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Keystone Law

2006 Swede Rd, East Norriton, Pennsylvania, United States, 19401-1787

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I received a call from a Charles D at the law offices of Joey Cardis LLC in his voicemail he left me a phone number to call back and an extension and informed me that this was an attempt to collect a debt any information obtained for that purpose. Call back to get a hold of them and there is no extension to leave except a press one to make a payment or two to leave a voicemail Mr. D finally returned my phone call and I ask him who he was and what he was calling about and all he wanted to tell me is that he was with the law firm and that the attorney had reviewed the file and he was a legal assistant so I asked for Mr. Cardis bar card number, which he has been on able to provide, he then transferred the call to a Jenna. Who informed me she was the manager, and immediately informed me that no attorney has looked over the file, and he did not leave such voicemail on my message machine, I explained to her that I’d be happy to play it I’m I played it she claims she couldn’t hear it I’m I ask her what she was calling about she claimed it was that I had written a hot check somewhere I said I don’t write checks when was this written who is this written to she then began to tell me oh you right so many hot chicks you don’t know, then she informs me that it was written to a vet in Florida, I ask her for the date she began asking me for my home address I ask her for the date no less than 25 times and was informed that she wasn’t going to provide me that information until I answered her questions and that I can just run away run away since I can’t afford to pay my bills these calls are harassment this is a fraudulent company the attorneys bar card number is 28101.I will be contacting the Pennsylvania Bar Association to file a formal complaint with them and I will find out correct contact information for Mr. Cartis since his name is being used in fraudulent transactions and predatory business practices.

Keystone Law Response • Oct 23, 2018

October 17, 2018

To Whom It May Concern:

This consumer is not a customer of our business.

Documentation concerning this account was mailed to the address contained within this complaint in July and August of this year.

Our office has ceased all efforts in association with this account after notice of ***'s dispute. No further efforts will be made.

Thank You Research Department

My 87 year old grandmother continually receives calls from this "firm" regarding a debt that I owe. I have never lived with her nor have I ever put her number down as a reference or contact information. I have great credit, pay my bills and should not have a debtor trying to contact me at my grandmother's home.

Remove me and her from the call list immediately.

Keystone Law Response • Oct 23, 2018

To Whom It May Concern;

This office has no customer with a name matching that of this consumer. Furthermore, the consumer has not provided the phone number which they claim we are calling. We cannot respond without this information.

Thank You,

Research Department

Customer Response • Oct 23, 2018

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed as Answered]

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:
This is a standard form letter with no reference to who I am! They do have my name on file and they do have the phone number. Until I get a personally addressed letter, I will not accept this.

This collection agency has been contacting me for 3 years in regards to a bill for services that happened 3 yrs ago. I explained to them on several occasions that I'm trying to get back on my feet 100% financially since then and since I dont make a lot of money it hasn't been easy and when I am in a position to pay the bill I will. The last time I spoke with a legal assistant in the office was on 9/17/18 and when I explained it again my situation he told me it sounds like I have multiple creditors against me and good luck. They dont know my situation and what arrangements are made for me to be current on the debts I have.
I only received 1 bill from the hospital in 2015 then maybe with in 2-3 months later with no warning I started to get harassed by this office for the amount owed.
This office harasses people and when I'm in the position to pay im going to pay the hospital directly.

Keystone Law Response • Oct 23, 2018

October 10, 2018

To Whom It May Concern:

This office has no customer with a name matching that of this consumer. The consumer has submitted that this office has been "contacting her for 3 years”, are "harassing" her and that she has spoken to us on several occasions".

Contrary to these statements, this office has only attempted to contact this consumer via telephone twice over a period of 3 months. No contact attempts have been made since the consumer advised of her hardship on the 9/17/18 call which she referenced in her complaint.

Contact has ceased per the consumer's request however we cannot“write off" the consumer's account as she has requested.

Thank You, Research Department

What a joke!!! This lawyer is not even currently practicing. He is retired. What a con artist!!! Look it up at the Pennsylvania Bar Association. These people have no integrity nor a conscience. Shame on them trying to get money from innocent people. ZERO STARS.

For approximately a year and a half or so I've been receiving calls randomly from a number associated with this lawyer. Sometimes they'd leave a message, other times not. I finally put them on my auto reject list.I'd still get messages if they chose to leave one. Each message they left was basically the same. That I needed to call back the caller regarding a debt. Never once would they ask for me by name or another person. Never did they specify a amount owed.

I have no ties to Pennsylvania, I have not received any documentation stating or proving I owe a debt. I have checked my credit reports. I am current on one and only debt I have. There is nothing else on my reports like I knew would be the case.

Keystone Law Response • Apr 24, 2018

April 23, 2018To Whom It May Concern:This consumer is not a customer of this business.As per the consumer’s request we will cease calls to phone number ***Thank You,Research Department

Customer Response • Apr 24, 2018

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.
As a side note I do think it's rather odd that they had my phone number and called me multiple times over the last almost two years and that they said I am not a customer of their business. I know realistically that it does take contacting places like the to get businesses to stop their shady business practices. I accept that they will not call again, and I hope they don't harass people like they did me.

I have received multiple calls from this 'law firm', stating that they had contacted me previously about debt. I have never received any correspondence with them and in this day of spamming, I would not share any information with them but asked them to either resend the stated letter or email it to me, which was refused. When I asked what the return address on the envelope would have shown, she could not answer. She stated that I was being recorded and that I was refusing to discuss the matter, to which I said that I was not stating that, that I simply needed something in writing to state who they were and why they were contacting me, and that I would be happy to discuss it further after that. Then she asked me if I knew what the definition of belligerent was and accused me of being that. I hung up.

WATCH OUT, this appears to be a phishing scam! Received a collection notice from a legal assistant with this law office (Mr. Brungart). This settlement was closed out over a year ago. I am surprised that these business practices are not illegal.

An unpaid bill I owed a children’s hospital was sent to collection, and on January 23, 2017 I received a call from their office. I was transferred to Mr. Markowitz.
Mr. Markowitz explained that it was a neurology bill. I explained that I have a child with multiple chronic illnesses, that I was dealing with the provider and the insurance company about the outstanding bills. He asked what the insurance company response was.
I replied that I was unsure, again, I have multiple interactions with my insurance company regarding my daughter’s coverage. He became agitated that I didn’t have the information. I asked him to stop interrupting me so I could explain and get more information about which bill he was calling about.
Mr. Markowitz then yelled something along the lines of “If I wanted a woman to yell at me I would have stayed married,” and he hung up on me.
I called the office to complain and spoke to a Mr. Brungart.
I have filed a complaint with the MA AG, have sent a letter to the hospital to urge them to sever ties with this debt collection company.

This business is falsely using the logo on website and also sent me a fraudulent collections notice for a dentist appointment 7 years ago that was paid the same month as the appointment.

Keystone Law Response • Jan 23, 2018

To Whom It May Concern:

First, this consumer is not a customer of this of?ce.Second, we will consider this consumer’s complaint to be a request for validationand act accordingly.Lastly, the consumer is correct that our office chooses not to pay to be a member ofthe The consumer is incorrect in stating that our website implies that we aremembers of this for~pro?t organization. Rather, our website is hosted by acompany which chooses to pay for membership and display a logo indicatingthe same aside their own logo.Thank You,Research Department

I contacted the office on 12/19/2017 to inquire about am old debt. After talking to the responsible officer, and agreeing to a settlement that she agreed on as well. I asked for a settlement letter documenting this agreement in writing. The officer became angry and combative. She told me she doesn't work for me!! She told me that they don't offer such letters, even though I know every debt collector should agree to a written settlement. How would I guarantee that I'm paying my debt of I have no documents proving this settlement!!

Keystone Law Response

December 26 ,2017To Whom It May Concern:To he clear, no settlement was agreed to. This consumer was unable to pay the offered settlement amount. The consumer subsequently offered to make payments of $50 per month toward their full balance. Therefore, no settlement letter can be provided. However, as offered in the conversation, we will send a reminder notice to the consumer referencing his promised payment of $50.00.Should the consumer there after wish to set up reoccurring, payments, they may contact our of?ce and speak with ***.

Thank You,Research Department

Company sent a letter to my home stating "the company is not yet taking legal action, but they are reviewing my account and are aware of my debt. You have 30 days to respond to this letter or legal action may be taken against you."
Something was fishy to me because I have never received a legal letter saying "no one is doing anything, but we want you to know we know." So I did some emailing and some digging and discovered that the company that I supposedly have this debt with, closed my account over a year ago, and informed me that they never perform hard collections. Meaning they never pursue collections through a 3rd party and definitely not through legal action.
I have to admit they almost had me. But the company they claimed to have been working for told me that Joel Cardis is a notorious "debt phishing" company. They do everything they can to get your financial information. Do NOT pay these people ANY money! They will then have access to your finances once you do.

Recieved a letter in the mail from this law office. Though I have never gotten a call.The place it says I owe, well I paid that debt 2 years ago. So has anyone else had this happen. I will call tomorrow and find out.

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Address: 2006 Swede Rd, East Norriton, Pennsylvania, United States, 19401-1787


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