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Mayraki Hair

2005 Eye St Ste 6, Bakersfield, California, United States, 93301

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• May 21, 2022

Scam Company! Buyer Beware!
Purchased this product after reviewing the ingredients on their website, was shocked to see several ingredients on the box that were not listed online, specifically DMDM Hydantoin. There are currently several class action law suits against company’s who have this in there hair products as it has resulted in HAIR LOSS or severe allergic reaction. Company claims that they are “all natural, chemical and irritant free”…DMDM Hydantoin is a chemical the releases formaldehyde in to the product to keep it from molding/expiring too quickly. Very misleading to not have this on their website. I would have never purchased this in the first place had I known this. Shortly after this I leaned that THEY REMOVED NEGATIVE REVIEWS OFF THEIR WEBSITE! They took mine off their website in 5 minutes of being posted. I have since reached out to the company for a return/refund, however they are currently “refusing” to take back their product because I took the plastic wrapper off of one box. Didn’t use it. This company stand behind their return policy, NOT their products. Zero brand integrity. Do your research of their products beyond their website!

• Apr 08, 2022

Can leave a review on their website…hence Mayraki Hair is a scam that damages hair !
It’s stinks it smells like hair dye chemicals it feels like something that should not be left in my scalp. I can taste it in my mouth from just being on my scalp. This stuff is poisoning me. I tried out a review on the website that suckered me in with all the false reviews in the first place. Mayraki Scam for grey hair. Absolute chemicals not natural and one lady says it dried her hair out…oh what a nightmare to dry your hair out from the roots!

• Jan 12, 2022

Absolute Scam
I went through the reviews and there are two entries with different names but EXACTLY the same review. Prove of scam.
Allen Keven 29th April 2021 same as Emilia Sofia 29th April!
You should be ashamed of yourselves!

• Dec 13, 2021

I was skeptical and I was wrong. Unbelievable product!!
I couldn’t see how this could possibly work but I was tired of gray hair and decided to give it a shot. So glad I did! I started using it twice a day. I have a long mustache and the first thing I noticed was after less than two weeks, the portion above my lips was completely restored to my original color. The lower (grayer) parts took longer but eventually all the gray was gone. In the mean time I started seeing results in my hair too. I stayed with the twice a day routine for 4 weeks and the gray is gone. I’m now in maintenance mode. I use it only once or twice a week. Wow! I look so much younger. Here’s a fun fact: my mustache is darker than my hair - but that’s exactly how it was before I turned gray. I’d love to post before & after pics. Thank you Mayraki!

• Nov 24, 2021

Horrible products DO NOT BUY
I learned about the Mayraki Hair from an advert on Facebook. The reason I was exited to purchase the products because it claims that they are natural and vegan with no chemicals which is completely wrong for two reasons. First, the "Anti-grey Hair Colour Restoring Treatment" stain the cloths, if it is natural it shouldn't stain. Second, the "Gray Coverage Permanent Hair Color Dye Shampoo" damaged my hair significantly by causing hair-breakage. I never experienced any hair breakage when using permanent hair colouring either at hair saloon or purchasing from store. I noticed the damage after months from using the products. Unfortunately, the damage wasn't instant t was slow but steady. I got a refund after shipping the unopened and unused products, unfortunately I received only half what I paid for the purchase excluding the shipment cost. Please DO NOT BUY the products are not NATURAL or VEGAN as the company claime.

• Oct 21, 2021

With graying hair I started using all natural product hair color and have been happy with the results for years. Upon seeing that this was a Shampoo in type I ordered it... it turned my roots bright orange... and the rest of my hair a horrible orange/red - I would not go out of the house. I put my old coloring to cover this horrible happening. I contacted the company and played email tag forever. Getting a new person each time I would have to start from the beginning. First they said they would give me a refund but I had to return the bottle unopened - not possible to try it without opening and using. After going back and forth for months their only solution was to keep using the product until eventually it would turn my hair a dark brown. NO THANK YOU -- I will not live with orange hair -- I am 74 and I would never do this to my hair. Their customer service is no help thru email and cannot get a phone to talk to a person NE VER BUY THIS

• Sep 25, 2021

Poor packaging and unpleasant product
I paid a lot of money for this anti - grey treatment. The packaging was of poor quality. I could not make the pump work. The pump head eventually broke. I tried to apply the product by unscrewing the top and tipping the bottle - it was hard to get the product to come out but eventually I succeeded. The mixture was a black, slimy, filthy looking and smelling cud. I got some on my white bathroom cabinet and it never washed off, even with bleach. I have black smears on my cabinet. This product has dye in it. If it stains a lackered cabinet, it will stain your hair. I feel like I have been taken for a giant ride.


Love these products
I have been using this product now for about 3 weeks, once per day. My hair had grey thick strands around my face And two 1 inch thick strands on the top of my head.
After 10 days, people started to compliment me on my hair and my friends noticed that my greys were significantly improved or no longer visible, Now 2 of them trying it out on themselves.
I love it!
Thank you so much!


It is slow process. And I am not using it every day, more like every other day. But I am sure In a couple of months, I hope to see more hair goes back to my original very black color. I would be so happy. I gain my confidence back. Thank you so much!


Best Anti-Gray Hair Color Restore Ever!
I love this product! I finally have my original hair color back and no gray, at 66 years old!. It takes determination and work to apply it 2x daily, for a month, to get your original color restored, but, well worth the effort! I now, only, apply it 1x a week! My husband loves it! I could not do without this product!


Great anti-gray treatment
I was skeptical of this product as I am of any product in this category. However, I was pleasantly surprised (amazed actually) by the results I am getting after only having used the product for one week. My hair on the sides of my head has been greying for the last several years. In fact the hair is quite white instead of just grey. I have used this product once a day for a week, and I have noticed a tremendous difference. The hair on the sides of my head and elsewhere is turning to its original color. So many times in the past I have read product claims, bought the product, and been disappointed. Not in this case. It really worked for me.


So far so good
I’ve used this product daily for a month and the results are good. I have lots of grey hair after using Mayraki, the grey hair is less evident. I start using the second bottle for a better result and definitely will reorder a set of two bottles.
ANNE It really does work


A must try for gray hair
I stopped using hair dye years ago when I developed an allergy to it. I was concerned that I might be allergic to this product as well. But to my surprise, this product this works well for me.I recommend to All to use it . Thanks Mayraki Hair .

Great natural solution
I'm very glad to share that the anti gray color restoring treatment works very well on my stubborn grey hair.
I am African-American with curly coily 4B texture hair. It's good to use a product that is not harmful to my body or my hair.

I used it as directed morning and night for a month . I have not dyed or colored my hair since starting. I'm very pleased with the results.

For maintenance I apply all over once a week and twice a week on my crown area.
Caution when applying, if the product drips when applying it may stain light-colored clothing.
Overall it's not messy, it doesn't drip a lot if you do

It really does work
This product is very interesting, and for me, it REALLY works! I was skeptical, but thought worth a try because I am someone who really likes my natural hair color and did not want to start dying it at all. I'm giving it 5 stars because it works well and works fast. I've been using it morning and night as suggested and noticed a difference in only about 4 days. I'm very happy!

Best Anti-Gray Hair Color Restore
This works nearly perfect and instantly on my head and my beard - ..makes me feel 5 years younger. Thank you for this one.

This works nearly perfect and instantly on my head and my beard
I was skeptical at first when I started using it, but believe me it is like magic I watch my grey hair disappear within 14 days of using this product twice a day. Now my hair has regained its natural colour and I dont use it as often. OMG thank you for this I definitely recommend to anyone who is serious about regaining their hair colour and the smell is fantastic.


Love this product
I love this product! I finally have my original hair color back and no gray, at 66 years old!. It takes determination and work to apply it 2x daily, for a month, to get your original color restored, but, well worth the effort!

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Love this product
It's working!
I didn't have high hopes for this product because it says it works best with newly grey hair. I've been 100% white/gray since I was 28 and I'm now 38. But it's working! I've been using it for about a month and a half and it seems to have two effects: 1) it topically darkens the grey that's already grown out to a more muted color and somehow softens the straight line between my dyed brown hair and the grey root growth. 2) I can see that the hair strand is growing in a dark brown underneath the grey! I almost cried! This product is magic. So far I'd say this brown brand new growth is on about 50-70% of the hair strands, but it's hard to tell cause that part is still so short. ALSO, I thought I was thinning too and it turns out it was just my pure white roots that were making it look that way. Either that, or this stuff is encouraging new hair growth too! Whatever it is, I'm thrilled. What a cool experiment while we're all sheltering at home.

One reason it might not be working for some of you could be the amount you're using. I'm using two full pumps just on my center part and the hairline around my face (twice daily, sometimes only once when I'm lazy). I did this because I wanted to measure the difference between where I applied it and where I didn't and the difference is already really obvious (although still not decent enough to go without dying... but maybe in a few more months). But I recommend this method because you can get rid of your most visible grays first and then move onto the more hidden stuff on the sides (without having to do a full head process every night and morning - which would be sticky and frustrating)

Good luck everyone!

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