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Company states: We disclosed the Costco program to the consumerWe even offered a deal that was even better than thatThis deal was done months agoIf she really wants the Costco deal we can re-write the contract but that would end up costing more than the deal she got

You will not take the car back so that means we can talk about optionsYou previously mentioned:"If we cant fix the problem we will remove and credit back amount for body kit Please let me know[redacted] *** General Sales ManagerFolsom Lake Toyota" When I come in or via email, since I prefer this in writingThat could be an option but I already know it cant be fixedCrediting back the amount would be idealWill the original parts be reinstalled? If so, the parts should be credited the original price I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to my concern, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to meI spoke with [redacted] and as he said, we have reached an agreement that is satisfactory.Thank you, ***

I am rejecting this response because: I was never contacted by the dealership about the tiresThe tread depth is above the legal limit stillHow could this be considered a "failed" status that the tires would require replacement at this time??? Like I said, I was never contacted and advised of this, and that tire rotation (which I was charged) will not be done because of thisThey unilaterally decided to not rotate the tiresAnd one more thing, the checklist from the technician indicated that tire rotation was performed - it was actually checked off as performed, contrary to the dealership's claim

thank you so much for e mailing me backI went to Folsom lake service [redacted] the manger and [redacted] took care of my car I am happy with themthey were so professional and nice people.I really want to thank and Folsom lake Toyota service managementthanks again [redacted]

After two conversations with Mr [redacted] this morning, he is going to send us pictures of both mirrors Mr [redacted] has stated that each mirror came from the factory blemished Once we have received the pictures we will forward them to the Toyota warranty claims department It was told to Mr [redacted] that if Toyota accepts the warranty claim we will happily replace both mirrors If they decline his claim he will need to return to his selling dealership to rectify the problem(Roseville Toyota) Mr [redacted] agreed and will have the pictures to us by tomorrow at the latest

Vehicle hasn't been in for over two years so we would gladly take a look at it If we cant fix the problem we will remove and credit back amount for body kit Please let me know[redacted] *** General Sales ManagerFolsom Lake Toyota

Mr [redacted] was advised that his battery was bad and declined replacementWe did have to jump start his vehicle and yes a clear warning should of been stated to him so he would not be strandedMr [redacted] has been coming to our service location for several years and knows our process and his receipt shows recomendation of battery replacementWe replaced battery for Mr [redacted] and gave him 10% discount and gave him a free loaner vehicleMr [redacted] has also returned since for front brake replacement (09/12/15)We have apologized to Mr [redacted] and believe he have restored his faith in Folsom Lake Toyota

Enclosed information is a breakdown to contract in question, against Folsom Lake Toyota.Advertising sell price $15,tax license and fees $1,totaling amount $17,minus Toyota rebate amount $total for vehicle $16,489.00Over changed amount $1,as we paid $17,missing items and services never received amount $for vehicle floor ***'s, trunk [redacted] $and first complimentary oil change and engine check $135.00, totaling amount owed from dealer in the sum of $1,447.50We are truly hoping this ***er can be resolved, and in the future people are being told the truth.Sincerely,The [redacted] 's

Folsom Lake Toyota agrees to refund body kit in full. We have requested further communication to take place in person at the sales facility, where documentation can be made to finalize this agreement. We request this to be the final communication which takes place with customer and with regards to this matter, and for customer to contact Sales Manager (*** ***) for further assistance. An appointment time is all that we need to further discuss at this point. Sincerely, *** *** Folsom Lake Toyota

check sent to customer. matter resolved

This customer has requested to meet with a rep from Toyota Motor SalesWe have attempted to schedule but the first appointment was postponed by customer. Currently still trying to arrange appointment to fit both parties schedule

Response:i checked into the service that was done on sep/12/2015,60k service was preformed,no tire rotation was done do to the sequoia needs tires replaced,the cust declined the tires at this were 3/or lessi have let the tech know to state on the repair order that he didnt rotate
tires *** *** *** *** ***
*** *** *** *** **

Dear Mr*** ***, I’m *** ***, Sales Manager with Folsom Lake Toyota and I wanted to personally reach out with a sincere apology. The information you’ve brought to our attention is not acceptable by our standards. Within 48hrs the website will be updated and provide the
transparency it should have. Please accept my apology on behalf of Folsom Lake Toyota, in addition I would like to extend an incentive to try and regain your trust. With no obligation we are able to get the same truck without dealer added accessories, and I’d like to invite you to contact me in hopes we can set a convenient time to discuss your next vehicle purchase. I will ensure a significant price savings to compensate you for any inconveniences. I also live in Shingle Springs, have kids, and am very committed to doing the right thing and helping where I can, so I really hope you’ll give me an opportunity to do so. If there’s anything further you’d like to talk about please don’t hesitate to call my direct line at *** or reply to this email. Sincerely, *** ***Sales ManagerFolsom Lake Toyota***

Mrs*** brought her vehicle in and complained of a grinding/screeching noise @ start upOur Factory trained Toyota tech verified that complaint and isolated to a serpentine belt that was in poor condition and causing a squeal noise at start upCustomer authorized belt replacementSix days
later she returned stating she still had a noise intermittentlyVehicle was re-inspected by original tech and his Team Leader and could not verify any other noiseAt the end of day *** the service advisor & technician went to start car together and heard a slight tick noise from the VVTI gear system so customer was advised of price to fix that intermittent noiseCustomer upset spoke with service manager and *** advised customer that the original complaint was verified and addressedCustomer not agreeing that vehicle had multiple noises due to multiple issues so *** offered to apply the labor from original repair as credit towards the remainder of repairsWe feel nothing was misrepresented and simply customer has more then one issue on her Corolla with 73,miles on itWe will happy to still offer that deal and give additional 10% off of recommended repair

I spoke with Mrs*** and resolved the issueI have refunded her $per her request & apologize for the confusion.*** ***

1:30pm 8/2/2016 [redacted] spoke with Ms. [redacted] and have agreed to new terms.  Scheduled rewrite appointment for 4:30pm 8/2/2016.  Customer responded happily and transaction will be complete with no issues.  Complaint resolved   Sincerely, [redacted]Folsom Lake Toyota

I already know you cannot fix the problem, this is...

exactly why your company shipped me off to another company in the first place. I don't want the credit back for the body kit. For months at a time I couldn't have anyone in my car. So many things I have had to work around just because of the inability to open my passenger door. Since 2012, my car has looked like it has been falling apart and your resolution is to simply try to fix the problem? The same problem Toyota couldn't do. No. Basically you are telling me that if you can't fix it then you will credit me the money for the body kit. Still leaving the body kit looking horrible. This car was extremely expensive for what it was originally worth and all the interest that has accumulated over time is not worth it anymore having to deal with these issues. I used to love this car and after all these issues I no longer want to deal with this. I shouldn't buy a new car and automatically have issues. Especially when Toyota won't work with me. Its interesting that now you want to "help" me when I clearly came to you within that two year window and one of the Managers shunned me away. After years of driving the car and dealing with Toyota and taking time out of my day and going to different places having the car repaired and its still not repaired I want to be reimbursed for the car for what I've paid so far and return the car to Toyota.

Company states: We disclosed the Costco program to the consumer. We even offered a deal that was even better than that. This deal was done months ago. If she really wants the Costco deal we can re-write the contract but that would end up costing more than the deal she got.

I am rejecting this response because: their service adviser saw my car mirror four times so for I don't know why they need picture. as he saw it told me it is cover by factory warranty according to service adviser  he already order the parts if he already order the parts just need to be repair   . the manger who call me could talk with service adviser Cheat he already know what is going on. may be he doesn't want to solve the problem. my issue is with FOLSOM LAKE TOYOTA SERVICE not FOLSOM LAKE TOYOTA .

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