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L'BRI Pure n' Natural

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• Oct 14, 2021

The only serum I felt did what it claimed.
I have been using L'BRI for almost a year now, and have been quite happy with my skin overall. I have mature skin and some sun damage, so I have tried three of their serums too. My only complaint is that the Time Erase, used as directed, did nothing to diminish even my lightest brown spots, that are from the sun. And it didn't help with any other concerns either. The Dermaplex didn't make those expression lines diminish either, except for the few minutes after I applied it. Like it temporarily made them 'disappear', and then they just came back. Both of those were frustrating. The Maxifirm is the only serum I felt did what it claimed.
I must say though, that the trio and the two 'masks', Rejuvenating Facial peel and the Facial Mask work wonders for your overall skin health and really make a huge difference! I will continue to use those as well as the under eye gel and the Intense Eye cream at night. They have really firmed up my sagging eye area! I am 56 yrs old, for reference!

• Aug 27, 2021

The BEST products EVER
I have tried so many skincare products that promised amazing results to erase wrinkles or minimize fine lines and wrinkles however I was always disappointed. So needless to say I was skeptical when I heard about L'BRI. I was BLOWN away! The products actually WORKED I was seeing results within 2 weeks. It was so incredible, even though I had never sold a thing in all of my 50 years I became a consultant and it was the best decision ever. Not only are the products far superior the company culture is so uplifting and supportive you can't help but gain confidence and a greater sense of self worth. If you have tried L'BRI yet you can check out the catalog and other great info at
The BEST products EVER

• Nov 18, 2020

An L'BRI "Consultant" harassing people online.
Not a great look for the product when one of their "Certified Skin Care Consultants" is caught on Facebook, spamming and harassing people online.
An L'BRI 'Consultant' harassing people online.

Great for my sensitive skin
After my sister asked me for a few weeks, I decided to try L'Bri. I have extremely sensitive skin and have only been able to use a couple over the counter products or Mary Kay for nearly thirty years. Though I am nearly 46, my skin looks much younger because I am allergic to the sun as well as sunscreen.
Since my hysterectomy my skin seems to be getting more dry spots despite my usual routine that had worked fairly well for years, so I decided L'Bri was worth a shot.
After one week with cleanser/toner/moisturizer routine, I am seeing such favorable results that I plan to try cosmetics next. I am even considering becoming a consultant!

If you have dry/reactive/sensitive skin do not use L'Bri. I have a retinol allergy and most of their products contain this ingredient. Retinol is retinol, not matter how you slice it. I didn't find out until it was too late and my face was raw and disgusting. Even my dermatologist didn't have the answer. It took one full month before water didn't sting my face; that is how sensitive it became. I wish I would have read the ingredient listing. I trusted my consultant. Adding insult to injury (literally) I was even offered an apology when I told her that I discovered that the products contained retinol. I just thought I had terrible skin. Lesson learned. Still recovering.

I love my products. In fact I have two sets. My complaint however is the eye gel and eye cream...… When I open them the inner cover
comes off and the gel gets messy and causes over use or loss of product. Upsets me each time I open them. Costly waste! It also introduces bacteria. Suggestion is to put them in a pump bottle.,

Mostly all wonderful testimonials... why have so many of these people only given the company a "one star" rating? I'm just curious...

I'm 71 yrs. Libri products and liquid vitaims etc. have been and is very beneficial to my health and we'll being. My doctors have also noticed better skin for me.

I was introduced to L'bri about a year ago and LOVE the products!! I was sceptical at first, it sounded too good to be true. Aloe based, natural ingredients, no toxins, no animal testing, and made in the USA. But this company really lived up to their fantastic reputation! I've been using and loving l'bri and would highly recommend them!

L'Bri products are priced right and are good quality . I have been using these products for seven or more years and these products do what they say. The aloe is healing and work to give you great looking and feeling skin. The consultants are knowledgable , delivery is fast and they have great customer service. I highly recommend these excellent products from L'Bri.

LOVE L'BRI not a product I have tried that I have disliked.

I have been a loyal customer of LBRI's for years. They are by far the best
cosmetics company, hands down. What stands out for me is that they are more
interested in teaching people how to take better care of their skin versus other
companies that are interested in my credit card number. The products are all natural
and you can tell that the instant you apply their products. I noticed a tremendous
difference in my skin. They've also made it easy to view the products and order online. My orders are received a few days after I've ordered them. I would recommend LBRI to everyone who is out there looking for the best products to take care of their skin!

I was just introduced to L'Bri this past year (2015), and absolutely love the products! I rush I had known about them years ago.

Awful! The product made me break out like I was back in middle school and was very painful and embarrassing!!! I was then told I need to "wait it will break out then get better". Only got worse with bumps in my chin, bigger and more pimples than normal and very painful pimples as well. I tried to contact them and they stated that since I was past my 45 days of trial they can not refund me back my money...though I was told to "wait it out". After explaining this I STILL can not get a refund and am just offered more products which I don't want since they already caused me worse skin and painful breakout. I stopped using the products for 2 weeks and my face is finally returning back to normal. Very unethical that they tell you to wait then won't refund after you do as told, very embarrassing and painful for me so no I do not want to EVER try a product for them. They make it seem natural and like they truly care about customers but clearly only care about taking peoples money and then making sure they can't get it back after told to wait to see if the product gets better

No apologies. Just after the money. That is my feelings on the matter. I am sure it works for some. But, everyone is different and should be treated like an individual. Don't sell products unless you have the clients best interest at heart. We trust you.

I have had only good experiences with this company and it's products. My consultant has been very informative and eager to answer any questions or concerns I have. I found the online ordering easy. The products are amazing, I probably own one of everything and use them all on a regular rotating basis. I can't get enough of it. It's such a simple concept, American made, natural ingredients, Aloe is always ingredient #1. Great for my sensitive skin. My acne prone skin hasn't had a breakout in 4 months, and I've been using the products for probably 5 or 6 months now. I rave about this company to my friends!

I absolutely adore all the people and the products involved with this company it completely cured my daughter's eczema and help my son's acne a lot and I've always had temperamental skin and it's been wonderful.

I used aloe years ago, but I don't think it was sold as lbri, I think it was with another company.
However, I have been using lbri nutrialoe for the past year and a half now on my toddler. She suffered from constipation and severe acid reflux. I gave her 1/2 a tsp a day, and some days twice a day depending on her mood and if she was having problems with bowl movements. It worked wonders. I love aloe products, and will use lbri now for my mascara as well, as every company I have tried, I get real bad itchy eyes after about a minute or two.
I can't praise lbri enough for giving us something that works wonders. I don't like of course the high shipping costs, and the higher prices, but it is worth it to use such a small amount and get such great results.

The products L'BRI offers are by far superior to any other face and body products I have ever used. So superior in fact that I have decided to become a consultant myself. No harmful chemicals, parabens or artificial fragrances added. Plus, they truly work!

This is an extremely excellent product line.

Love the product and shipments are received quickly! Long term fan!

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