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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.
*** ***

Consumer sent the following update:Sorry, I was sick and didn't get to my computer to see the new message from you guys I read the reportI don't understand how we are point over the voltage required We had an electrician hook up the electric per what we were told from LitehouseHe hooks up spas for Jacks Pools and Spas all the time I wish they would have scheduled this appointment with us, instead of coming out whenever We do have a dedicated line for the hot tub We had the electrician put in a line also, so that we could plug in lights, because at night it is very dark where we live Both lines are run through the same conduit, but they are separate from each otherAs far as the tub is low If we fill it up to where they want when all three of us get in the tub it goes out over the sides Their spa guy that came out the next day never said to my husband the water level was extremely lowI have the work order to prove it The only thing he said was that the bromine was low This is the trouble I have with this company Everyone that comes out has a different opinion At this point we haven't had the message come up about the heater I think the heater was not working properly, but they wanted to blame us for it I don't think they would have fixed it if I hadn't contacted youThe one serviceman that works for Litehouse told my husband the heater should have been replaced right away and that would have solved our problems I will definitely let you know if we have any more trouble with the spa It would have been different had we owned the spa for a long time We haven't had this spa that long to have these types of problems. Thank you for your help in this matter

*** * *** First I would like to personally apologize for the delay in getting your pool repairedWe did have the repair of the bottom of your pool and installation of the new liner in your pool scheduled for Saturday July 15, However; *** canceled this scheduled repair and requested that the repair of the pool be done at the end of SeptemberNow that we are approaching the beginning of September we would like to proceed with the repair of your poolAt Litehouse we are committed to customer satisfaction and intend to repair your pool so that you will have years of enjoyment from your poolFollowing is how Litehouse will proceed with the repair of your pool1.) We will be sending out a representative from the pool manufacturer *** *** to look at your poolWhen he is at you house he will determine what parts of the pool will need to be replaced to make the pool structurally sound2.) We will order in all of the parts that the manufacturer tells us are required to make the repairs to your poolWe already have a new liner in stock and the manufacturer has a complete fencing kit set aside for you in their warehouse3.) We will contact you to schedule a time to complete the repairs to your poolThe pool will be repaired in the same location that the pool is currently located 4.) We will repair the bottom of the pool under the liner, a new liner will be installed, pool fencing will be replaced, leaking skimmer will be replaced, filter system will be secured to its base and the shut off valve on the front of the pump will be replaced as well as any additional repairs that the manufacturer’s representative recommends5.) Lastly as a gesture of good will Litehouse will refund a reasonable portion of the money that you paid for your poolSincerely, Jeff K*** Litehouse Pools ***

I spoke with this customer prior to receiving this complaint and already agreed to refund her $so I'm not certain why this then submittedAs the president of the company, I obviously do care if an issue arisesNot only am I refunding the $500, but also sending a $in store credit which she
didn't even request, but is aware of
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Thank you and we apologize as well if it were a misunderstanding on our part
Dawn ***

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.
*** ***

According to the documents supplied by the consumer on this complaint the Litehouse Technician diagnosed that the pump and circuit board were bad on 6-12-and had another company replace the pump and the spa is working correctly thus the diagnosis from Litehouse on the pump was correct. There is also a receipt from Eastern Pools dated 5-27-before Litehouse went out which does not denote a diagnosis or parts to fix the spaOur service invoices do not mention anything about a new spa but what needs to be replaced on the current unitLitehouse has been to the consumers home separate occasions within a year for one service fee paid by the customer. We feel we have done everything asked of the consumer in diagnosing the spa and are glad he finally has a spa that is up and running even though we did not repair itThank youLitehouse Customer Service
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.First, we never cancelled a scheduled repair You notified us, the day before, that you would be coming out to "repair" our liner...which by this time, more than just the liner needed repaired In addition, we had a scheduled birthday party for that weekend, which we had already re-scheduled because our pool was not ready This has now gone above and beyond unacceptable and I only want you to remove my pool completely and refund the money I have already paid You have continuously made promises that you couldn't keep We were supposed to have had the manufacturer out at our home weeks ago Never showed Never contacted usYou were also supposed to fix our skimmer Never happened You were supposed to send chemicals to us Never happened You had two appointments with us that you cancelled the day of completely unacceptable.Remove this pool immediately It has been sitting completely empty for weeksHad you fixed and replaced the pool from the beginning, you would have kept our sale Summer is over It's now too late
*** ***

***Thank you for the opportunity to respond to this complaintLitehouse did attempt to repair the tree in a timely mannerDue to the age of the tree (11-years old) some of the electrical cords were damaged beyond repairUnfortunately Litehouse does not have the ability or employ
persons that are able to replicate the way lights are installed by the manufactureThe store manager did attempt to contact some local tree decorators but all were booked up until the holidayThe cost of hiring a decorator to remove and restring a tree will be about the same price of a new treeLitehouse does apologize if the customer service and time frame was not at its best, we strive to treat all of our customers with the very best serviceThe customer was not charged for any bulbs or labor when the tree was picked upPlease see the attached "Tree Repair Contract" signed by the customer for our repair policy. Feel free to contact us if you need any more information.Thank youLitehouse Customer Service

As specified in the last response, please bring the chair to the Litehouse location in Strongsville so we can repair the existing straps.Thank youLitehouse Customer Service

We just experienced one of the worst winters in history. It is not "The Worst", but we had the 9th most snowfall on record dating back to and the most snowfall dating back to the late 1970's. We had the 20th coldest on record dating back to and the coldest temps dating back more than years. There are thousands of above ground pools installed in back yards throughout northeast Ohio. As a comparison to the number of pools in service, very few customers contacted us regarding damage related to their pools over the winter. The pools we sell are designed and built to withstand the weather in this area and throughout the Midwestern & northeastern US. Most of the issues I have seen are related to poor winterizing techniques. When we have a mild winter and a pool is not winterized properly, it may not result in pool damage. During a harsh winter, it very well may.Regardless, we are not the determining party in a warranty claim being approved or disapproved. The pool manufacturer provides the warranty, fulfills the warranty claims and presides over the approval process for the warranties. In my long experience here, they will typically approve claims unless there is significant evidence in support of another cause for a part failure. We will always make a request on behalf of the consumer if we are permitted to or asked for our input into the process. However, if the manufacturer does not approve a claim, there is little we can do outside of the process. If we were to replace components "under warranty", that the manufacturer has not approved, then we legally become the warranty provider and assume all liability for the products. I believe all of the warranty claims process information was provided. If you need additional assistance in processing a claim, we may be able to provide that, but we are not the warranty provider and as such cannot approve or disapprove any warranty claim related to the swimming pool itself.Also, if a warranty claim is disapproved, weather damage to a pool is typically covered under home owner's insurance. Of course, yours may or not be and you would need to consult your insurance company for details.I know this is never the answer a consumer wants to hear, but this manufacturer supplies about 80% of the pool industry and they actually have the best reliability and best claims record that I have seen
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.
*** ***

Litehouse is very sorry about the issue with your spa panelsAlthough it is not an excuse but the service department was never contacted by the store about this issue until the springThe first panel ordered were sent incorrect from the manufactureA new order was placed on May
and the panels are due to arrive at the main warehouse on Friday June 10. The main service department has you on the schedule for Tuesday June 14,2016 for installationYou will receive a confirmation call on Monday June 13. If you have any questions you can contact the service department at 1-800-548-3772. Again we do apologize for the issue with you have had with your hot tub. Thank you Litehouse Customer Service
I have reviewed the response
made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
I was told on Monday July 18th I would not receive my money til Friday July 22nd after 1st told I would receive the money on July 19thThe City I live in Building Deptcontacted Litehouse Pools and told them if I did not receive my check their license to work in the city would be revokedThat's how I got my check a day late on July 20th which I picked up on Thurs July 21stI was not pleased with the way I was treated and that I had to go through a lot of phone calls and trips to the home office to get my money back after they broke their contract with me.I truly hope the public is aware that this company as far as the Service Depthas extremely poor customer service
*** ***

Thank you for letting Litehouse Products respond to this complaint*** *** is the manufacture of the chair in question and is the responsible for the warranty processUnfortunately the warranty on this furniture has expired and *** will not honor it past the expiration
dateAttached is a copy of the manufactures warranty stating a year frame warranty and years on the strapsIn lieu of this Litehouse would like to try and help the customer in anyway possiblePlease drop the chair off to the Strongsville store during business hoursThe chair will need to stay here for approximately 1-weeks We will have a technician look at the chair to see if it can possibly be repaired on site Thank youLitehouse Customer Service

Thank you for allowing Litehouse to respond to this complaintPool installations are done in the order of when the purchase is paid in fullDue to the cold weather earlier this spring we were unable to install pools approximately weeks later than usualThe customer has been on the schedule
since Wednesday June 1, 2016 to be installed in the afternoon on Friday June 3,As of pm on June the installers are currently at the home. Thank you Litehouse Customer Service

Thank you for giving Litehouse the opportunity to respond to this complaintThe unit in question was purchased on May 7,and came with a year warranty from Rheem the manufacture of the heat pumpDue to the nature of heat pumps only HVAC licensed contractors are able to perform service on
themAny authorized Rheem agent is able to service their heat pumps in and out of warranty and are viewable on their website. The issues with the unit as relayed from the customer coincides with the winterization process of the unit not being followedUnfortunately even within the warranty period broken plumbing or parts from freezing water is not coveredPlease let us know if you need any additional information. Thank youLitehouse Customer Service

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.
*** ***
They keep saying this is weather related.This is poor installation!! If they are willing to fix this right then I am willing to accept their resolution

The owner of Litehouse personally returned the customers phone call on June 14 and has not received a call back. The service department is still waiting on pictures to be sent of what is broken on the unitLitehouse has made efforts to help in this situation yet we are still dealing with a product that is years out of warranty and was possibly damaged by the cold weather. An owners manual does come with the unit and is available on the manufactures website explaining any maintenance procedures Please let us know if you need any further information. Thank youLitehouse Customer Service

Litehouse is truly sorry for the problems you are having with your hot tubIt is never our intention to inconvenience any of our customersWe are not ignoring the issue but are following protocol per the manufactures warranty to take every step to fix the issue with the hot tubLitehouse is
committed to replace the hot tub if the repairs made during the week of October 26,does not resolve the problems
Thank you
Litehouse Customer Service

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