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Howard Johnson Express Inn

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when arriving at the hotel, my daughter and I found ourselves surrounded by people who were making us very uncomfortablewhen entering the room , the room carpet and chairs and couch had cigarette burns and the sense of cigarettes was appalling and strongmy daughter has allergies and asthma, she began to cough from the fumesThe pillows were also smoked thru we booked a non smoking room and this was a non smiling roombut clearly this was notdue to smoke odors bothering my daughters ability to breath comfortably we were unable to stay at thAT HOTEL FOR ONE NIGHT TO ATTEND MY OLDER'S DAUGHTER'S NEXT MORNING GRADUATION CEREMONY AT UNIVERSITY OF MARYLANDI WOULD LIKE TO RECOUP THE MONEY SPENT AT THE HOTEL $THANK YOU yANA K [redacted] @GMAIL.COM

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: I spoke with the 3rd party that reservation was made through and they had no problem with changing my reservation or refunding me my money. In fact a representative called the hotel and was given the same response which she found surprising. The response from the hotel, that they are not refunding my the money because of the 3rd party's policies is a flat out lie!
*** *** [To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, the consumer must give a reason why they are rejecting the responseIf the consumer does not provide a reason the complaint will be closed Answered]

Guest came into hotel she had reservations they were booked there different web sitesThe first reservation was thru the internet which her booked herself on line The second reservation was booked thru a third party which again she booked with them which was a pre paid reservation
I explained this to the guest a check inSo what I did was call and had them cancel her prepaid reservation and had them refund her money to her with no extra chargesThen I checked her into the hotel using the internet booking that she booked herself and she pays hotel direct, she had no other complaints during her stay

The guest did have rooms with queens beds as she reserved., not rooms with doubles as she statedWere sorry that the credit cards did not get charges correctly as she wanted this we can still fix, she can call the hotel and we will be happy to correct thisWe did offer the guest to changes
rooms twice which they never did we understand that they did travel around the next day they could of told us we would of been happy to hold or move there belonging for themThe desk was told about the mattress on the 3rd day which did get changed out that morning when maintance came in yes the owner did help with this issueWe do have guests that stay with us that have medical issues and yes they do have the medical marijuana cardThe guest were given a discount off there bill

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:
*** *** [To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, the consumer must give a reason why they are rejecting the responseIf the consumer does not provide a reason the complaint will be closed Answered]The answer that Howard Johnson provided is completely wrong When I checked in I gave him my license and said I have a reservation He typed in something and than stated there is two reservations under your name and I told him that I only needed one room and that I had ONLY made a reservation through I than asked him to cancel one of the rooms and he said I can't do anything because pays me with their Credit Card I than got my room key and went out to my car I looked at my bank statement and I had a charge from and than a charge from Howard Johnson I went in again and I do have a witness and asked him again why am I being charged twice and he continued to interrupt me several times as I was trying to show him my phone with the charges I than asked him to cancel the reservation through him and refund my money and use the one from He stated he would have to charge me a full night's charge in order to cancel the reservation at this time he continued to interrupt and be rude I asked to speak to the manager on duty and he said I am the owner I than again asked him to remove the charge he would not I got up to my room and yes it was not cleaned well but I was scared to go down again to complain about the room because of the way he had treated me I than called and explained the situation and I was placed on hold while they called Howard Johnson and when came back onto the line he stated that the owner told him that he had made me a reservation when I checked in and that it was an error did refund me my money because I called them not him

Please see attachment

Dear Contact:
Sans MS";">
Thank you for
notifying our office of the concern filed by *** ***, at the Howard
Johnson property located in Columbus, GA We are sincerely sorry to hear we did not
provide the guest, with an excellent Howard Johnson experienceYou can count
on our team to help resolve your concerns
To assist Mr
*** in reaching a resolution, I’ve informed the property’s general manager
of the situationThe general manager will contact Mr*** by 8/14. As a company, we’re committed to delivering a
great experience with every stay with us
If for some reason
Mr***’s concern is not resolved, please contact me directly at ***
and I will personally help address his needs
Count on me,
*** ***
Customer Care

The conditions of the hotel room were horrible and filthy The bed spread was dusty and dirty The bed skirts were dirty and hanging across the floor on both beds The sheets and pillow cases were dirty The carpet was not vacuumed It smelled like a stale place and smoke for a nonsmoking room It had mice and roaches The curtains were very dirty and dusty to touch The bathroom sink had duct tape on it The bathroom counters were sticky and not clean The floor in the bathroom was sticky The light fixture in the bathroom was missing the light switch They had lower income people staying there In the morning outside there was a drug addict harassing my family and me in the parking lot The hotel would no refund my money for the last night I was booked for nights I would not recommend this hotel to my worst enemy I was very disappointed with this company and the way the staff handled our concerns I should have taken my sister in laws advice and not stayed there the first night They checked out of there within minutes of checking in I should have taken my sister in laws advice and not stayed there the first night They checked out of there within minutes of checking in I will also be sending a letter with pictures I took showing the room and hotel to the president of the company

Mrs*** booked her own reservation online thru PricelineThe site does state no cancelations and hrs cancelationsWe are sorry she made the mistake of booking the wrong date however we were sold out that weekend and could not resale her roomThere will not be a refund as requested.Thank
youSam S*GM/Owner

This complaint was resolved. The customer returned the boat and trailer and he was reimbursed.

when arriving at the hotel, my daughter and I found ourselves surrounded by people who were making us very uncomfortable. when entering the room , the room carpet and chairs and couch had cigarette burns and the sense of cigarettes was appalling and strong. my daughter has allergies and asthma, she began to cough from the fumes. The pillows were also smoked thru
we booked a non smoking room and this was a non smiling room. but clearly this was not.
due to smoke odors bothering my daughters ability to breath comfortably we were unable to stay at thAT HOTEL FOR ONE NIGHT TO ATTEND MY OLDER'S DAUGHTER'S NEXT MORNING GRADUATION CEREMONY AT UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND.
yANA K[redacted]

To Whom lt MaY Concern,
[redacted]'s did consummate the purchase a 2005 [redacted] boat from Diamond [redacted] on May 11 2013. Mrs. [redacted] and her husband originally
visited our showroom on Dec. 28 2013, at that time she was aware that the...

vessel would be sold
as-is. We did discuss the option of her having an independent marine surveyor inspect the boat
prior to her purchasing, she conveyed to me that she and her husband had plenty of knowledge
about boats and were comfortable inspecting the boat themselves. On that date she had
concerns about a few items most important one, being minor water leak in the forward cabin
from the exterior anchor cabinet. We agreed if they purchased the boat these items would be
repair prior to them closing on the boat and taking possession of the boat. Over the next few
months Mrs. [redacted] was very skeptical about the leak and how the boat would run. We had
reassured her that if the boat was not what she wanted we would be more than happy to refund
her deposit before delivery in May. When she arrived on 5 /05/2014 for the sea trail and final
inspeciion she had a punch list of new items that were a concern to her.(view attached
documents). At that time she became very defensive and I suggested that we.refund her deposit
and  part ways before entering in to this contract. She was persistent in that this boat was what
she wanted. We then repaired all ltems on her punch list and scheduled another deliver
date. With over 35 years in retail sales, I had the feeling that Mrs. [redacted] had much higher
expectations of this used vessel than I could ever deliver her. I suggested agajn that we refund
her deposit and cancel the sale; she insisted that we had an agreement and.she wanted to
consummate the sale. On OSl11l1013 she re-inspected the vessel accepted the conditions,
paid in full and had taken possession. Approximately two month later she notified Diamond
[redacted] that she had incurred a repair issue and  wanted to know what Diamond [redacted] was
going to do about it. we told her to forward all repair invoices and we would review them to see
if these items were listed on any of the punch lists, service memos, etc. we had previous had on
file. we then notified her that the repairs that were needed were normal repairs from wear and
tear on a 9 year old vessel and Diamond [redacted] had no legal obligation since the vessel was
sold as-is two months prior.
lf you have any questions of the details of this transaction, please do not hesitate to contact me
by phone or email.
Diamond [redacted] prides ourself with 35 years of providing impeccable customer service.
Thank you,

see attached documents.In this case the guest made the reservation through third party site and put in the information by himself.So we received a reservation as per his details for a king bed.He paid to third party and he needs to get back to them to see what was the issue as we have no...

control  over the room type booked when it is via internet.We are requesting the guest to send us the booking confirmation so we can see what type of room was confirmed for him.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

Review: Tuesday July 12th I checked in late in the day. Next day July 13th didn't want room service aka/cleaning. July 14th I came back to my room 209 and saw that someone entered to pick up the dirty towels, but didn't clean or leave new towels.That's irritating to me as their staff is then in question, looking around for what may be there? July 15th I noticed my feet were filthy? Yes, there carpets are full of grease and disgusting! It's hard to notice as they are a dark color. Told the manager or Clerk about it and asked them to clean as I would be out for the day. They said they would, no luck there, I was out till after midnight. Again no room service either. July 17th I went and asked again as I would be out for the day, this time they were cleaned, once again no other room service. I asked for bath towels? I did see the matinence man and thanked him, I told him 3 lamps had no bulbs, he brought them and I changed them? On the morning of July 17th I was getting ready to go to church, I asked the lady at the desk (no ice machines ) for ice, she was writing something and I waited 5 minutes for ice? She comes from the back talking to a Coworker. Went on my way.That day same thing no room service, I asked for towels at 5:00 pm and they said they are wasting them, would be later, it was 10:00pm when a gut knocks to give me 2 towles, the mats you use for the floor.I was tired by then and skipped the shower. Walking outfront looking at the trik/motorcycle in front of the office and the manager comes out to ask me what I am doing? Told her I am going to McDonald's would you like something? I tried to book for the next week and they refused me. First girl said rooms under construction, I went to the office to ask the manager,she said guests said I talk too much? I was hardly there! She asked me about the unattended kids I told them they were swimming in the pool, 10 yrs old, no adults no locks on pool gates. 45 minutes later she came to get the kids from the pool.Days later asked if they were mine?Desired Settlement: I want my money back for the entire stay, I got sick from the grease soaking through cuts on the bottom of my feet.

The manager is discriminating againstme? I was always polite to them.

The matinence man that doesn't speak English called my room 10 times.I could not understand him, he said something about a car, I didn't answer when he kept calling g. The day the carpet was cleaned.

I didn't even bother with that one, strange behavior.

The manager is nosy, rude and cheap!Worst ever! NOTHING

Review: To whom it may concern,

Our Stay at the Howard Johnson in San Diego Friday March 27th - March 29th was rough to say the least,I booked 2 rooms way back on February 15th I was traveling with children for a Basketball tournament .

Our room keys were not working appropriately we had to go to the lobby 4 times over the stretch of the weekend.

We had blood spatter on our ceiling in room 206 ,

We were without water for more than 2 -1/2 hours and no electricity for 45 min on Saturday in Both our rooms 206 and 210.

Construction thumping on walls started by 8:00 am Saturday-afternoon .

Rm 210 had black and white TV, Both rooms did not have clocks or trashcans,irons in rooms were dirty and burnt on junk .

Floors in the rooms were blacken with oil and gross white socks were soiled.

drywall and deb-re was left in the hall wall out side of our rooms .

construction blocked the only handicap spot on our side of the hotel to store the dry wall (we had a handicapped person with us)

cars parked under the construction zone got covered with deb-re.

this is a health hazard with potential Asbestos from the constructionDesired Settlement: Full refund of $287

Complimentary stay at another Wyndham hotels 2 rooms for 1 week

Review: 1. We arrived at the hotel on Friday January 10th, we were assigned to room [redacted]. WHen we arrived in the room the hotel room #[redacted] was infested with [redacted] roaches. We found [redacted] riches in the bed and [redacted] roaches on the walls. We immediately went to the front desk and requested a refund. They refused us a refund but assigned us to another room #[redacted]. Room number [redacted] didn't have hot water, we had to request hot water on several occasions.

Upon returning home I reviewed my bank statement and noticed an additional charge of $50.00. WHen I contacted the hotel the manager [redacted] indicated that we had taken an iron and an extension cord from room [redacted]. I told him that was ridiculous and we would have never taken anything from the hotel. He refused to credit my debit card which lead me to have to file a complaint with my bank, stop payment on my credit card and cancel my card to avoid future fraudulent charges. The person I spoke with told me he was the owner of the Howard [redacted]son. He was very rude, threatening demeaning and even told me to come down to Escondido as if he wanted to fight me. I told him in all my travels I have never experienced such unprofessional conduct. After 5 requests asking him to credit my account for the 50.00 "[redacted]" refused, in a rude and disrespectful manner.

The call occurred at approximately 7:25PM on Wednesday January 15, 2014.

I am requesting a full refund and for the to send out the health department to the Howard [redacted]son facility. I am also asking the to look into other similar complaints because I have a felling this is not the 1st time Mr. [redacted] has done this to his customers. There needs to be a full investigation regarding erroneous and fraudulent charges. I can only imagine how many times he has gotten away with this type of hideous conduct and disrespect and fraudulent activities.

Please help!Desired Settlement: I want a full refund for my entire stay due to the infestation of of [redacted] roaches and no hot water in the room. plus the lies about my family taking an iron and an extension cord is ludicrous

the total amount paid was 129.80 plus the 50.00 I had to ask my bank to reverse via the dispute process.

Review: I checked into the Howard inn about 615 pm February 4 2015. Once I got into the room with my 3 children we ate and got settled in. 35min 40min later. We planned on taking a shower.. Shower was dirty with hair we didn't have any towels or soup.. I called the front desk and told her my shower was dirty and I would like some towels. Her response was she will try to find me some towels. I hung up called her back and told her I wanted a refund.she then told me she would have to come look inside the room.. When she arrived she didn't walk in.. She seen that we had dumped are food in the trash so she couldn't refund me.. I asked for a manager. She wasn't coming in until 7 that morning cops where called because I was very upset. They then told me to go to the room and wait until the morning.. I did that.. Manager came in at 720am the next morning wouldn't talk to me or give me her name. She said the rooms are always clean and that iI probably took a shower witch was funny cause there where no towel's. Bad serviceDesired Settlement: I would like a refund of 79$ if not I will take it to court

Review: The worst experience we've ever had at a hotel...any hotel!

We had a printed reservation and confirmation for 2 rooms (queen size beds) for 2 nights for my brothers USMC graduation, for saying/mentioning a "military" we received the rooms for $69.99, per night per room. Total of $279.96.

Upon arrival, the outside of the hotel looked NOTHING like the pictures on their website, very neglected appearance. So we asked to see the rooms first. He gave us the key to 2 rooms. The first room:

1. Golf ball sized holes throughout all the carpet.

2. Dirty bed sheets...and stained...DIRTY!

3. There was a blood stains on the white lampshade (I'm in the medical field, I know what dried blood on white fabric looks like...and it wasn't Kool-aid).

The second room:

1. Dried food on the comforter.

2. Trash on the floor.

3. Slow draining sink.

4. I'm flushed toilet

So we walk back to talk to the guy on duty. He informs us the room is $310.00 including tax for 1 room. I show him the printed confirmation/reservation paper and he says the room had never been $69.99 and that today the price was $139.98, per room per night.

We called around to see if there are any rooms elsewhere at any other hotels. We called [redacted], etc. There weren't any hotels in a 50 (fifty) mile radius. Come to find out, not only was our USMC bootcamp graduations going on, but also high school graduations and with San Diego being a resort town the hotels were booked.

My grandmother told him "you raised the price because you knew people would be out of options". The attendant just smiled...he SMILED.

Being that we had no choice, we reluctantly rented the rooms for $620.00. Unfortunately 4 people (2 being 70+ yrs of age) can't sleep in a car for 2 nights.

This is not rentable location, and I am sure San Diego would not be happy for this to sour the visitors and/or families of veterans.Desired Settlement: We paid twice as much as was quoted by the reservation line and twice as much as the confirmation showed.



Thanks Guest have to proved a proof of the reservation said $69.99 rate.We are apologize to guest. [redacted]

Howard Johnson 1631 hotel circle Sam Diego ca 92108Thanks

Review: I chose this hotel to stay in during the weekend of Comic Con in San Diego (July 23rd-27th) and booked the room months in advance, having been given a guaranteed rate. Upon check in, I was told that this was not, in fact, the rate and that I would be charged over $100 than I was guaranteed.

To make matters worse, the individual at the front desk was incredibly rude. He had a flippant and disrespectful attitude towards my boyfriend and myself and indicated that there was nothing he could do about our issue, insisting that we speak to the manager at a later time (a person, with whom, even after the fact, I have been unable to make contact). My boyfriend was maintaining his composure and being courteous, if firm, and the desk clerk said -- and I quote --, "Look, buddy, if you're gonna talk to me like that, we're gonna have a problem." This is not even in the realm of appropriate behavior in terms of customer service and I was in shock. Had I not been exhausted from travel and without an alternative place to stay (given that this was Comic Con weekend, all the hotels in the area were booked solid), I would have promptly taken my business elsewhere. We simply had no choice but to remain checked into the hotel for the duration of our stay and suffer the poor conditions created by the staff and environment.

The room was noticeably in disrepair -- poorly working air conditioning, saggy bed, rusted bathroom fixtures, and hair on the supposedly "fresh" bath towels just to name a few issues. The entire building appeared run-down and disheveled and I am quite surprised that this institution is still in business.Desired Settlement: I have already contacted my credit card company to dispute the over-charge to my card. I have also contacted [redacted] corporate as well as the [redacted] group, which owns the franchise. In all honesty, I don't believe that this franchise should continue to be in operation given their dishonest business practices.

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