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Jan 11, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.There was never a temperature reading that showed a degree differenceI have video proof that there is at least an degree difference in the roomI can not find anywhere in my furnace manual that says there can be an degree differenceThe hvac technician also informed me that the cold air return was too close to the registerThere are also no dampeners inside the registersI'm pretty confident those issues don't meet the manufacturer's standardsThe technician informed of ways to correct the problem that he knows Maronda will refuse to do because it would cost too much moneyI have to run a space heater in the bedroom of a year old that complains his room is too coldI refuse to pay to have this fixed by another companyI payed for a brand new house that should not have these issues, that is what I intend to getThis has been going on for over a year and Maronda has refused to do anything about it.Regards, [redacted] ***

Dec 30, 2019

Maronda Homes was willing to return to the home to review the issue with the homeownerWhile we may disagree on the procedures and corrective action, Maronda would have, and has returned to correct thisIn our prior emails, we stated we would go to the home, but found the issue was corrected by the homeowner previouslyMaronda Homes will not be able to reimburse the homeowner for work that they have had doneIt is not a matter of the larger company, our amount of moneyThis is our policy, and stated in our warranty manualNo further action is needed on our behalfWithout being able to view the issue, we do not know what was needed or what had been done Thank You, [redacted] Maronda Homes

Dec 11, 2019

I was able to speak with the homeowner on the issues he has at the home Most of the issues are underway, and our third party, HVAC, and Flooring company s have been in contact and working with the home owner to set dates for repairsWe are working with our supervisor to evaluate the sidewalk and paint issueI was able to review the issues with the homeowner and if the items are warranted they will be correctedThank You, [redacted] Maronda Homes

Dec 10, 2019

Good morning,Maronda Homes has completed all outstanding items that were to be addressedPlease let us know if you need any additional informationSincerely, Maronda Homes Warranty Department

Dec 06, 2019

We have been able to look into the yard issues at the [redacted] residenceWhat we would like to do is to go back to the home, with the permission of the homeowner, and shoot measurement's to see weather he or his neighbors yard is high or lowWhile we do see the ponding of water, it is unclear weather it is due to the sinking or height of one or the other yardI spoke with the supervisor of the plan, and we can do this shortly after the first of the yearIf the issue is on Mr [redacted] s side, and requires corrective action, Maronda Homes will regrade this section, but it will be up to the homeowner again to water and fertilize the seedThis portion of the problem would not be done until spring time due to the weather currentlyOur supervisor will be in touch shortly to set a time to take measurement's of the yards.Thank You, [redacted] Maronda Homes

Dec 04, 2019 I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below We have been promised resolutions to so many problems that Maronda was to fix but never responds to We've owned the house for eight months and since our month inspection none of the work to be done has yet to even be scheduled, so understand that we are not accepting that yet another phone call to Maronda can fix this as we've been calling and emailing for months with no resolution As stated previously, we had to have the grading fixed by last week so that we could get have the yard reseeded, so having the topsoil they promised since January was crucial We even stated we would fix it ourselves if they supplied the promised free topsoil None of that occurred, so we are asking for the reimbursement for the topsoil we had to buy which cost more than the $they are offering We are requesting payment for the topsoil (per the actual invoice supplied by the landscaper who separated the charge in our final bill) in full Regards, [redacted]

Dec 03, 2019

Our supervisor did reach out to the homeowner and meet with her, and the issue with the yard and grading is done or in process as of this emailThank You, [redacted] Maronda Homes

Nov 28, 2019

I have reviewed the response as well as the forms sent in The homeowner has sent in two forms of which Maornda has copies of as wellThe first form is the letter that we sent to the customer prior to the six month inspection, which is returned to us with the items they would like to be evaluatedIt does state the filter door on that form, but that is not does not mean those items are warranted or correctableThe second from is the pre-settlement inspection, in which you can see two dates signed by the homeownerThe first is the date of inspection, and the second is when all of the items on the list are complete and acceptable to the homeowner, in which they have signed off onI do not see on the pre settlement form where it is listed for a filter doorI do apologize for the inconvenience, but I cannot give them something I cannot getI understand that one was sent out on the other unit installed in the home, but if this was a mistake or done by a contractor we are not aware ofIt is not something we install on our unitsIn our prior emails, if one was said to be given to her, it was a mis communication, as the homeowner originally described this a the furnace door, and assuming it was the cover door to the unitIt is not, and in fact is where the filter slips into the main trunk line, and not on the install guidelinesI am sorry we do not install or correct this issue Thank You, [redacted] Maronda Homes

Nov 26, 2019

I am rejecting this response because:I have agreed to void the contract and get my refund back however, I submitted the release form to him on Sept and lucky I emailed john today asking about the status and he states I will need the form first then I will get the check in 2-weeksThis isn't how business should be handleI will resolve this matter once the check is in my possession because at this point who knows when I will be receiving my checkPlease make sure this gets handle and I will be more then happen to solve the issue Regards, [redacted]

Nov 26, 2019

Good afternoon, In response to complaint number [redacted] all customers complaints are on schedule to be completed on either 12/30/or on 12/31/Please let us know if there is any further information that you may needSincerely,Maronda Homes Warranty Dept

Nov 20, 2019

I have been able to review the customers rejectionI will copy the email from our HVAC contractor, and going from this email the house was within reasonable temperature differences, and acceptable standardsThey had made a adjustment to the vents on januaray 2nd, and a repair on jan 29th to the return air ventsAt this time, the house is within standards, and no further action is requiredUnfortunately with a central return air system, it is possible to experience temperatures between floors or second floor rooms of 5-8deg, which is within the manufactures standards I do show an open ticket for the flooring that was entered in 9-As for the delay I do apologize, but our flooring contractors are working hard to get our backlog caught upI believe they did make contact with you already, but have sent a followup email with them just nowIf any of the outside times are warrant able, they will be reviewed and addressed in the spring or weather the weather brakesEmail from our third party HVAC contractorFrom: " [redacted] To: "Maronda Service" < [redacted] Sent: Tuesday, February 10, 10:11:PMSubject: Re: FM***Hello ***,On January 2nd we were out to the clients house ( [redacted] ***) and adjusted the registers for $Clients idea of much cooler was within degrees which is acceptableWe did determine that a new first floor return air grill would help with cooling in the summer monthsWe installed that on January 29th for Thank youThank You, [redacted] Maronda Homes

Nov 16, 2019

I am rejecting this response because: it is now the last day of July, sod showed up at my house today and is not installed,but at least we have itI would understand if the weather had been bad this entire year, my wife and I have been more than patient through this whole processWe would not have even filed the complaint if the weather would have been bad this entire year, our neighbors and everyone ours us received their sod back in May, we just want maronda to make this right, I have called and left multiple voicemails, and still have yet to have anyone contact usAt this point we will not be able to enjoy our yard this year, we spent a lot of money to buy our first house , and this has been a horrible experience, we just want sod through our entire yard, for as long as we have been put on the back burner , we feel like that's the least they can doTo move in January and just getting our grass put down on the first day of August is a bit ridiculous Regards, [redacted]

Nov 12, 2019

As of today and to my knowledge, the items in this home are taken care of that are warrantedOur service manager has been back to the home, and completed the home owners issues, along with her request for the one year drywallWe are awaiting a manufacture issue with a door to be looked at, but will be set up by the manufacture themselves to reviewAs to the picture the homeowner submitted, one she was not allowed to take pictures of our computer in our offices, nor do I know how she was able to view thisThis information is for internal useThe response the customer refused to sign of is correct, and still have an open ticket for the other outstanding issuesThank You, [redacted] Maronda Homes

Nov 12, 2019

Good afternoon, At the current time Mr [redacted] is having his questions answered and from our understanding is understanding that the HVAC system installed in his home is the correct size unit .Please let us know if you have any further questions Sincerely, Maronda Homes

Nov 12, 2019

The concrete had been replaced, but Maronda Homes does not seal any concreteAs Mr [redacted] has described, spalling can be caused by many things, and as such we do suggest that the homeowner applies an application of concrete sealant to help rd the deterioration of the concrete surface This information can be found in our warranty manual under the Service Policy section, and in the Asphalt Drives & Concrete ApronsThis sealant is up to the homeowner to apply as the see fitOur policy is to not replace or repair concrete with cracks or scaling caused by extreme weather conditions, or by freeze / thaw cyclesNo other warranty applies This information is also under the " Asphalt Drives & Concrete Aprons" sectionThe aprons are left slightly high, and when the final phase of construction in the plan is completed, we/ or the township does come back through with asphalt a final top coat that does take add to the asphalt/apronThis is done as a final step in the phaseI have confirmed with our flooring contractor that the ticket is in placeAs Mr [redacted] has explained, we our behind on flooring service issues, But it is noted in his file, and will continue to be a warranted item regardless of dateI will contact our flooring contractors to ask for an update and to expedite a call to Mr*** Thank You, [redacted] Maronda Homes

Nov 11, 2019

I have reviewed the complaints that the homeowners has brought up, as well as what is in our systemThe driveway was repaired according to our service policiesUnder the "Asphalt drives & Concrete Aprons" section, it states that " On asphalt drives, we will patch fill sunken spots inches deep or more on a onetime basis during the first year of ownershipUnder no circumstances will we re surface the entire driveway because of a sunken spot" The repair made was that of patches for sunken spots I do show an open ticket for our flooring contractors, and will ask for an update for the homeowners, and to see if they can expedite the issues I will have a supervisor stop at the home to review the yard complaintShould the yard hold water for more than a hour period, we will address it If this is caused by washout or storm water, it may be up to the homeowner to correctOur handbook states " after the initial installation of your starter lawn seeding, it is not our policy to service landscapingIn case of serious washouts or sunken spots caused by storms or excessively heavy rains, we will normally furnish - on a one time basis at the curb side- additional fill ( not screened topsoiland seed, but no labor, in order that you may repair any damage"again we will ahve a supervisor review the yard first If the microwave is having issues, all of our appliances are reverted back to the manufactureThis information is given to the homeowner at closing[redacted] Customer care can we reached at toll free ###-###-#### We will have a supervisor review the yard by weeks end, and set a landscaper should it be required, otherwise, if a service load of top soil is wanted, please email [redacted] with your request Thank You, [redacted] Maronda Homes

Nov 07, 2019

This issue has been resolved, and is complete Thank You, [redacted] Maronda Homes

Nov 04, 2019

John O [redacted] spoke with this customer this morning and they both have come to an agreement of voiding out the contract between both partiesI have attached a mutual release for the [redacted] 's to sign to release the full deposit amount as a refundPlease have the buyer ( [redacted] ) complete the bottom portion with signature, Date, Social Security Number and current mailing address and the check can be releasedThank you very muchMaronda Homes

Nov 03, 2019

Myself and Maronda Homes have been in contact with The [redacted] , as well as their council on these issuesI have forwarded you my latest emails between the [redacted] Council and MyselfOur responses have been relayed to the homeowners as wellThis has been an ongoing complaint from them, and has or is being dealt withI have received no response from Mrs [redacted] , who is the [redacted] council from our last conversation I have sent youI will do my best to explain to you as well as you can see in the emails Issue one is the carpet, which was originally relayed as a performance related issue, and will need to be sent in for review with the manufacture should the homeowners want toAfter numerous reply's, I did agree to try to expedite this the manufacture as wellAs you can see in our sept29th emailThe second is the furnace filter coverOur units do not require a filter coverOne had been dropped of for the homeowners but was not received by themIn any case it is not a warranted items, and cosmetic flap cover for the furnace filterI was willing to remove the other one should they want both units to be the sameother wise no action is required Thank You, [redacted] Maronda Homes ?

Nov 03, 2019

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below Once again I do not view this as the matter is in process, taken care, of or even addressedWe have emails from August where the builder was notified at that time the carpet was buckling( which was within our one year warranty and deffinitely within our year carpet warranty)We are now over a year past thatthe originial notification and we are no further than we were the day we notified themWe have not been notified a claim has been filed nor have we been contacted that someone was coming to look at it Seriously this should have been resolved by now I have small children and elderly parents and this is a SAFETY fall hazard! As far as the furnace door- I don't care if they are cosmetic It was written on our closing document that we were going to be provided a door and I expect that we should be provided oneIf it is only cosmetic why were we promised one, then one was supposedly ordered and delivered to our house but we never recieved? I noticed on the builder requisition that they had a different housing plan written on it for the place for deliveryCould it be the builder made a mistake and put the wrong olan on the paperwork thus not getting the delivery to the correct address? Either way I don't wan the other one removed I want the one we are owed ---provided Again if the builder was so concerned about resolving this matter why has it not been taken care of to date? Regards, [redacted]

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