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Review: I am not really sure what category this complaint falls under. But I do feel they are behaving in criminal behavior -- because I am defintely not the only one who has [redacted]ed the same problems --- they have scammed me.

I ordered a battery replacement for my 6th gen video ipod. It was presented as on sale for $15.99 w/ $6.95 shipping, I purchased this battery through my [redacted] account.

It wasn't until I recieved the package that I realized I had been scammed. First, in the package was the battery replacement BUT also a car charger. I did not order a car charger. On the receipt in the package I was charged for the battery, shipping but also $6.95 for the car charger. So overall I was charged $29.89, instead of the correct amount which should have been $22.94.

And when I checked my [redacted] account for this purchase it stated I was charged $22.94 for the battery (then $6.95 for the shipping), instead of $15.99 for the battery for which it was listed at (and difference turns out to be the $6.95 for the car charger that IS listed in the receipt in my package).

To scam me this company overcharged me $6.95 for the battery through [redacted] but then indicated the charge for the car charger in reciept provided with the package.

When I called to speak to customer service - they indicate that customer service is only for those who want to make a new purchase, for anyone who is inquiring about something already bought (for any reason) you have to see the website. However, I even tried to contact customer service by selecting the option for new purchase - no luck. I was unable to get in touch with anyone or leave a message, although I was told by the automated voice that my phone number was being recorded for customer service purposes -- creepy!

I have also submitted three support tickets and have heard nothing. When reviewing the refund policy - there are also a bunch of red flags, in that there are many ways they can charge you - (processing fee) - just for trying to return the item.

Its been less than a week since I lodged my first complaint, so there still may be some developments but after reading the complaints, I am very pessimistic and that is why I have contacted the local In the end it is not a lot of money (thank goodness) but this is a serious scam that from the reviews I have read, has been going on for some time. This company/website needs to be closed!Desired Settlement: I want a refund for sure. But more importantly, some action should be taken to close this company -- from what I can tell these issues go as far back as 2011. Based on what I read I don't believe they will be contacting me ( in addition it seems as though attempting to return something just opens you up for more charges) so I will be stuck with these products and with these charges unless [redacted] decides to remove the charge. I may be out $29 dollars (because there is no way I will be putting something I bought from that company into my ipod) but there are people who lost a lot more money. The amount of money this company has possibly made off of scams just within the last three years could be considerable. They should be closed, their website should be taken down. Something should be done, besides costumers just posting complaint after complaint after complaint. At what point can something be done!?! Help!




Per [redacted]’s instructions in the email I received from on 7/10, I wanted to notify you that the company I submitted the complaint about has contacted me.

Not too long after I submitted my complaint to the, as well as to [redacted] (through which I made the purchase), and a website called “[redacted],” and to my complete surprise I received a full refund (after an initial offer for the cost of the car charger which I was considering when I received the notification through [redacted] of a full refund).

Also , I did receive an email response from the company however, I did not see it for a few weeks because it went to my Junk folder. In it they apologizethat I made the mistake of ordering the car charger but state they will still reimburse me in full. This comment is completely ridiculous because I did not “accidently” buy the car charger in the first place. It is like they have to get the last word in AND it makes me wonder, how many people actually begin to doubt themselves, wondering if they had mistakenly purchased something?!? The reason I add this is because while my case can be labeled as “resolved” I strongly believe there is something very wrong with the practices of this company, I strongly believe they are scamming people in many different ways and utilizing different techniques to cover up their actions.

I also wonder how many people have been scammed and never post a complaint or who never even realize they have been scammed?

Unfortunately, if someone doesn’t search for complaints they won’t realize that this company is a scam, but I hope my complaints can make a difference beyond my own situation.

Thank you very much for your assistance.


I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 10105865, and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved.

On February 3, 2016, I paid to replace the battery in my ipod Nano 4th Generation. The cost was ninety-two dollars with expedited service included. To this date, my ipod has not been returned nor has my debit card account been reimbursed for the expedited service as I was promise over 4 weeks ago. Every call that I have made, I was told my ipod would be shipped and my account would be reimbursed for the expedited service which I didn't receive. These people have lied to me at every turn and in effect have stolen my ipod and the money that I paid to have my battery replaced.

Review: I ordered a battery from this company and when I received the battery and had it installed it immediately failed. I sent it back to them and they stated that they vaguely stated that they put something in my ipod but wouldn't respond to numerous calls from me wanting to know what had happened. I emailed and called 6 or 7 times and was ignored each time. I asked for a refund and was ignored. I threatened to do what I am doing right now, and was ignored. Obviously, they have my money and don't care at this point. Please do something about this business because I noticed there a other similar complaints. Thanks, [redacted]Desired Settlement: Refund $32.13

Worst online merchant I've ever dealt with. They took my money real quick and sent a box so I could send my Ipod Touch to them for battery replacement and that was it. The post office shows the package being delivered to them on October 30 and despite sendoing numerous e-mail and "trouble tickets" and leaving at least 5 phone messages I haven't heard a word from them and have no idea where my device is. STAY AWAY !!!!!

Review: My husband ordered a battery for his Ipod from back on 2/5. They charged our debit card $29.94 at that time for the part. Once he received it, he found out that it was not the correct battery for his Ipod. He went on their website and filled out an RMA form. When he went to print out the page like the instructions said, the page refreshed leaving him unable to print. He e-mailed their customer service asking how to go about returning it. They e-mailed him back that there was a $10.00 processing fee that included shipping the correct battery back to him. THey would be in contact once they received the incorrect one back. At that point on 2/12 they charged our debit card $15.95. My husband paid to send the battery back to them overnight. They did not respond in a timely manner, so he ordered from another company and requested a refund from On 3/5/14 they e-mailed him that they would gladly process a refund for $12.99 which they did on 3/10. So, we do not have a battery, we've paid out $45.89 and they've refunded us only $12.99. I can understand a processing fee to re-stock the item, but we paid for the shipping both for the original battery to be shipped to us and shipped back to them and we never did receive the new battery. So, basically, they received $32.90 for a battery that we don't have. I have since issued a "trouble ticket" on their website on 4/24/14 and I called and left a message on 4/25/14.Desired Settlement: Again, I can understand a reasonable re-stock fee of 10% or so, but not $32.90. I want a refund of 90% of that at least. I want a refund of at least #29.61.

Review: On 6/9/2015 I ordered a replacement battery and replacement service for my iPod touch 5th generation. I shipped the unit to them on 6/13/2015. I have received no contact from them since. I have written to them twice but have received no reply. On the last communications I requested that they just send my iPod back to me with the new battery and I would replace it myself. Still no communications or iPod from them. It now has been over 10 weeks.Desired Settlement: I want my iPod back even if not repaired and the battery I purchased.

Review: Thursday, January 09, Re:IPod Battery Depot23785 El Toro Rd #423Lake Forest, CA 92630Review:I believe that IPod Battery Depot engages in deceptive internet advertising. Briefly I experienced a very unsatisfactory experience with the mentioned firm. Although IBD advertises next day delivery it took over a month for the product to arrive. My attempt to cancel the order was ignored and because I returned the product my refund was less than full as advertised on their web site. Further they make a statement that their products are made in the USA. However on examining the product, it was made in China. On their web site under our guarantee they state you may return your battery for a full refund. They then proceed to charge for shipping and handling. To advertise a full refund when it is in fact a partial refund is clearly deceptive! Their web site under Why us? also contains inaccuracies as to same day ship and manufacturer direct. The firm no longer responds to my appeal for a FULL refund.I cannot recommend buying from this firm, there are other battery sources.Desired Settlement: Full refund as advertised.

Avoid. Battery ( ordered on 4/26/14) supplied was some cheap/nasty looking thing that I wouldn't trust not to catch fire. I obtained a Returns Authorization Number by going through the website. Paid to ship it back as arranged, but never received a refund ( even though I returned it the next day and it's now almost 2 months later ). So I'm out by the original purchase price, and 2 lots of shipping. No phone number on any of the supplied paperwork, presumably because they get a lot of complaints and don't want to deal with people.

Review: I mailed my ipod in dec.2014 to the company for a battery replacement/installation. they emailed me on january 6th that my service was completed and my device was on its way.I inquired a couple of weeks later and was told of a delay and it should be returned to me on jan30th. still no word by feb 16th they emailed me then that they were looking into it- my numerous emails and voicemails since feb 16th to them trying to get my property returned have been ignored.Desired Settlement: I want to know if my product was repaired and if it will be returned to me

Review: I purchased a battery for my 4th gen. ipod though and they sent me the wrong battery.

I went to the website and got an RMA and sent the battery back on my dime.

Never received and e-mail confirmation and never received the correct battery.

Now the website is gone and I cannot contact anyone.Desired Settlement: I want my credit card refunded for the full original amount of purchase and shipping.

Review: I send my iPod to have a battery replaced. When I received it back, the battery was fully charged, but the circuitry would not engage...the ipod worked only as a stand-alone unit. I could not get it to play through the cord or recharge.When the battery was fully discharged, it would no longer work. I got authorization to return it, as I felt perhaps a wire had not been hooked up inside. I sent it back on October 12, 2013. After a few weeks, I tried to contact them about it. When I finally got an email through, since there seems to be no other way to contact them, I got the impression that they did not know where it was, since they asked for delivery confirmation from the USPS. I gave them the number and that was October 31, 2013. The post office has given me the information showing delivery and signature from this business. I want my iPod or a replacement.Desired Settlement: I would like an iPod 4th generation touch with 8Gb of memory, as that is what I had.

Review: I purchased 2 ipod batterys from ipodbatterydepot and I received them in a timly fashion. When I opened the battery I realized that I was not knowledgable enough to change them myself so I purchased 2 installs from iPodbatterydepot or I thought I did. On Sept 13,2015 I tried to purchase 2 $30.00 installations for both my Gen 3 and 4 iPods. When I went through checkout the transactions were declined and I was told to try again later. I did try again later and the same thing happened transaction declined. I then went through my battery order and the transaction of $60.00 was accepted($30.00 per install)

I went and checked my back account on the 14th and noticed that the declined transactions of $30.00 did go through both of them. I tried to email them but the email was returned undeliverable, I opened 3 trouble tickets but have not heard anything back. I also called 2 times and left messages both times and no one called me back. I received the shipping box for the ipod but I am leary of sending them my ipod or is it iPods (i do not know how many installs I payed for)Desired Settlement: I would like to be contacted by the company and have my order clarified to what I ordered and refunded for what I did not. If it makes it easier just refund me for all instlls purchased.

Review: I sent in 2 IPods for my granddaughters back in November 2013. After weeks and weeks of complaining and getting the runaround, we received one of them back today with a cracked screen. We have yet to get the 2nd one back. No one will contact us properly or within a reasonable time frame. I have emails, very few replies, if needed. I am at the end of my rope.Desired Settlement: I expect full replacement of the 2 Ipod Touch, 4th generation. I expect brand new units, with overnight delivery.

Review: I mailed my iPod out to have it repaired, and I have recieved it back with the battery that was supposed to be replaced with it, and I am upset that they did not replace the battery as described.Desired Settlement: I would like the $20 back for shipping out my iPod to have it repaired that they never did.

I ordered a replacement battery for my iPod Ver. 4 which had over 3,000 songs on it. I thought they were lost forever. I decided to try this company and ordered a battery. It came in a kit. I installed it in less than 20 minutes, taking my time, and worked perfectly. You must be a little mechanical to use the kit and must be careful moving the delicate wires etc. I thought this company was great and provided what they advertised at a good value. I would buy from them again.

Review: On December 12 2014 I placed an order to replace the battery in my iPod Nano 4th Gen.

My order number is #[redacted]. The charge for the battery was $15.99, standard replacement price $35.00 for a total order of $50.99 A prepaid Priority Mail 1-Day shipping container was sent to me (made a copy of the shipping label) with instructions on how to return my iPod to them. I took the parcel to my local Post Office and mailed it in.

When I called there was no one answering the phone. I left several messages. I did not recieve a reply to my calls.

On 2/3/2015 I completed a Trouble Ticket on the iPod Battery Depot website. I supplied my name, email, phone and order number #[redacted]. My message was "Please let me know what is going on."

On 2/5/2015 I received an email from iPod Battery Depot. It is as follows:

We sincerely apologize for any delay.

We will be looking into the status of you ipod.

We will be contacting you via phone or email with in 24-48 business hours.

Thank you, The Custome Service Team, iPod Battery Depot

I have not heard anything. I have subsequently left phone messages, yet received no reply.

I sent them my iPod for repair/replacement of the battery. Either I have been scammed by the iPod Battery Depot or they have chosen not to address my concerns. At this time if they cannot return my iPod with a newly installed battery, they can return my iPod Nano (I have already paid the postage) quickly.

I appreciate the attention that you will give to my problem withiPod Battery Depot.

After their failure to repair and return the device, I checked the website. I am very sorry that I didn't check your rating of iPod Battery Depot before their failure to fulfill their responsibility. If you need any of the documentation that I have, please feel free to contact me at a good time for you.

Perhaps I should contact my local television channel KGUN 9 which has a "On Your Side" feature in which they advocate for customers.Desired Settlement: I want my iPod Nano repaired with a new battery and returned ASAP. iPod Battery Depot has been paid. I have been most patient.

An apology would be appreciated.

Review: I sent my iPod to have the battery changed on December 12th and it has never been returned to me. I have attempted to contact them several times by filling out service tickets and leaving voicemails, which are the only 2 methods direct phone calls are taken. I last heard from them December 21st stating it wasn't working without being plugged in (which was the reason I sent it to have a new battery installed in the first place). I have requested to have my iPod returned now, but have never received it.Desired Settlement: I want my iPod returned to me in the condition it was sent and a refund if a new battery has not been installed.

Review: I ordered a battery from They charged my credit card for full price within days, however never delivered the purchased item. They sent a link that is supposed to be my receipt, however it is a dead end. I filed an online trouble ticket and left numerous (polite) messages at their customer service number; all have been ignored. A quick online search has revealed that this firm may be a scam, and many people have been ripped off by Settlement: I do not want the product now, as many online reviewers have stated that they have received defective batteries. I would like my credit card credited for the full amount (order #[redacted]).

Review: I ordered a new battery for my ipod in July 2014 and was sent a wrong one. I was advised to send in my ipod for them to put in the battery. All for a charge. I have not yet received the ipod although they have promised me that it was repaired or in the process of repair and they would send it out soon. After several phone calls, none of which were returned and an email at least once a week I have not in the past two months received any communication from them and have not received the ipod as yet. The ipod and the hundreds of music selections have a approx cost of $[redacted] . The only request I have of them is to send the ipod back in working condition as I sent it to them. If necessay I can forward you all the emails and responses I have received from them and the cost that I have incurred dealing with them.

Thank you in advance to your reply. [redacted]Desired Settlement: Return of Ipod in working condition as I sent to them. I do not want any other action.

Review: I have been unable to get my refund for an ipod battery I returned. I have written numerous emails and left a phone message and have gotten no response whatsover.Desired Settlement: I originally bought this through pay-pal so I would like a refund of the 11.99 that is owed me. The battery was 16.99 and they stipulate they keep $5 when you return an item. I'm already out the shipping fee they charged to send the battery and then what I spent to return the battery. I now have no refund and no battery for my ipod.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved.

Hi! I have received my refund. I sent two messages to you but maybe I sent incorrectly. Thank you for your help. My case has been resolved.

Sincerely, [redacted]

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