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• Aug 31, 2022

Stay Far Away From Ideal Image
I originally went to Ideal Image because if you buy a membership the cost per unit of Botox was very reasonable. The sales person talked me into trying Ultherapy. She raved about the results and told me how happy I would be. Quite the opposite actually. The procedure itself was extremely painful and the area I had done was tender for a few weeks following the procedure. It left dark red pinpoint sized lines all across my upper lip, all in perfect rows, exactly where they had used the ultrasound. I waited for 3 months, hoping they would fade and disappear completely. They did not AND I saw no difference in the appearance of the peri-oral area that I was supposed to be so happy with. I reached out to Ideal Image, who prescribed a hyperpigmentation cream to use twice a day for 6 months. Not only did the cream not work, by this time the rows of dots were now raised rows of brown dots. After the 6 months, I again reached out to Ideal Image. They explained to me that scar tissue can be a side effect and bid me farewell. It was clear that the person that did my procedure either did not know what they were doing or had the machine turned up way too high. Lesson learned. Go to a reputable place and spend the extra money for someone who knows what they're doing. I now have permanent damage to my upper lip. As for Ideal Image, the new look they gave me is far from ideal. They don't have a 2 1/2 star rating for nothing!
Stay Far Away From Ideal Image

• Jan 19, 2022

Misleading rude and forced to sign
Don't let them pressure you into anything. The staff at ideal image are great but corporate is terrible they don't care at all. They bait you into signing then you're trapped! They are rude and pushy! I called to request one service that wasn't resolve the issue I was haveing to give me the results I was asking for and got baited into an additional service. Had I been told up front that the service wouldn't fix the area of concern I wouldn't be dealing with this and they wouldn't have had the opportunity to reel me in. They will call you to say there isn't anything they can to or only handle part of the issue. They will call you, email you, respond to your review with no resolve.I hate to say this but they are scammers! To the people that have great experiences I honestly happy for you and I wish that was the case for me. Don't let the smiles and the zoom consultation (which I should have walked away then because how can you fully tell me what I need from a phone call that used with my phone) pull you into something you'll never be able to get out of. I'm stressed out and frustrated with this company and I will never have anything to do with them. Don't sign a release agreement unless it's in full because they will use it against you regardless if they pressed you to do while they talk to you with frustration and pressure.

• Jun 27, 2022

were able to get this resolved?

• May 05, 2022

Hi there. Curious how you got out of this? I want to cancel my contract that I just signed up for.

During my consultation I agreed to pay a $1,041.50 deposit. I agreed to use their financing service and WAS NOT TOLD THAT ALL OF THIS WOULD BE CHARGED IN FULL. They took another $4,500.00 from the lending company after telling me I was just making a deposit. I had HALF of the treatments and it HURT SO BAD! Do not let them lie to you, it HURTS for at least 1 1/2 weeks. It ripped up my skin giving me a bleeding rash and was traumatic enough to trigger 3 days of migraines. THEY REFUSE TO TERMINATE MY CONTRACT and refund the money for the services that HAVE NOT BEEN RENDERED YET! They are liars and swindlers. They will not care about you at all as a person, they just want your money even if they didn't earn it.

HelloGuest has signed our refund agreement We have expedited a request to refund her to our accounting departmentAnna

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: I did not report 95% hair lose thats what the nurses put after the shaved my arms when I came in for my appointments I will be re calling corp offices to speak with somone who cares that I still have hair since its a hair removal company I even sent pictures and all I get is what the nurses reportedThis is a horrible company of liers why would I ever go backImnot requesting ful refund just something because I now have to find other alternatives for hair removal since yhe products didnt workAlso I plan to contact my local news station Regards, [redacted] [To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, the consumer must give a reason why they are rejecting the responseIf the consumer does not provide a reason if he complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response If you wish, you may update it before sending it.] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Regards, [redacted] this time, my complaint, ID [redacted] regarding Ideal Image has been resolved (By clicking "OK", your complaint will be closed as Resolved.) Sincerely, [redacted]

Customer service is our number one priorityAs many factors affect our response, please contact our corporate office Customer Service Department at ###-###-#### prompt I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# [redacted] , and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because: [Your Answer Here] The complaint was not resolved because I spoke to the company many times via emailAfter they said they would "work with me" and get me a refund, they stopped responding to my emailsI told them I do not have a working phone and my only way to contact them is via emailThey have not responded to multiple emails since where they asked me to call the officeI've told them multiple times that I do not have access to a working phone (my ear piece is broken)This is a sensitive subject and I am not willing to use my work phone (and risk being fired) when emails should sufficeThey have been keeping touch with me via email for years, I am not sure why they refuse to put it in writing In order for the to appropriately process your response, you MUST answer the question above Sincerely, [redacted]

I was mislead into signing for a loan, not allowed to read any terms, told the paper I was signing was just to cover Ideal Image if something went wrong during my procedure, and was told I was getting a PAYMENT plan - not a loan -- next thing I know, I have a 3,000 loan with Ally Bank and a pull on my credit score. This was 5 days ago. I have had NO procedures done.

I contacted my rep to remove two services from my "contract" and she declined. She said because it was already paid for, she could not cancel them, and because I had already "paid", nothing was cancellable. But I have not PAID for anything according to this stupid loan I did NOT know was a loan (SHE SCROLLED ON THE IPAD FOR ME AND JUST TOLD ME TO INITIAL - I ASKED HER TO PRINT IT OUT AND SHE "FORGOT") and am livid. I told her I had not paid for any services so her point was moot and she went on to say that she could cancel but I would still owe the lender she scammed me into signign a contract with over $3,000. THIS NEEDS TO BE RESOLVED ASAP.


We are sorry we did not meet [redacted] expectations Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us and we would like to find a solution We need [redacted] to call the center to discuss her treatment options We are absolutely willing to work with [redacted] and hope to resolve her concern in a timely manner

I really dont know where to start on how disappointing and frustrating my experience at Ideal Image has been, if I could give negative stars I most def would....A nightmare reallyyears ago I can into Ideal Image for a consultation on laser hair removal of the bikini areaI explained that Id like to pay as I made my appointmentsThe receptionist said that would be no problemShe also stated that I could gave a treatment done while I was there to see if Id be interested in moreI took the opportunity, had the treatment with no problems, went to leave and pay for the treatment and was told that it would be billed to my credit cardUh.....I didn't give you a credit cardI was told that when I signed for the treatment it also states that a line of credit would be given to pay for the servicesNo one ever told me that, nor did I see it in the documentation, that I signed I has more than angry, explained that I told the receptionist that I wanted to pay as I went Well, apparently they took that to mean Id make a payment on the 2500ish credit that they had already billed to my now Ideal Image Credit CardWHAT!?!? so then I asked to please cancel the card and credit the accountI was shocked at the response"Im sorry but the account will remain with the full balance and you are liable to pay the balance whether or not you have another treatment" No words to describe my anger and feeling of being completely taken advantage of I called everyone in the company I could think of to call and they all said the same thing, that I was liable to now paySo now Im forced to get treatments done, because I have to pay regardlesstreatment in, the technician burned the inner top left portion of my labiaAt the time I had put topicaine all over the area of treatment, however this are isn't needed, I felt a tinge of pain and thought maybe I had just missed an area with the topicaineLater the are was bruised obviously burnedWhen I called to tell the staff about the incident their only reply was that they would schedule my next one with someone elseNo apologies, no nothingMy 10th and final visit comes, and after the treatment Im told that since I've had treatment Im considered a lifetime member and that I can come in whenever for touch ups if neededbut.....I had to pay the cost of a visit!!!! Im so disgusted with this whole placeThe people the ethics, EVERYTHING Worst place ever

I was not informed of interest charges that would be applied to my account at end of servicethe way they handle their interest and billing does not show that all interest will be charged at end of servicewhich in the end makes it hard to know when payments are made in full

This will be resolved today, please call me at ###-###-#### prompt and ask for Anna if you do not have a call by end of business today

Our regional manager Charles spoke with Ms ***, they talked about other services we now do that we did not provide when she purchased. She is going to think about that and let us know if she wants to transfer to another service

Customer service is our number one priorityAs many factors affect our response, please contact our corporate office Customer Service Department at ###-###-####

First, I would like to deeply apologize for the unsatisfactory experience that *** *** had in our centerProviding excellent Laser Hair Removal services is a goal we constantly
strive toward, and it is feedback like this from *** *** that allows us to both be made aware of an unsatisfactory experience and make steps to resolve itAs a first step, we have contacted the center that initiated *** ***’s treatments and contractMeantime, I will contact *** *** personally to assure her we are aware of her concerns

Greensboro nc: do not step foot into this place of business. They commit fraud on a daily basis by signing you up for a finance plan and charge before you receive the service - - with interest. This is criminal. I never agreed to this. Do not sign anything - - even your initials. If you have an appointment for a consult, cancel it. They use fraudulent, high pressure, bullying tactics. I have been charged $2100 for services that I never received. I never received a single treatment and they are charging me $2100. This business should be shut down. I will report this business to the and the consumer protection division.

This business is garbage. Do not trap yourself into thinking they will make a difference. Your natural is more ideal than the b. S this company provides! I was a “perfect candidate”.. Did all of my treatments. 2 months after it all grew back. I fought both with commenity bank ideal image and customer service for months. Not only did it grow back, it gave me eczema! I originally thought it was herpes, and then finally seen an obgyn and said it was eczema due to the lasers! I was told I can be refunded by the bank, who gave me floridas corporate number (that always automatically forwarded me back to the michigan location I signed up at) then told I cant be refunded the same lady, jackie who sold me the package in rochester. Filed a dispute and was told I had to go in for an assessment to be refunded my money and then going to make an appointment was told again that I will not be refunded. After continous fighting and disputing eventually got forwarded to regional manager cory, who was extremely rude and clearly bored and bothered by my request for the business to refund the credit card company what was owed left (1,400 & then charged an extra $1,000 for not paying it off by the last treatment.) she told me to come in for an assessment for a possible refund. I went in and the medical professional asked if I was taking growth supplements *no, just eat healthy* and she took a photo. I get a call from jackie, who proceeds to tell me I have 50% growth back a lot of treatable hairs (well no fk) however they will not refund me. As I told her cory told me I can be refunded after the assessment jackie continued to talk over me and tell me cory basically said too bad I will not be refunded. Just more treatments. And so I told her my doctor told me the laser hair gave me eczema and the junk @$$ machines clearly dont work. Jackie then said her medical professional didnt have record of that, even though almost everytime I talked about it because I thought it was herpes at first and found it was eczema. This witch proceeded to tell me if I talked a little bit nicer maybe id have better results in getting my refund and laughed at me and told me go ahead when I said I will be broadcasting to everyone I meet how terrible this business is. Wtf shut this trash business down.

We are sorry we did not meet [redacted] expectations.   Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us and we would like to find a solution.  We need [redacted] to call the center to discuss her treatment options.  We are absolutely willing to work with [redacted] and...

hope to resolve her concern in a timely manner.

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