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K-Fisher Consulting Group

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Good afternoon In the interest of saving time I will issue out a refund to this client by January 5, Although this account was settled successfullyI will give a refund to save the reputation of my businessThank you

I am rejecting this response because: I have heard you say you will be refunding my money over and over, and nothing is sent to me.Your business is already tainted, check your reviews. And you better believe I will be contacting The City of Elk Grove, Business License division.

Good afternoon In the interest of saving time I will issue out a refund to this client by January 5, 2014. Although this account was settled successfully. I will give a refund to save the reputation of my business. Thank you

To whom it may concern
I have done a lot of work for this client over the years. We had a mix up with settling a account. I would like to come up with a settlement agreement with this client. Please ask her how we can best resolved this issue within the next 30days. Thank you please...

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to my concern, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.   I am requesting 2 installments of $600.00 in the form of a cashiers check mailed to my home address. The first payment is due by November 30th 2014 and the remaining $600.00 due by December 31st 2014.  Total of $1200.00, is the full amount that was agreed upon for settlement of a debt, documented and paid to Mr. Fisher in July 2014.
Payments will be made to my address:

Company states: The company has reached out to me and resolved my issues as well as worked out on getting my funds returned to me.

Review: I started out with K.Fisher helping me fix and build my credit, which I did pay for his services. He settled amounts with the few businesses that I had an account with and owed money to. I have not received a confirmation letter from not one of the business, that states my account with them is closed and or settled and no payments are needed. I have asked him plenty of times to provide me with the document and I still don't have not one. Right now, I am having an issue with K.Fisher and his business because K.Fisher collected money from me to pay for a settlement K.Fisher made with a business I owed money to, but the business has called me recently, on 9/30/2015, to talk to me about the account and taking further actions because the business is telling me that there is no notes on my account, that the account has been settled. As of July 31, 2015, K.Fisher spoke to a representative on my account and was to send them some documents of the cashier check, address he sent the check to, person who he spoke to to settle the amount and all that he has to prove that he did settle the account, but he did not comply to that. Every time I call K.Fisher, it is really hard to get in contact with him. Every time he says that he will call at a certain time, sometimes he do not comply to that neither does he comply to the dates he schedules appointments with me. I spoke with K.Fisher that same day I got the call on 9/30/2015 and spoke to him about the conversation I had with the business and K.Fisher said he would contact the business, with me, because now the business does not want to speak with K.Fisher due to the misunderstanding between me not knowing what is going on on my account, but he did not show up, or call, neither did K.Fisher comply to what K.Fisher said he would do about this whole situation that accrued with the settlement K.Fisher made with the business. I don't know what to do at this point and this has really affected my health with all this stress K.Fisher built up.Desired Settlement: I want to know where is the money I provided K.Fisher to settle my account with [redacted]. I would like K.Fisher to speak with the [redacted], with me because the representative on my account said that she will not speak with K.Fisher due to all the misunderstanding, to solve this problem and I would like him to settle the amount with them properly. As soon as possible.

Review: mr. Fisher presents himself as a credit consultant with contracts, an comes on as being a professional business afterin the true matter he is just a con artist, He rushes over to your to residence to collect the monies, an that's the end. Lies an promises that never come to pass, we startded out in March to this date we have not received the services that we paid him for.a total of 1050.00 paid out for services we never received. Mr.Fisher,s license should be revoked.I would like a refund of all the money my son and I paid him.Desired Settlement: Mr.Fisher should not be allowed to continue in the consulting business since all he does is take your money, after which he avoids your calls and texting.

Review: I hired [redacted] to clear my credit record. There were a total of 5 items that needed to be handled, [redacted] took care of all except 1 issue. I paid [redacted] for his services thinking that he took care of all 5 credit issues at hand, and then received a collections letter. I am now receiving a letter in the mail from the collections stating that I owe $1,000 (original amount was $600).I've called him and he stated he would take care of the issue, he asked for more money an additional $210. I made the payment via [redacted], he confirmed receiving it. I then attempted to follow up with him and his number was disconnected ([redacted], I also emailed him at [redacted] and he hasn't replied.Desired Settlement: I would like a refund of the full amount I've paid him, including the additional fees which have now been added to my collections. Please contact me as soon as possible and let me know what options I have to get this issue resolved. [redacted]Cell: [redacted]eMail: [redacted]

Review: I met with [redacted] owner of K-Fisher Consulting Group in July 2015. He informed me that he specialized in helping people fix their credit and clear debt from their credit report. At this time I entered into a contract with [redacted] stating that he would clear my debt and fix my credit in 75 days.If he was not able to do so I would receive a full refund. As time went on I received several contracts from [redacted] stating that he had spoken with my creditors, the amounts for the settlements and the promise that if my debt was not cleared I would receive a full refund. TO date nothing has been done to my credit, no debts have been cleared and my credit score has fallen. I have spoken with [redacted] on several occasions concerning my refund. He always says he is going to meet me and give me my money back. He has yet to do so. If anyone comes across [redacted] and K-Fisher Consulting Groups run. He is a scammer, he will just take your money and not provide the services he promises. He has done it to me and after some research I found out that he has done the same to countless others. Please don't let this man enjoy life by stealing your money, destroying your credit and causing you more debt. He is a horrible person and business man!!Desired Settlement: I would like a full refund from Kevin and his business to be shut down. He's done this to so many people.

Kevin Fisher is a conartist, he claims that his company will help to fix your credit and credit score but instead he takes your money and does nothing. Please to not fall victom to his lie. Kevin has no intention of helping anyone, or standing by his contracts. Its been months since I started working with him and I have seen no results. When I ask gor a refund he claims he is trying to get the money. He actually tries to give you excuses and explain how hard life is for him at this time. I can't believe that with all these complaints he is still in business.

This is no group first of alll, this is a one man scam. [redacted] was convicted in federal court for check fraud, if you were to research people he has done business with, you will find alot of unhappy customers and law suit. This man should not have access to anyone financial information.

Review: K-Fisher Consulting did not provide the services detailed in our contract nor refund any money.

I began working with K-Fisher Consulting in August 2011 to clean up fraudulent debt on my credit report. Being that these were debts I did not make and they were very small amounts Mr. Fisher said he would get these items removed in 3 months as oppose to his normal 6 months. I gave him $105 for the service and another $120 to settle a claim with one of the debtors. After many calls to him (he dearly called me) we decided he would refund the money since he never got the items off. This was nearly 7 months later on March 2012. I sent him an address to return the money to and never received a check. Mr. Fisher not only didn't hold up to the contract but failed to make an attempt in correcting his negligentDesired Settlement: $225 that was given to him to clear my credit.



Business' Initial Response

We started with this client in July of 2011 on a six month contract. There was service provided by my company in that timeframe. The client did not requested a refund until March of 2012 which was past the six month period.

My company would like to reopen this file and discuss a resolution. Please contact the client so that we can discuss a compromise.

If you need additional information, please feel free to contact me.

Consumer's Final Response

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

I requested a refund in March because K-Fisher Consulting Group after the 6 month period said they would still continue to work on my file until the issue was resolved. The issue never was resolved and the items still remain on my credit. I was never able to get email responses and had difficulty getting in contact with the company. Nonetheless, the company agreed to refund the money back to me and it never happened. To date the issue still remains unresolved and I don't think K-Fisher Consulting Group has any interest in resolving the matter.

I would never recommend him to anybody I would not want no one to experience what I had to go through. He is very sloppy and does not follow through on his promises.

As a follow-up to the review that I posted on 11/23/2014, Kevin Fisher continued to make excuse after excuse as to why he had not been able to refund my money all they while promising to do so. The last lie that he told me earlier this month was that he had taken out a Title Loan on his car in the amount of $6500 so that he could refund my money ($5390), but as of 01/09/2015 his number (707) 208-9095 was diconnected. I have called that exact number numerous times since 01/09/2015 and now it just rings with no voicemail set up and I have not heard any further from Mr. Fisher. It infuriates me and saddens me that this man has scammed me and stolen my money. I have filed a complaint with the Consumer Affairs and will file a small claims. The acts of Mr. Fisher have been egregious and criminal.

Review: In February 2012 I contacted K-[redacted] Consulting Group to help improve my credit. At the time I had a score of 730; however I had several high debts with creditors as well as I had an unresolved issue with a timeshare company. My goal was to improve my score, clear up the issue with the time share, and explore how I could eliminate some of my debt. Mr. [redacted] felt confident that he could assist me with my goals and therefore I signed service agreements (initially in February and later again in June and December 2012 approximately). I also sent Mr. [redacted] money to be used for the sole purpose of settling my debt with five of my creditors (including the timeshare). I was told that the money would be held in a business trust until he had reached a settlement agreement with my creditors at which time he would then forward them a check on my behalf. I was also told (and it is stated in the service agreements) that if he could not reach a settlement agreement that my money would be refunded to me. After multiple calls, going back and forth, and much time waiting for results I requested that my money for two of the five accounts be refunded to me on 10/08/2013 because Mr. [redacted] was not able to settle those accounts. He said that two of my other creditors did agree to settle and I was instructed to stop making those monthly payments. However those two creditors never settled, my accounts were reported delinquent and my score dropped to 611. I had to pay the overdue payments to bring my accounts up to date. I have since then requested a full refund for all monies (approximately in January 2014) given to settle my accounts and to date (02/22/2014) I have not received any of my money from Mr. [redacted]. I call and text Mr. [redacted] almost daily Monday thru Friday inquiring about my refund and I'm often told that I will receive it, but again to date I have not. Therefore I am filing this complaint and feel that it may be necessary to take this matter to court.Desired Settlement: I would like a full refund of all monies given to K-[redacted] Consulting Group for accounts that were not settled and written documentation/proof of the settlement agreement that was reportedly made for the timeshare. I would like to receive my full refund by 03/01/2014 or sooner.



We have reach out to the client and we are resolving this issue. We will be refunding some of her money and providing proof of the other debts. Also we have payed some of the bills already. This is a misunderstanding between the client that has been cleared up. Thank you.



I am rejecting this response because: I am not in agreement that the matter has been cleared nor resolved. Mr. Fisher has been in contact with me on a weekly basis regarding my refund and he has expressed that I will receive a full refund no later than 04/30/2014. I have been told numerous times before that I would be receiving a refund payment; however to date I have only received a partial refund payment of $250 that was received on 03/15/2014. There is still an outstanding refund owed to me in the amount of $5390. My original request for a partial refund was submitted in October 2013 and a request for a full refund was submitted in January 2014. The timeframe to receive my full refund has been unacceptable and negligent.

Review: I was referred to K Fisher Consulting Group through a local mortgage company. He did absolutely nothing for me or my credit. He told me a closed a settlement for my timeshare, yet could not send me any proof, but still took my $375.00 check. On 11/10/2014 he wrote in an email he was going to refund my money because he doesn't want involved.(Gee I wonder why) It is now 11/24/2014 and still have not received anything.This man is a scam artist and a liar and is taking advantage of people who truly want to clean up their credit. [redacted] should have his business license revoked!P.S. I started working with [redacted] in January 2014. That's how long I've dealt with his liesDesired Settlement: I am requesting my $375.00 refund for a timeshare settlement that was NEVER settled. I called Wyndham and confirmed myself there was no such deal.



Good afternoon

Review: I was referred to [redacted] owner of K [redacted] consulting in November of 2013 through a parent of my daughters cheerleading team. I was discussing with her the issue of me wanting to purchase a home but my credit was not strong. She then stated she had been successful with Mr. [redacted] and her credit was repaired. I contacted Mr. [redacted] met with him within the next couple of days. At this meeting a contract was signed a receipt in the amount of $300.00, and the letters intended to be submitted to the credit bureaus were also signed at that time. Mr. [redacted] stated I would begin to receive letters from the credit bureaus once the sent all documents certified mail and the process should take no more than 6 months. I began to notice having had worked with Mr. [redacted] by this time 3 - 4 months had passed by and I have yet to receive one piece of paper from a credit bureau. His excuse was that due to a recent move I had made this was the reason for the delay. During this time duration I had paid Mr. [redacted] the initial fee as well as $341.00 to settle two other debts on my behalf. I continue to receive calls from these companies stating Mr. [redacted] has not submitted payment nor have I received a settlement letter stating these debts have been resolved. I was also working independently for Mr. [redacted] and have not been paid for my services as well. We spoke on an almost daily basis and I considered him to be a friend. Yet, after almost 10 months I have still not yet received a refund despite Mr. [redacted] agreeing to do so. I have been waiting 3 weeks for a check for $100.00 and stated it was returned due to not enough postage. Mr. [redacted] did agree to pay a cell phone bill for me which has since been returned due to account being closed. I sent Mr. [redacted] an email indicating if payment was not received by Friday August 22, 2014 in guarantee funds a litigation process begin. I just want all of my money reimbursed to me as a single parent. Thank you for your assistance!Desired Settlement: I would like a total refund in the total amount of $754.50 in guaranteed funds paid directly to me within a timely manner. I have been understanding and patient with every excuse in the book Mr.[redacted] has given me in regards to my refund. He received an email demanding payment for $488.70 because Mr. [redacted] paid a cell phone for $235.80 plus a $30.00 service fee on August 12th however, my cell phone was suspended due to returned payment on the 19th. Mr. [redacted] has agreed to revised amount.



Good afternoon

Review: I contacted Kevin Fisher Consulting for Credit Improvement in order to get back on my feet after my divorce. On July 7th 2014, Kevin Fisher requested $1200.00 to negotiate and eventually settle a debt with a bank. I signed the document stating "This agreement commences on July 7th 2014, and ends on July 21st 2014. There is no implied guarantee this company will settle out the account, therefore if settlement agreement is not reached within 14 days a refund of $1200.00 will be refunded directly to Laura Goo." I then provided the full amount into his Wells Fargo Account the following day. Unbeknownst to me, I learned that nothing has been done to settle out my account with the bank and did not provide me any explanations as to WHY this transaction did not occur. I demanded a full rerun as the contract stated. I have emails, text messages and voice mails from Kevin Fisher promising me a full refund. it's been TWO MONTHS that I have been demanding my rerun and I have had nothing but excuses from him i.e.: Family health issues, family emergencies, vacation, computer crashed/hacked/unable to access his programs, blaming the banks for holding his funds due to a suspicious transaction, unable to locate a western union, your bank does not accept cash deposits so I will do it tomorrow, I'm waiting for a client to pay me first, doesn't answer calls with numerous excuses in hopes to discourage me. I am a single mother and he has no heart and is not true to his word! He has completely lost my trust and he has all of my personal information and will hold him responsible for any retaliation (identity theft issues) that arise after filing my complaint. I am appalled that he calls himself a professional after broken promises and poor results. Actions speak louder than words, how dare you do this to my children and I!! Do NOT trust him with your money!Desired Settlement: Kevin Fisher, Per your Service Agreement signed on July 7th 2014, you offer a FULL REFUND of $1200.00 if the agreement is not reached within 14 days. You failed to provide services as promised and demand a FULL REFUND of $1200.00. I and a single parent, I have 2 children that depend on me, I work hard for my money and don't appreciate your actions. As you are already aware of my recent struggles, I am in desperate need of my FULL REFUND to ascertain alternative housing.



To whom it may concern

Review: In 2013 I was recommended by a mortgage company to hire [redacted] to settle some debt that I had on my credit report. After meeting with him he guaranteed that my credit report will increase and he would settle my debt with EDD. I gave [redacted] $3300 to settle the debt with EDD. After filing taxes this year the money that was supposed to come to my husband and I went directly to EDD. I called EDD and at no point did [redacted] generate a settlement with them with the money I gave him. He deposited all that money to himself. All he does is make excuses on why things do not get done. He is a scammer and a his business is a fraud. His company is not even registered through the Secretary of State.Desired Settlement: I want the full tax money that my husband and I were to receive since we were under the impression the debt was settled! No excuses just a cashiers check in the amount of $4455!

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Description: Credit & Debt Counseling, Debt Relief Services

Address: 6435 Laguna Mirage Ln, Elk Grove, California, United States, 95758-5464


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