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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

Good Afternoon-
My name is Dara V[redacted] and I am the Regional Manager for Massage Heights. I want to apologize to [redacted] that no one has helped her with her account with us. Erica is no longer with us and we have gone through staffing changes at the front. It is always our...

intention to provide impeccable customer service and I am sorry we have fallen short of this.I would be happy to refund these charges that [redacted] is requesting back on her card, however if they have already been disputed with her credit card company, I will have to wait till the disputes arrive, so I do not double the credit.
If [redacted] would like me no how to proceed I would be happy to credit back the account.
I look forward to hearing from you,
Dara V[redacted]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. 

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]
 Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:It is membership agreement not a contract and I am obligated to pay you for 12 months. I had attach the documents that I sign from massage heights. Number 3 form membership agreement and disclosures that - Your membership enrollment date is September 23, 2014 and the initial term of your membership expires on October 22, 2015. Why you had debited me January(2X), February, March (statement from bank to follow). I am not satisfied the response of massage heights. It is not fair to me that I will not get a refund. I am giving my authorization to solve this case and to help me to get my refund.

Great service! I was really hesitant to send my laptop out to this company and I really wasn't sure that I would ever see any money back but I was pleasantly surprised. My original offer was $85. I received an email saying that after going through my laptop they were only able to offer me $60. It was an old laptop so I accepted their offer and money showed up in my [redacted] account 2 days after I accepted. I wanted to leave a review to help others like myself.

[redacted] did not at any point cancel her membership, in fact she continued to use our services into 2016.  The membership agreement both parties abide by specifically states that in order to cancel a membership it must be in writing, she did not submit this cancellation request in writing...

and no one at Massage Heights would cancel a membership without it.  Naturally, since Ms. [redacted] didn't follow the terms of her membership she is not entitled to a refund.  She did have a chance to speak with the on site Retreat Director and the Regional Director.  Regional Director compromised by doing an immediate cancellation of her account (waiving the 30 days and final payment) and offered to extend the prepaid massages she had an additional 60 days and send over a copy of signed agreement so that we may review the details together to better communicate.  It is always our goal for each member to completely understand their contract, enjoy our services and when they no longer choose to use our services we make every effort to process it in a timely manner and part amicably.  We hope that once Ms. [redacted] reviews her membership agreement she will understand there was nothing nefarious or dishonest at play.  Thank you so much!

In June/July 2014, I started my membership with Massage Heights at the Panther Creek location here in The Woodlands, TX. I was not using my membership for massages as often as I thought I would but was aware of the contract terms and honored my one year contract. I notified my Panther Creek Massage Heights location of my intent to cancel my contract in July of 2015. I had been a member at Massage Envy prior and was well aware of a similar 30 day advance written notice requirement. I verified this with my Massage Heights and dropped a letter off to serve as notice to cancel my contract. I was told at the time that I would be billed for the following month then all payments would cease. I stopped getting my bi-weekly/monthly texts and voicemails from Massage Heights acknowledging my termination. They terminated communication but did not stop the automatic drafts. This month I took over managing our checking accounts as my husbands job has required more of his time. I was shocked to realize that we were still being charged $59.99 a month! That has been $719.88. I talked with Kim, the manager, at the Panther Creek location and she understood my dilemma and distress and said she would talk with the owner to get my money refunded. Today I was told that the letter did not exist in my file and I was required to fill out a form to stop the automatic draft. A form was not mentioned or offered to me when I submitted my letter. I was told I could get 3 months refunded and 6 months of massages but not the full amount charged. I feel sick, violated and completely taken advantage of. I honored my one year contract although I wasn't using the services. I did everything right to fulfill my obligation and terminate the contract according to the terms. I submitted a 30 day written notice. I took the word of the manager and the cessation of all communication from Massage Heights as acknowledgment of my cancellation. I recommend massage to all my clients, students and colleagues. People respect my recommendations. I will no longer share my, once favorable, experiences with Massage Heights but instead warn them of the deceptive business practices that exist at the Massage Heights in our community.

Review: I had purchased a month to month membership with Massage heights in Bakery Square. As a month to month member you are able to cancel your membership at any time. I began the process to cancel this membership in the fall, at that time I notified this business through the front desk receptionist that I wanted to cancel this membership. I was told "Erica" is the office person who will return my calling 48 hours to follow up with me. As of today I have never received a phone call regarding this matter from Erica.

In the beginning of December I called and spoke in person with the receptionist staff at Massage Heights. Tyler at the front desk told that there was documentation in their system that I had requested to cancel this membership and that Erica would be calling me within 48 hours to discuss this matter. Tyler also said the membership was expiring in December 2015 and the charges would stop to my credit card. Again, the charges remain and I have not heard from Erica the Office Person responsible for billing.

On February 20 I called this business again and was given an email address [redacted]. Again I contacted this business and requested the charges be stopped. Again I have had no response to this request.

This business has continued to charge my credit card as recently as April. I spoke with the credit card company who is disputing the charges to my card. I provided ample notice of cancellation and this company had ignored my request and correspondence. I imagine this is happening to other consumers.Desired Settlement: I would like to be refunded the $239.96 charge for January through April as I was told the membership expired in December by Tyler on their staff.



Good Afternoon- My name is Dara V[redacted] and I am the Regional Manager for Massage Heights. I want to apologize to [redacted] that no one has helped her with her account with us. Erica is no longer with us and we have gone through staffing changes at the front. It is always our intention to provide impeccable customer service and I am sorry we have fallen short of this.I would be happy to refund these charges that [redacted] is requesting back on her card, however if they have already been disputed with her credit card company, I will have to wait till the disputes arrive, so I do not double the credit. If [redacted] would like me no how to proceed I would be happy to credit back the account. I look forward to hearing from you, Dara V[redacted]



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

Review: I received a gift to go to Massage Heights for my birthday. After my massage and facial I came back out to leave, immediately upon exiting the back rooms there were products lined up on the counter and their were 5 different employees all pushing to sell me products and one woman who was going over these memberships. It was overwhelming for me and I mislead , I asked if I could later change the prices for the membership or stop it and she says "yeah yeah sure yes you can", come to find out you can not, on the contract at the very end it says you have 3 days to cancel. The very next day I was let go from my job due to [redacted]. I called and asked could I cancel it had only been one day and I had no appointments or other transactions. I was refused the woman on the phone said "no, no cancellations at all", I asked if I could give it to someone who could pay it she said no , I asked if I could lower it for awhile due to losing my job she said no. My fiance called next and was turned down as well. Then a young lady called me and said a manager would call me to help me in 48 to 72 hours, no one ever called and now it was too late to cancel! They are unscrupulous and are strong arming me into a contract I can not afford. I have not used any of the services , not even the free ones that I was given. They ruined my memory of a supposed to be special day and turned it into a nightmare, I was unfairly trapped into this contract and it is not alright.Desired Settlement: I want this contract dissolved it was unfairly and unjustly forced upon me and without a job and soon to be homeless I can not afford it. I tried to follow their own rules and they did not honor their own contract cancellation rules for their own personal gain with no regard for me the consumer.

Thank you for your time



03.18.2016[redacted][redacted] RE: Complaint ID #[redacted] Customer: [redacted]Dear Ms. [redacted]: I am writing in regards to the above captioned complaint which we received via your office in regards to Ms. [redacted]. As a background, Massage Heights Bakery Square offers therapeutic massage and facial services. Our retreat runs on a membership based business model, to guests who are interested. You do not need to become a member to obtain services, but you are offered a discount if you are enrolled in a Lifestyle Program. The programs that we offer are a 3, 6, 12-month commitment and go into auto renew (which is month to month with no commitment) after the term, at their option. Each month, the guest is charged and is allotted a prepaid service, depending on their program level. They can use these services at their own discretion and their prepaid services will continue to be available to them as long as their membership is active. If a guest decides that they want to come more often, they receive a further discount for their services. As stated, you can come back as a non-member and pay full price, which is still below the market value. In addition, we offer a discount for guests who do not want to commit to a program, but still visit frequently. They are called “Frequent Guests”. This membership receives a 10% discount on all services. In regards to the customer above, Customer [redacted] visited our retreat on 01.29.2016. She received a facial & massage service. After the completion of her services, her skin therapist walked her to the lobby in order to check out (pay for her services). Upon arriving in the lobby, the skin therapists were speaking to Ms. [redacted] about the concerns that she had expressed regarding her skin. The skin therapists gave Ms. [redacted] her suggestions for a new skin care regimen and recommended her professional products that she could purchase. Further, her massage therapist meets her in the lobby and explained what she found during her massage and gave her recommendations for tension and pain relief. These suggestions were centered around stretching and heat/ice alternations. Because we offer only therapeutic services, it is very important that we relay these to the guests as well as taking the appropriate SOAP notes as required. At that time, Ms. [redacted] proceeded to check out with our Lifestyle Consultant. She was very happy with her services and stated that she wanted to come back more often. When a guest has never been to our retreat and they express that they would like to come back more often, we explain our lifestyle programs to them as they are the most cost efficient. As I stated, you do not need to be a guest to receive services, they are simply more cost effective. Once our Lifestyle Consultant explained the program, Ms. [redacted] decided that she wished to become a member at our retreat. The Lifestyle Consultant agreed to defer her first payment for 30 days and she received her services for that day at the member rate. She also executed a Membership Agreement on this date (attached hereto) detailing all of the specifics of her agreement. She received a copy of this agreement and that concluded her business for that day. On 02.29.2016, Ms. [redacted]’s first charge of the agreement was due, but did not process because her credit card declined due to insufficient funds. Our EFTs process at 3:00 am on the due date, so when I arrived at the retreat, I can see whose payment was not able to process and why. I contacted Ms. [redacted] on 02.29.2016 at approximately 9:30 am and left her a very detailed message that we were unable to process her monthly dues and we would need to get updated account information in order to bring her account back to good standing. I called Ms. [redacted] again around 11:00 a.m., but as of this date, I have not received a return call. Later that afternoon, I received an alert that someone had submitted a negative review on Yelp! (attached hereto). I now know that to be Ms. [redacted], but at the time, I did not know who that was. A few days later, I received the Complaint and was able to place the Yelp review to Ms. [redacted]. As of this date, neither myself nor any of my staff members had any communications with Ms. [redacted]. Up to and through this time, that was our experience with Ms. [redacted]. Further, Ms. [redacted] has not received any charges or services other than what is specified at that time. I fact, Ms. [redacted] owes us for the value of the services that she received according to the terms of the agreement and/or cancellation or default of the same. We hereby provided an Answer to Ms. [redacted]’s complaint as follows:1. Ms. [redacted] states that after her services, there were five different employees all pushing to sell her products and one woman going over these memberships. This is denied. After Ms. [redacted]’s services, her skin therapist asked her if she had any questions and Ms. [redacted] expressed skin concerns to which her therapist then recommended products. The other employee was the Lifestyle Consultant who did explain our programs AFTER Ms. [redacted] said that she was interested at coming back for monthly services.2. Ms. [redacted] states that our employee said that “yeah yeah sure yes you can” cancel when she was questioned about if she could later change the prices for the membership or stop it. This is denied. Our employees follow a strict explanation of the memberships and any questions asked are answered the same. Further, and more importantly, we completely review the entire Agreement with the guest and have them acknowledge with their signature and/or initials, which includes the term of the agreement as well as all cancellation procedures. She also states (on her Yelp review) that there was a manager there and he was aware, but we do not have any male managers and in fact, I am the only manager and was at that time. 3. According to the complaint, Ms. [redacted] states that she read on the Agreement it states the membership may be cancelled within three days. This is admitted. In accordance with PA Law, this contract can be cancelled by midnight on the 3rd day after the Agreement is signed. To the contrary, if Ms. [redacted] read that, one can assume that she read the remainder of the sentence, which advises how to cancel. Specifically, the part of the Agreement Ms. [redacted] mentions reads as follows:YOU MAY CANCEL THIS CONTRACT AT ANY TIME BEFORE MIDNIGHT OF THE THRID OPERATING DAY AFTER RECEIVING A COPY OF THIS CONTRACT. IF YOU CHOOSE TO CANCEL THIS CONTRACT, YOU MUST EITHER:1. SEND A SIGNED AND DATED WRITTEN NOTICE OF CANCELLATION BY REGISTERED MAIL, RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTS; OR,2. PERSONALLY DELIVER A SIGNED AND DATED WRITTEN NOTICE OF CANCELLATION….Ms. [redacted] repeatedly states this part of the Agreement, but failed to cancel her membership in the manner stated above. At no time did Ms. [redacted] provide written cancellation. If she states she does, strict proof of the same is demanded. Further, to further accommodate guests in cancelling in this manner, we also allow them to cancel via email. We are very strict on having cancellations in writing, to avoid times, such as this where we are in a “he-say, she-say” situation. 4. Ms. [redacted] reports that she contacted us on 01.30.2016 and 02.01.2016 and that her fiancé contacted us on 01.29.2016. This is denied. According to all employees who have access to the phone, Ms. [redacted] NEVER contacted the retreat and upon review of the Caller ID and records, the number she provided was never listed for our retreat. She states that she spoke to someone and they stated that she asked if she could “lower it for a while due to losing her job” and they advised her no. This is denied. Our memberships come with a freezing option. With this option a guest can freeze their membership for up to six months. We utilize this for guests who are having financial difficulty, medical issues, travelling and unable to come in, etc. With the freezing option, we do not charge you, but it allows you to keep your membership. If Ms. [redacted] had expressed that she was having financial difficulty, the Lifestyle Consultants would have offered her to freeze her membership, as they do with every guest, especially if she expressed her situation. 5. I contacted Ms. [redacted] on 1/29/2016 to bring her account up to date. If in fact, she states that she was waiting for me to call her. Why did she not return my call, but instead file a complaint and post a negative Yelp. Even if she felt that was the route she was going to take, why would she wait a month to contact the She was not getting a resolution almost a month ago, but waited to proceed in this manner only after I contacted her. 6. At no time, did I receive a message or, at best, a cancellation (according to the Agreement) written notice from Ms. [redacted]. 7. As of this date, Ms. [redacted] has received no charges, no services and has not been sent to collections, which we are certainly entitled to under the Agreement and law. 8. Desired Settlement: Ms. [redacted] is currently in default of her contract, but states that we unfairly and unjustly forced upon me. She further states that she “tried to follow their own rules” and that we did not honor our own contract cancellation rules for our own person gain with no regard for the consumer. We respectfully demand strict proof that Ms. [redacted] followed the cancellation rules (in writing) and we did not honor the Agreement by cancellation of her membership. Business should not have their name smeared by negative reviews and faulty complaints, when consumers tell falsehood and half-truths to their own benefit. If Ms. [redacted] had truly contacted us, I personally would have cancelled her membership which is my duty. We follow a specific cancellation policy to avoid this and in fact our reputation is what is one the line when we don’t. Should you need any additional information regarding this claim, please do not hesitate to contact me directly. Very truly yours, Erica L M[redacted] Retreat Director

Review: I am so embarrassed to need your help again. You were of greast service to me a few years ago with a similar problem. Apparently, I didn't learn my lesson. I went to Massage Heights to try them out. After my massage, they wanted me to sign up for a year's membership. "Oh no, I had great trouble with that before." "It's OK you can just sign up for three months to see if you like it." So, like a ninny-I did. Massage Heights staff took it upon themselves to renew my membership and began taking dues from my [redacted] every month without my permission. When I realized what was happening, I went in and signed forms indicating I wanted no part of their membership program. Relieved, I went about my business until I had a call telling me I still had massages Icould use. Once again, I reminded them I had signed a form terminating any membership. The staff member found my signed form in my file! Imagine how aghast I felt when she told me the monthly dues for April had been taken out of my account in spite of the signed form. I am not senile yet. I do, however, believe that people are basically honest and do not quite comprehend when I am lied to repeatedly. The staff person I last spoke with, looked up my name and agreed there was a form signed by me terminating any relationship with Massage Heights! I am owed for the monthly dues for January 2013 through April 2013 which were paid out of my [redacted] account. Please help me. I promise I will not join anything for any reason for the rest of my life. Thank you for your kindness and aid.Desired Settlement: I would like my membership in Massage Heights terminated per my request two months ago. I would like a refund of the February, March, and April dues which were taken without my permission and consent.



[redacted] did sign up for a Paid In Full 3 month membership but had signed for an auto renew term which put her at a monthly basis after the 3 month paid in full. As I have discussed with [redacted], we cannot reimburse her for the months that she was charged.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.




Please see attached agreement initialed on line 5 by Romaine regarding our auto renew policy. Please let me know if you have any further questions.Kind Regards,[redacted]

Review: 1. The advertisement is false for their marketing flyers. It reads....."1-hr massages", when in fact, they are 50min of hands-on work only.

2. When visiting this location for an anniversary present, the manager [redacted] had pitched her sale regarding a massage membership. I let her know that I didn't live in the area and there would be a substantial drive to get routine massages with either of their locations. She proceeded to sell me on the company's flexibility with memberships and that she is fully responsible as a manager and capable of cancelling a membership anytime should a customer be unable to use the membership for any reason. She guaranteed me that by signing up, it would be month-to-month and to call with any cancellation requests. Upon calling to speak with all managers at both San Diego locations, they relayed their message that my vivid recollection of the day is inaccurate and I must have heard wrong. The customer is never right in their business practice and they actually refused to stand behind their word or the word of their employee. Further, [redacted] has not returned my calls and has avoided my attempts to hold her to her word.Desired Settlement: A refund for the membership fees charged to my account after March (any fees charged in April).

It would be most professional for [redacted] to follow up with me directly to apologize or explain herself. It is poor business practice to lie to a customer and work within an environment where "no one" takes responsibility for their words or actions.



[redacted] signed up for a 12 month membership at our location in Carlsbad. She signed an agreement and committed to those 12 months. Our Assistant Manager did not tell her she could cancel with in the 12 month but only with in the 3 day grace period or after the initial 12 month period which is what we tell each guest (client) and is also stated in the agreement that was signed. I have offered to reduce the amount of months for [redacted] to only 6 months which is our trial program but she hung up on me and has not returned my call. As for our 1 hour sessions, all of our ads are promoted as a 1 hour massage session, in each ad it does have an asterisk stating that it is a 50 min hands on session with time to consult with their therapist and also to change to their comfort level.

Each guest is given all of this information at signing up.

If you have any further questions please let me know.

Kind Regards,

Regional Manager

Massage Heights, San Diego




I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

The manager, [redacted], who pushed for the sale of a membership was explicit in her response to my concerns regarding a 12 month commitment. She absolutely told me she was MANAGER and had the authority to cancel anytime. [redacted] was not present the day I was at the Carlsbad location having a conversation with [redacted] so she has no ability to make an accurate statement on what was presented to me. The insult to a customer in questioning my honesty is appalling and further speaks to the lack of business integrity for Massage Heights. [redacted] took 4 days to answer a call from me and after speaking with 3 people on 3 separate occasions to resolve this, I am certain this is not a business I want to continue a relationship with. I will not pay for 6 months of a contract that is not valid. I specified on the contract. In writing, "month to month per [redacted]" and I did not provide my social security number because it was only month to month. This ends my relations with Massage Heights and I will absolutely make certain to share my experience with others.


Review: Refusal to refund me for prepaid services I was unable to receive due to a staph infection on my back ignoring medical clause in contract I signed.

On May 17, 2013 I received a massage at Massage Heights. Within 24hrs. of this massage I began to experience severe pain and swelling of my upper back. The symptoms progressed and on May 24th I was diagnosed with a serious staph infection all over my upperback. On June 3rd when I was well enough I went to Massage Heights to inform them of what had occured and cancel my membership as I was informed that the possiblitly for me to now be reinfected was very high and I was still in pain. At this point I still have two prepaid sessions that have not been used which according to the contract I signed if I am cancelling my membership for a medical reason and not able to use their services than I will be refunded the amount not used. So on June 3rd when I cancelled my membership I offered to provide them with my medical documents showing proof of my diagnosis and so forth as the reason as to why I was cancelling my membership. I explained I was not looking to get anything but a refund or at the very least a gift card for the services not used. The assistant manager [redacted] rudely said she had no authority to do so.I then asked to speak with the Manager and she referred me to [redacted] who was not present at that time. I called and spoke with [redacted] on June 5th, June 7th, June 10th, June 13th,and June 18th and each time he promised to get back to me with some kind of resolution but each time I called him arrogantly re-stated that I would simply lose the services paid for since I cancelled my membership even though it was for a medical reason. This last time I asked for the name of the owners and their number. He only gave me their name and said they would call me. They have yet to do so. Not only was I treated with the upmost disrespect but the fact that they are disregarding what it clearly stated in their membership contract is horrific. I have no other choice but to file an official complaint about their unprofessionalism, lack of concern for the welfare of their clients, lack of integrity and not keeping to their own contract. They should be glad I am not filing a suit for the medical expenses and emotional distress due to this skin infection. I simply want to be refunded the for the two massages I can not and will not be having. Desired Settlement: I simply want the two prepaid massages at $59.99 each to be credited to my credit card account the one they have on file for me.



Consumer's Final Response

I have heard from the business that I complained about and they have agreed to reimburse me for the services I was not able to receive. Thank you

Review: My first massage was not good in that the masseuse did not listen to my feedback. They encouraged me to try another masseuse, which now I found out puts me past the 3 days they require me to cancel this membership. They did not MENTION that, and certainly ENCOURAGED me to come back in the next thirty days. They FAILED to mention that by doing so it would bind me to a contract even if I don't like the service. I took their advice and came a second time, which that masseuse was much better and I liked her, but I just decided that their service was not sufficient enough to commit to for a year. I told them that on my second and last time there. They've called me numerous times since that day, about two months ago, and today another young girl called me and said that bottom line I had three days to cancel. HAD I KNOWN THAT...I would have canceled after the first massage since I did not enjoy it and she did not take my instructions to heart at all. This is intentional manipulation to encourage me to come a second time, which makes it outside the three day time frame, after stating dissatisfaction with the initial massage.Desired Settlement: I want the owner to call me. I want to be taken off their list and I do not want them to consider me like a collection account (essentially).



I did speak with [redacted] yesterday for the first time (8/20/13). She initially called on 8/12/13 but I was out of town and unable to respond. I did apologize to her regarding that. [redacted] signed up on 6/18/13 and had a massage. When I spoke with her yesterday she said she did not like the massage but still signed up for our membership program anyways. She came in again on 7/16/13 and said she enjoyed the massage. her first billing was supposed to be on 7/18/13 that did not go through. When we called her regarding this she then notified us that she did not want to do the membership. Since I just recently spoke with her she told me that she gave us a card that would not go through on purpose.

When [redacted] joined she signed a 12 month agreement here with Massage Heights. We have the signed paperwork and I have attached it. In the terms and policies we do hold each guest to the initial term. The only time that they may cancel is if the guest calls within the 3 day period of joining which is in the agreement as well. Each guest gets a copy of their agreement and they sign that they received a copy. Once we get a call from someone we have them come in and fill out cancellation paperwork to complete the process. [redacted] did not call within the 3 days and I did ask her that. I did notify her of that information. She said she did not want the membership still. I did let her know that the accounts go into collections after 3 months of suspension. As of yesterday there are TWO unpaid payments for July 2013 and August 2013.

At this time we have not charged any amount to the card on file but we cannot cancel her membership since she did sign for a 12 month commitment to Massage Heights. It will go through the collections process.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Kind Regards,



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

This woman who responded was out-of-town during the main issues and is late on the scene. As other [redacted] feedback indicates, they push hard for you to sign a membership and intentionally don't share the details such as you have THREE DAYS to change your mind. I will NEVER pay this and my credit score is too high to care about such a small account. However, it's the principal of the matter and their unsavory business practices. I let them know after the first massage that I DID NOT enjoy it. I specifically asked her to target oly my shoulders and feet, and I even reminded her during the massage. I see on other [redacted] comments that they receptionist offered a new massage, by a different masseuse, after such a bad experience. So, they are treating some customers differently than others, clearly. More important, the verbal information that was provided to me (in the less than two minutes I had before picking up my son) was STRIKINGLY different than what they are telling me now.

The issue here is unethical business practices. The same exact complaint is made by numerous people on [redacted] from the last year. I did not know this, but now that I have posted on [redacted] I do see them. I deserve an apology and a commitment for them to do better.

I continue to ask the owner to contact me. I guess I will have to research the business owner and do so myself.


Review: I am transitioning to the east coast from the west and went to cancel my Massage Heights membership with their "Retreat Director" and he refused to cancel my membership citing that there is a location convenient to me in Maryland and Virginia and within 25 miles of the place that I am renting. He stated that their cancellation policy will be honored if I move more than 25 miles away from a Massage Heights and/or have a doctor's note stating that I cannot get massages for health reasons. I provided him with a receipt from AirBnB in which I am renting an apartment in DC and he said that he cannot accept a temporary rental as proof of my move and will only accept a mortgage agreement or lease agreement. I told him that I have not found a place to move and might continue renting this apartment for a long while but still it is unacceptable. I know that I signed off on this seedy contract which they also failed to explain to me during the time I was sold on their mediocre service but I find this cancellation practice absurd and also an invasion of my privacy. I do not and will not give this company any more proof of my move or about my life. If I simply do not want a their services due to my circumstances then I have the right to refuse paying for it. Also, the card on file does not match the signature on the contract and they are therefore unauthorized to charge the card.Desired Settlement: Cancel my contract indefinitely.


Response: of San Diego

Reference #[redacted]

To whom it may concern,

Thanks for contacting us and giving us the opportunity to respond to the former member’s complaint.

We have cancelled her membership, although this was an exception to the terms of her twelve-­-month

term dues based membership contract that would have expired on October 9, 2014. Under the terms of

our contract, there are two (2) conditions by which the contract may be terminated before the end

of the term: 1) “You change your permanent residence to a location that is more than twenty-­-five

(25) miles from any Massage Heights Retreat in the United States,” or 2) “Your death or permanent

physical disability”.

In her attempt to cancel her contract early, she provided a receipt from a

temporary housing arrangement in Washington D.C. that listed a “Check in date” of December 7, 2013

and a “Check out date” of January 19, 2014. She said that she would be moving out the area

permanently but did not have a permanent address yet. In addition, during this time frame she

posted on Yelp that she had just joined Equinox, a membership based gym that is a mile from our

Newport Beach location. Equinox also offers in-­-house massage.

Our manager told her that a permanent residence address change is required by the contract to

terminate, so a temporary address does not meet the test. We offered her the option of freezing the

account for two (2) months, during which time no dues would be charged. We thought this would allow

her the time to provide the required permanent address documentation so she could cancel her

contract. She refused

this option stating that she would not provide us with any further information and

that we had to cancel her contract now.

Then she claimed that there are no locations within 25 miles of her temporary address in the

Washington, D.C. area. She wrote in an email that the closest location is twenty-­-seven (27) miles

away from the temporary address. We told her that we have four (4) Massage Heights locations in the

area, including one that is within fifteen (15) miles. She continued to refuse our attempt to find

a solution. Again, she demanded an immediate cancellation of her contract, and told us not to

contact her

any further.

A few days later, the member’s boyfriend called the retreat’s Manager. The

boyfriend stated that she was had been using his credit card to pay for her monthly dues and that

he had not authorized her use of this credit card. The Manager asked him if he was claiming that

these fraudulent charges. He stated that they were not fraudulent charges and that he would deal

with this matter privately with his girlfriend, the member.

The customer called the Manager to discuss the unauthorized credit card situation. The Manager told

her that he got ownership approval to go outside of company policy and had cancelled her contract,

as she had repeatedly demanded. She then requested that her boyfriend be able to come in and use

one of the services on her account. The Manager informed her that sharing services is not allowed

per Company policy. The customer then stated NOT to cancel the membership and that she would be

disputing all of the charges on the credit card that she had given us authorization to use for her

membership billing. Now a former member, she said we were to never contact her and that she would

deal with it in her own way.

We strive to give our guests a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Sometimes we cannot meet their

demands, unfortunately. Should you have any questions or need additional information, please

contact me at [redacted]

Sincerely yours,

s/s/ [redacted]

Review: On April 11, 2014, I received a massage from Massage Heights Carmel Valley. I paid for this massage. After the massage, I was sold a monthly contract. I was told -- repeatedly -- that I could cancel this contract any time -- as long as it was before the next billing date.

I canceled the contract via email on May 8, 2014. I was billed on May 11, 2014.

When I emailed again to complain about this charge, I was told that the contract I signed was for one year. To quote directly from email: "We do have you down for an annual program with us. Unfortunately we cannot cancel your membership during the initial term unless you move within 25 miles from a Massage Heights location or if yo have a doctor's note stating that you are unable to receive massages."

Beside the fact that I was explicitly told I could cancel, this year membership for massages does not quite seem defensible to me.Desired Settlement: Refund the May charge ($59.99) and cancel all future charges.

I will be contacting my credit card company.



[redacted] signed up for a membership on Aprill 1, 2014. She signed and agreed to a 12 month contract. Our business is a membership based massage retreat. Since we do have a signed agreement with [redacted] she would need to continue her monthly payments as stated. Please see the attached agreement... that [redacted] was given a copy of... signed by [redacted].

If you have any further questions please give me a call at ###-###-####.

Kind Regards,

Regional Director

Massage Heights Carmel Valley


Review: In Jan 2015 Massage Hts in Carlsbad, CA advised they were under new management and would no longer honor my contract for the previous 4-5yrs. I advised I would like to cancel and they advised they needed a 30 notice: so my notice was given and paperwork was completed. So my final massage was scheduled for 2/17/15 @ 1430. In March 2015 my Discover Card was still charged the monthly fee of $49.99. I called the Mgr at this La Costa site and at first she argued and said I signed I new contract. I asked her to look again since there was no way I wanted anything more to do with MASSAGE HEIGHTS. She tried to talk me into coming in again and even offered a free 30min extension. I told her "NO, under no terms at this point"> She said she would correct the error immediately. I just got my new bill and THERE WAS NO CREDIT FROM THE MARCH CHARGE AND NOW I AM CHARGED FOR YET ANOTHER MONTH!. One must also know that I was given the contract change information while at their Encinitas location AFTER MY MASSAGE in Jan and was treated VERY RUDELY BY THE RECEPTIONIST THERE who then sent me to see the Mgr at the La Costa location because their Mgr had already gone home and refused to talk to me on the phone. So then I was forced to drive to La Costa and deal with their Mgr and that is when the cancellation paperwork was signed. 5yrs I had massages between the 2 sites!Desired Settlement: I just want my 2 months of fees of $49.99 refunded since they were charged illegally and I want this wrongful charging stopped. I also want others to know how this company treats a customer with a contract after 5yrs of coming in every 2-3 weeks!

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