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Review: Review: Last summer I contacted Automatic TLC ([redacted]) about converting to Gas Heat with Automatic TLC. I decided to go with one of the options and plans were put in place to have the conversion done in October 2013. Because [redacted] had just been paved the CNG representative advised me to wait a full year before they could do their part of the conversion and was told to contact them August 2014. I contacted [redacted] and advised him that the conversion was on hold due to this issue.

I contacted Automatic TLC after receiving a letter dated May 14th regarding my budget payment plan as my hope was to convert this fall (2014). Knowing I needed to have less than a 1/4 tank of oil before the Gas conversion could start; I wanted to insure no additional oil would be delivered. I spoke to a TLC rep and was told that wouldn't be an issue as I wasn't scheduled for an oil delivery until October 1, 2014. We also discussed the payment schedule for my remaining balance ($1,126.45) on my account and the payment due for each of the 5 months remaining.

On June 11, 2014, I received an oil delivery (124+ gallons @ a cost of $454.30), effectively topping off my oil tank. I immediately called Automatic TLC and was told by [redacted] that I could not "stop" delivery of oil and that if I did I would be canceling my contract and therefore would have been charged $200. I was never told this when I contacted TLC originally in May nor last year. I feel that the delivery should NOT have been made. I insisted that I would not pay for the oil delivery and was advised by [redacted] that I had to. This June delivery will prevent me from converting to Gas, as I have enough oil to carry me through the Fall. So this is where I stand and thought it best to contact you.

Thanking you in advance, [redacted]Desired Settlement: Desired settlement: As this seems to be a reoccurring procedure with Automatic TLC, I want a FULL refund/credit of the $454.30 for the oil delivery that was not needed as I had over a ½ tank of oil and was advised by an Automatic TLC rep that my next delivery was not until October 1, 2014. In addition, I want to cancel my contract with Automatic TLC and have written documentation from them that they will NOT deliver oil in the future.


Response: ID #[redacted]

After reviewing the account, the following information has been gathered. When [redacted] called Customer Service at Automatic TLC, she was told she would not receive an oil delivery until October 1, 2014 because the account was on hold due to credit issues. Once a payment arrangement was made, and a payment made, the account returned to a “current” status and a delivery was made.

Per [redacted] request the account will be terminated before her contract is to expire with no early termination fee. Her account will be credited for $340.38, half of her current balance.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


I spoke to the

Customer Service Representative in May of this year regarding a letter I received

about my budget plan. It was concerning an increase to my budget plan

and nothing

was ever said about a credit issue or that my account was on HOLD.

My payment plan was revised so that my balance would be paid in full

prior to the

tentative Gas Conversion. I was told my next delivery was scheduled for

October 1, 2014, but only after I

asked when it was scheduled. This would

insure I did not

have too much oil left for the Gas Conversion planned this

fall. I was never told the “schedule”

would be adjusted after a payment was made. I accept the settlement

terms stated in Automatic TLC response regarding “crediting” my account $340.38

and no early termination fee. Please

confirm in writing that my terminated contract

means I will not receive any further oil

deliveries from them now or in the future.

Review: [redacted] Hopenergy [redacted] CC:, [redacted] September 22, 2014

Customer Account # [redacted].

To whom it may concern,

In June 2013, I contracted with [redacted] Company for a 1 year service contract and discounted oil purchase prices. The service contract I was told was for an oil burner cleaning once a year.

Since I just had my oil furnace cleaned, I did not need it done until next year. I wrote to [redacted] on May 10, 2014 and again on May 14, 2014 as we had always communicated, to schedule a cleaning (well within the contract deadline(e-mail below) and received no response back from [redacted] or [redacted].

Hello [redacted],

Hope you had a safe winter. I would like to know if it is possible to schedule a furnace cleaning?

Thank you, [redacted] On July 8, 2014, I contacted [redacted] in reference to why I had not heard back from them on scheduling an oil burner cleaning. I was told by [redacted] that they were only able to schedule an appointment in August for this contract period.

I scheduled an appointment on August 8 between 08:00 and 12:00. I took a day off from work to be at the house for the oil technician to let him in. He never showed up.

At 12:15 that day, I called [redacted] and spoke to “[redacted]”. [redacted] told me that the record showed that the contract had expired and that the cleaning was canceled and that I was not entitled to an oil burner cleaning even though I was told by [redacted] (and he scheduled it with me over the phone and we agreed orally that this was part of the original contract) that they would do the cleaning to honor the contract.

[redacted] then mentioned re-scheduling the August 8th appointment for August 12, 2014 with a new maintenance fee price of around $366.65 for the next year. I mentioned to [redacted] that I did not want another annual contract because you did not honor the first one and that [redacted] owed me a furnace cleaning.

In total disappointment with [redacted] customer service representatives and the outright lies I was told, I told [redacted] that I was not happy with their company and that I would be bringing this incident to the and the [redacted].

On Tuesday August 12, 2014, a technician showed up at our house when no one was home and left a message on our answering machine indicating he was here. We never made plans to re-schedule this service and I do not know why he showed up, nor does my wife.

Note: There was a double payment in February 2014 of $273.57, which I requested be returned. This was done.

At this point, my wife and I are so disappointed with this company that we only want our service fee of $170.13 returned and that this complaint remain on file with your agency.

Around September 5, 2014 [redacted] called my wife to make an appointment to have a cleaning done with no indication that this was not for the original cleaning scheduled by [redacted]. It was to my belief that this was due to an e-mail I sent to [redacted] indicating that I was going to bring this matter to the and the [redacted]. On September 12, 2014,[redacted] cleaned our furnace. Then they sent us a bill for $211.64.

Regretfully, [redacted] CC: [redacted] Phone :###-###-####Desired Settlement: I am requesting that the account be considered even. The oil burner was eventually serviced but we were charged for it.



I spoke to [redacted] and he said we will credit his ([redacted]) account and bring the balance to $0.00.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


[redacted] oil in Portland CT is trying price gouge my family and I on oil prices. I am sure that they are doing this to other families also. I requested a call back from the local GM and I was completely ignored. The way that this company does business is completely unethical.

Review: Myself and my husband have called numerous times to rectify a billing issue with nothing but condescending operators and never able to speak with a manager. Today I spoke with "Cheryl" and towards the end of our conversation I asked to speak to a manager and was told AGAIN that the manager (Mr. C[redacted])was not available and he would call on Monday!!!

I have all of my statements from the beginning of our sign on of this budget plan. I was never send a December statement, nor is their one on [redacted]'s website. I have also taken a screen shot of the website showing the absence of a December statement. My November statement shows a balance of $98, no December statement, then my January statement shows a balance of $1152! I am being charged for a fake delivery in December that I was never notified of and that [redacted] also does not have record of. That charge is $410.29 or 114 gallons of oil. The very next month, I needed another 178 gallons?!?!?!? I have lived in this house for years and that is ridiculous! When explaining this to the agent, she told me "well it was a cold winter" and "well you never called to complain about this missing statement before?" Are you kidding me! First of all, we have called multiple times and get no where. And, because I haven't called to complain, that makes it ok to charge me a fake amount that you don't have documented on your website when I login or was sent a paper statement for? Then she proceeded to tell me it was an IT issue, so they will fix it?!? I've called multiple times, a December statement never existed, a random amount of $410 was added to my account and now you are going to call the IT department so they can make one up now?! Again I told her that I have all of the screen shots of [redacted] website and the paper statements, so if a December statement magically appears now, I will take further action due to completely unethical and unprofessional business practices. I have not paid my final amount until this random amount is rectified and I can not get a manager on the line to an agent to take accountability! According to my statements I have used 727.5 gallons, which is reasonable. The first fill was at $2.999 for an amount of $871.51. The rest was at a price of $3.599 for an amount of $1572.40. Bringing my total to $2443.91. I. Past years we used about 600 gallons a year, so having a cold winter the 727 seems reasonable. However throwing In an extra 114 gallons and adding on an undocumented amount of $410.29 is ridiculous and won't go unnoticed.Desired Settlement: I expect that the random amount of $410.29 will be taken off of my account.



Here is our response

Review: I must say I'm severely disappointed in the service I've received from this company. I have been a current customer and contracted as well for over a year. To say I've been mislead is a understatement. I was told upon signing a cap rate of of $3.09.9 contract in [redacted] with a rep that I would pay what current market is which was explained to me as the company retail rate. Upon calling today to figure out why I was charged at my cap rate when current market/retail is between $2.20-2.55 a gal. I was appalled to learn that their retail rate is not the same as market rate. That their Retail rate is $1 plus over market. If this was explained to me prior to misleading me and getting me to sign a contract based on the false info I was given. I would not have contracted with them for a 2nd term. This is not how a service member should be treated. This is not how a legit business should conduct their service. Upon bringing this to the customer service reps attention nothing can be done to rectify the situation to my satisfaction. I was offered $100 credit which is nothing compared to what practices are being held by reps to rob customers to get their quotas in. For this months delivery I have overpaid them by $150.00. I want them to contact me regarding this matter. I will not be recommending [redacted] to my fellow military family or general public if this situation isn't resolved. The whole situation was a bait and switch. I have now looked for complaints online regarding [redacted] Energy and it seems this is standard practice of misleading customers regarding true rates.Desired Settlement: I would like the contract to be Voided or a Sufficient Credit to cover loss of over payment for term of contract.



The customer is correct in saying that they signed a contract with a cap rate at $3.099. When signing the contract it was explained that they would pay our retail rate. This rate is adjusted daily based on many factors. We cannot always anticipate large drops in the market but we work to adjust as soon as possible.

Our customer service representative properly explained the pricing to the customer and they were provided 80% fill upon signing the contract. The customer? agreed to this pricing upon signing the contract.

Review: was told I would get oil under the cap of 3.19$ if it went down, but it could not go over the cap of 3.19$ Classic bait and Switch, Now if I want out of this deal I must pay a penalty, This is not right!Desired Settlement: Just let me out of this contract and I will pay 3.19$ for this last delivery which is 50-70cents too much but I just want out



We have contacted customer [redacted] to resolve the complaint. We will update the complaint when once we have finalized a resolution.

Review: Currently I am a customer of Hop Energy for our home heating oil. On our account there is notation to always call for authorization before delivery. This has never been a problem until recently. On Tuesday 2/4/14 our nanny took a message from a representative from HOP Energy, he was calling to confirm/authorize delivery for next week. The nanny told him she was unable to authorize since she was not the home owner and that he should call back after 2pm.I decided instead of waiting for this phone call, I would be proactive and call Hop Energy back. I did so around 3pm the same day. I spoke to a different male representative who told me a delivery was scheduled for that day, Feb. 4th. I told him someone just called and said the delivery was for next week. This person put me on hold so he could "call the delivery department to ensure no delivery would be made". When the rep came back on the line he told me the delivery had been cancelled. I then asked him about the delivery mentioned for next week. He told me no delivery was going to be made. I confirmed this with him 2 times and he reassured me no deliveries would be made, he said he noted the account. On Friday, 2/7/14 a delivery was made some time after 4:30pm. We had left the house around that time so we were completely unaware until we arrived home later and a delivery slip was in our door. I spoke with a female representative on Saturday Feb 8th, 2014 and explained the situation. Not sure why I was never notified of this surprise delivery that came on Friday the 8th. This rep acknowledged their mistake, no delivery should have been made, admitted someone should have called first and that there is note on the account to do so. She then put me on hold to speak with her supervisor, when she returned she said the best they could do was take $100 off the bill. The price per gallon is $5.15. Obvious Price gouging, I feel I have been scammed and taken advantage of. We are still paying apx $4.20 per gallon even with their "credit".Desired Settlement: No charge or come remove their unwanted 151 gallon oil delivery.At the very least offer a competitive price, most companies are offering around $3.60 price point as in my research this week.



To whom it may concern,

To resolve this matter. We have credited [redacted] account in the agreed amount of $304.53 which left a balance due of $456.97 that was paid in full on 2/10/14. [redacted] was advised that her account would be terminated.

Account was terminated effective Tuesday 2/11/14.


Customer Service Manager

Review: I have been calling the company since March 2013 to schedule our annual service on our furnace & water heater per our service plan. I was originally told "We don't have any openings till July 2013" I asked to schedule then and was told, "Our system doesn't allow it and we'll put you on a call list." I continued to call. Next reply was "Our service department only opens the books for a week at a time." I mentioned it sound like a gamble. If you are lucky to call at the right time you might actually get an appointment. I asked twice to have the service manager call me. Neither request has been fulfilled. Most recent call I got the Emergency Service line during regular business hours. I'm worried. We missed out one year and didn't get our cleaning per the contract since they had "so many emergencies". Don't even get me started on their pricing of oil or the confusing monthly statements that tell me I don't need to make a payment on my budget plan. Service has gotten miserable in the past three years and prices of oil have sky rocketed. We've been with them since Dec. 2010 and you'd think they care about loyal customers but alas, it isn't so.

Product_Or_Service: Silver Service Plan

Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Other (requires explanation)

I'd like to get my furnace and water heater serviced as stated in my service contract with them within the next two months.



Business Response /* (1000, 8, 2013/06/26) */

This letter is in response to your complaint in reference to your Account # XXXXXXX.

First and foremost, we would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you and your family. We completed the requested tune-up this morning. We hope that you will allow us the opportunity to prove ourselves worthy of your business.

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We appreciate your long term business and look to serving you in the future.

Review: I would like to express my dissatisfaction in [redacted]. When I bought my home there was an oil burner from 1955, the previous owner used [redacted] and so I continued to use them. Gas was brought onto my street so I decided to convert. [redacted] informed me that they offer Gas products and installation. I met with the sales rep and purchased a [redacted] Lined Indirect Water Heater and a [redacted] Furnace. In the original proposal it stated the furnace came with a 5 year warranty parts and labor. Extended warranty per [redacted]. These were installed on 1/17/2014. I placed a service call for no heat soon after. Every time I would call and tell them it was a gas unit and not oil they would get confused and keep insisting it was oil. A technician came out and fixed the problem. In December 2014 I placed another service call for no heat. Again explained to the people it was not oil but gas. The person they sent had never worked on a gas boiler and had to call [redacted] direct to be walked through how to fix it. There was a part that needed to be ordered, a blower I believe. It is now July 2015 and the part has never been replaced. I also have never received paperwork from anyone on the service performed at my home. I requested documents be sent to me on 7/21/2015. I placed a service call on 7/21/2015 for no hot water. The lady informed me it was going to be a $99 +tax diagnostic fee. I told her I had a 5 year warranty and it had been installed in 2014. She called over to service and they stated it was a 1 year warranty. I gave the lady my credit card; she said it would not go through. I had to call her back because I was on my way to work. I called back and spoke to someone different gave them the same credit card information and she said that she would mark it as paid so the technician would be all set to look at it. When I got to work I checked my credit card and the money was put on hold twice. When the tech came to my house he said he needed a check for the diagnostic charge before he started. He had to call the office and verify that I already paid it. He then stated that there was condensation in the condensation pipe and that was the reason it stopped working. He was very unhelpful at answering questions and said I just need to check it every so often. It’s a brand new unit why should I have to check it if everything is working properly. I have paper work form [redacted] that I am warrantied until 2019, they sent me a claim form that the technician needed to fill out so I could submit it and get reimbursed. This paperwork was from [redacted]. He refused to fill out the paper work and stated, “well its only $24+ tax”. It was actually $130.81 to fix. To fix a system that is 1.5 years old. This company has no idea what they are doing when it comes to gas products and they should never be allowed to sell, install and service such products. Every time I call to ask a question they cannot answer it and I get the run around. There should not be technicians working on the furnace that know nothing about gas, and can’t answer my questions or fill out the necessary paperwork in order for me to get reimbursed. I am completely disgusted with the service I have received form this company. At 5:12pm on 7/21 I called [redacted] again to speak with someone about what causes the condensation buildup, and as to why the part that was to be replaced in December was still not completed. The person I spoke with could not answer my questions and informed me that the service department leaves at 3pm. I asked for a direct number for them so I could call directly the next day, I was told I needed to call the main number and they would transfer me. On 7/22/15 I called at 12:28pm, I asked to speak with the service department the lady told me she could help me, so I asked her my question and she transferred me to a gentlemen named Jeremy B[redacted]. I explained to him that I wanted to know what causes the condensation build up and he offered to have a tech come out, I told him I already had and he did fix the problem although he could not explain to me why it happened or how I can prevent it from happening in the future. He said he would have the service manager research it and get back to me about that. I also asked him to pull the work that was done on my boiler in December 2014 and he said a replacement part was to be ordered, and was not. He was going to have Frank N[redacted] call me back about both issues. I also forwarded the claim form to Jeremy, no one seems to know anything about [redacted]’s extended warranty paperwork or procedures. I am also concerned as to why the last two times [redacted] has been out they do not leave a copy of the invoice. When they came in January 2014 the technician had me sign and gave me a pink copy that listed the lock out codes on the furnace and what work was completed.

Frank called me and explained that there was condensation buildup and that was normal and should be checked and cleaned yearly. He also said that in December a part was not to be ordered, it could have been defective and if I had further issues then they would replace the blower.

8/6/15 woke up with no hot water again. On the furnace you are able to go through and look at all the lockout codes, it is a lockout 18 which so was the previous 3 lock out codes. I looked in the manual and a lockout 18 states:

Condition: Blower is not running at light-off rate when it should or blower speed signal not being detected by sage 2.1

Possible causes: Loose connection in 120 VAC blower wiring, Loose or miswired blower speed harness, defective blower.

It appears when they came on 7/21/15 it was something to do with the blower again.

It has been over two weeks and I still have not received the service invoices I requested for the work that was done in December 2014 and July 2015. I also still have not received the extended warranty claim form in order for me to be reimbursed.

All I want is for this to be fixed. It is obviously the blower and I do not understand why they will not replace it. It should have been replace in December as that was the second time I had an issue. I do not feel that I should have had to pay for them to come out in July. I should be reimbursed the $99 + tax service call charge plus the $24+tax fee they said they would bill me, as this was an issue that should have been taken care of in December when it was still under the 1 year warranty, not the extended where I have to pay and wait to get reimbursed. I also want copies of the work invoices; I find it very unethical that they did not leave a copy at the time of service. I would think they would have to. I am very disappointed with the service I have received from this company. I am 8.5 months pregnant and all I can think is that is going to happen in the winter when I have an infant! This needs to fixed! I called Frank, the service manager, at 7:45 am on 8/6 and am awaiting a call back. I do not have much hope that this company with rectify the situation at their expense.Desired Settlement: I would like the problem fixed, which is the blower replaced, at their expense as this should have been fixed in December 2014. I would like to be reimbursed for the $99+tax, and 24+tax fee from the service call in July 2015, as it was a blower issue they should already have fixed. I would like copies of the work orders for the service calls in December 2014 and July 2015.



Complaint #[redacted] – [redacted]

In response

to Complaint #[redacted], the account will be credited in the amount of

$130.81. The Service Manager has reached

out to the Customer and the issue will be resolved this week.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


Review: I purchased an oil tank from CT Refining and the tank they installed was damaged. They came out over a month later, after many telephone calls from me, and sanded and painted the front of the tank where the scratching and roughness was visible. (There may still be damaged to the back of the tank which is up against the basement wall and not visible.) I received a bill for the full price of the tank. I purchased what was to be a "new" oil tank and was given one that was damaged. I have spoken to [redacted] about this and the fact that the price should be reduced due to the fact that the tank was damaged. I have called several times, and no one returns my calls. The only call I received was asking when I was going to pay the balance on the bill. I paid them $2000 once the tank had been painted, but feel the the remaining $299 should be waived due to the fact that the tank was in fact not "new" it was "damaged".Desired Settlement: [redacted] should be marked paid in full at $2000. The remaining balance should be waived because the tank was damaged.



I received the complaint from Mrs. [redacted] regarding the scratched oil tank. Upon looking into the issue the credit had already been issued to her account and she currently has a zero balance. I left a message informing Mrs. [redacted] that this had already been processed.

Any questions please contact me directly.

CT Regional Installation Manager

HOP Energy DBA Automatic TLC/CRC,DDLC and Valley Oil

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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. However let the record show that In the interim, just before they awarded the credit, they sent me a notice saying they might cut off my oil delivery if I did not pay the $299! (And I am a pre-paid customer for oil!) It took them over 2 months to resolve this issue, and then on Nov. 27, the connections to the old tank which were supposed to be sealed with an epoxy, began to leak into my basement and onto the tank causing me to lose more time from work.


Review: I was a customer of [redacted] Service. In March 2013, I received a letter stating that [redacted] had merged with [redacted] Energy. The letter also stated that [redacted] would continue to honor all [redacted] agreements. I was enrolled in a program with [redacted] that guaranteed me a savings of .40 cents off every gallon of oil purchased. This program automatically rolls over at the same time (May) every year unless you call during the open enrollment period. When I did call during this period to inquire about the status of the contract and the payment that was due me, I was told that [redacted] would no longer be paying the .40 cent per gallon rebate. I received a check from [redacted] last year for $147. Throughout the contract year, I was charged very high oil prices: some as high as $4.19 per gallon which is much higher than any other company. I was not too worried about this at the time since I knew I would receive the difference back in May. Please let me know if DDM is in breach of my contract agreement with [redacted] and if I will be receiving my rebate check for oil purchased from [redacted] Also,understandably, I have cancelled my agreement with [redacted]

Product_Or_Service: home heating oil

Account_Number: account # XXXXXXX

Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Other (requires explanation)

I purchased almost 400 gallons of oil from [redacted] during the contract year beginning in May 2012.



Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2013/08/19) */

To Whom It May Concern -

With regards to Mr. [redacted]'s complaint, we have reviewed the account thouroughly.

First and foremost, I want to say that [redacted] Energy is not in breech of contract of any kind.

In an act of "good faith", we have adjusted the 2 deliveries by .40 cents per gallon that we made to Mr. [redacted]'s residence since we aquired [redacted] Oil in December 2012. A credit balance of $76.52 [redacted] be refunded to Mr. [redacted] and [redacted] take approximately 2-3 weeks.

Again, we are not in breech of any contract and accomodated Mr. [redacted] in an act of "good faith".

Best Regards -

Customer Service Manager

Consumer Response /* (2110, 7, 2013/08/20) */

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the partial settlement response from the business.)

I accept this partial settlement but beg to differ with you.

No one from [redacted] or [redacted] energy ever notified me that the terms of my agreement would no longer be met. Once again, I was under the assumption that I would still be receiving my annual rebate of .40 cents per gallon during the contract year. This program rolled over at the same time every year unless [redacted] was contacted during the 2 week enrollment period. When [redacted] energy became a part of [redacted] they should have notified their customers of this change in terms of service. Just so we understand one another, the real rebate number should have been $153.44 not $76.52 so the good faith gesture is definitely on my part.

Review: I sent the emails below to the company and tried calling several times - but no response other than a piece of mail that they cancelled our contract. When signing up with them in July, We were told we'd receive retail price for deliveries, then all of a sudden, we were charged the cap rate of the contract and they said it was a 'full-service pricing model' which was never told about and I had asked specifically. We also signed up for a service contract for $279 from July 2015 for a year - which they cancelled in December along with the automatic delivery contract - rather than returning a call or email to me. Based on their over calculation of pricing - I owe them $114 for oil - then they charged me $190 for cancellation since they were too lazy to respond as I did not cancel, just wanted the manager to return a call or email and fix the pricing for that bill and let me know what they were deciding to charge at each delivery before we accepted..

below are emails to company:

sent 12/4:

I tried calling Customer Loyalty department again today at 2:04 PM but nobody was available to take my call nor did anyone return the call. I was also told that my conversation with [redacted] several weeks ago was escaped to a manager; but I have not heard from a manager either. I also have not heard any response regarding the email below sent on 11/24 at 12:27 PM.

Please make sure there are NO OIL DELIVERIES AGAIN until this is settled and I need to know prior to deliveries what the price is that day. We do not use much oil and still have over 3/4 tank. I will not spend any more money with your company until this is resolved or account cancelled.

Thank you,

On Nov 24, 2015, at 12:27 PM, xxxx wrote:

To Whom It May Concern:

Re: Account number xxxxx

We became customers of DDLC in July after purchasing a house in Mystic at xxxm xxxx Lane. We signed up for yearly service and bought a service plan based on the information provided by your sales rep.

Unfortunately, the information she provided, has been different than billed. I’ve called several times and spoken with your billing department and an account rep, who escalated the issue to a manger, but I haven’t heard back from anyone or been able to resolve the problem. When I signed up, there was an introductory rate for the first oil delivery, then it was supposed to go to retail price. The retail price is the issue as when I’ve called back, I was told there is actually a full-service model pricing - which was never disclosed to me. I even called back as a new customer to see if I mis-interpreted the original call - but it was explained the same way again. The day I called in November as a new customer, I was told the retail pricing was $1.949 and when I called the billing department that day, they said the pricing hadn’t gone below $2.99 for several weeks. This seems like a bait and switch to me.

On 11/10 when I called billing and spoke with Gina, she transferred me to your account rep, [redacted] in the customer loyalty department. He said there was a meeting and discussed the full service model pricing and the benefit of automatic delivery so I don’t have to call every month. I did not understand how the information and pricing of a full service model was never brought up in the prior phone calls or during the initial sales call. [redacted] said the full service pricing is more because of the automatic delivery and kept harping on this. I don’t care about the automatic delivery if it’s going to cost $1 more per gallon. I was to be charged the retail rate, not a full service model pricing that was suddenly mentioned to me in November after a corporate meeting. I would not have signed up for your service knowing that the actual delivery cost was way out of whack compared to your competitors. [redacted] said to go read my contract. Very helpful - I told him to go listen to the recorded sales call. My contract actually states that we would pay retail price - there is NO mention of a full service model price.

I am willing to pay this bill even though it is way over-priced, if you do not do any more automatic deliveries. I will not accept them, do not waste your time, and any future deliveries I need in writing the day of delivery what the actual charge per gallon is so I can approve the delivery and the price we’re paying. Our tank is still almost full as we keep the house cold. Do Not Make Any More Deliveries until we’ve resolved this severe discrepancy and bad business practice.Desired Settlement: I don't want my account sent to collections ($114 oil bill) as we paid for a service contract that they didn't honor 1/2 way thru the year (279 we paid upfront in July). They should also not charge the cancellation fee (190!) as this was their decision rather than righting the wrong. They can adjust the bill correctly to the retail price at the time of delivery on September 21 to $2 a gallon (instead of the $2.449 cap price they jumped to) for the 46.9 gallons - which should have been charged $93.8 - 1/2 of the service year contract paid upfront was 279/2=$139.5-$93.8=$45.70 refund.

Thank you very much



After reviewing the account, we have removed the outstanding balance. The Customer has been terminated and the account has a $0.00 balance.



Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:

Review: We have been with the company for over 8 years and on a budget plan. We received an incorrect bill in November 2014. Called to resolve it and were told to pay a specific amount to have budget reestablished at $200 a month. We did so and continue to get bills with late charges and told it is affecting our credit. I have called 3 times to resolve and each time I am told I must speak to [redacted]. Each time my information is left and we do not receive return contact from [redacted]. We should be on a budget plan. We pay $200 a month and have been doing so since we were told initially our bill would be rectified once we paid the specified amount. Nothing should be affecting our credit.Desired Settlement: I would like our budget plan reestablished as agreed upon and to stop receiving letters saying it is affecting our credit. I would also like to be able to speak with an individual that returns my call when I do have a question regarding my bill.



The customers account was canceled as she had requested on April 6, 2015. We declined the customer request to go back on our budget program and instead agree for a $200 per month payment. $784.50 is the current balance on the account after the last two payments of $200 in March and April.

Review: I have HOP Energy as my energy supplier. My charge Hour went up almost double with no written or Verbal warning. [redacted] answers te phone when I Try to contact them to end my service, request a Credit, and find out what if any charge there is forMe to go back to cl&p.Desired Settlement: I am not sure. I would have to calculate the kills wattRate times the use age. However it changed 3Times since dec



Mr. and Mrs. [redacted] enrolled with HOP Energy as their electricity supplier 1/30/2012. They enrolled in a fixed rate contract for the period of 1/30/2012 through their December 2012 meter read (12/27/2012) at a fixed rate of $0.07973 cents per kWh. HOP Energy sends renewal offer letters to all fixed rate customers whose contracts are expiring. Mr. and Mrs. [redacted]'s renewal offer letter (attached) was mailed on December 11, 2012, with an offer of a new fixed rate of $0.08728 cents per kWh through their December 2013 meter read.

As per the Terms and Conditions of HOP Energy's fixed rate contract, if the customer does not respond to the renewal offer letter, or contact HOP Energy to either renew on a fixed rate contract or, cancel their service with HOP Energy, their service will move to a month to month variable rate program. This service can be cancelled at any time. No cancellation fees apply to variable programs. The reasoning for this is that HOP Energy cannot enter a customer into a new fixed rate contract without their consent, nor can HOP Energy cancel the customer's service with HOP Energy without their request or consent. We did not receive a response to Mr. and Mrs. [redacted]'s renewal offer letter, so their account moved to the month to month variable rate in January 2013.

HOP Energy, in response to price increases on variable rate programs this past winter took a proactive approach to make customers aware they were on a variable rate, and to let them know we had fixed rate programs available for them to enroll in. We mailed letters that included a renewal enrollment form on January 24, 2014. Mr. and Mrs. [redacted] were sent this letter as well (attached).

We had no contact with Mr. or Mrs. [redacted] until March 25, 2014. When they called to cancel HOP Energy as their electricity supplier. [redacted], the Customer Care Representative they spoke with did offer our current fixed rate of $0.09155 cents per kWh through their October 2014 meter read, which is slightly lower than CLP's current rate of $0.09235 cents per kWh. They declined the offer. HOP Energy was also notified by [redacted] on 3/25/2014 that the [redacted]'s had contacted [redacted] and requested that their service with HOP Energy be discontinued.

I do see that the [redacted]'s were eligible for a 12% Cash Back Rebate after 12 billing cycles with HOP Energy. They did not send in the required rebate form in order to take advantage of this promotion. However, in the interest of maintaining good customer relations, I have authorized that their rebate be processed. Their highest HOP Energy electricity supply charge was for the service period of 7/9/2013 - 8/7/2013 in the amount of $192.81. A 12% Rebate in the amount of $23.14 will be processed and mailed to their billing address. Please allow approximately 4 weeks for processing and delivery.

I did attempt to contact Mrs. [redacted] today via the telephone # she provided. I did leave a voicemail. I would be happy to discuss the circumstances surrounding her account. I can be reached at 877-390-7155 8:30 am - 5:00 pm Monday - Friday.

Please advise if any additional information is needed or required.

Thank you for the opportunity to respond.


Manager, Customer Care

HOP Energy - Electricity Division

Review: I have a contract with this company to service my oil burner and fill my tanks. Although I did not sign a "locked in" price for my oil, the prices were steadily going down. Spring is my largest refill of oil which they did deliver 710 gallons of heating oil. What I did not know is that I was being charged $5.00 a gallon. When I questioned this price gouging I was told they could charge me anything. I asked for no more oil deliveries. They sen another 204 gallons, told them to come and get it. At that time they asked what we were willing to pay. Agreed on 2.87 a gallon. I Still have a 4,000 bill for the 710 gallon that were delivered and I am being called weekly to pay the full bill. This is robbery!!Desired Settlement: I give them $ 500.00 a month and am still being harassed. Fist, I want the price negotiated to the going rate. Second I will continue to pay my budget plan u until a reasonable amount is paid. Due to this company raping me for money which is hard to come by at this time, I now cannot afford oil as all the money goes to this company.



As a full service company we value our reputation and believe that we bring value added service to all our customers. This customer has been on our variable price since they came on board in 2011. We regret that the customer has the feeling that were expressed in their letter concerning our pricing. We believe that our prices are fair for the value we bring.

Review: I was paying 3.79 gallon for heating oil. Another delivery came and it was changed to 5.299 per gallon. I called to complain and they said if I sign a contract they can reduce to 4.499 as long as I lock in for a year at that price. I called two other oil companies and they are both under 4 for supply and will give me that price for a year. I feel this is taking advantage of a customer and very underhanded in the way they deal with customers. Because I don't guarantee them business they hold me hostage with a usury rate and then try to force me into a long term high price situation. A very underhanded practice that I would have thought to be illegal.Desired Settlement: The going rate for heating oil is 3.799. They said the rate would be variable and adjust with market. I just switched to market with [redacted] at 3.699 gallon. In addition this should not be allowed as a business practice.



Dear Ms. [redacted],

With regards to the complaint from Mr. [redacted], I have reviewed the pricing on the account thoroughly as well as his most recent delivery. I want to state that [redacted] Energy operates its business with the utmost integrity and Customer Satisfaction is of the utmost importance.

In January of 2014, Mr. [redacted] was mailed a Price Renewal letter prior to his current oil price at that time ($3.799) expiring at the end of January 2014. We like to give our customers advance notice of when their prices are going to expire. On that letter, it clearly states that "If we do not hear from you, your account will default to the Variable Price and your delivery status will remain unchanged". Mr. [redacted]’s account remained on Automatic Fuel Delivery and the delivery was made on 2/28/14 and it was billed out at our Variable Price that day which was the $5.299 per gallon.

Mr. [redacted] called our office on 3/4/14 regarding the price of the February delivery and was offered our daily Price Protection options, of which he declined. We do not hold our customers "hostage" as he said. We were offering to give Mr. [redacted] a new price and as a courtesy, would adjust the 2/28/14 delivery to that new price upon receipt of the new signed contract. This is a standard practice and the adjustments are as a courtesy to our customers as we do appreciate their business with us. Again, our business is run with the utmost integrity and we do not operate in an underhanded fashion!

Even though Mr. [redacted] has terminated his account with [redacted] Energy, in an act of "good faith", and as a courtesy to Mr. [redacted], we would be happy to adjust the 2/28/14 delivery to $4.199 per gallon. The prices he has listed on his complaint are "new customer" prices with another company. They are not standard "market" prices.

Please let me know if this is acceptable with Mr. [redacted]. We will put the adjustment through once we hear back from you with his acceptance of the offer above.

Thank you –

Customer Service Manager

Branch Manager

Review: On 12/26/12 I walked into a building with no heat. I was an automatic delivery customer of fuel at the time. I checked the gauge on my oli tank and it read empty. I called them and they sent a person out to deliver oil and restart two oil burners. The repairman left after both were started, however, one of the oil burners did not restart a second time. A second repairman was dispatched later in the evening and he performed unneccessary and incorrect repairs to my oil burner which was documented by a local and reputable service repairman ([redacted] Steere Service) after experiencing problems with the repair made by DDLC. These repairs that were initially made by DDLC were just "done" and never quoted to me at a price of $581.01 which was outrageous according to my other repairman. [redacted] reported to me that the reason I was having issues with my oil burner was becasue they used the wrong nozzle (80B) when it needed a 70B which caused it to misfire and burn incorrectly. Also they replaced the Primary Control when in fact it needed a transformer (even though I was charged by DDLC that said they checked the transformer). I tried several times to talk about the issue with DDLC to no avail, all they were interested in was trying to keep me continuing purchase fuel from them. I feel I was not given an opportunity to make a decision on whether I wanted their $581.01 repair, that it was just "done". They have continued to send me an invoice for this repair tacking on late fee after late fee. I consider this account paid in full.

Product_Or_Service: repair

Account_Number: XXXXXXXXXXXX

Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Other (requires explanation)

I want them to stop billing me for the incorrect repair and close the matter.



Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2013/05/15) */

In response to the customer's complaint, we understand coming into a no heat situation is not ideal. We feel that we responded to this call effectively and efficiently. The customer also claims that she was not quoted the cost of $581.01 and was not given the opportunity to approve the service. Our service tech provided her with a service call invoice on the date of the call. The customer signed on the repair authorization line and a copy was given to her at the location of the service. The original invoice that she signed approving the service was for $606 but she was provided a discount making it $581.01.We have this paperwork and can provide it again if needed.

Consumer Response /* (3000, 7, 2013/05/20) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT ACCEPT the response from the business.)

Their repairman came into my building, performed the repairs, and THEN asked me to sign on the dotted line. I asked him BEFORE signing, "What is this? Am I going to be responsible for this bill????" His response was, "I don't know, I just do the repairs." I never should have signed the invoice. It was my understanding he was continuing the work of the first repairman who responded to no heat/empty oil tank/two boilers not responding. AT NO POINT DID THE SECOND REPAIRMAN TELL ME WHAT REPAIRS HE WAS PERFORMING. I FEEL HE SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME WHAT HE WAS REPAIRING AND HOW MUCH IT WAS GOING TO COST. I WOULD HAVE DECIDED TO SAY NO THANK YOU AND CALL MY OWN REPAIRMAN. This was like bringing your car in for an oil change, and the auto tech just deciding to do a brake job and then handing you the bill. And then the brakes fail because he didn't even do the job correctly.

My husband was there with me, waiting for the repairman to do the work, since it was done at night time and I didn't feel safe being alone. He can attest to the fact I was never offered an option to accept the intended repair or deny the bill. It was done, and the repairman wasn't leaving without a signature. It was late, around 8 or 9pm at night, and we were there waiting for a long time in a very cold building.

I also have my paperwork.

Consumer Response /* (3000, 9, 2013/05/20) */

I feel if they are going to charge someone for repairs, then they should have the consumer sign the form PRIOR to making the repairs. They are implying that I signed the acknowledgement form PRIOR to work being done, when it was presented to me AFTER the fact.

I NEVER would have had them perform repairs if I knew they were going to charge me. I would have had my own service man who normally services the boilers for general repair, but in my opinion this was a situation exasperated by running out of oil.

Business Response /* (4000, 11, 2013/05/21) */

Again, we understand that no heat situations are stressful. The customer is stating that they were run out of oil and that lead to the problems that they were billed for. This is not true. Their gauge may have read empty but the 275 gallon tank only had room for 178.4 gallons, which we delivered. Larger deliveries have been made to this account before and after the call in question. The reason for no heat was for a faulty primary control, which was replaced.

When it comes to the invoice that the customer was provided there are two lines. The first says "Repair Authorized", which is where the customer signed. The second says "Declined Repair at This Time" which the customer could have signed at the time of the call. As we stated before, we are willing to provide this paperwork.

In this case, we responded to the call immediately and effectively. The repair was made and we have paperwork with the customer's approval. We understand the customer is upset but we feel that we acted quickly and followed all proper protocol in this instance.

Review: Had a split ductless AC and Heating system installed by them October 2013. They originally sold me the system at 1 price then told me they quoted the wrong outside unit the DAY they came to INSTALL and charged me more. The system immediately started having issues less than a week after install. They came back out and told me that is the way the system operates and it takes some time to operate correctly. Since then I have had 4 issues with tis brand new system and [redacted] continues to deflect the issues and say they aren't there or the system is operating the way it is suppose to. I called the manufacturer they stated [redacted] was lying. I called an outside contractor and he identified 2 issues with ease only then was I able to get [redacted] to come out and admit to a problem which they only half fixed. They were suppose to come back out and run a full system check when the weather cleared up which they never did. Now the system is operating poorly and has leaks again and I email them every day and they never have time to come fix my system. this has been going on for over 3 weeks now on this current issue. How can you treat a customer like that when they pay you 15000 dollars for the system. My township hasn't even closed out the permit for the work yet because they see the job as incomplete. [redacted] was the sales repDesired Settlement: I want a working system installed and installed correctly by an actual professional with a warranty since I don't trust them.



Technicians responded to issue on 7-2-14. Corrected system mini-splits to both on AC. Ran a new drain line per customer request. All working properly.

Review: Dear, [redacted], or too whom it may concern,

In response to: HOP ENERGY (not sure who this is), LLC DBA DDLC ENERGY

ACCT No. [redacted]

This bill has been in dispute sense the day that the oil was delivered. We had not received oil from this com**ny for one whole heating season, one year. They decided, on their own, to deliver oil, just about one week, after I had my oil tank filled by another oil com**ny. I was not at home when they came and put oil in my tank. I informed them of this problem on the same day they delivered the oil. I also informed them, they could come and retrieve there oil, "when I was home" this time. This was their mistake, NOT mine. They said, we were on auto, if that was the case why, in such a very bad winter, like we had last winter, did it take almost one full year to deliver oil to us! This is the problem of this oil com**ny! If we must fight in court, then we must, we have sent all dates to them. They KNOW, all of this. I have tried talking to them. I had moved from this location and was not living there, was and still am living in **.

Thank you, [redacted]Desired Settlement: Stop harassing me. Had been a year since I had any business with co. They had no right to show up un asked, un announced and

I was not there. Leave me alone


Response: Complaint #[redacted]

Customer was delivered 47.50 gallons of oil,

approximately 1 year after last delivery. The Customer has since moved and is

no longer living in the state.

Collection attempts will be discontinued.



Thank you so much for your assistance, in the resolution of this situation! I had unsuccessfully tried to resolve this situation with them for this past year. Again thank you. [redacted]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


Review: [redacted] serviced our furnace for several years. Due to their negligent inspection and improper cleaning, we experienced a fire in our furnace on October 25, 2013. The fire was caused by a build up of soot which should have been cleaned [redacted] technician. The fire was able to escape the burner through the "sight door" which had fallen off. This should have been remedied or at least brought to our attention during service inspection. The East Hampton fire department was able to extinguish the fire and relieve the house of much of the smoke. We have contacted [redacted] four times via phone and have sent two emails. Their service manager has not returned any of our correspondence and was very rude the only time we were able to actually get a hold of him on the phone.Desired Settlement: We would like [redacted] to pay for the damages to our furnace from the fire, due to their negligence, totaling $673.04



[redacted]l has contacted the [redacted] and offered to settle this claim for the amount requested. Once we receive the general release form signed by them [redacted] will foward a check to them in the amount of $673.04.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


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