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Jul 09, 2020

stay far away
Buying a pool from litehouse has been a disaster. We had our install dates changed 3 times. We literally had to call the installer over 42 times to get them to answer the phone. Requested many times to be put in contact with the regional manager, Did not get a call back until after I threatened legal action. The guys who finally did show up 6hrs late on our 3rd day of install were rude and impolite. They took multiple breaks and smelled of weed after returning from every "break" They then didnt finish until after 930pm on the second day of install (was told it would only be 1 day) and had to read instructions just to install a filter and heater which we are not even sure of this was done properly because at 930 at night we could not get water delivery service. Stay far away from litehouse they literally will employ anyone willing to install pools and all the do is read the directions and wing it.

Terrible customer service/install process
They are quick to sell you a pool but fail to tell you installation will take 3 months! I purchased a pool in early may, finally got an email at the end of June telling me that it is scheduled to be installed at the end of July, but to expect delays. Zero communications from the install contractor. We are in northeast Ohio so I am paying for a pool I can not use and by the time it gets installed I will have to prep it for Winter. Not to mention that I have a pallet sitting in my drive for 2 months. DO NOT DEAL WITH LITEHOUSE POOLS

Jan 07, 2020

Sorry for the delay, we have attached the report from [redacted] on the spaIt is good to here there has only been the one error codeThe spa equipment per the report is operating normally but there is an issue with the electrical hook up and the spa drawing more than 240v( if there is power surges at the home this can be detrimental to anything electrical in the home) We would like to set up a service call just to check on the spa and make sure everything is still operating correctly and the service department will call to set this upIf you have any questions about the report or about the spa in general please call the service department at 800-548-

Jan 07, 2020

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to respond to this complaintOur installation contract is very straight forward as to what is included, not included and what is an additional charge for a pool installationThe customers are notified before construction begins if there will be any additional charges and it is not our intent to make extra moneyLarge digs such as the 30" grade here require expensive equipment, time and expertise to complete properly in a timely mannerThe signed installation agreement is attached to this letterIn regards to the customer service you have received at the store, Litehouse in no way trains their employees to act in that manner and will be taken up with the stores supervisorsIn lieu of this we will add $store credit to your account the pool was purchased under to use for anything in the storeAgain we do apologize for the situations that occurredPlease feel free to contact us if you have any other issuesLitehouse Customer Service

Jan 04, 2020

The pool was repaired and a new liner installed on May 31, Please let us know if you need any further assistance Litehouse Customer Service

Jan 01, 2020

Copy of email to President of Litehouse Pool**Mr [redacted] :I am enclosing snippets of the conversation, at the end of this email, I had recently on Facebook with the moderator of your Litehouse webpageI took to Facebook as the only replyI had received back from your customer service department was basically-winter damage, not ours, contact your homeownersI didn’t bother replying toFacebook as I am sure it would have been more of the same.HOWEVER, let me say:We winterized our pool the same as we have winterized our pool(s) for the last over years, original pool bought at [redacted] Pools in MedinaThe pillow, cover and clips all bought at the Strongsville Litehouse, minutes from our houseWe drained, pillowed, covered and clipped.Never had any winter damage in all those yearsNo, cover was NOT pulled into pool, cable was not tight until we peeled back the cover to see where the leakage was coming from and then we peeled it all the way around to see what we were dealing withIf this was indeed, “winter damage” and basically all areas of NE Ohio shared, more or less, in the freezing temperatures and snowfall, then more above ground pools, like ours, would be suffering from “winter damage”I took a poll of my friends, co-workers, neighbors and son’s neighbors in Westlake to find out if they had also suffered “winter damage”This is my results—Columbia Station, right next door, one year old pool, didn’t bother winterizing at all, no damageColumbia Station, Redfern Rd, one year old pool, winterized same as we do, no damageBrecksville-year old pool, winterized almost the same, no damageBrunwick-year old pool, winterized, no damageDoylestown-year old pool, winterized almost the same, no damageCanton-year old pool, winterized, no damageBarberton-year old pool, covered, no damageParma Heights-year old pool, winterized, no damageNorth Royalton--year old pool, winterized, no damageWestlake—Westwood Road, walked the dogs around my sons neighborhood and spoke with of the neighbors out had pool company winterize, did it themselves .no damageDo you see a theme here? No one else seems to have suffered the elusive “winter damage” that your company is conveniently falling back onI still contend there had to be a weakness in the sidewall that made it unable to withstand the winter temperatures/snow.I will say this much, the comments while talking to people about Litehouse while surveying ranged anywhere from –a good company to OMG! Why didn’t you talk to me first before you went there.Since I am still paying on this albatross, I am writing to see if you can offer any assistance.Thank you for your time and consideration

Jan 01, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me I would like to inquire about when the owner's manual is given to the customerWith my experience, the owner's manual (detailing all of the warranties) was not provided until after the point of purchase; however, the "selling point" on the used, floor-model tub was that everything would be covered under a five-year warrantyAdditionally, Litehouse explained that items were covered for manufacturer defect and not misuse or neglect of the end user; yet, all speakers and panel covers had to be replaced within weeks of the purchaseI am curious to know whether there was misuse of the store of which this tub came from since there has been continual issues with the function of the spa Regards, [redacted] ***

Dec 30, 2019

Unfortunately this winter’s harsh temperatures and increased snowfall has caused a lot of damage to not only swimming pools, but also other parts of people’s property and homesTypically what can happen at this time of year is the weight of excess snow and ice beginning to melt on and below the cover has pulled the cover into the poolThe cover cable actually pulls the pool frame in causing this to happen, the cable can be loosened to prevent any further damageAnother concern is the winterization process connecting the skimmer and return together or plugging both of them up eliminating an outlet for melting water and ice to exit the pool instead of filling up the skimmer with extra weight during the thawAll of our pools come with a manufactures warranty covering defects in materialsAs with many other products, damage from uncontrollable weather conditions is not included in the warrantyA copy of the warranty was included with your pool purchase and handed to the homeowner when the installation was complete

Dec 23, 2019

Our company return policy is clearly posted at our registers where every customer checks out for their purchase At Christmas time, we have an amended return policy in which we post alongside that policy as well as right by each register I have included photo documentation as to this When Ms [redacted] purchased her tree from us, these were clearly posted at the time she patronized our store She did ask [redacted] if the tree was too big, could she return it [redacted] advised her that if the tree was taken out of the box, we would not be able to take the tree backShe was concerned about the size and we did advise her she could adjust the height by how the branches were shapedShe chose to purchase the tree anyway Our amended policy clearly states that we do not take returns on any Christmas merchandise after the 18th of December, Since her tree was purchased on 12-27-14, that would make that a final, non-returnable item, regardless of whether the tree had been removed from the box and put up or not In keeping with good customer relations, we did offer to deviate from our stated policy and take tree back in exchange for another tree that would be more to their liking and size or take a gift card for the amount spent in which they could use at a later dateSince our selection has been significantly depleted and if they could not find something at this time, we recommended returning in the pre-season of to use the gift card to select another tree or they could use the card for any of the products and services we provide Again, all sales are final on any Christmas merchandise after the 18th of DecemberThis policy is in place due to the fact that these are seasonal itemsWe further discount the items after the holiday with the understanding that all sales are final and we clearly post that in our stores in accordance with all ORC regulations and ordinancesThat being said we did offer to go beyond those stated policies to accommodate someone who had changed their mind about their purchase At this time, we will still take the tree back in exchange for another tree or they can choose the gift card option that has no expiration date for the full purchase amount I will not even impose the 15% re-stocking fee that is stated in our policy for items returned and not in original, new condition; even though we may have to further discount that tree in order to sell it to someone else Please advise the customer to contact me directly at 330-491-in order to facilitate this process

Dec 16, 2019

Her money was refunded exactly as she was told it would be We have a clearly stated policy of issuing refunds on payment by check after a day waiting period The refund check was issued on 7/and the customer has cashed it

Nov 23, 2019

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response If you wish, you may update it before sending it.] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to mei would like the hot tub cleaned and filled and checked to see if the leak has actually been fixed as your service workers have said it has been fixed already like times (see pages 5,8,of attachment)You can contact me at my phone number on file to schedule appointment Regards, [redacted]

Nov 23, 2019

email response received 3:on 6/14/from consumer as follows:Hello [redacted] Thank you for taking the time to listen I am rejecting their response for several reasons They are focused on the “purchase date” of I purchased the pool kit in December of so that I could be on the install list for April The heat pump sat in their warehouse for almost months They claim that any HVAC company will service themI only found ONE in our entire area, and they didn’t want to attempt to fix itSimply said it was a total loss They will not answer my calls or emails for further assistance I did the proper winterizing based on what I knewI was never instructed professionally during the purchasing process although they go overboard with information on other products that they DO service The unit is still broke and needs repaired/replacedTheir response does not help my family Feel like I have been sold a “lemon” on a used car lotBUYER BEWARE I have found other people to have the same issues, although they claim to sell many without issues?Thank you again for your time in this process, but I feel it will be to no resolution

Nov 20, 2019

---------- Forwarded message ----------From: Chris C [redacted] Date: Tue, Aug 9, at 9:AMSubject: RE: Complaint # [redacted] To: [redacted] Thank you As I said, the policies listed on our web site pertain to web orders We don’t really accept checks for web orders Our stores display our return policy indicating the wait on anything paid by check Since this was a service requested over the phone, she would not have seen that In the future, we will be sure to do a better job of explaining the policy to anyone writing us a check that is not in our store so they better understand the policyHonestly, I’ve been in this business for nearly years and we have had this policy in place for the majority of that time as it’s a common policy in retail This is the [redacted] time I can ever recall any complaint about it let alone to the degree of this, we will review this instance and devise a method of including this policy on all of our forms so that all customers receive a form that includes our refund policies when we receive payment whenever and wherever we canThanks for your timeChris

Nov 17, 2019

Company responded via phone as follows: The company would like to resolve this issue for the consumer The hot tub can not be returned but the company is willing to waive service charges for the remainder of the warranty period and will fix the issues with the hot tub The parts are currently on order The company will be willing to exchange the hot tub for a similar model if the consumer experience problems again with the same issues after we repair the tub

Nov 13, 2019

Thank you for allowing Litehouse to respond to this complaintWe have submitted a warranty claim to the manufacture of the pool and unfortunately it was denied due to weather related damageIn lieu of the denial Litehouse will replace the broken top rails, uprights and top connectors that are damaged at no charge for this one time onlyAny further weather related damage will be the responsibility of the homeownerThe parts have been placed on order and you will receive a call to schedule your appointmentFeel free to contact us with any questionsThank you Litehouse Customer Service

Nov 08, 2019

Thank you for allowing Litehouse to respond to this messageThe heater was originally purchased and delivered in Litehouse does not have any service records on this product since thenWe have set up a service call for Sept 5,in order to inspect this heater and the work that has been done it since the purchaseThank you Litehouse Customer Service

Oct 26, 2019 I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Regards, [redacted] ***

Oct 25, 2019

The customer paid for a service visit on May 14,and was not satisfied with the results, filed a claim and was given credit to use at any LitehouseHIs credit was used for the service call on June 11, Litehouse has been to the customers home and diagnosed the spa twice for the price of one feeWe do not feel that the customer should be refunded his money.Thank youLitehouse Customer Service

Oct 21, 2019

Thank you for allowing Litehouse to respond to this messageOur Christmas return policy is posted throughout the store and printed on the receiptThere is no returns on any Christmas merchandise after December In lieu of the situation Litehouse will exchange the storage bag for another size Attached are the customers receipt and return policyThank you Litehouse Customer Service

Oct 21, 2019

Thank you for giving Litehouse the opportunity to respond to this message. We are very sorry for the issues that arose with this project and fully intend to take care of all. Litehouse has already replaced a defective skimmer which caused issues with the leaking and bottom of the pool. ... A brand new liner is already in stock and ready to be installed in the pool, the bottom will be redone, and all of the structures of the pool rechecked and adjusted if needed. Water and chemicals will be paid for by Litehouse. A brand new fencing kit will be replaced on the entire pool, deck structure will be checked for levelness, gate secured and stairs up to the deck level and sound. All in all Litehouse will fix , repair and replace what needs to make the pool as it should have been from the beginning. Thank you Litehouse Customer Service

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