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K9 Katelynn

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• Sep 11, 2021

NO Show!
Made an appointment for Saturday at 1:00, I even sent a confirmation text on the prior Thursday to confirm. When no one showed up at 1:15 I texted and got a response that I was mixed up with a different client that canceled? Ruined my Saturday and would NEVER USE K-9 again.

• May 22, 2021

Not happy
If I could rate at less than 1 star, I would. No wonder they only accept cash or check. they get as much money from you as they can, as fast as they can. with no recourse for undelivered services.
Than tell you NO REFUNDS!

• May 20, 2021

They showed up hours late for every appointment.
Acted as we worked for them.
Would recommend them to NO ONE!

• Mar 11, 2021

Don’t use Tom as a dog trainer
When Tom first arrived at my house he ask my age, then proceeded to have me write everything down he was saying and snapped at me if I stopped to ask a question. Then proceeded to have me order expensive toys and treats and also a small treadmill because I am 75 and maybe to old to be able to walk my puppy. He then had me write a check for $1,300 and left. A week later again he had me take notes for 30 minutes he then proceeded to show me how to walk my puppy and ask me if I had a good memory. Since I didn’t get it right the first time he insulted me again saying I had memory problems then he left. So out of 2 hours I received 15 minutes of showing me how to walk my dog and being said insulting things. Don’t use Tom unless you like being treated bad and not dealing with a capable dog trainer. He still hasn’t refunded most of my money even though he said it was refundable. I guess I need to go to small claims court. The only thing about him was he showed up on time. I have had dogs all my life and I know when I have a bad trainer. DONT USE Tom. Jeanne Blackburn

Tom did a great job trained in Murphy and Oliver he was kind polite and very professional . I would recommend anybody to Tom

The response to from Mr. [redacted] is not surprising to me. He wants to focus on phone calls instead of the facts. He states that he doesn't have a complimentary evaluation. When I first contacted him he told me he wanted $27.00 for gas and the consultation was free and his website states he has a complimentary evaluation. I am not sure why he is denying this other that this is how he has ripped off others and my self after I have read many reviews on the web. This man needs to be investigated for his unethical business practices. The reason for hiring him was to introduce two dogs to see if they were compatible to live with. Mr. [redacted] was on his own mission do his agenda instead of ours. We had one complimentary evaluation if you can call it that, One visit he dictated notes on what to purchase to and one visit where he showed us how to walk a dog in a circle in the house on a leash. This is useless, absolutely useless. I have had other dog trainers, this is not how dog training has ever been. When I realized I had called the wrong trainer that had been recommended to me and told Mr. [redacted] this. He said no refunds. I wouldn't go to someones house and pretend to be a professional decorator and then when they saw I couldn't decorate on the first meeting say "sorry" no refunds. He somehow thinks I called him last week at 9:02 and he needs to go back to his phone check the phone number and message, it certainly isn't from me. His practices are nothing more that selling something to you that doesn't exist and you have to pay up front for it. I would like to get a refund of $1,750.00 or I will have to step up my efforts to do so.

From our first meeting with Tom I knew we were in good hands. He is extremely professional, knowledgable and friendly. His ability to train worked well for the trainees (us humans) and our dog, Noodles. We learned multiple commands (necessary and fun ones), he helped with safety issues and any questions or problems that we were having. Noodles is doing so well and it is directly related to Toms excellent ability to train. We are so grateful to Tom and would highly recommend him to anyone! I would not hesitate to call him for additional training or a reboot if we needed it. Make sure and do your homework- it really helps!

Tom did a great job! We saw an improvement in our dog's behavior after the first session. It's obvious Tom enjoys working with dogs and their owners.

[redacted] is very emotional and has a dog that many issues! It is not true that I contacted her 20 minutes prior! I contacted her at at 5:20 via text! After attempting to call her for I-17 was closed due to flooding northbound! And all other roads around the area were closed! For my safety and for my...

cars safety though it was best to reschedule! She called me and said that was fine! We rescheduled for last night Monday!  During this period of time of hiring her she would call several times about her dog and issues which is fine!  I recently took a trip to [redacted] and she said I would love to go to  [redacted]! I then sent her several pictures and comments about [redacted] ! Her comments to me via email hope your having fun and that's really pretty! Sent her more pictures and she replied very nice and looks cold! I got back Sunday and Tuesday the weather started! Therefore the weather issues which were covered as stated above! On Tuesday I asked her via text how the pooch was her reply was she's good she's cuddling with her mom! My response as a friendly gesture was "sweet can I join" [redacted] obviously took it the same way for her response via text was haha very funny!  I heard nothing from her until Sunday night!  At 6:36 Sunday night she texted me and said "hi I think I want to cancel training . The last text you sent me feel uncomfortable! I would like a refund! Monday at 4:51 just confirming you got my texts yesterday you haven't responded! My response between apts was "yes I got them  per the contract thier are no refunds! You have both come a long Way  I would encourage you to continue the training but that is your call! Thank you! Her response to me via text was " for someone who relies on reviews I nay rethink a refund" he additional response via text is you have taken zero accountability, nor did you apologize it try to amend things! It's a brush off" my last response to her was I am sorry you feel the way you do! Up until last night I have heard nothing but good things! Have a great night! Then I received this in my inbox this morning!

First of all many of things she states are not true,fabricated!  The April 12th was not a free consultation! It is true I cam to see both of them on that day and they both signed the contract! She states that she agreed to the contract and yes it was agreed I would work on other behaviors along...

with other items that were covered on the 19th! (It's interesting she states I talked down to both on the 19th and dictated a shopping list along with a treadmill , if she or her trend were so disgusted then why did she call me twice on the treadmill and never once complained! She agrees on the 19th of what I did ! (But then contradicts herself stating we did no training) last Thursday she wrote a note stating that Joan and I have talked about it and we have hired another Trainer  and we want a refund!( on May 5th at 8:17 am one day prior to me meeting both of them of which is a 75 minute drive one way without traffic) hence the 72 hour policy! I wrote her and asked her to please call me concerning this! She attempted to call Thursday night at 9:02 pm and she left a message! Joan then called me on Friday and asked me if I had received the note and call from [redacted] I stated I did! She said when can I receive a refund and I started to state the terms on the contract and she interrupted me ! I again then stated what I charge for a first visit if you had hired me for that and again she interrupted me and again I started to start the contract and she interrupted me a third time! I then asked for her to have [redacted] call me for you interrupted me three times! She said no I want you tell me for its half my money! I asked her then then call me another time fir she was heated and interrupted me three tines( she hung up the phone on me) unfortunately she states I was verbally abusuve her to her just isn't true! It was the other way around! I got a apology letter from [redacted] stating she was sorry She didn't call which seemed strange to me for I had voice message from her

Tom did a great job with my 3.2 lb chihuahua. She is my first dog and I really appreciated his step-by-step instructions and the way his program is structured. I never thought that she would be able to listen to me, sit or lay down on command but now she does. Tom also taught me how to work on correcting unwanted behaviors such as barking and whining. His program is focused on training people to train dogs which is exactly what I needed. Tom is also very easy to work with and is always professional and on time. He has been doing this for more than 10 years and has perfected a program that really works. I would recommend Tom to anyone who needs help in helping their dog.

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  I have agreed to pay [redacted] for his services provided.  [redacted] texted me at 6:43 pm telling me that he would not make it to a 7 p.m. Appointment. I reviewed my missed call list and there was none. Yes, he lives in cave creek , and I realize that the  I-10 was flooded that day. As I know, living I [redacted],  it is closer to take [redacted] road as opposed to the I-17 to my house. The I-17 was flooded all day, so I am confused why he couldn't tell me that until 15 minutes prior to my appointment. I would forgive the fact that he was late, but [redacted] requires at 48 hour cancellation notice. I feel that 15 minutes prior to the appointment is unacceptable, when the issue was happening since early that morning.

Secondly, weather aside. [redacted] asked if he could cuddle with me and my dog. This was unwarranted. He is a hired service and this crosses the line of professional conduct. Secondly, I did not ask for his [redacted] pictures. The fact that he was texting me pictures nonstop  was completely weird to me. I texted a[redacted] on one occasion stating that I was having difficulty with training, because my dog got hurt using one of his techniques. He kept telling me to push my dog I to a sit position to the point that she yelped and was limping. [redacted] is the one that called me and not vice versa. I did not ask for a phone call, not did I consult him multiple times in between visits. 

Again, I am not asking for a refund for the services that he rendered. I am asking for him to refund the money for the services that were not rendered. As a single person, I cannot personally risk having a male in my house that does not understand professional boundaries....PERIOD. [redacted] refers to me as emotional. This has nothing to do with emotion. This is a netter of my personal safety and factual information... Emotion aside. I would really appreciate of [redacted] could leave his emotion out of this and focus in the fact that he did not provide a professional service, nor was the service completed.

Tom , Jill and I are so grateful for what you have done for Noodles. I realize we are a work I progress, but we are on our way! We are committed to following the program you have set for us. I admire the work that you have done and we both consider ourselves lucky to know you. Thank you for your talent and kindness. We will keep in touch and call for help when needed. Virginia B.

We started with a very high energy/unruly German Shepard puppy. Our puppy responded to Tom’s training methods immediately, Tom helped teach us how to reinforce each weeks training session. We sometimes had trouble understanding/following Tom, he talks fast, but he always repeated and made sure you had time to write down the steps as they were meant to be followed and demonstrated with our puppy to show us how it should be done. At the beginning of each new training session, Tom would ask if we had concerns or questions before moving on. Tom offered suggestions to help bring order to our puppy’s unruly actions, and those suggestions are working great! Tom introduced our puppy to our pool, taught her to swim while on a leash and we swim her daily now. We are very grateful to Tom, his teaching methods are effective and we can see our puppy becoming more obedient each training session.

was more than happy to work with her! Stated so in emails to her! She now has taken a stance of being very unprofessional in her actions! (At this stage I will not state what those are) because of this nature of her taken the Postions she has taken (unprofessionally) along with the previous calls the contract and the terms of the contract will stand!  I asked her in a email to handle things professionally and unfortunately she has not! The contract spells out the terms of refunds along with the cancellation policy! Thank you!

This identical complaint was filed by his wife on 11/9/2015 (complaint number [redacted]) of which thier was no response after I filed my response! You can see my response to that on 11/10/2015! Three additional notes that are added to this one which was not  noted on the 1st complaint the...

amount was $2150 not $2500 as stated in His complaintB) as both the knows  and is stated this address is correct and always has been! C) the contract was supplied and resent on 11/10/15 and again please find a copy of that!! I would like to know he claims he talked to both my current clients and pet places that claim I have ripped them off! Thank you! I will stand on my response before as far as refund is considered! However I want a response in people talked to and dates and responses! Thank you!

We had a great experience working with Tom from K9 Katelynn. Although we had considerable experience working with dogs, our two dogs which we have had for 31/2 and 41/2 years, have been tough to work with. Great in the house they were both tough on the leash and daily walks became a source of struggle and suffering. Tom did a fantastic job training us so we were able to train our dogs in a consistent and systematic way which was also totally effective. He was always on time, polite and professional with a system that really works. He knows dogs, and people too! Just a great experience!!!

[redacted] has helped us tremendously with our pitbull/boxer mix [redacted]. When we first got [redacted] he was very skittish, unsure of new people, and dog aggressive. After working with the dog using everything [redacted] has taught us, we have seen a drastic improvement. [redacted] doesn't seem to be as shy, he's improving around other dogs, and he's respecting us more and more every day. Step aside [redacted], [redacted] is the real life dog whisperer!

I met Tom from K9katelynn through a friend that graduated from his training program with her two poodles. While I was a bit skeptical at first, as I had been down the private dog training route before, I was still a bit overwhelmed with my dogs lack of obedience and anxious behavior. Tom took the time to understand my goals as a dog owner of two minature poodles and my desire to have them fully and happily integrated into our family. His organized and methodical approach to step by step training made perfect sense to me. He helped me understand that with patience and loving praise, my dogs would very soon understand the newly placed boundaries that would nurture them physically, emotionally and mentally. I quickly put into action training techniques that he taught me to eliminate jumping and we experienced, immediate positive results. Later today we did our first "walk" in the pool, also marked with great success. Each dog swam on a lead for approximately 15 minutes with short rest breaks. As I sit here now, writing this review, they are both sleeping quietly in their own space rather than anxiously demanding my attention. I realize the success of a perfectly trained dog lies with my willingness to be prepared and consistent. I am willing to put in the hard work now for the long term gain of being a pet parent to two stunning, happy and well behaved mini poodles. Thank you Tom for your honesty and courage in showing me my well intentioned tough love and rigidity in raising these dogs wasn't aigned with my desire for them to exist harmoniously with our family. If you're considering dog training for your puppy or dog, please give K9Katelynn an opportunity to get to know you and your dog. I'm hard pressed to believe you'll find a more loving and patient trainer.

Professional and thorough obedience training for our dog! Our dog seems to enjoy the enjoy the work and we have learned so much about her and how to handle her.

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