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Leesburg Auto Import

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Review: We went to Leesburg Auto Import to see a car that they had on their website. The car we were interested in was not on site because it was at the body shop, they said it would be another 3 days. So we decided to look around. We found a car we really liked but the inspection sticker was rejected. We asked to take it to a mechanic and they let us. The mechanic said that the car needed new rear brakes and rotors and also new windshield wipers. Leesburg Auto Imports said they would have their mechanic fix it no problem then get it reinspected for us no charge. That was great we bought the car. The next day we went to pick it up and we could not take it home because it failed inspection again. It failed because the rear wheels were locked and not turning while up on the rack. They took the car back to their mechanic and the next day it passed inspection. The day after we got the car home I was on my way to work and the brakes seized and the car skidded about 40 feet. The good news is I wasn't on a busy main street at that point. The skid mark was scary I could have been really hurt if I wasn't on the 25 mph street. The car would not move forward so I backed it up on a side street. We had it towed to our mechanic and they FOUND A LOOSE BOLT on the rear brakes which was what caused the car to skid and lock up. We talked to the owner about reimbursement which was only $139 (towing + tightening the bolt) not much money considering what could have happened. The owner would not reimburse us and said they would not accept responsibility that they don't know it was their fault. I have all the paperwork to document these events.Desired Settlement: Refund for the tow and mechanic bill, which totals $139.00

Review: On 9/28/13 I agreed to purchase a car from Leesburg Auto Import and put $500 down and was to payoff the balance and pickup the car by 10/15. In the contract it was stated that in the event I do not payoff the car on 10/15 as agreed. The dealer would keep my $500 deposit and automatically void the sale. I made additional deposits of $3300. But was unable to payoff the balance by the due date. The dealer decided to keep $1300 of the $3800 and return $2500 in a form of a credit to use toward the purchase of another car in their lot. When I questioned why $1300 and not the $500 as stated in the contract. The dealer decided to now keep all of the money instead and everyone I speak to there tells me that I need to talk to my salesman a guy by the name of [redacted] who would not come to the phone nor call me back. The worst part is there is no manager at this dealership to speak to resolve the issue.Desired Settlement: I need help get my $3300 hard earned money back.

Review: Purchased a Truck from this company, that I was told only needed one thing. It ended up needing at least $2,500 worth of work in order to pass inspection!! I had asked if I could take the truck to a mechanic, and was urged to take the truck to THEIR mechanic. After repeating that it didnt sound like a good idea, they urged, that it would be free and just swing by there. Their service tech said it was a great truck, with no issues. When I asked for a print out of the parts/work that they did to the truck to prepare it to be sold he said he couln't print the information. I recieved a whopping $300 discount to repair the one item they admitted the truck needed. I immediately put it in the shop the next morning after purchasing the vehicle and was informed of all of the issues.

The entire underside of the truck was covered in serious rust, and the dealership painted over top of the rust with paint to make it look fantastic. My mechanic took me underneath the truck and showed me the physical issues with the rust and parts of the truck that had to be repaired. Parts include- No heat (heater core), power steering pump, inner tie rod, outer tie rod, one more part for the tie rod, welding done on the inside of the bed where rusted through and then covered with a liner, alignment, and I was told the tires were new (and the tread looked like it, but apon further inspection they were dryrotted, and the tires installed were put on used), serpentine belt, winshield wipers, and wiring for the entire trucks lights (front and back - turn signal, headlights, brake lights and reverse lights). The fact that they covered up the rust alone made it evident that they were hiding the issues. They also messed with the lighting wires, and had cut wiring and attached it back together with masking tape. The tires they put on the truck are not standard OEM size tires, they are smaller, and not rated for the use that the vehicle is designed (cheaper quality, used and dryrotted). I was told that it just needed an alignment and a few light bulbs.

They try to say their vehicles come at wholesale prices, but the truth is they are shady people that sell lemons, and try to cover up any/all issues with the vehicle so that you are stuck with the lemon. They act as if their prices are so great, but after you put the money they need just to be normal working vehicles, you are way over their value. I got a better vehicle from a dealership that was buy here pay here charging me 35% interest. This dealership is supposed to be a legitamate business.Desired Settlement: I have owned this vehicle for 4 days and have already had to put $1,084.32 into the truck without even replacing the heater core or the power steering pump. I also have not bought the new tires for the truck. I would expect this kind of vehicle if purchasing from a person instead of a business (person doesnt have the ability to have their own service center), but this "dealership" knew what it would take to make the truck ready to go, and if they did not want to put in the time/ money/ work, then they should have been OPEN and HONEST about the state of the vehicle. There are some vehicles that you will not make money off of, that is part of the business.

I would expect some sort of compensation for the money that it is costing to fix my NEW truck, and make it safe for the road. The paper in the window of the truck did not have warranty or as is marked, which is required. I traveled 2 and a half hours to go pick up a truck that was ready to go (financing in hand), and drove home with a LEMON.



Saturday, December 28, 2013

Customer had bought the vehicle As-is with no warranty. Leesburg Auto Import, LLC cannot assume responsibility for any work that is needed on the vehicle after the sale. The customer was given the chance to test drive the vehicle and physically inspect, Customer also signed acknowledgement that the sale was As-is with no warranty.




[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because: This business covered up issues with the truck. They also had "their shop manager" give me false information about the truck. The transmission in this truck is not in working order. The truck is reading codes such as turbo over charge, and loss of data. Those two readings were covered up by unplugging the battery, to clear the codes.

The rust on the truck was covered up, so it was not visible unless the truck was in a shop on a lift. The truck was sold with a rejection sticker, which in the state of VA is illegal from a dealership with a VADL #. The AS IS paperwork was issued because the dealership knew exactly what was wrong with the truck.

Customers need to know that this business will withhold important information about their vehicles, and pass faulty equipment off to customers. Business transactions should be heard about.


Review: I bought a 2001 [redacted] in February 2014. I found out 8 months later that the car had such severe frame rust that it wasn't safe to drive, wouldn't pass State Inspection and should be condemned. When I went back to the dealership to have them take the [redacted] back and put me in a safe vehicle, they flat out refused to help me. I asked them to contact the owner on the phone to speak with him and again they flat out refused. I contacted the State Trooper who handles that area and he explained that he has had at least 10-15 complaints this year alone about Leesburg Auto Imports. DO NOT PURCHASE A VEHICLE FROM THEM!!! Purchase a vehicle from a reputable dealership-do not use Leesburg Auto Imports.Desired Settlement: I would like to have my purchase price refunded, and also have the alerted to the dealership's sleazy business practices. I would like to see their sales license revoked.

Review: I was told and I have a witness that was standing beside of me when the salesman stated he would refund my deposit becuase the truck I drove 2 hrs to look at was mis respresented, the photos were photo shopped, the salesman greatly misrepesented this truck over the phone. I was told repeatily over the phone this truck had no rust in it. I asked multible times and was told its a good nice truck.Desired Settlement: Refund my deposit .

Review: I purchased a 2010 [redacted] from Leesburg Auto Import on June 3, 2014. The VIN is [redacted]. I was issued a temp tag expiring in 30 days while awaiting the title. I am active duty military so I needed the title asap in order to register the vehicle in my home state of FL. 34 days have since elapsed and the temp tag is expired meaning the vehicle can not be driven on the road legally. I have made numerous calls to the dealer and have yet to have a single one returned by the title clerk (allegedly name Tatiyana).Desired Settlement: I respectfully request to have the title sent to me ASAP so that I can register the vehicle in the state of Florida. Please motivate the dealership's management to do their job.

Very respectfully,

Review: Purchased a Truck from the company they have not given the title of ownership for the vehicle as promised at time of purchase, and now are advising they have sold the vehicle without possessing the title and are unsure if they will have it anytime in the future before the 60 day temp tags expire. They advised on the phone today they may have to take the vehicle back only refunding less the mileage the vehicle has been driven.Desired Settlement: produce the title of ownership within 15 days from today's day 8/15/2014 or 100% refund of the vehicle purchase price for the inconvenience they have caused by selling a vehicle before possessing a clean and clear title of ownership.

Review: 9/14/2013 - Purchased a vehicle in which they informed me there was nothing wrong with, drove over 3 hours to get this vehicle. After leaving for home about 30 miles away from the dealership, it started overheating. I pulled over and called the dealership and they said it was quitting time and they would deal with it at the first of the week. On the way home the truck started over heating and I had to constantly keep stopping to add water to just to get it home. Spoke with [redacted] on 9/21 at Leesburg Auto Import (I have been working out of town and did not have time to call until then) He stated that no they would not take the truck back, that I would have to bring it back there for repairs and that I could not take it to a closer shop next to my place of residence. He stated that it being a Saturday and there was no one in the office but him that he did not have time to deal with it and hung up the phone. I could not take this truck back for repairs as it is un-driveable and I work full time so I decided to take it to an extremely well known auto mechanic near my home to do repairs. This mechanic who is well known and has his own shop states that this motor is in the worst shape he has seen, and that he will have to break down the entire engine and try to rebuild it but even then he doesn't know if that is going to work. He even suggested trying to sell the truck the minute I have it back as he thinks it needs a new motor and is charging me 3,000 for repairs. I spoke with my bank today and they advised offering Leesburg Auto to purchase the vehicle back from me. I received mail from them this past Saturday the 28th which was the title that clearly states "no liens" but the bank states they have not received monies paid to them to release this title? Clearly this is false advertising; I am a consumer trying to establish my own credit and feel that I have truly been taken advantage of.Desired Settlement: 1) Compensation for a fraudulent sale and replacement of the engine by a mechanic in my area

2) Purchase the vehicle back from me at total cost (bank suggestion)

Review: I tried purchasing a vehicle from them. I got financed through a local bank in Ohio. Contacted them discussed the purchase and was told everything was good. They requested a deposit of 500 dollars to hold the car til friday the 22nd. I gave them my debit card number for the deposit and it was charged to my card. On the 20th I was contacted by my bank and was told there was an issue between them and the dealer. The dealer wouldnt release the title to the bank and the bank wouldnt release the check without the title. So basically it was stalemate and the purchase ccouldn't go any further. I then contacted the dealer and requested my deposit back since the deal wouldn't be happening. I was told that I would not have my deposit refunded.Desired Settlement: I would like my 500 dollar deposit refunded

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