing with them.

I have left a message with HOP, but have not received a call back yet.Desired Settlement: At this point I would like my oil delivery contract cancelled. I would also like a refund of my service contract for the amount of $450 because I am now forced to sign a service contract with another company. I would only like to deal with a contact from HOP Energy. I do not want to deal with anybody in customer service at [redacted].



I will start out by saying that yes we did overfill the oil tank which, could be a lack of attention by our driver or a situation with the vent alarm used to tell the driver when he needs to stop filling the tank. I would assure you that we would not be filling the tank again without having this checked out first to assure this doesn't happen again. I will also like to comment on the statements in the order they were stated in the complaint. We came to clean up the overfill at the [redacted] home and one gallon of oil was removed from the tank to assure it wouldn't continue to come out. That was the one gallon credit as no one ever called this office to talk about damaged toys, sports equipment or anything else. Our tech removed and cleaned some things at the time of his visit and left word that we would come back in a week or so to finish cleaning up so if the are damages beyond the scope of what has been presented a call to the delivery manager Yvette R[redacted] would of been appropriate. As far as the other service calls in March, yes a delivery was made on March 17th and yes a service call was placed for March 25th, eight days later. Yes we came out and checked out the unit unfortunately we had to come back on March 31st and fixed the problem as some times it takes more than one trip when the problem isn't a constant. Both calls were placed by the customer, which we still have records of and I am a little confused, as, if the call was placed and we went out and the house was open with other workers working there and we fixed the problem I am not sure what was wrong. As far as the cost [redacted] is quite aware that the services provided at his residence were well in excess of $900 and that we sold him a service contract and covered all the repairs under the contract saving him at least half of the expense. Also the "its not my fault " attitude, statement, I am not sure what is meant. I am not sure how a mechanical item breaking is any ones fault unless intentionally broken, which, I am sure is not the case. As far as our CSR's being rude I can assure you that that will never be the case as I have listened to the calls and that was not the case. Reaching the desired settlement, I will be glad to release [redacted] from his contract with us but that will involve one of two things happening there will be no refund for the existing service contract or we can refund it and bill out the work already performed which would more than double his liability. I am always willing to work with any and all customers and meet them at least half way or better if they want to be reasonable if we are truly at fault but we all need to be on the same page. I also have no idea where calls are being placed but our phone number here is ###-###-#### and any number of managers would be glad to speak to [redacted] if he is uncomfortable speaking to customer service. I personally called the supplied daytime number today but it went to voicemail. I do understand that an overfill can be a uncomfortable situation but we are willing to work with him if he called.



Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because: We'll have to disagree on the facts of this case. At the very least I would expect my one year service contract to be pro-rated and refunded for the rest of the contract since I will now have to pay for a new service contract from another company. Just because I have other people working OUTSIDE MY HOUSE doesn't mean you can come into my house when nobody is there and perform work THAT I NEVER APPROVED OF and YOU NEVER GAVE ME AN ESTIMATE FOR. Furthermore in all my years I HAVE NEVER HAD ANYONE OVERFILL MY TANK but I guess it is a common occurence with your company. Feel free to have someone from you parent company contact me to resolve this.




Ok will do. Sorry the usual procedure would be to fix a problem when we are called out for service but I guess we misunderstood your call. I will have some one from Corporate call you.

Review: We had a contract for automatic fuel delivery and service from 12/26/2013-12/31/2014. On January 13, 2015, we called [redacted] requesting pricing for our 2015 contract renewal. They gave us a price of over $3/gallon. At this time, we informed them that their prices were not competitive and we did not wish to renew our contract. We also asked that they remove the 2015 service plan for which we had received an invoice. They informed us that should we choose to renew the contract, they would need a signed copy on or before 1/23/2015. That date passed and based on our conversation, we were under the assumption that we were no longer under contract. We subsequently received 3 separate invoices for our 2015 service contract, which we had already stated we did not wish to renew. Each time we called within 2 days and again requested that they cancel the charge for the service contract as we did NOT wish to renew. On Tuesday, 3/10/2015, we called for a final time to clear up our account. The finance representative informed us that we had paid in full for our final oil delivery on 12/31/2014 and the charges for the 2015 contract had been removed. We in fact had a credit on the account of $3.68. No mention was made of another scheduled delivery. Based on this conversation, we assumed we were under no further financial or contractual obligation to purchase additional oil from [redacted].

Four days later, on Saturday 3/14/2015, we received a delivery of 242 gallons of oil from [redacted]. We flagged down the driver and asked him why since we were no longer under contract and had not requested a delivery. He informed us that he was told the delivery was an emergency and the oil must be delivered that day. The receipt he handed us stated it was a "phone order MUD 3/15 must do past RO" and showed a price of $3.99/gallon, almost double the market rate. The receipt clearly stated our name and address. We asked that he take the oil back, which he responded he could not do without prior authorization from his office. We immediately phoned [redacted] to find out why they sent the delivery. The man on call stated that he could see our account was no longer under contract and perhaps they had mistakenly delivered to the wrong address. We again requested that they send the driver to pump out the oil as we did not want it. We clearly stated that we would not pay almost double for a delivery we did not order. The gentleman on call stated that he was not in the office and could not get further details or order the driver back. He would have someone call us on Monday to resolve.

We did receive a call on Monday 3/16/2015, during which the rep informed us we had never cancelled our automatic delivery and they would charge their prevailing rate of $3.99 for this delivery. We reminded them that we did not sign their renewal contract, had already phoned on 4 separate occasions to request our contract cancelled, and repeatedly asked them to stop billing us for services we had declined. In fact, to deliver oil, they were effectively trespassing on our property. We had been in conversations with another company for a delivery that very same week for even less than the market rate, which we were forced to cancel. The rep said the best she could do was to charge the current contract rate of $2.79/gallon and offer us $100 credit. We declined this offer and again insisted that they cancel our contract and honor the rate we had discussed with the other company of $2.19/ gallon. The rep could not approve this but advised that she would have someone call us back.

We received a call back from someone at [redacted] on Monday 3/23/2015. She again offered us $2.79/gallon for this delivery if we signed a contract with them for another year. No mention was made of the $100 credit which was previously offered. She stated that they would not give us any pricing concessions unless we agreed to sign a contract. Furthermore, she informed us that their prices are higher than the market since they are a full service oil company, not a cash company. We again insisted that they honor the market rate, which at this time was $2.32, since the error was theirs in failing to cancel our contract despite our numerous requests to do so.Desired Settlement: We ask that [redacted] either honor the market price of $2.32 without requiring a contract renewal for the delivery of 242 gallons, or come retrieve their oil. We refuse to pay 40% above market for heating oil. Nor do we have any desire to continue to do business with a company that either cannot follow simple directions or worse, is attempting to take advantage of their customers.


Response: Complaint #[redacted]


complaint/account has been reviewed and the following has been determined.

[redacted] Oil

is an automatic delivery company and will continue automatic delivery unless

notified in writing in the following ways:

Mail a certified letter to [redacted] at [redacted]Email the request to [redacted]Send a fax to [redacted]


instructions are provided on all statements received by customers and was stated

on the statement dated March 1, 2015 showing a credit balance on the customer’s

account. Even though the customer’s

pricing agreement had expired on Dec 31, 2014, [redacted] requires

correspondence from the Customer to terminate all deliveries. [redacted] states on all contracts that the

customer will be automatically placed on a variable rate when the contract




Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because: Although the contract states that the fixed pricing program will end as of 12/31/2014 and customer will pay "prevailing retail price" thereafter, no where in the contract does it specifically state that automatic deliveries will continue unless cancelled in writing. The contract terminates on "the earlier of the end of the Pricing Period or when all of the Agreement gallons stated above are delivered to you". Therefore, the company is under no obligation to deliver further services or products after this date, and the customer is under no further obligation to purchase home heating oil exclusively from [redacted] Oil. Even if the contract is ambiguous and open to differing interpretations, the advantage goes to the signer. [redacted] drafted the contract without including a provision specifically stating that automatic delivery would continue indefinitely past the Fixed Pricing Period end date. Therefore, we as the customer are under no obligation to continue receiving automatic delivery or pay for deliveries we did not request.


Review: We have a contract with [redacted] Energy to care for our oil heaterSince signing the contract in November, we have had to call them about times because we were without heat either because we ran out of oil or something was wrong with the heaterSaturday we woke up to no heat, they told us they would have someone out within hours- it was hoursWe had heat for days, then we woke up to a degree house and had to call them again, it took hoursThen very next day around noon, we were without oil again and when we called they said it would take about hours to get someone out here! My wife is pregnant and should not be in such conditionsWe are paying them to fix our heater, we should not have to call them times in days!They claim "provide you with expert, reliable service all day, every day, year-round" on their advertisements, that is not the service we have received! When we call to find out when they are coming, they cannot give us a time frame, we have to be in the house when they arrive so we are stuck in a cold house until they finally arrive - 8-hours later! The customer service people are not helpful, they tell us the order is sent in and there is nothing they can do and no one else we can talk to get our heater fixed quicker and for goodWe are stuck in a contract with them and they are not keeping our heater going.Desired Settlement: We want our heater fixed in a timely manner, the first timeWe don't like our time or money wasted or having to be on the phone trying to get someone to come out to fix our heater, again! We need heat and a heater that works and [redacted] Energy is responsible for ensuring us that we have these thingsWe want them to be the company they claim to be and hold up their end of things so we don't have to freeze and suffer health wise from being cold!
Good Morning [redacted],
With regards to Mr[redacted] complaint, I want to personally and on behalf of [redacted] Energy apologize for the delay in getting Delivery and Service to Mrand Mrs[redacted] homeWe do not want our customers sitting in cold homes! I understand that [redacted] Energy did not meet their expectations and for that we are truly sorryWe do our best to provide our customers with "expert" and "reliable" service hours a day, days a week and with much regret, the [redacted] did not see this from us
I spoke with Mr[redacted] this morning and a technician was dispatched immediately and should be at his home as I am responding
We are also reviewing the settings on the Delivery portion of his account to ensure he does not run out of oil again
Again, our customers are our top priority and we strive to meet all of their expectationsWe are truly sorry for the situation the [redacted] endured
If I can be of further assistance, I can be reached directly at [redacted]
Best Regards,
Customer Service Manager

Review: I entered into a contract with [redacted] on 2/10/12. According to this 12 month budget plan, I was responsible for paying $225.00 per month (ffrom 2/10/12- 2/28/13) by the 25th of every month and in return receive automatic oil delivery throughout this period. Prior to signing this contract, I sought clarification from [redacted](sales representative), as to what my obligation entailed and received confirmation via email that this was a fixed budget plan. On 1/28/13, I received a billing statement which reflected a non budget balance in the amount of $1,153.65. I then contacted this company via telephone and was notified by one of the financial managers, that the amount of oil delivered exceeded the amount I had paid for the year. I explained that I had fulfilled my responsibility by making the monthly payments and was informed that I was responsible for paying the additional amount and furthermore,until this balance was paid oil deliveries would cease. I was due an oil delivery at that time, had fulfilled my monthly obligation, and was without heat in my home. Because my 12 year old daughter has a chronic illness, I was able to receive an emergency oil delivery paid for by the town of West Hartford- in which I have to repay.

Account_Number: XXXXXXXXXXXX

Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Refund

Repayment of oil delivered within the contract period, to the town of West Hartford ($500.00).



Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2013/04/03) */

Ms [redacted] signed our contract electronically on 2/11/12 and agreed to a twelve monthly budget payments of $225.00. At the end of the budget season any balance remaining must be satisfied and or payment arrangements made. On each monthly statement the balance owed is reflected.If the customer chooses to no longer remain on the budget.The account is placed on a credit hold until the customer satisfies the balance and or makes satisfactory payment arrangements.Ms. [redacted] stated during the conversations on 2/28/13 with the Customer Service and Credit Departments that she was paying the $225.00 and could not afford to pay the balance of $1,153.65 and the new monthly budget amount starting in February 2013 of $342.00 and that the conversation was upsetting to her. The customer was advised that she would receive no futher deliveries until the balance was satisfied,Mrs.[redacted] stated she was unsure if she would continue doing business with us. Our balance is valid and owed by the customer, we do not agree to her desired resolution of refund/repayment for oil delivered by the Town of West Hartford because she failed to pay us for oil she has used.

Consumer Response /* (3000, 7, 2013/04/04) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT ACCEPT the response from the business.)

Prior to signing this budget plan, I received an email from [redacted] (sales representative) confirming that I would be responsible for paying twelve monthly payments in the amount of $225.00- nothing more. I am able to provide a copy of this emailed letter upon request.

Business Response /* (4000, 9, 2013/04/05) */

We have reviewed the emails to/from [redacted] and there is no mention in them that states $225 is all the customer has to pay. We are requesting that the cusomter provide us with a copy of the email she received.

Consumer Response /* (4200, 11, 2013/04/15) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

Here is a copy of the email I receieved which states my monthly payments were $225.00.

Hi [redacted]:

The contracts don't show monthly payment amounts because we sue the same contract for monthly payment customers and pay by the load customers. If you look at paragraph 2 "DELIVERIES" you will see that it talks about budget statements, but will not have the amount. Your monthlies will be $225/mo

I'll see you Sunday at 9:15-9:30.

On Sat, Feb 11, 2012 at 8:33 AM, [redacted] wrote:

Hi [redacted],

It's [redacted]. I just reviewed and signed the service contract. However, I did not see the monthly payment listed on it. Could you confirm what the monthly payment will be for the next 12 months, I would greatly appreciate it.


--------------------------------------------------------------------------------... />
This correspondence contains proprietary information some or all of which may be legally privileged; it is for the intended recipient only. If you are not the intended recipient you must not use, disclose, distribute, copy, print, or rely on this correspondence and completely dispose of the correspondence immediately. Please notify the sender if you have received this email in error. NOTE: Messages to or from the State of Connecticut domain may be subject to the Freedom of Information statutes and regulations.

Business Response /* (4000, 13, 2013/04/19) */

We are standing by the balance owed and will not issue any credits/refunds/reimbursements towards this unpaid balance. We will excerise our right to collect and pursue collection action of the oil delivered and used by the customer.

Consumer Response /* (4200, 15, 2013/04/23) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

I've provided proof of written confirmation of the monthly payment agreed upon and have fulfilled my obligation to the contract I signed and will not pay any additional fees based on incompetence. My initial proposal to this resolution remains the same.

Review: On October 31, 2012 I prepaid for heating oil for XXXX-XXXX heating season. I paid $2,117.06 to Automatic TIC/TLC by Discover charge card- confirmation number XXXXXQ.Part of my deal was that I would be charged $3.749 per gallon of heating oil with the exception of the next delivery that should be expected about at the end of December 2012. For that one time delivery in December 2012 the charge would be $3.599 per gallon of heating oil. Nevertheless, I was charged $3.749 for my December 24, 2012 oil delivery. Upon receipt of my statement, I called the Automatic TLC. On February 11, 2013 I called Automatic TLC customer service (800)XXX-XXXX and talked to Tracy. The Automatic TLC delivered 236.7 gallons of oil on December 24, 2012 and overcharged me $37.87. I was promised credit on the next statement.The next statement did reflect my credit. My husband and I talked about changing our aging heating system from oil to maybe natural gas and/or solar system. We started to research for systems and prices. I called the Automatic TLC and ask them to deliver only the oil I have prepaid for the season since I do not know if I will be keeping the oil system or changing it to another one.On February 19, 2013 I called Automatic TLC customer service and talked to Tim. I asked to cancel my yearly Service Contract and to deliver only oil that is prepaid on my account. There was about 114 gallons of heating oil to be delivered the next and final time. On February 21, 2013 the Automatic TLC delivered 211 gallons of heating oil. I called customer service and talked to several people there. Finally, I was directed to the customer service manager Shontelle (phone number XXX XXX-XXXX).The Automatic TLC delivered extra oil I did not ask for on February 21, 2013 and charge me $543.27 for it. Shontelle said that Tim in the customer service was new and did not set things properly.Shontelle said that I need to cancel/ terminate the account so I will not get any more automatic deliveries to my house. So my account number XXXXXXXXXXXX was terminated on March 4, 2013.However, the problem did not stop there. On March 21, 2013 144.5 gallons was delivered to my house to cancelled account.I called customer service. I talked to Tim on March 21, 2013 and asked why am I getting all these deliveries. Tim apologized and said that someone will call me back. No one called back instead I received a bill for the delivered oil I did not want. I am concerned that I will continue to receive deliveries I do not want, and afraid to remove my oil tank if I decide to change heating methods.The statement as of 3/22/2013 states that I owe $1,229.89. I do not owe anything. I paid for all I have asked for. What I need from Automatic TIC/TLC is a statement that the account is closed and the balance is $0.00.

Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Other (requires explanation)

What I need from Automatic TIC/TLC is a statement that the account is closed and the balance is $0.00.



Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2013/04/22) */

To our knowledge we have resolved this issue with Ms. [redacted] earlier today to her satisfaction.

Review: I signed up for a home heating oil contract for the 2014-15 season with the company. When contacted by the company in August 2015 to renew I informed then that I would not be renewing and no longer needed/wanted their services. They contacted me a second time 3-4 weeks later and I told them the same message. On December 28th 2015 I received an oil delivery from them. I called customer service to inquire about the problem and they informed me that by law they have to deliver oil to my home until they receive a letter in writing from to cancel the contract. This I can understand but this was not told to me by the two previous sales calls that I had received prior when I notified them that I no longer wanted their service. The latest customer service rep that I spoke to on the phone said that she would email me instructions for how to cancel the contract, which never got sent.

I then looked up the price of oil which was selling for $1.40 /gallon and [redacted] Fuel charged me $2.99 / gallon for my delivery that is required by law!??? How can a homeowner be forced by a law to pay more then double the price of fuel because the company failed to inform them of the procedures to cancel their contract, TWICE!!! And avoided emailing the instructions a third time!Desired Settlement: I would prefer to not pay the company at all because I don't want to support them financially even the slightest bit after the way they mishandled and took advantage of the situation. However, because I understand that they provided me with a product (oil) that I will eventually use to heat my home, I think it is only fair to pay them the market price of $1.40 / gallon. Bill should be adjusted from $357.48 for 119 gallons of oil to $166.00.



Mr. [redacted] in that each and every call is recorded and logged by our customer service group and there are no logs or recordings of your calls I don't understand where your calls went. Additionally I see that you are very aware of the cancellation process as you have done it with us in the past and it would appear that you are quite aware of how to switch company's yearly to receive new customer pricing and benefits which is understandable. As far as sending you out instructions on how to cancel your account I can assure you that we have never and will never do that because it is a simple process where emailing us or dropping us a letter to that fact is all that is necessary. Not a very in involved process and not our rule but the states. I am willing to work with you and reduce your price to $2.199 and rebill this delivery but we will not sell you the oil at a COD rate or a first delivery introductory rate even though you feel you should get it for nothing. Please let us know how you want to proceed with this and I will consider your complaint as your correspondence to terminate your account.

Review: Please see the following letter written to the company in January 2014 which went unanswered. Now my account has been placed in collections.[redacted]6Re: Acct # [redacted]January 28, 2014, To Whom It May Concern:I am writing this letter because I feel I have been overcharged on my most recent fuel delivery dated January 25, 2014, for several reasons. Firstly, the delivery was initiated by a $500 grant from [redacted], which at the rate of $4.299 per gallon, would purchase only 116.3 gallons of fuel. My receipt says that 150.0 gallons were delivered, which brings forth my second reason. There was still fuel in my tank as my furnace was still working; even when bone dry, my oil tank has never held an even 150.0 gallons of fuel as you will see from the receipts included with this letter. Lastly, I did some research and the highest oil price on that day was $4.049 per gallon.Please look into the matter. With attention given to why I was delivered more fuel than the [redacted] grant covered, as well as how a tank that has never held 150.0 gallons of fuel empty, can now hold that and then some (as it was not completely out of fuel at the time of the delivery). I value the services your company provides and would very much like to continue doing business with you all. Hopefully this matter can be concluded to everyones satisfaction.Regards, [redacted]EncOriginally I enclosed copies of 3 receipts detailing my oil deliveries. When my tank was dry, 132.9 gallons were delivered. That was 10/30/13 at a promotional rate of $3.099. Next deliver was 12/18/13 for a total of 119.4 gallons at $3.999.Desired Settlement: I'd like a refund on the balance due for the oil billed but not delivered to my residence. I'd like that last oil deliveries cost to be competitive with the market on that date. Instead of the gouging rate of $4.299.



Customer account was reviewed and overage $$ has been cleared. Customer responsible for balance on account.



Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:

I've not received anything from the business stating the overage has been cleared. If so, I'd like an updated statement reflecting such changes.


Review: 1) Kaufman contractually confirmed they will not come to deliver oil to my house until confirmed with me. I did this as I have 660 gallon capacity and a CAP program so I have flexibility to wait for lower oil prices. They broke their contract and came and delivered oil without my consent. At time of delivery I had 350 gallons of oil still so I clearly did not need oil.

2) When solicited to sign up they convinced me CAP program was way to go as when oil went down what I was charged per gallon would go do so I would pay rates in line with market rates. When they came and delivered oil to me the median rate for oil was around $2.00 and they charged me 3.03 (a whopping 50% higher than median rate). While I have a cap at 2.69 its way higher than I should be paying. If this is not illegal then I would call what they did to get me to sign up as deceptive.Desired Settlement: 1) Billing adjustment to median rate of oil back when I was delivered oil 2) Oil to not be delivered to me unless agreed upon with me per contract 3) All future deliveries are billed by market rates (not their highly inflated rates)



Please see the attached. We have sent over a copy of the customers pricing contract that they agreed to 2.699 Cap Rate for automatic delivery and a copy of the 10-30-15 invoice in question. Mr. [redacted] states he was charged 3.03 for delivery however he was billed his cap rate that day. Our retail price on the day of delivery was 3.099 but because they were protected under contract they received their cap rate of 2.699. He was billed the correct price. No adjustments will be made.



Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because: it does not address either of the two issues as documented.




Mr. [redacted], let me try to make this as clear as possible for you and make sure I try to answer your complaints. Yes we will call customers before we deliver to them when they are on automatic delivery but not to renegotiate their price but rather to make them aware that a delivery is to be made in the next day for such reasons as leaving a gate open, to shut their unit off or maybe to leave the dog in. We also do not do this for the customer to decide weather they want a delivery or not as in the end we assume the responsibility should run out of oil. If your home freezes up due to our negligence we would be the responsible party. Also your account is continually adjusted to assure maximum deliveries for both parties. I also believe a message was left that we were going to make a delivery to you. In other words if you have pricing with us you need to be on automatic delivery and yes we will let you know we are coming but no we will not redo pricing and or stop your deliveries because of a call, that practice would be a "will call" account and we would not provide pricing to that type of customer. As far as your pricing goes our daily price is not set by the current daily mean so your $2.00 a gallon price back in October would have nothing to do with the contract you signed nor the cost of product we purchased on your behalf when you signed your agreement. Our prices are set by our corporate office based on many factors that I am sure are just as varied as any other company and or business and done under the same constraints, privacy and parameters that are necessary to stay in business. At this point I am sorry you are not satisfied with the pricing you agreed to but I will be glad to release you from that contract with no penalties, just let me know and I will see to it.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

Please release me from contract with no penalty per your offer and we can both move on.


Review: On March 7, 2015, I placed an order with Dollarwise for 100 gals of oil @ 2.7990/gal. I was told the total amount would be $279.90 and I authorized them to take this out of my checking account by providing them with my debit card information. The oil was delivered and my acct was debited $279.90. I received an invoice dated 04/07/2015 from this company saying I have a balance due of $125.68. When I called to question this I was told that the nozzle on their equipment failed to stop at 100 gals so I was given more than my order and that I owe them an additional $125.68. I did not order additional oil, I do not have money to pay for something I did not order and also if this was the case, why would you wait a month to tell me you gave me more oil than I ordered. I feel that I am being railroaded into paying them additional monies for something I didn't order and would like help in resolving this issue. Thank you.

Product_Or_Service: Fuel Oil

Order_Number: [redacted]Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Other (requires explanation)

I would like them to stop harassing me and trying to force me to pay them an additional $125.68 for something I did not order. If they get away with this what is to stop them from doing the same thing in the future. If I place an order for 100 gallons of oil, it's because that is all I can afford and all that I wanted.


Response: Complaint #[redacted]

In response

to Complaint #[redacted], the account will be credited for the outstanding

balance of $125.68. This credit will

bring the balance to $0.00.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


Review: Dear Representative:We are writing to you regarding the unfair practice of our former oil company [redacted] Energy which is a local branch of HOP energy located at [redacted].On November 2013 we wrote to the General Manager of [redacted] energy regarding our contract and the letter is as followed.Dear Mr. [redacted]:I am writing to you about our heating oil contract signed with your company last year and the disagreement I have with [redacted] your customer service manager regarding the amount of penalty regarding cancellation in hope that we can resolve this matter in a fair and just manner.Last December I spoke to [redacted] regarding heating oil services and I was offered the following.1. The maximum amount of oil to be delivered to our resident was estimated by Ms. [redacted] to be about 600 gallons.2. Ms. [redacted] quoted a heating oil price at $3.799 per gallon. However Ms. [redacted] told me that if we agree to become a customer, our first delivery of oil will have a promotion of $3.199 instead of $3.799. So we agreed and became your customer.According to our records, we had a total of three oil deliveries by your company.First delivery, we were charged 211.9 gallons.Second delivery, we were charged 195.3 gallons and Third delivery, we were charged 140.9 gallons which takes us to 548.1 gallons out of 600 gallons on contract. Leaving us with 51.9 gallons which means if we were to terminate our contract with you before December 31, 2013, we would only owe you $30.275 in penalty.When I spoke to Ms. [redacted] on Wednesday October 9, she informed me that the first delivery does not count and therefore she claimed we owe a penalty of $150 if we cancel.I reviewed our correspondence coincident with the execution of the agreement, and believe it is clear that the oil delivered at $3.199 was delivered under the contract. In fact Ms. [redacted] referenced that delivery as the First delivery fill tank $3.199 in her email to me to get me to sign the contract with your company. Fair business practice would require you to inform me, at that time, the delivery @ $3.199 was not counted toward the 600 gal referenced in the contract. The term first connotes there will be additional deliveries under that contract. This confusion could be easily corrected by making it express in your contract that any delivery at a different price (used to induce me into accepting the contract) than that referenced in the contract does not count toward the # of gallons specified in the contract. As written the contract is not clear on that point.I am looking forward to hearing from you regarding this matter in the near future.Sincerely,[redacted]Mid December 2013 we got a letter from Mr. [redacted] thanking us for being their customer and informing us that our current contract will end on 12/31/2013 and letting us know the plan available for us after the contract end.On January 2014, we still has not received response from Mr. [redacted] regarding our situation but our old contract has ended and we have not sign a new contract so I called the office to let them know that our contract has ended and that we do not want to renew.On February 21,2014 we got a letter from [redacted] Energy telling us we owed them an early termination fee of $153 on date 01/14/14.Desired Settlement: We first contacted [redacted] Energy back in October 2013 about what happened if we decided to terminate the contract before its due date. We had a disagreement regarding the termination fee and the general manager [redacted] has not replied to us. We terminated after the contract end on Jan 2014 and has never signed a new contract therefore we do not owe [redacted] Energy any termination fee.



Dear Ms. [redacted],

With regards to the complaint from [redacted], we

have reviewed the account thoroughly.

During the course of the last several months we tried to reach Ms.

[redacted] and messages from our Branch Manager as well as from me were left for

her to call back with no return calls until 1/13/14.

The contract she signed when she “reinstated” her

account with [redacted] Energy on 12/10/12 is very clear on the policies and terms of

the agreement with us. Ms. [redacted]

signed and initialed in agreement for all terms and conditions of this policy,

including the section that is acknowledges the liquidated damages provision.

Paragraph 4 of the Agreement states the following:


You have elected our Fixed Price Program, for the period from 12/04/2012

through 12/31/2013 (the “Pricing Period”), we will delivery up to 600

gallons of home heating oil to you at a price of $3.799 per gallon, plus

applicable taxes. We have secured in

advance, in accordance with state law, the estimated amount of heating oil

futures oil contracts or similar commitments to enable us to meet your needs

during the Pricing Period. The Fixed

Price set forth in this paragraph will expire at the earlier of the end of the

Pricing Period or when all of the Agreement gallons stated above are delivered

to you, without further notification to you, and subsequent deliveries to you

will be charged at our prevailing retail price for home heating oil that is in

effect at the time of delivery.

In section 10 of our Terms and Conditions it states:


DAMAGES: If you cancel your account for

any reason, remove your account from automatic delivery, fail to make payment

on time or otherwise breach any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement,

we may suspend service under this Agreement or terminate this Agreement with or

without notice and without further responsibility. If your account is cancelled for any of these

reasons during the Pricing Period, we will suffer damages, which include our

costs of purchasing the required futures oil contracts or similar commitments

and our administrative costs. However,

at that time our actual damages will be difficult or impossible to

calculate. Therefore, you agree that if

your account is cancelled or terminated for any of these reasons during the

Pricing Period, you will be charged a $350.00 early termination fee. The early termination fee will be prorated

based on remaining gallons to be delivered by the Seller under this Agreement

compared to the maximum gallons we have agreed to deliver as set forth above

and ends with the Seller’s completed deliveries of the gallons as agreed to

herein, and the Buyer’s payment in full of those deliveries.

As mentioned above, the fee will be prorated based

on remaining gallons.

350.00 (fee) / 600 (original gallons secured) = .58

cents per gallon

.58 x 263.8 (remaining gallons) = 153.00 fee that

was applied to Ms. [redacted]’s account.

Ms. [redacted] stopped the Automatic Delivery on 10/9/13

because she had received another deal / offer from another company.

With the account and signed contract reviewed,

unfortunately, we cannot remove the fee of $153.00.

Thank you –

Customer Service Manager

Cc: [redacted]





Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:


Ms. [redacted]:

When I phoned [redacted]

Energy regarding the possibility of early termination of our contract

on Oct 2013, Ms. [redacted] yelled at me when we disagreed. Furthermore,

Ms. [redacted] kept telling me that she could not understand my accent, so

I asked to speak to her supervisor and she said he (Mr. [redacted]) was out and that she needed to look up my contract and

they will be in touch later, which never occurred. Therefore I

decided to write the letter to [redacted] Energy general manager [redacted] instead. Since I sent the letter to Mr. [redacted] I

have not received any correspondent regarding the issue from either

Ms. [redacted] or Mr. [redacted]. As a result, we missed out on the deal

we could have made with other companies.


[redacted]’s statements about attempting to reach me and my family are

untrue and consistent with the unfair and deceptive treatment I have



pleased she cites the damages portion of the contract where the

phrase “agreement stated gallons” appears. I’m now being told

the initial delivery of oil I received as an express inducement to

enter the agreement is somehow not counted toward the total gallons I

ultimately purchased from [redacted]. Nowhere in the contract I signed is a

statement that the inducement purchase is not counted toward the

“agreement stated gallons”. This point is at the center of this

dispute. While I think it is clear the initial delivery was under the

contract,(especially in light of the language Ms. [redacted] used in her

e-mails to me on the initial purchase - particulars below), at best,

[redacted]’s contract is ambiguous, which under basic contract law means

the ambiguity is construed against the drafter of the contract.


business practice I find it odd [redacted] makes no effort to clearly spell

out in the contract and emails that the initial delivery does not

count under the contract. A simple sentence would make it clear.


a recap of the issue we have with [redacted] Energy.


We only signed up with [redacted] Energy because we were told the first

delivery was of a promotional price of $3.199 instead of $3.799. The

[redacted] Energy Sales representative, Ms. [redacted], led us to believe

that this delivery was included in the contract. As matter of fact,

I did some research on my email corresponding with [redacted] rep at the

time we signed the contract and I found the following.


Wed, Dec 5, 2012 at 12:17 PM




have completed the electronic contract per your assignment.


In the agreement I saw the fixed price heating oil plan but did not

see the first delivery of $3.19/gal on the contract itself, will this

present a problem when we get our first billing?


Wednesday, December 5, 2012 1:30 PM, [redacted] <email address

removed> wrote:

Dear Kim.

Review: On Feb 4, 2015 I ordered 100 gallons of oil online from [redacted] to be delivered on 2/9/2015, which was the first available date for delivery. This was not an issue seeing I still had 1/2 of a 275 gallon tank. My payment was processed on 2/5/2015.

On 2/8/2015 I returned home to find a slip in my mailbox for the oil I ordered.

On Feb 15th I went down to do laundry and check my tank to see the status of my tank as I had not done so yet that week. I was between 1/4 & 1/2 of a tank of oil. I called [redacted] and told them that I did not get the oil had been delivered as I found it very hard to believe that I used @ 110 gallons of oil in seven days. They told me they would send an email to [redacted] and have someone contact me. A few hours later someone from [redacted] contacted me and I gave him a rundown of what happened and gave him the drivers ID #, he in turn said that he would check with the driver and get back to me.

On 2/20/2015 I contacted [redacted] and asked for a status update as I had not heard anything and my tank was now at 1/4 of a tank of oil. Which at this point really seemed to tell me that I definitely did not get the oil that I ordered because the temperatures had been pretty consistent in the month of February. I was told by the operator at [redacted] the she spoke to the manager and he told her that he was going to call a driver in the area and have them deliver the oil and there was a 98% chance that they would be there. I returned home at 9:00 pm Friday night and looked at my tank, still no oil. Knowing that [redacted] & [redacted] were closed I waited until Saturday morning to call.

On 2/21/2015 at 8:19 am I called [redacted] and spoke to someone who said she spoke with the driver and he swore that “he was there yesterday and put the oil in my tank and that he spoke with my neighbor” when I asked my neighbor he said he did not talk to anyone on Friday. At 11:42 am I called [redacted] back when I heard from my neighbor and spoke to someone who, While very nice insisted it had been very cold and that I probably just “Used the Oil” she transferred me to [redacted], I spoke with another Operator who again told me that I used the oil and they could do nothing, I was transferred to the Customer Service Manager ([redacted]) who again proceeded to tell me, in nicer terms that I was lying and that I had used the oil. I was asked how I ordered my oil and I said online and I was told that because I ordered it online there was nothing they could do to verify how much oil I had as that is not a question on the online form which in my opinion if it is important to ask when someone calls in why is it not important for online? When I asked why I was told that the oil had been delivered the day before if that was not true I was told that the ticket had been canceled and that someone had lied to me. After about 45 minutes on the phone I was very upset and a friend of mine who was with me took the phone and spoke to [redacted]. He insisted that the system they have where the tag number on the fill pipe was verified to insure the delivery was made properly, she asked him to send me a copy of the ticket that the driver saw. When she asked him where on the ticket we saw the tag number he responded “you do not see it only the driver does” she asked him for the tag number and he gave her [redacted], we walked to the rear of the house which had no foot print in the snow bank nor a drag make from a hose and looked at the tag number on my fill the number is [redacted] was speechless, he said he would get back to me shortly and hung up. (I have photos of the snow bank and the driveway leading up to the snowbank clearly showing no one had walked to the fill at the back of the house.

At 2.58pm I called [redacted] and asked to speak with [redacted] the Customer Service Manager, I asked him to verify my email address that they had listed, which he did, he told me he would send a message to [redacted] to have someone call me to come to my home and take a look at things (which I had requested three times on the earlier call) I asked him when he thought I would be getting a call he said by Tuesday.

On 2/23/15 I sent an email to [redacted] at 11:04 am letting him know I had not yet been contacted, No response.

On 2/24/2015 at 1:53 pm I sent another email to [redacted] again with no response. At2.40 I received a phone call from [redacted] from [redacted] telling me he was on his way to my house to take a look. At 4:03 he called back we talked for 15 minutes and I told him how to access the basement and walked him through accessing my tank he determined that my tank was fairly new and sis not have any leaks he unscrewed the gauge and determined that there was no problem with that, he looked at my furnace and found no indication of an oil leak in either the area of the furnace nor the room that the tank is in. He turned it over to his manger.

On 2/25/15 at10:13 am I called [redacted] back to see what the status was and he was surprised that no one had contacted me. He called me back at 12:11 and said that his manager and the manager from [redacted] would be continuing the investigation and if needed to order oil I could go one line and order it the way I always do and if it was determined a refund/credit was in order it would be applied to my account. I said that I would not be ordering oil from [redacted] or [redacted] until this matter was resolved.

On 3/3/2015 at 2:06pm I called [redacted] from [redacted] to find out the status but he had not heard anything more.

On 3/9/2015 I emailed [redacted] asking it anything had been decided.

3/18/2015 No contact at all.

I have photo's of the Snow bank that the person would have had to walk over to get to the fill to deliver the oil with no foot prints nor drag marks from a hose in the snow as well as photo's of the fill with only cat tracks leading up to the fill. I also have a photo of the tag on my fill and a copy of the bill of lading from [redacted] who works for [redacted] with the fill number of the tank that the driver swears he checked when he delivered the oil which is different that the number on my fillsDesired Settlement: I would like a refund of $249.90 that I paid for the oil that I did not get.


Response: Complaint #[redacted]

After researching this account we do believe the customer received her 100

gallon delivery. Please see below:

Driver has

delivered oil to the residence 3 previous times and is familiar with the house

and the fill pipe.

The GPS on

the truck matched exactly with the location that was delivered to on 3 previous


According to

the K Factor which tracks the oil use of each customer, it shows that she

would’ve had to have received the 100 gallons or she would’ve run out of oil at

the end of February. Customer states

there was between ¼ and ½ tank of oil which matches our calculation if she had

received the delivery.



Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because: When I ordered the 100 Gallons of oil I started out with 1/2 of a 275 gallon tank of oil Approx. 135 gallons if the 100 gallons was delivered as the company states I would have had 235 gallons of oil. One week after they supposedly delivered the 100 gallons my gauge showed that I had LESS than when I started.


Review: I signed up for budget plan I october but got full bill in may to pay

In october 2012 I signed up for 600 gallon budget plan $210 every month till I paid full balance at least thats what sales person told me. I specifically told him that I don't want to end up with large bill at the end of the winter. He assure me that is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. This happened with me before with same company! So guess what they want full balance paid in one month of may so it's like 6 month later. I never went over my 600 gallon limit I was under. Also on the phone they very aggressive about getting they money this month. Thanks god I prepaid my balance since I had extra cash last month cause my balance to pay would be close to $1000 ....Now I have to look for another company! I'm just so sick of they lies second time they doing this to me. There is a reason why I taking budget plan every year. I just can pay $1000 a month for heat.Desired Settlement: finish my payment plan us agreed with sales person, and I would like to leave this company again if they can provide honest service



Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2013/05/07) */

Contact Name and Title: [redacted]

Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX

Contact Email: [redacted]

Reviewed account and found account was never setup as a budget as customer was told by salesmen. We have no problem with setting up budget. I did the caluations based on oil usage the budget will be $200.00 per month. This is a 12 month budget, which can begin June. A credit will build until deliveries resume. This will also avert any problems as far as credit department is concerned. I would be happy to speak with customer and assure this will be taken care of correctly. If this is acceptable, please have customer contact me so we can resolve any and all concerns. We value his patronage and will strive to gain his trust in the future. I trust this will be acceptable. Thank you for your time and consideration regarding this matter.

Consumer Response /* (3000, 7, 2013/05/08) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT ACCEPT the response from the business.)

Can you please read my complaint again??? i'm not looking to sign up with you AGAIN!!! I had budget plan with Metro oil since october 2012 . Yesterday I got a call from collection department stating that i'm 60 days late on payment which not true ! I made last payment on april 15 2013 3 times more that my regular budget amount! And my next due is may 25 . Please respond with real solution not just basic statement. PLEASE READ MY ORIGINAL COMPLAINT.

Business Response /* (4000, 9, 2013/05/09) */

Complaint was a budget that was not setup as promised by our sales department. I apologize for the error. For your inconvenience I will be putting through a credit to your account for $50.00, so your balance will be $247.54. I turst this will resolve this issue. Thank you for your time and consideration regarding this matter.

Review: I had Valley Oil (through Dollarwise Oil) deliver to my home property several times without problems. However when I asked that they repair a furnace on a rental property, they sent one tech down to examine it who did not have what he needed for the repair, so I paid for that visit. Then when the next tech came down to repair it a day or so later he knew nothing of the first tech's visit. But he did effect the repair, replacing the fuel pump, and I was charged $415.83. I paid that amount as soon as I got the bill in the mail.

I also sent a check for the payment of the first tech's visit and only afterward found out the tenant had already paid that. So I called to straighten out the double payment. The woman I talked to knew nothing about the tenant's payment and hadn't received my payment yet (the tenant had paid the tech when he was at the house). I was surprised that she did not have a record of the payment. As it turned out she didn't have a record of the first tech's visit either, she knew nothing about it.

Ultimately my tenant did get her payment back from Valley Oil after stopping into their office. She told me that they said they didn't know that I had called to straighten out the double payment, but they did pay her back. I thought that we were all set, since I had paid all bills related to this matter, when 3 to 4 weeks later I received another bill from Valley Oil for $204.19 with a "past due" notice on it. That amount appeared to be entirely unrelated to anything else I had been charged for. I called Valley Oil and the woman answering the phone asked me for my account number, when the charge was made and what the amount was. I asked her why wouldn't she have that information in her records once she had my name and account number? She said they have to get the information from me or otherwise how are they to know which charge I'm talking about!?! Well, it would be the charge that they showed as being unpaid, wouldn't it? When I asked her what the charge was for she said I had only made a partial payment on the $415.83 so I still owed the balance of $204.19. When I told her that was not true, that I had paid the full amount with one check, she asked which check number and I told her. Then she asked which bank it was drawn on and whether I could verify that the check had actually cleared (it had) but I asked again, didn't her records show that I had paid this in full already? She said they would have to look into that!! If they had something in their records saying I had made a partial payment (which was untrue) wouldn't they at least have the information on that check?

I don't owe them another penny as I paid all charges in full and I really do find that this company, which I had used in the past and seemed reliable and trustworthy, has degenerated into one fraught with poor business practices and poor or non existent record keeping.

I would not recommend them to anyone else, they really have become a terrible company to do business with.Desired Settlement: I don't want anything more to do with this company and I want the false charge against me erased from their record.



After reviewing the account it has been determined that a refund in the amount of $211.64 will be issued to customer.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

I would point out however that I had paid the full amount, and I have the cancelled check to prove it, so the offer to "refund" the $211.64 is disingenuous.

[redacted] Greene


[redacted] Greene

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