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Last month I called to cancelThe lady was very pushy with trying to get me to stayShe offered me a $credit and skipped the month for me so I wouldn't be charged but still able to shopBlack Friday I logged in and there was no creditI have sent emails and have attempted to do a chat timesI kept the chat window open for FOUR hours and no one responded! It took days for them to return email, still waiting for a response for the 2ndAnd even though they respond to posts on facebook and it says they respond to messages in hours, I'm going on day waiting for a responseHorrrible customer serviceDon't even bother with this companyYou can get better shoes at cheaper prices pretty much at any department store

I started a membership March of just to give it a shotThe membership is for having unlimited access to buying for just a month, or so it boastsIf it sounds a little too good to be true you're correctThe month passed by and I did buy something, but just one romperI still had to pay for that month although the value of the romper wasn't even that much; it was lessI tried to find a way to cancel my membership online realizing I was naive and this was a rip-offEven if I didn't want to cancel my membership I would still have to pay the same amount whether I buy something or notThat means I would have too much stuff just so my value would equal my membership fee, which means every member would need to cancel eventuallyThere was no way to cancel the membership by yourself online! I had to call someone in customer service who doesn't speak EnglishI had to repeat everything I said three times! It tells you how little they value education at this business if employee language skills mean so little compared to giving everyone a chance and taking American jobsThe customer service person was required to ask me why I wanted to cancel my membership and she gave some cheap sales pitch after I repeated myself three times in obvious frustrationI wanted to say "I want to cancel it because of this" or "why I want to cancel is my business" but she probably already knew I was upset and is used to people being tenseMost of the Accredited Businesses aren't located in Kentucky anyway (be careful because I know what it's like being from there) but they should go away with the membership entirely and stop encouraging the compulsive buying habits of women like myself and the evils of crony capitalism shown by outsourcingI like the clothes there and I have been complimented on my romper but reading all the reviews online and questioning the membership scam has me fired up after all these monthsThey also need to hire more qualified people and keep the jobs where the customers are

I have been a member of JustFab for far longer than I wantedThey have good products--but you can never GET themI am feeling like the whole thing is just a scam after all this time of being a "VIP"every month I pay $to get products which are said to be MUCH higher in price than that monthly feeThe problem is that nothing is ever availableEvery single month for over a year I have "skipped the month" and tried to use leftover credits I have from months I paid the membership but cannot ever spend the credits because almost ALL of the products are sold out--in every color and every size--never to be available againThe only way to cancel a membership is to call and they put you through a long rigorous call where they offer to give you a refund on one of your paid credits if you don't cancel (because they know that if you as a customer are not diligent and go through their horrible website to find the place to "skip the month" every month they get free money)I am tired of watching these credits sit there that I cannot use because everything on their site is forever sold out in every size and color with no available date givenI have waited for one bag (just to see how it would work out) for over a yearIt never became available and I was never alerted to when it might beI'm pretty sure the entire site is just a scamThey send you the first item when you sign up and you see the quality and you feel comfortable that this is a place you want to be a memberBut I have never had a single decent transaction since then--only arguments with aggressive CS people who are clearly told NOT to let you cancelI finally had to yell at the girl I spoke to today and say that I would not be conned into keeping the membership and that I would need to make an official claim if they wouldn't cancel my membership because I am tired of spending my time trying to cancel a membership they will not cancel for products I can NOT getI understand the membership idea of a business, but this is a business that does not carry it out well and makes it impossible for a customer to cancel so they can continue to collect free money while providing NO service or product from their side

The boots I received are broken and the poorest quality I have ever seen, I have spent hours on hold trying to cancel the account, to no availThey keep charging me and I can't figure out what to do to make them stop, they don't answer my requests and delete my comment every time I ask what I needed to do, please help I can't afford to keep paying $ a month for nothing

After I placed ny order I eent into my account settings to opt out of the monthly fee well before they charge for that month then I went to cancell my account completelyI received a conformation that my account was closeThe next month I receieved the charge on my cardI called and spoke to different chstomer service reps within months stating that it would be refunded but never got refunded & the bank could 't stop the charged because too my time had passed because I believed their representatives were doing what they were telling meWill NEVER shop from this site again

I read the fine printVIP membership that I can cancel anytime!! Except that when I did decide to cancel, (the boots I bought are ok, but they are not very high quality and I will destroy them soon with my everyday activity level) I called the number provided and got a robot who would patch me through to someone with whom I could cancelExcept their phone lines were not active at that time I called back during their open hours, November or 7th, knowing that the delay had made it so that I missed the cut off window for paying November's VIP membershipI figured that's what I get for being foolish enough to fall for a membership based online shopping experienceI did reach a real human who gave me some and expected run around and then told me that they would cancel my VIP membership Then, in December, I received an email stating that they were about to withdraw my VIP membership againI did not have time to cal them and deal with the run around during "anytime" which happens to be east coast business hours onlySo I opted to skip the month thinking that I would deal with it later nopeThey charged my account anywayAnd my email attempt at communication is being rejected I will have to cancel my credit card, at this point I consider the number stolen

It was my first time ordering from JustFab and I was super excitedI ordered several pairs of shoes, gave them my credit card number (that is only used for one other site and has been used for this other site for the past year) and pressed enterReceived an email from JustFab thanking me for my order Within the HOUR - my credit card company emailed me about fraudulent chargesMy card had been compromised within an hour of paying on JustFabJustFab themselves charged me the same amount times (only charge was justified), and then I had some random unauthorized charge from an online supermarket I called to cancel my membership (you cannot cancel your membership online, you have to call to cancel your membership - which should have been more of a red flag to me) and notify them that their clients were not safe giving them their credit card information, and the automated machine told me I had a minute wait time before someone could answer my call! I'm bummed because the shoes were really cute, and I like the idea of ordering online, but I wanted to talk to someone to either a)cancel or b) be reassured that there was a momentary lapse in security but my credit information would be safe going forwardHaving a minute wait time is just terrible All in all, your credit card information is not safe with this company

JustFab was for the most part a positive experience for me up until about 6-months agoI ordered flat boots and the soles literally fell off after weeks of wearAnd not excessive use, just office wear I have not had a problem with quality until recently but now whoever they use to make their products is making everything very cheaplyI got pants that fell apart after one washAfter calling about both of these issues (plus on other), trying to get the items exchanged or a refund, I figured out that JustFab doesn't do refunds When I lost my job and called to cancel my VIP membership (which hadn't been used in months anyway), I was told to skip monthsI told them no, just cancelThey told me to set an alarm on my phone so I don't forgetNo, just cancelThey offered free creditsNo, just cancelThey have to ask a manager for approvalThey tried telling me I can't cancel because I have credits to spendI told them I would take the loss, JUST CANCELAgain, on hold for an enormous amount of timeFinally they cancelled But guess what showed up on my credit card bill this month? I had to call my bank and block JustFab from charging me...surprise, surprise, the bank tells me this is a common issue with the company

JustFab is a TOTAL SCAM Company: Here is my story: They are a PREDATORY CoMy sister ordered ONE thing from JustFab about a year ago for $Since then they have hit my Bank Account every single month for $We called them NUMEROUS times literally to tell them to stop and try to get the money backThey REFUSED and kept hitting my AccountI closed that Account and opened a new oneSomehow they "FORCED" the Bank to pay them every time saying they had a Contract with UsThey did "not"But the Bank by Law must pay them because the Bank has to honor any so called Contract by LawThe Bank was "FORCED" by Law to pay themThen after calling them a number of times they started charging my Account for other Bogus Companies we "NEVER" called JustKids & RightFab for $eachThat's now $each month that I NEVER AuthorizedI don't have and children and we don't need lamps eitherMy kid is now and going to College.!!! Months ago they hit my Account againI did not have enough in my Account to cover any of itI was waiting for BenefitsThey "FORCED" the Bank to pay them again for all My Bank refused to pay them due to Insufficient Funds and charged me $for each one and still did not pay themSo as soon as my Benefits came in the Bank took out $to pay them and cover the Fees as wellWe calledThey said "Oh sure.We are sorry" and hit my Account againI shut down the Account and opened a new one at a different Bank BLOCKS away from my house instead of the Blocks this bank was atI'm "LIVID" So Folks DO NOT "EVER" do business with JustFab, JustKids & RightFabThey are crooksI filed a Complaint with the AG's Office, The and today I'm calling the News to do an expose on them and how these Companies workBe "VERY" careful when ordering onlineDo "NOT" accept the "MONTHLY" Option at allThey will nail you okI "PRAY" this helps someone from becoming a VICTIM like I amGod Bless [redacted]

JustFab is a jokeThis company lures people in with the "great deal" of buy one, get oneA promise of quick returns and great customer serviceWell, we ordered boots for my mother-in-law for Christmas They sent the wrong size in one of the boots and we returned themFast forward to SEPTEMBER and we still have no resolveThey take a monthly $off every month and if you don't order, your credit will be lostWe have not placed another order and have had to call customer service that provided mediocre service at bestThey refuse to replace the boots and would only credit $to the account - which, by the way, will NOT replace the pair from the original orderThey are a company that provides less-than-average quality products for a higher-than-average priceWe have cut our losses and canceled all connection with this companyMy advice to anyone thinking about the "too-good-to-be-true" offers- trust me they are! Quickly scroll up to the "X" in the upper right-hand corner of the JustFab site and click it! Do not sign up for this service!

The merchandise is subpar quality, using very cheap materials There is no such thing as customer "service." It is a requirement to make a telephone call should you need anything from them I returned merchandise worth $over a month agoThey've credited my account with $with no explanation or attempt to resolve itThey issued an RMA, received the merchandise and now insist they cannot help me unless I call (and undergo a litany of completely unnecessary questions) Today, I received another email attempting to sort this out, and got this: "We are fully accredited with the" They are not accreditedThey have a rating of F STAY AWAY FROM THESE SHYSTERS

I ordered a pair of shoes off JustFab after seeing their frequently advertised commercialsOne month after my first purchase I noticed a sneaky $charge on my credit card from themThis aspect was extremely poorly advertised, essentially hiddenWhen I called customer service even they referred to it as a "fine print" itemI don't think a $membership is something that should only be found in the fine print of an agreementA highly dishonest tactic on JustFabs partThey agreed to refund my $along with cancelling my membership, however a friend of mine had the exact same experience and said she never received her promised refundSo after the business day wait for the refund when I still didn't have my money back, I called customer service again and they told me the refund was "pending" and I would actually see it in the next hoursAnother dishonest tactic as I'm sure I never would have received it if I hadn't called them backInfuriating experience

This company makes it nearly impossible to close your account allowing them to charge you monthly Their products are sub-par at best, and their customer service is abominableThis month I didn't cancel in enough time to not get charged, how could I cancel and work business hours? I had no choice but to buy a pair of shoes that I am sure are the cheapest vinyl money can buy I was assured by their site these would ship within business days, but did they? No, of course not Here we are days later and my order is still "processing" I e-mailed them with no response, so I decided to chat with them on their site Gail who repeatedly told me her name was of absolute no help I had to give her my order number twice, and she came back with some ridiculous statement about how a very small batch of orders had longer than usual processing time - about hours, Yet here were are hours later and still nothing I asked for my order to be shipped at a faster rate free of charge due to their incompetence, but instead they offered me 10% off the next round of money they steal from me How lucky could I be? They will allow me to keep 10% of the next amount stolen from my account whether I like it or not HOW WILL I BE ABLE TO SLEEP AT NIGHT DUE TO THE EXCITEMENT?? You are better off buying shoes anywhere else, and I really mean anywhere Next roadside pile you see of free stuff...grab it because it will be a better experience than dealing with these crooks

Signed up with JustFab and was told that I would be able to cancel my account and not be charged the $ Well I was charged Told me that I would have my funds refunded to me with in 7-business days Well its has been a month and I just called and they said that they have refunded the funds and that the problem is on Pay Pals side I called Pay Pal and there are no pending credits on my account So I called JustFab back and the 2nd person I talked to said that there was a glitch in the system and that they will reissue it I want my refund!!

How did this business get re-accredited? I have more protection from SPAM, which costs me nothing, because there are laws that force email subscriptions to require an active action with full disclosureAfter my wife got scammed by this, I went through the process myselfWhile it talks about the "VIP" service throughout the experience, it never mentioned that it was a paid subscription until the end of the shopping experience in which it automatically opts you inIt is also on the side of the order, making it seem like unrelated advertising as opposed to something you're agreeing toThe founders of this company, time and time again, perform shady practices in order to cheat people out of their moneyShame on the for endorsing these practices

I called and cancelled my membership in Have not received a single email from them since On June 2nd, I received an email notifying my boutique is ready and I will be charged if I don't take action I have not logged into my account or had any type of activity with this company since To cancel, I had to call again Extremely shady and unethical business practice

Fabletics operate a VIP membership but this is not completely clear to customers They take £44/ month I thought I had made a one off purchase and as such it took me several months to realise Fablectics were still taking money from my credit card When I realised I cancel my membership and ask for a full refund The refund was refused The only way to use this credit to buy gym clothes, really there are only so many gym clothes a person can own If you opt to order clothes then your membership is reinitiated I believe this company is a unethical and to phone them you must use a premium rate telephone number This company is a disgrace, I would strongly recommend that you don't use them!

This is a scam and you can not cancel by email or live chat which is totally ridiculousThey make if difficult to cancel in hopes that you will forget to skip a month and they can charge your credit cardThe quality of the items is poor so trust me you will want to skip every monthThis is the second reply I received about being unable to cancel on lineReally? They don't have "access" to cancel by email? "Thank you for contacting JustFab and for being a valued VIP Member We are sorry to hear that you wish to cancel your membershipAs much as we wanted to assist you on your request but in order to cancel, you will need to contact our Fashion consultants by phone as we do not have access in canceling your VIP membership via emailContact us by phone at XXX-XXX-XXXX available hours a day, days a week Sincerely, [redacted] JustFab Member Services

I had a package to return with a company generated return labelI have used the tracking number to track the process but even that has proven uselessThe return was processed by dropping the package at the [redacted] which took place on November 1, at 1:13pmThe package was then scanned and tendered to the Newgistics agent on November 2, at 9:am It is now November 29th and my package still has not been returned to the companyI have talked to the [redacted] and product company numerous times and I keep getting the run around The [redacted] states that when they tender a package to a return agent such as [redacted] the package is scanned in front of the [redacted] agent and then physically handed over to themNewgistic is claiming that they never received the package No one can give me a straight answer and I just want my package and money returnedVery poor experience with all parties involved in this returnNo one is tacking responsibility for their actions in this process and the tracking information points to the package last being left with the [redacted] agent

I signed my daughter up for the VIP membership sometime agoAfter being billed two and three times a month for the "monthly" membership fee, I called to cancelDespite being told that my membership was cancelled and receiving an email confirmation, they continued to bill me two and three times a month (make sure you check your credit card bills)Now they want to fight the charge back saying I never called, despite the email confirmationAND they never mentioned the fact that they have been charging me a monthly fee two and three times a monthI can surely understand why 94% of their comments are negative

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