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Intelcom Courier Canada

200-1380 rue William, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H3C 1R5

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• Jul 08, 2024

Package came on time
Had a good experience, courier called to let me know that they showed up with the package.

Thank you

• Nov 22, 2023

HORRIBLE Wrong address
I ordered from Amazon and the package was supposed to be 1 day and it took Intelcom 8 days. I have it delivered to my office, and we are open from 9 - 6 and every time they tried to deliver it was 7:30pm to 10:00pm.
The last time I ordered they delivery guy dropped mu package at Shopper drug mart beside the baskets by the front door. First off, I do not work at Shoppers drug mart Second the address was not Shopper drug mart. Luckily, someone honest saw the package and it had my number on it and gave me a call, so I got the package. IntelCom are horrible but they could not even deliver to the correct address, so they dropped at the front door of a store.

• Oct 21, 2023

Horrible Delivery Service
The courier keeps throwing my parcels over a locked gate. I left written signage for him to place parcels in the white bin by the gate. He refuses. I complained to Intelcom and get zero response. Horrible, horrible, horrible.

Those parcels are dropped to the ground from about 5 feet. I am waiting for him to do this on a rainy day, so my parcels can be soaked solid or a snowy day I can fish them out of the snow... very, very gross behavior.
Horrible Delivery Service
Horrible Delivery Service
Horrible Delivery Service
Horrible Delivery Service
Horrible Delivery Service
Horrible Delivery Service
Horrible Delivery Service

• Aug 11, 2023

Sunday, 6 August
4:28 PM Today Date : 6/8/2023 @ 4:58 PM

• Jul 27, 2023

Worst Delivery Company Ever
Another package not delivered on time (next day Amazon delivery) and now scheduled for three days late. Which means I don't have my item when I need to use it. Why does Amazon keep using these losers? Too cheap to use a company that actually delivers.


Intelcom is BS they don't update anything on the tracking page they don't handle the packages with care, and have random homeless people deliver the packages. Honestly the WORST courier EVER and i'd rather wait longer for the package to arrive handled with care. I'd rather trust a person from india than some homeless guy with a rusty car throwing the package at the front door porch.


The Worst Delivery Service there EXISTs!!!
Wouldn’t even give them 1 star. Have you ever been told “your package isn’t going to be delivered because you live to far away for the person to drive?” Talked to a man named ASSAN when I called in to see where my package is. I’ve waited for 4-5 days now and every day I receive an email promising my package will arrive in 3 hours. BUT by the evening it says package will arrive tomorrow. The worst delivery company in Canada for sure. Assan told me the reason why my package is delayed is because the driver says it’s “too far” for him to come, yet I am the customer and paid for the free delivery. Another thing… I live in St. Albert which is right beside Edmonton where the package is coming from. So I’ve been told if I want it I’ll have to pick it up myself from one of the drop off locations. What kind of delivery service does this?!


I told him it’s unacceptable in how they treat the customer, and no I’m not that far away. They are absolutely INCOMPETENT ! And never again will I order from anyone that uses there services. Especially when it’s close to a $300 package.

Lastly, when I received my supplies one item was completely sealed, the other not. And the one that wasn’t sealed… when I opened the bottle the inside piece had been punctured. So, did someone open it to check it out themselves? Or why would I receive it like that! No other explanation.
The Worst Delivery Service there EXISTs!!!

Absolutely HORRIBLE courier!!
When I received an email asking where to deliver my Amazon package, I respond my front door and the package is left in the middle of my driveway in clear view of the street, then someone opened the package (presumably to steal what ever is inside), this is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE! Intelcom drivers do not pay attention to directions, are lazy and useless! What's more, the company doesn't seem to care to fix these things. While I know it appears to be a cost issue, supplying proper service to customers to KEEP customers to me seems better rather than losing them due to inadequate service.
Absolutely HORRIBLE courier!!
Absolutely HORRIBLE courier!!

Ужасная доставка! Точнее ее отсутствие!
Не доставили посылку сегодня. Хотя должны были это сделать ещё вчера! Сказали если хотите ее получить утром то приезжайте и забирайте на складе! Компания по доставке посылок говорит мне что бы я сделал их работу! Вы там совсем ахренели?

Amazon should not bother using Intelcom Courrier
Seriously, they scan and pick the parsel and drop it right away with no reason. They hold the parsel for days in a row without an update or even a respecting the 1 day delivery from the Prime request from Amazon. They even return the parsel to the warehouse without a valid reason and when you call them for info they can't tell you why it was not put on the morning run.


I completely understand. I placed an order yesterday for delivery today. All day went by and no package although it clearly stated that the package was in route for delivery at 2:30 in the afternoon. I telephoned Amazon twice about it as the time was getting later and was assured that it said that package is still out for delivery. Well, when I looked again on my computer, it said that " my package was attempted to be delivered at 9:36pm. Back on the phone I was yet again with Amazon because it is false what they said because I have been waiting for this package and up and there was absolutely no attempt made at all and also, the customer rep at Amazon had stated that he did not believe an attempt was made because cut off for delivery is at 9 pm and they "so called attempted at 9:36. It is not the first time I have had problems with this courrier and do not understand why Amazon keeps using them. Any order that is being delivered by this courrier company I will cancel...I am so fed up with them

Intelcom driver couldn't even be bothered.
I get an email from Intelcom that my parcel is out for delivery from 8 to 10 am. I check my tracker which Intelcom provided to get an update stating that delivery postponed. I call customer service to inquire what the message about and she told me that the driver couldn't delivery the parcel. I ask why was that and she stated that the driver tried calling me and ringing my apartment buzzer and there was no answer. I was home all morning so I know that was a lie and called her on the lie. I was told that another delivery attempt would be made tomorrow. I made sure the driver has the right phone number and to ring the buzzer number this time. I think it is a big heavy item that the driver couldn't even be bothered with it. The package was sent back to the warehouse and is scheduled for delivery for tomorrow. We shall see if that happens. Good thing I got someone home tomorrow to wait for the driver to show up but I am holding my breathe.


Packages left in the rain or a snowbank
Intel mom used to knock on the door when packages were delivered, now you get no knock, and they toss the package to the ground, in a puddle, in the rain, just a couple feet from a nice dry spot on the porch. Catching a delivery guy one day and asked why they chose a puddle to a dry spot, I got the answer that by the door would be trespassing? Huh? What? The same guy walks through my garden opposed to the walkway. absolutely the worst shipper I have ever seen. Amazon, stop using this service or I will buy elsewhere!


Horrible Delivery
My orders from Amazon are NEVER delivered to my address! I live in apartment building with 120 apartments and the delivery guy leaves my package in the lobby! I am always at home bcs retired but the guy doesn't knock on my door, doesn't call nothing! I already lost 4 packages from Amazon because somebody else took them, I also made complaint to Intelcom but nothing changed...TERRIBLE HORRIBLE DELIVERY!I WISH THEM BANKRUPTCY!...THEY CAN GO TO HELL!


Caught sending fake photo regarding delivery
Delivery was supposedly attempted twice to a business that is open 24/7, 365. I called Intelcom Courier Canada and spoke with a customer service agent, who said the driver took a picture at the delivery address, showing a "CLOSED" sign, so I requested the picture, I received it almost immediately. Since it looked like a stock photo from online, and i'm told by Amazon that failed delivery attempts are not typically documented with a picture, I did an online image search and found the exact same picture of the "closed" sign, so I emailed the link back to the Intelcom customer service agent. I never heard back. I called the main customer service number and asked to speak to a manager and was told their policy won't allow that kind of direct contact. I called Amazon about the ongoing fake delivery attempts and fake picture and they called Intelcom Courier to resolve the problem, but even they were denied access to speak to a manager. I was told by Intelcom that a manager would call back, but they never called. I tried to find a corporate or legal dept. email address online and it's hidden from the public. I would have written the company, via snail mail, but they obviously condone this kind of deception, or I would have heard back from a manager, so I didn't bother. This company seems to have a reputation for lying, based on comments here. It's management seems to keep itself in the dark and out of reach of the front line, or simply doesn't care to engage - maybe they are too important for that kind of hands-on approach. Considering how many directors they have, I would have thought one of them would suggest having at least one email address to reach head office or the legal department or public relations/press, to avoid reading about these issues on a public forum. Maybe they don't care about that either. I have the documentation to back up what I've written here, but I couldn't care less about hearing back from the company. They are so far out of integrity, nothing they do or say would matter, I will avoid them going forward.


La pire compagnie de livraison! Ils ne sonnent JAMAIS au # qui est indiqué sur le paquet,le livreur retourne le paquet, et le lendemain même scénario ! Ce sont mes commandes de Amazon, je me demande si Intelcom ne charge pas 2 fois Amazon pour la livraison! Si j'avais le choix JAMAIS je ne les prendrais ...😠😠


Intelcom are sh**t
Lying, useless company which cannot even deliver properly. Avoid Intelcom at all costs


Poor, very poor, service, unreliable! Avoid Intelcom!
Waited 4 days for pickup. Nothing! You can't email them. Waiting on phone is a waste of time. Terrible company. Finally contacted Amazon, got a Canada Post mailing label. Intel com does not warrant 1 star.


Intelcom should be shut down
Intelcom has repeatedly 'delivered' my packages to the wrong address. I actually suspect they are keeping the items and reselling them. Contacting their Customer Service department (if they even have one) was futile. I was on hold and then disconnected six times before I gave up. Are they a legit business?


Failed to pickup
I was home all day on October 19 and there was a note on the door that they came for the pickup. Now I scheduled the pickup again for October 21 and on adding the instruction on October 20 for pickup I get a confirmation that they are coming on October 19. My instructions: "Please ring the doorbell, I am at home all day just like on October 19 when the pickup failed." rating should be zero.


the worst experience - minus 100
This company should not be in business! We have tracked and called and left messages, assured that we would be getting our orders. First one was lost and have no idea where it is. It was a one of a kind item! Never to be available again! The current two that are supposedly being delivered (in the next three hours) never show up. Eight times we have called them and the person on the phone assures us it will be updated and delivered the next day. But nothing shows up. They are absolutely lying and have no clue. They are reading a script! Nothing happens. We are still waiting and waiting! We have been ordering through EBAY.CA and it is the worst service ever. Ebay could care less. The seller doesn't care because he/she have their money! We have to contact Intelcom! Please put these people out of business. Shame on you Ebay for hiring them and not standing up for your customers. Oh by the way, there is no way to leave a review for - how convenient!

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Address: 200-1380 rue William, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H3C 1R5


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