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At the time that the customer order the part the part was available therefore the shipping process would be rather immediateAfter looking more closely at this order this part went on back order as of yesterday, 5/27, so obviously no part has been shippped I contacted the customer and explained thisOur Parts Manager has cancelled the customer's order and refunded his payment Customer is now satisfied Thank you

Our Service Department has been in touch with the customerThe customer has an appointment scheduled for Wednesday, May 20th in order to diagnose and fix the problem Thank you

To Whomever this may concern; I have attached the same screen shots that I have just sent to the [redacted] 's office Thank you for responding so quickly Sincerely, [redacted]

Ms [redacted] did purchase a Toyota Corolla from Don Wood Ford Lincoln with her mother [redacted] on 8/30/After the purchase she brought the vehicle back on 8/31/for a check engine light on, at the time we ran a scan on the vehicle which came back as a miss fire on a cylinderWe replaced the cylinder, cleared the code and the vehicle retested goodAt that time Ms [redacted] had no complaints about the vehicleOn 10/17/Ms [redacted] brought the vehicle back stating that the vehicle was running poorly and had intermitted vibration when slowing downWe gave her a vehicle to drive while the car was in service, and had also tried to get her a different vehicle permanently but she did not like anything we hadThe car was in our possession for two weeks while we performed drive tests on the vehicleThe Toyota service department kept the customer involved during the whole processBy the end of the two week period on 10/31/2016, the car had been driven for approxhours and the technician was unable to duplicate the concernOur Service manager suggested that the fuel may be getting low causing the vehicle to putter when slowing down possibly causing a slight vibrationThe customer has picked the vehicle up and has not since voiced any concernsThank you, Katie S***

[redacted] purchased a Ravon September 26, at Don Wood Toyota [redacted] alleges that he asked for a copy of the Carfax which was given by one of our salesmen [redacted] purchased the vehicleHis wife, [redacted] called in on January 11, stating that she had went to another Dealer and was told that there was an accident listed on the Carfax on their Rav4, and that the trade in value was going to be $less because of accident making it $9,for the Tra(Rav4)She then called in to Don Wood to voice her concern that she felt like she was given that wrong Carfax intentionallyI expressed that this was two years ago and that I could not confirm or deny that she received that wrong Carfax at the timeHowever, I did transfer her call to Dan T [redacted] our Don Wood Toyota General ManagerDan offered to give [redacted] $10,for her Tra(Rav4) (which was $1,more that what she was offered at the other dealer) and sell a Ford Escape for $ [redacted] said she would think about it and call backWhen [redacted] called back she wanted Dan to give her $11,for her Tra(Rav4) and sell the Ford Escape for $16,Dan expressed that unfortunately we could not do that [redacted] turned down our offer and has not contacted us since Thank you, Katie S [redacted] Customer Relations Manager ###-###-####

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response If you wish, you may update it before sending it.] I reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find the resolution is satisfactory to me However, I don't appreciate the lack of communication among employees We were had the financing almost complete, thinking the truck was there for us The employee never asked for a down payment or hold fee, so that is not our fault! We will not go through you all for a vehicle knowing another may get sold out from under usThanks, but no thanks! Regards, [redacted]

Good Morning, Thank you so much for making me aware of the situationUnfortunately I have little information and can not seem to locate anything on the transactionOn the other had noramlly what happens is, if someone else can come up with the financing on the vehicle and no one else has or has put a deposit down, then they get the vehicleHowever, if you are interested in purchasing a vehicle New or Used, I would be glad to assist you in that purchase to make sure everything goes smoothlyEven if you are looking for a used vehicle that we do not currently have, if you let me know kind of what you are looking for we can search to see if we can get what you are looking forPlease feel free to contact me directly at my direct line of ###-###-#### or the switch board number ###-###-####I look forward to working with you.Thank you,

Spoke with customer todayThe main concern is the cost of the repairsOur Service Manager is going to discuss details with her regarding monetary assistance

I am rejecting this response because: I received my old license plate on June 28thWhich was ten days after I bought the carI received my temporary registration and new license plate on July 11thWhich was three weeks laterWhich I didn't want or need a new license plateAlso I never wanted a temporary license plateThis whole ordeal has been a slow is the only reason I've received anythingI still haven't received anything from the bank I got the loan fromAlso my name was listed as [redacted] on my paperworkNo one ever responded to my emails or phone calls, except Andrew who replied to my textsEvery car I've ever bought in my lifetime I received a full tank of gasIt's called hospitality and way to keep customers coming backI guess no one considered washing my car while I was filling out paperworkPlus I got a "used" Cadillac that cost nearly $30,It's not like I bought a $3,Chevy CavalierIt's like I was doing business with a very small, inexperienced car lot instead of a big dealershipApparently Jeff W [redacted] doesn't have enough decency to talk to me on the phone or return my phone callsAlso I didn't receive a reply about no inspection sticker being on my "used" CadillacNo one cares about my concerns because I am three hours away in Beckley, West Virginia

Good Afternoon, The extended service contract was cancelled on 10/11/We received a check in December for the refund of $402.39, however the check stub did not disclose who or what this money was forI have written the check and it has been mailed out to MrBrennerCheck number [redacted] dated 3/13/for the amount of $RPM One (the extended service contract company) is the ones that tell Don Wood the amount to refund the customerIf you have any questions please feel free to contact me (Katie S***) at 740-593-[redacted] or [redacted] you,Katie S*Customer Relations Manager 740-593-66**

I am rejecting this response because:The service contract was written on 8/1/in the amount of $I requested a refund less than two months later on 9/18/That means, they should owe me for of months, minus the $service charge$/ months = $per month [redacted] $= $6** Minus the $service charge, the total refund should be $How they can arbitrarily decide that my refund should be just over $400, without any supporting information, doesn't make senseThe way I see it, after I receive the check that has been cut, I am still owed nearly $more.I have read the contract thoroughly, and I have outlined the way the refund is supposed to workI would like a detailed explanation of why they are not providing the refund that's dueDon Wood Polaris represented RPM One, therefore Don Wood Polaris is responsible to make this right.This entire matter has been handled by Don Wood Polaris in a manner that certainly doesn't meet the standards that I'm sure they strive to achieve for proper customer care.Regards, [redacted]

I would like for someone to contact me regarding the resolution to this caseIt is not clear what our next step is

The part number had been discontinued for some time When part numbers are discontinued the manufacture sends out bulletins with new part number It is the dealerships responsibility to make sure their parts and inventory are current

the particular item is no longer available and has been for some time There for it should not be on the website at all This item wan directly linked to *** at all It was their website that sold *** partsWhy have something on your website for sale that is no longer available knowing that it is going to cause confusion Also my credit card was charged before it went to theShipping process

The refund was processed on Friday, October and will take several business days to appear in the customer's account
Thank you

Here is a copy of the Carfax on the wrong vehicle the salesman gave us at Don Wood on Sept26, 2014. ______________________________From: *** *** [mailto:***] Sent: Saturday, January 21, 1:PMTo: [email protected]: Fw: complaint ***Sent from Yahoo Mail on AndroidOn Sat, Jan 21, at 12:PM, *** *** wrote:Here is a picture of the accident listed on the Carfax for the vehicle Don Wood sold meVIN ***

It is a pro rated amount over the life of the loanPlus, I do believe they may have a small fee for cancelling The warranty typically takes 4-weeks from the day it is cancelled. Thank you,Lori LN***

re: Complaint ***Our Sales Manager is attempting to contact the customerA check was written today, 4/5, to the customer in the amount of $370.68. It will be sent out UPS todayThank you

***,I received a check today for $for the vehicle warranty refundThe
purchase price of the extended warranty was $Is this a proration as well? You did not respond to my last messageAre the prorations effective from the date I originally requested the refund in October as they should be, or from April 2017? What is the proration rate?I do not believe these refunds are accurate in their amounts as any proration you have deducted should be from the original cancellation request I sent to you last October

We apologize that the customer is unhappy with her purchaseOur intentions are to keep our customers happy as we would like for them to be repeat customersI spoke to Lori, Finance Manager, and she stated that she did not in any way wish for the customer to feel that she was rushed
I spoke to Garrett, Salesperson, about Ms***'s allegationsGarrett stated that the only conversation that he had with Ms*** regarding fluids, was that he advised Ms*** that it was recommended to have the oil changed every 5,milesKevin N***, Sales Manager, nor Lori or Garrett remember having any discussions with Ms*** regarding a "strange noise'Garrett does recall Ms*** calling him after the vehicle did break down and advised that she had purchased an extended warranty and that her repairs "should" be covered if the vehicle had broken downMs*** did not bring the vehicle to our dealership for any type of diagnosis or assistance, therefore we have no diagnosis of any pre-existing issues or we could have possibly been able to better assist herLori, Kevin and Garrett all state they have not received any messages to return any calls to Ms*** since they spoke to herMs*** did test drive the vehicle and purchase it as-is. Thank you,Katie S*Customer Relations [email protected]

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Description: Contractors - General, Gazebos, Patio & Deck Builders, Swimming Pool Contractors, Dealers, Design, Fireplaces, Landscape Lighting, Outdoor Kitchens

Address: 12 1st St, Topsham, Maine, United States, 04086


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