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K-Fisher Consulting Group

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Review: Last year Mr. [redacted] had helped me with rebuilding my credit (I thought)by calling creditors and making payoffs letters and payments. To my understanding after making checks out to Mr. [redacted] and signing promissory "payoff" letters. I was really happy knowing that now that my past issues had been cleaned up and now I could have the American dream! In July Mr. [redacted] called me to meet with him about a business proposition. he knew I was possible going to be looking for a second job, he said that he was in need of an investor. there was a husband and wife who was purchasing a home and selling a home and was in need of extra money for closing costs and inspection. They needed someone to invest $525.00 with a return of $1050.00 on July 31, 2014. Anything after that would be $25 a day until I was to get my money this day Mr. [redacted] has not paid my money back to me! I have been getting calls and found that the creditors are still on my credit report! none of the payments had ever been made on my behalf.Desired Settlement: I want my money back! I do not care about the other money that was promised, I have communicated this to Mr. [redacted] time after time but he keeps me hanging with hopes that I will get my money back. Today was another day that he promised but nothing and I feel others need to be warren abut his business ethics.I am not one who has a lot of money he knew this, a business Man should not be doing business if he cant fallow the rules.



Company states: The company has reached out to me and resolved my issues as well as worked out on getting my funds returned to me.

Review: I employed [redacted] over a year ago for settling my debts w creditors and he did not settle any debts. He has not been able to contact. Frustrated

I have paid [redacted] of KFisher consulting $250.00 for his services and expertise in the credit restoration feild. I have given him various amounts of money via checks for settlements to creditors which have told me that he has not contacted them. The creditors which he was supposed to have settled my debts are for companies such as Verizon, co-op adjustment, first premier bank, Calvery portfolio,national credit corp. I have copies of the check to Kevin Fisher as well as emails sent from KFisher consulting group which are supposed settlement forms he has given to those companies listed. I recently checked my credit report and my debts in which Kevin Fisher of KFisher consulting groupDesired Settlement: I would like a full refund o all monies paid to KFisher consulting group. this has been a horrible experience, and at this point I want all of my money back!!!!!



Business' Initial Response

Good Morning. I am looking to resolve this matter by giving the client a full refund. I need the client to contact me to discuss how I will get them the refund. Thank you

Consumer's Final Response

Consumer called the office and stated she was contacted by Mr. Fisher last week, and told to call him today (10/31), so that payment arrangements could be set up as of 11/02/12. Consumer stated she has called him 6 times today- as directed and her calls are not being returned. She will seek restitution elsewhere, since it's been two long years of patience in trying to work something out.

Business' Final Response

Mrs. [redacted] and I reached a agreement on July 19, 2013.

Our company provided a cashier's check to Mrs. [redacted] on July 19, 2013. Consequently, this matter has been completely resolved. Please reach out to the consumer and verify that this case is resolved to there complete satisfaction.

If you need additional information, please feel free to contact me.

This has been the absolute worst business experience in my life. I went into contract with K-Fisher Consulting Group to resolve debt. However my debt has not been resolved, my credit score dropped, I have negative information on my credit report, AND Mr. Fisher has not refunded my money. I have been waiting for over a year now to receive my refund. Mr. Fisher has contacted me on multiple occasions stating that he will be refunding my money; however there always seems to be some excuse as to why he does not have the funds. This is egregious and negligent business practice and my next recourse is to file a suit in Small Claims Court. I would not refer anyone to work with this company. Mr. Fisher presents as a nice person, but his business practices are faulty to say the least.

Review: Mr. [redacted] has failed to fully deliver his product. I have been working with Mr. [redacted] for more than 10 months and although he helped a little bit with our claim he still didn't deliver his product as promised. Mr. [redacted] always has an excuse as to why he didn't come through with his product. Mr. [redacted] had promised to give a partial refund. It now has been more then four weeks of his promised time. Mr. [redacted] still hasn't delivered my refund. I do not recommend his services! He is a smooth talker and gives false intentions and promises of his product and refunds.Desired Settlement: Mr. [redacted] needs to deliver my refund in the amount of $250.00



I will be sending out the refund to the consumer today. Please give me a call if you have further questions.



I am rejecting this response because:Mr. [redacted] has yet to send refund check. It has now been 5 days since he said he would send the check and I have not received the money. I will now move forward with legal action against Mr. [redacted].

Review: I contracted with K-Fisher Consulting Group to aid with improving my credit score and to help me consolidate debt. While under contract, I was informed by K-Fisher Consulting Group that some accounts of mine could be settled for a certain amount. I then wrote a check to K-Fisher to settle these accounts on my behalf, and was informed that the money would go to settle these accounts. I was given receipts and typed letters from K-Fisher Consulting Group as to the purpose of the money. Several weeks later, I was contacted by one of my creditors that one of the accounts that I gave K-Fisher Consulting Group money to settle had not been received. Furthermore, the creditor explained to me that they had never had any contact with K-Fisher Consulting Group nor were they aware of any settlement offers being agreed upon. When I asked K-Fisher Consulting Group about this I was never given a clear explanation. This caused me to second guess my contract with K-Fisher Consulting Group and sub sequentially terminate the contract. I was not comfortable giving K-Fisher Consulting group any more money because of the mishandling of the money I gave to settle these accounts. I requested a refund but have not been granted one.Desired Settlement: I want a full refund of the money I gave K-Fisher Consulting Group. I want a refund of the money I gave to settle the accounts that were not settled and a refund of the money I gave when I contracted with them. I believe that I am entitled to a full refund because the money I gave to settle my accounts was never received by the creditors, thus I believe the money was misappropriated. I think this voids out the contract and they are not entiteld to any money becuase of the misuse of money.



Thank you please reply



Mr. Fisher,

I am agreeable to the $393.00 you are offering to settle this matter for. I would like to make an arrangement with you so we can meet to exchange the release document for a cashier’s check for $393.00. Please let me know via email what your availability is this week so that a meeting time and location can be scheduled to make this exchange.

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Description: Credit & Debt Counseling, Debt Relief Services

Address: 6435 Laguna Mirage Ln, Elk Grove, California, United States, 95758-5464


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