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Review: I paid for a web site which I never received. After several phone calls and emails I became upset and asked for my money back, without any response from them.Desired Settlement: Refund all money paid to them and end a bad relationship.



Ms. [redacted]

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We have looked into the reported problem regarding the client’s VetMatrix website and have determined the issue to be resolved according to the client’s desired settlement. However, there does appear to be an error in the complaint. The purchase price is $575.00 according to our records, but the client stated the purchase price was $755.00 in the complaint. Based on our records, we consider this to be a simple typo and will only address the $575.00 paid by the client.

On April 4, 2014, [redacted] from our Accounting department left a message for the client since she was unable to get in touch with the client. On the same date, we refunded $575.00 to the client and cancelled the client’s account with VetMatrix. As we have refunded the payment in full and cancelled the website service, this is 100% resolved according to the desired settlement request. We understand the service was not the right fit for the practice and wish the client success in all online marketing endeavors.

If you have further questions or concerns, please call us at ###-###-####.

Thank you for the opportunity to address this issue.


Review: This company was hired in December of 2013 to provide a website service for my practice. After dealing with them for a year, I was dissatisfied with their services, and sent them a termination of contract in December with no intent on renewal. They were notified by mail and by Email November 20th, 2014. However, they continued to with draw payments for the next quarter from my account and have renewed my domain without my approval, and my explicit instructions that I would no longer continue with their company. All communications with the company have failed. They refuse to refund my money, re-credit my account, and cease in representing my hospital onlone.Desired Settlement: I want total reimbursement of my $[redacted]. Period.



Review: The company sold me a package approximately 2 months ago that would include website development for my business website as well as continued SEO with a fee per month for 6 months. I was told upon signing the contract that I would be working with one individual to receive personalized care in the website development phase. This turned out to not be the case, and instead there were multiple people who were designing the site on and off through email with me. When I called in to complain on multiple occasions, and ask for the one person who was in charge of my account, they were unable to provide that person and I did not hear back from anyone. One woman told me that they had changed the way they were doing website development in the company, with multiple people all working on and off accounts, instead of it being individualized anymore. I stated that that was not what I signed up for and would not work for me. Another representative also agreed that the package they sold me was not appropriate for my business and the SEO work they did would not benefit my business. Furthermore I had a difficult time communicating with the consultants through email. They would only get back to me sometimes regarding the development and I found it difficult to develop the site this way. When I was finally able to get ahold of someone to try and cancel the account, they would not let me out of the contract and would not refund my money. I have also had another website developer take a look at what they did, and his opinion was that the work they did was very poor and that the site would not likely be picked up on any search engines any time soon or during the duration of the contract. I would not recommend this service to any chiropractors who are thinking of using them for website development.Desired Settlement: I would like to be refunded my money entirely, and not be held to the rest of the contract as I did not receive the service promised by the sales representative.



October 6, 2014 of San Diego & Imperial Counties


Daytime Phone: ###-###-####

E-mail: [redacted]

Ms. [redacted],

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We have looked into the reported problem regarding the client’s ChiroMatrix website billing and have determined that ChiroMatrix has not broken the terms of our contract with the client. In fact, ChiroMatrix has taken additional steps to accommodate the client’s requests and the client has had a live website since July 31, 2014. The additional steps included customizations that are outside of the normal Starter Service she purchased.

Furthermore, the client signed a 1 year contract with ChiroMatrix. The client stated she had a verbal 6 month agreement, which is contradictory to the contract she signed. However, the Manager of Client Experience agreed to uphold the client’s verbal “6 month contract” as a sign of good faith. We have processed the client’s cancellation request and her service will be terminated at the six month mark.

To date, the client paid two invoices for $195 each and one of the invoices has already been credited back to her. ChiroMatrix charges a standard $695 setup fee for any new client and the quarterly cost for a Starter Service is $285. Since the client has only paid $195 to date, when a client would have paid $1,265, ChiroMatrix has been more than fair in regards to accommodating the client.

ChiroMatrix has invested significant time and resources into working on this client’s site, getting the site live, and accommodating the client’s demands. As such, we respectfully decline to refund the $195 since a professionally designed website customized to the client was delivered per the contract and the site has been live for over two months.

Thank you for the opportunity to address this issue. If you have further questions or concerns, please call us at ###-###-####.


10179 Huennekens St.

San Diego, CA 92121


###-###-#### Fax

Review: In June 2013, [redacted] (owner of [redacted]) and her husband, [redacted] were told by [redacted] (part of imatrix) sales associate [redacted] that [redacted] could provide them with all of their website building and hosting needs[redacted] is a horse vet and [redacted] is a horse trainer and they were assured by [redacted] that their website needs would be met by [redacted][redacted] specifically stated that she is exclusively a horse vet who specializes in performance medicine (including chiropractic and accupuncture) and her website would need to reflect these special servicesShe was told that [redacted] was fully prepared to handle this and would build her entire website, including writing copy and providing graphics, as well as run and maintain the website, which, she was specifically told, would include sending an informative and relevant newsletter out to her contact listAt this same time, [redacted] specifically stated to the [redacted] sales associate that his website needs were special and that he was not a vetHe said that he would need a website that would highlight his horsemanship businessHe was told at that time that [redacted] was fully capable of creating and maintaining just such a website and that they do not only serve the website needs of veterinariansBased on the information they were given, [redacted] and [redacted] paid for [redacted]’s services(Invoice #[redacted] in the amount of $and Invoice #[redacted] in the amount of $750.00)
On July 1, 2013, a conference call took place between the [redacted] onboarding consultant, [redacted], and [redacted], her office manager [redacted], and [redacted]The point of this call was to begin the website sprocessThere were to be two websites: one for [redacted] ([redacted]) and one for [redacted]Both websites were initially sas small animal veterinary websites and it was discovered that the article database for the newsletter had only one article about horsesThis newsletter feature was a significant part of the reason that [redacted] chose to do business with [redacted], but with only one article pertaining to horses it seemed this feature would be uselessAgain, [redacted], as a representative of [redacted], assured [redacted], [redacted] and [redacted] that he would customize their websites exactly as needed and locate more articles about horse healthBy July 9, 2013, nothing had been done to customize either of the websites as requested and so the following email was sent:
Dear [redacted],
I am writing to request a refund for Invoice #[redacted] in the amount of $and Invoice #[redacted] in the amount of $We had been told that [redacted] would provide services that would be beneficial to our businesses, when, in reality, you have not provided these servicesWe were assured that there would be numerous articles related to horses in your database from which to build newslettersAs you may recall, when we searched the archives, we found only oneFor all intents and purposes, this renders your newsletter function useless to usAlso, you have not yet provided us with any stock images of horses for us to use on the websiteIn short, your services are of no use to exclusively equine veterinarians, despite the fact that we had been told otherwiseIn addition, we had been assured that you would work with [redacted] to help him set up a website relevant to his horse training businessOnce again, we were given misinformationYour sis boilerplate for (small animal) veterinarians and does not work for [redacted]'s business
We know that we can find basic web hosting services elsewhere for a fraction of what was paid to youWe were led to believe by [redacted] that everything including site building and site management for both sites would be taken care of by [redacted] and yet we find we are in the position of having to build the sites ourselves and, because the newsletter doesn't work for us, we are responsible for our own site management as wellThe fact that we were deliberately given wrong information is disappointing to say the least and reflects questionable business practices on your part
Please refund the full amount to the cards that were initially charged and feel free to forward this email to your supervisor if necessary
[redacted], DVM
On July 15, 2013, [redacted] of [redacted] contacted [redacted], who, in turn referred the call to her office manager, [redacted]When [redacted] spoke to [redacted], he told her that they had made all the necessary changes to [redacted]’s website and that the reason the customization had not initially happened as promised was because the on-boarding consultant, [redacted], was new and did not have the experience required to take on special casesHe assured [redacted] that [redacted] had been removed from both website projects and that he had personally turned both websites over to be handled by a client relations specialistWhen [redacted] viewed the changes to the website, it was clear that the only thing that had changed was that the graphics template now showed pictures of horses rather than dogs for [redacted]’s website and there had been no changes at all made to [redacted]’s websiteStill, based on the reassurance of [redacted], [redacted] decided to try moving forward with the websitesIn an attempt to have the websites customized exactly as [redacted] and [redacted] wanted, [redacted] sent the following email to [redacted], stating explicitly what customization was to take place:
Hi [redacted],
I just wanted to touch base after speaking with you this afternoonAs far as [redacted]'s website goes, it's important that it reflects her specialtiesFirstly, she is a mobile clinic so most of the references to [redacted] don't work (in fact, the only thing in [redacted] is her P.Obox)Her region is primarily central New Mexico or it could be worded Albuquerque and surrounding areasSecondly, her specialty is equine performance medicine and this should be highlighted on the websiteI'm attaching an ad I created last year that lists her specialtiesBecause she is a mobile vet she is not equipped to handle all surgical conditionsI will get together with her to find out more specifics on thatAlso, under the techniques and services tab, the first page should be about performance medicine and highlight her chiropractic/acupuncture workI will need to talk to her about the other pages and see what she'd like included or changed
Regarding [redacted]'s site, he does not have a flyer or any other literature at this time to help get you startedHe did provide me with two websites that he liked and would like to have his look similarThese are:
I did a quick google search on [redacted] and found a document that has brief bios on some horse people and both [redacted] and [redacted] have a bio in thereI have no idea who wrote these bios so I couldn't say who owns the copyright, but the info on them is a great starting point for youI'm attaching the document and you will find [redacted] and [redacted]'s bios beginning on the second page
Thank you and I will be back in touch with more info after I've spoken with [redacted]
For two weeks, nothing at all was done by [redacted] following that phone call and email[redacted] then called [redacted] and left a voicemail requesting a call backShe notified [redacted] at that time that [redacted] was extremely displeased and planned to take further actionTo [redacted]’s surprise, when she did receive a call back from [redacted], it was from the original on-boarding consultant, [redacted], who had supposedly been removed from the projectOn August 2, 2013, [redacted] sent the following email to [redacted]:
Hello [redacted],
I have attempted to reach out and catch up with the website progressI have updated the website to as close to fit the equine professionI also understand you are a trainer and may need different content that what you may see here:
Please let me know how I can assist to get the website more towards your profession
Have a great day!
Thank you,
[redacted], Inc
San Diego, CA
[redacted] Fax
In reply, [redacted] sent the following email:
Based upon the numerous follow up communications your company has received from [redacted]; obviously you realize this does not come close to meeting the needs of my businessPer my notes from initial phone call with your company sales representative and your comments below stating you understand I am NOT a vet and NEED different content!
During the phone call with your company sales representative; I explained in detail all the aspects of my business and made it crystal clear what my needs and expectations were for this service and was told " we do many other businesses including horse training and/or boarding facilities so we can absolutely deliver the services you need"Please make note; I do have my specific and dated notes from that phone call discussion for back up reference and now plan to use them to start my next course of action
With that said; I am requesting and willing to have ONE phone call discussion with an individual from your company that can authorize and process a full refund for the payments made for services and promises your company made but obviously cannot deliverShould your company choose to not make this a priority and handle within working days (August 9, 2013); please note that I am in the process of securing all the required services to pursue the next course of action
Make note; [redacted] has kept a detailed log and copied us on all the follow up she has done along with all the information and examples she has provided youAs you know; we have been paying her hourly for her time spent dealing with all the issues and the problems we have experienced trying to work your companyThe specific and detailed added expenses of her time will also be calculated and included in my next course of action
I hope your company realizes it is in everyone's best interest to resolve this situation by next Friday, August, 9,
The best way to reach me is my cell phone [redacted]
Sincerely, [redacted]
Cc: [redacted]
File copy
On August 2, 2013, [redacted] also sent the following email to [redacted]:
On July 9, I wrote requesting a refund because [redacted] had not provided us with the services we paid forI am happy to resend this email if you need itSince that time, more promises have been made by you and not fulfilledNeither website has been created as promisedIn fact, no progress has been made at all other than to change the graphic template to show pictures of horsesMy email of July included a lot of written information about how we wanted both websites set up and this email was completely ignoredTwice you had forgotten that you'd even received it and when I asked [redacted] about it, he initially said he had not received it, but then recanted when he remembered the attachments that were included with the email[redacted] has wasted enough of our time and moneyI am writing today to again request a full refundIf we do not receive this refund by August 9, we will take further action
I am pasting below a copy of an email [redacted] sent to [redacted] today to make sure you have seen it as wellI trust we need no further communication except for you to notify me when the refund has been issued
Thank you,
On August 8, 2013, [redacted] was contacted by yet another [redacted] employee, [redacted], who left a voicemail stating that he wanted to talk to her to discuss how [redacted] could make the websites as [redacted] and [redacted] wanted themIn addition, an article was sent from [redacted] to all of [redacted]’s clients regarding how to deal with pets that urinate in the houseNeedless to say, this caused quite a bit of confusion as [redacted]’s clients all have horses as was stated numerous times[redacted] returned [redacted]’s call and left him a voicemail making it perfectly clear that the only thing for [redacted] to do would be issue the refund[redacted] called again, leaving another voicemail, clearly disregarding the request for refund and instead suggested that the best thing to do would be to combine [redacted]’s and [redacted]’s website into one website, which is not a solution to anything.Desired Settlement: Full refund for both invoices
Ms[redacted], Thank you for your letter regarding complaint #[redacted]: [redacted] and [redacted]Both clients received a full refund in August via credits back to their originally charged credit cardsThough we have over 2,veterinary clients using various levels of our service, we regret not being able to satisfy these two potential clientsPlease feel free to call with any questionsThank you[redacted]Controller
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to meWe have received the refund and consider this complaint resolved

Review: IMatrix agreed to provide website design and email marketing for our company in May of 2013. We paid an enrollment fee up front initially and our credit card was billed a monthly fee. No services have ever been provided by this company after 5 months of contacting them. I have a enclosed a brief review of the situation that has occurred:

IMatrix agreed to provide website design and email marketing for our company in May of 2013. A mandantory set-up appointment had to be agreed upon to initially set up the website. I went through one appointment with "[redacted]" that took close to an hour, but was informed that the subsequent meeting had to take place on the following Monday, 1 week later. The company was told that this day was impossible for me because of the way our business sees appointments and that Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday would be preferred. I was told that Monday was the only day, so I told the representative, [redacted], that I may or may not be able to take the phone call. The following Monday, [redacted] called and was told that the I, the doctor, was in an appointment, so would she please call back in a few minutes. She said she would call back in 1 week. The following week, she called on a Monday, and the I was in an appointment and was unable to take the phone call. The representative was asked to call back in 5 minutes. She did not call back. Therefore, I called her back and was informed that she had left for the day even though it was midday.

I and my office manager called numerous times only to leave messages and for no one to call back. I finally was told to speak with a man named "[redacted]". I explained the situation that we have been unable to get in touch with anyone and that Mondays were impossible for us. I also explained that we signed up for email marketing, also. He stated that there is an extra charge for this. I told him that we were told that it would be included with signing up and that it was at no extra charge. I told him that is the primary reason we signed up with them since our current email marketing company was charging us twice the monthly fee. He said he would take care of us and proceeded to go through another set up period, a process that took an hour or more again. He asked me to give him a few days to get everything set up and gave us an ID and password to log in to see our website.

I tried to log on multiple times with the ID and password given and was never able to log in. I then emailed [redacted] and told him that we were have not seen our website and that the ID and password given to us was not working. I also mentioned in the email that the email marketing was very important and that we needed to get that started as soon as possible as it had been many weeks at that point. (This email was sent [redacted].) No reply from [redacted] was ever received. I called and left messages, and no one ever called back.

I proceeded to call IMatrix to speak with another representative. After being on hold for about 30 minutes each time I called, I was told that "[redacted]" was the person in which we needed to speak. [redacted] was called and left messages many times by myself and our office manager.

I called to speak with another representative. I spoke with "[redacted]" about the sitution at hand. I told him that I needed to speak with [redacted] as soon as possible and that I wanted a refund since no services have been rendered. Explained that I and the office manager were tired of calling with no reply from the company. After 25 minuntes, I was told by [redacted] that [redacted] would not be available for 10-15 minutes. I asked him to have her call our cell phone as we were about to close for the day. [redacted] did call the business phone, not our cell phone as asked, later that day after our business hours in which we were closed. Later that week, the initial representative, [redacted], called and spoke with our receptionist. She was told that we were waiting on a return phone call from [redacted].

Numerous times IMatrix was called with no one returning phone calls.

On October 3, 2013, I made my last phone call to [redacted] in which I had to leave a message. I called IMatrix and spoke with a representative who told me that "[redacted]" was the person that we needed to speak to. I left a message with [redacted]. Later that day, [redacted] called the office manager's cell phone and told him that the company would not refund any money. I called [redacted] again and left another message. At 3:02pm [redacted] called back and stated that they would not refund any money or let us out of the contract. I told him that this was not acceptable since we have received no services as promised. After several minutes, he said he would speak with someone higher and see what he could do about the matter. I told him that were were told that [redacted], then [redacted], then he was the highest in which to speak. He said this was not true, that none of them had authority, and he would call us back within 30 minutes.

At 3:33pm, someone called who did not know anything about the situation. I explained to him that [redacted] was supposed to be calling us back.

At 4:12pm [redacted] called while I was in an appointment with a client. He said he would call back before 4pm Pacific Time.

At 6:25pm CST, I called [redacted] and left a message stating that we had not heard back from him. I asked him to please call me back as soon as possible.

On October 4, 2013 at 10:13am CST, [redacted] called back. He immediately opened the conversation that he called exactly 6 minutes after we got off the phone yesterday. I told him this was not true (we even looked at phone records) and that he did call later when I was in an appointment and that he had stated he would call back before 4pm Pacific Time (6pmCST). He said they would cancel our contract but would not refund services. I told him this was unacceptable. I asked to speak with the person above him as he had spoken with and he refused to let me speak to anyone, only [redacted].

I decided to file with the and call the Attorney General of our state to file a complaint.Desired Settlement: I desire that a refund be made in full of all charges. I also desire that IMatrix improve their customer service or cease business.



Regarding Case # [redacted]

To Whom it May Concern,

I am writing this letter in response to a complaint received by from a client we represented Dr. [redacted] of Dr. [redacted] submitted a formal complaint to the as she felt “no services had been provided after five months of being with our company”.

Dr. [redacted] contracted for online marketing services with iMatrix on May 29th, 2013. As part of our standard website launching process their post-sale onboarding consultation was scheduled for June 5, 2013. Clients receive a two-week grace period in the initial billing of services so that they are not paying for service for the time period between the point of sale and the initial onboarding consultation “kick off” call. This is an additional way of providing uncompromising customer service.

Our Onboarding Consultant called the client as scheduled on June 5, 2013 for the consultation, but the client was not available to take our call. The consultation was ultimately rescheduled for June 18, 2013 to accommodate Dr. [redacted]’s schedule and the consultation did occur on that date.

Our Onboarding Consultant spoke to the client for one hour and went over the following details:

• How to log into their new website

• How to add website information

• How to add additional pages to their site

• How to participate in helpful online tutorials

The call went well and the client was contacted again by our Onboarding Consultant one week after their initial call where they communicated to the client that we had completed the following on the client’s behalf:

• Transferred multiple pages of content from their old website to the new one.

• Linked their social media assets to their new website.

• Created new pages on the website pertaining to client’s unique services.

• Asked for additional direction on what the client would like us to continue to transfer over.

Unfortunately due to the client’s lack of availability this process took longer than the average time frame. We began reaching out to the client on a weekly basis as we wanted to make sure the client’s website would be up and running as quickly as possible.

The client was contacted on the following dates with no success.

• July 3rd, 2013

• July 10th, 2013

• July 15th, 2013

• July 23rd, 2013

• July 30th, 2013

• August 8th, 2013

• August 16th, 2013

• September 5th, 2013

• September 27th 2013

Our clients are typically set up with their website and ready to go within a thirty day time frame. Unfortunately, the scenario that took place with Dr. [redacted] occurred due to lack of availability and engagement with the new service on the client’s part. As we understand the busy schedule of our clients we always recommend allowing someone in their office, for example an administrative associate or Office Manager, to handle the set up process as we understand the main point of contact is not always available.

We had additional employees contact the client by phone on multiple occasions after September 27th in an effort to get the site up. Again, due to lack of availability we were not able to successfully connect. I believe this situation occurred based on a perception of lack of urgency on our part and it saddens us to see a client who felt we did not hold up to our deliverables.

Here at iMatrix we strive to provide a satisfying experience for every client we represent. We understand the competiveness of our industry and we pride ourselves on helping our clients grow their web presence and business. We believe whole-heartedly that every attempt to take care of Dr. [redacted] in a timely matter was made.

We have personally contacted the client after learning how disappointed they felt their experience with iMatrix was and in addition to a issuing a full refund we wished them the best in their future business endeavors.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you would like any additional information about our interaction. I hope this information proves to be useful in closing this matter.


Review: On January 8, 2014 I activated a website account with [redacted]. On March 8, 2014 I sent an email to Mr. [redacted] ([redacted] to cancel services and received a reply that I would be contacted for cancellation. On April 8, 2014 I received a call from [redacted] about making the website live. I told him to cancel the account. The same day, I received an email [redacted].com about making the website live. Since then I have made phone calls to imatrix and sent emails to [redacted] try to cancel my account. Mr [redacted] has not replied to any email. Every day since April 15, 2014 their account department has been trying to charge my card for $285.00. When I call in to have the account cancelled, I instead get a support ticket by email. Today (May 2, 2014) I got another notice of attempt to charge my card. I used an old email to send another email to Mr. [redacted] to ask that he help cancel the account, and got a mailerdaemon reply rejecting my email to his address. Now I not only want to cancel my account, I would like the amount of money I paid refunded.Desired Settlement: I would like my account cancelled immediately and a refund of money I paid to them to start service.



Ms. [redacted],

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We have researched the complaint regarding the Starter Service for the client. While the cancellation request was outside of the typical “Buyer’s Remorse Period,” we are willing to put in a request for a refund. At this time, the refund request for the total amount requested $563.00 has been submitted. We ask that the client please allow us time to process the refund request. If there are any questions in the interim, our accounting department can be reached at 1-800-462-8749.

Should you have further questions or concerns, please let me know.

Thank you for the opportunity to address this particular issue.




I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that providing the refund would be satisfactory to me. I will wait for the business to perform this action within 5-7 business days and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved. The card used to make the transaction has expired. I will agree to contact imatrix to arrange payment of the refund.


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