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McAlister's Deli

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McAlister's Deli Reviews (23)

• Jan 02, 2021

Face masks
I have been going to McAlister's (Wilmington N C College Ave.) for several years. Food has always been great, service great. On front door is a sign stating Face masks must be worn. That is one reason I have been going there, at 77 I am not the best person to servive Covid-19. Last night several people came in ordered, waited for food and not wearing masks. No one asked them to get a mask or to leave. So now I am staying home and never going back there. Not going to mess up 8 months on staying safe and for this place .

• Dec 23, 2020

Drive Thru Experience
When McAlister's 1st came to Pascagoula MS, the Food was Amazing and Consistent and the Employees were Extremely Friendly... Now the Food is Not Prepared the Same and the Employees seem to NOT care. I just went to pick up window and the Cashier just continued wiping down the machine right at the window. At first, It was totally fine but after a few minutes just sitting there, I backed up and moved forward and she made eye contact (cause machine is right at the window) but turned and continued to wipe down machine.. I blowed the horn... she continued to wipe down the window.. after she made a point that she will serve me when when she is completely done I guess... she open the window. I took everything in my being to keep my words to myself... SMH... I guess we must keep our expectations 'very limited' . I thought McAlister's was gonna be an excellent refreshing change to the area (Especially for hospital workers right across the street - We had great hopes for it). This event happened Dec 22 at 9:50pm... maybe she had a long day or Xmas may not be so nice for her this year, but maybe McAlister's should delay her Check Deposit for this pay period and have her rethink where her check is generated from. Thanks for listening. Sharon J.

• Dec 03, 2020

Messy dinning area.
I was at the Gainesville, McAllister restaurant on Northwest 60th Street off Newberry Road.The dinning area was disgusting with 3/4 of table covers in dirty dishes. The staff did not attempt to clean off the tables. They had to much time to stand around talking to each other. We got our food with plastic wear because he said there no clean silverware. They were still on the
dirty tables . Thank they brought baked potatoes with no butter or sour cream for them.. After we been there 45 minute they started cleaning the tables. There was no manager there that day.because we ask for the manager. That was most disturbing scene for busy restaurant. We were there 3:14 PM on Tuesday,December 1st. I go there a lot to eat will think twice before going there again. They been slowing going down hill lately. Phyllis Meredith . 5218 NW 25Th Place, Gainesville, Fl. 32606 Phone number 352-281-4033 I could not get my friends to take pictures for me.

• Nov 26, 2020

Very bad: lack of food to provide to the customer but their price is very high and poor services
I had a worse experience with this McCallister restaurant in pearl MS every time I have order my food something is always wrong and they never have enough cheese in the spud actually they don't have no cheese let me put it that way I always have to pay for extra cheese and they never put what we request in the order I have been having this problem with them long time and for while I have stop going there and I though may be they have change so I have been trying again and same think and is so expensive I was more comfortable ordering pizza than using McAlister's deli but they need to do something better with the food quality and more value the customer spending there time and money hope that in future I will not face any problem and make it better because this is very ridicules

• Oct 05, 2020

Poor poor service!
Took mom to lunch yesterday. The whole entire order was wrong. Staff didnt know what a scoop of chicken salad meant. Whole service was extremely slow and poor poor service ! When staff tried to fix orders they still brough us wrong food. Poor service.

• Sep 19, 2020

Police Officers and their families don’t need any part of this anti law enforcement joke of a company. Already 189 signatures in under 30 minutes. Hope they destroy your business and burn it down. JUST DONT CALL 911.

• Sep 18, 2020

Order was wrong
We had Uber deliver our food and they left half or it out not sure if it’s a common problem but I did notice that there is no place to email their mistake for a correction for 90 dollars they could try a little harder

• Sep 04, 2020

Bad Management
Forest Dr, Columbia SC.. I'm just wondering when Corporate is gonna open their eyes and see what a Horrible GM they have at this store... He is very rude to his employees in front of customers and other people. High turn over.. Maybe if he wasn't good friends with the regional manager something would be done. I'll never visit this location again. I felt so bad for his employees.

• Sep 03, 2020

Inconsistent Food
Went to McAllister on Immokalee Rd, Naples Fl. the food was not as it usually is. The Turkey Crunch had pieces of turkey like remnants of meat and the bacon was raw. My side salad was good. My husbands Southwest salad had NO chicken at all. We eat there regularly but don't know what is happening with them now. Also the choose 2 says $9.29 but then add on $1.00 for sandwich and $1.00 for salad. When I asked what was in choose 2 he said any sandwich /salad or soup. Obviously not true. Very disappointed.

• Aug 07, 2020

McAllister’s in Philadelphia ms they have bad management, managers who sell n do drugs never give their employees tips n are very racist against white people very disappointed

Terrible experience at my neighborhood McA on North Michigan Road in Indianapolis. Have been there many times but today wasn't good. They were short-staffed but not busy by any stretch of the imagination.
Ordered carry-out...a French Dip sandwich. When I got home with it, I found a very, very dry sandwich...….was supposed to be served with au-jus but didn't get it. The beef also did not taste fresh at all. Was further disappointed that they no longer sell the rice krispie treat.
I won't be going back anytime soon, if at all.

My wife and I eat there at least once a week. The food is great the service is great, but you need to find another supplier for your slaw. It is terrible and tastes nothing like slaw. All have similar taste, but not this one. It is terrible!

If you want slow service and cold soup...Andrews, TX is your place. Took 40 mins to get two sandwiches and 2 bowls of soup, they weren't even busy. My soup was cold and my sandwich was soggy and my ice tea was hot. Seems like everything they make is pre packaged so I don't understand why it took so long.

Today I went to Tyler, tx McAlister deli in the morning wow excellent service from this pretty young girl I ask her name was Irene, she's amazing really polite!

Why does McAlister's think the new spring mix on sandwiches is a good idea? Why can't anybody just put nice crisp cold iceberg lettuce on sandwiches anymore? Today I got the orange cranberry club sandwich, and instead of having nice green crisp lettuce, I had some kind of purple stuff sticking out the top. I know that is supposed to be the trendy thing to do, but it doesn't taste good! And it doesn't look good!

My best friend and her father went to McAllister’s to get a sammich and guess what kind of service they got...shocker sucky. My best friend nonstop works herself to the Epitome of exhaustion. All she ever wanted was a sandwich as well as her picky eater of a father. When they arrived, per usual for McAllister’s, the clientele didn’t rush to help anyone, the service was incredibly slow, and when they got their food it was cold in some places and scorching hot like this piping Tea I’m typing. She also did not receive the Ruben that she ordered and when she finally got it it was cold and lackluster she says that her side fruit cup was a disgrace of a fruit cup there was very few pieces of fruit for the money that they paid. The man came back to ask how their meal was, being the non-confrontational family they are, they just said everything was fine meanwhile she was eating a cold sandwich and plotting a response to this man before she left but being a good Christian Samaritan woman she is she walked out. Now I’m here hearing her sob story and I am frankly disturbed. I have never felt so compelled to write reviews and contact this trash management and corporate office. We have made a pact to never go to McAllister’s or let any of our friends or family go. Everyone have a blessed day and don’t go to McAllister’s deli because you probably will get food poisoning and have cold food so suck my left toe.

I took my granddaughter to eat at the Bessemer, AL location on July 14th, 2018 It was not busy. I ordered the French Dip and she got the Mac and Cheese for kids. The service was very slow- 20+ minutes for those two dishes. I ordered the Strawberry Lemonade and after waiting 10 minutes, just for the drinks, was told that they were out of it. When my French Dip came, it was lukewarm and rubbery on one side and burnt on the other. The sauce was nearly cold. I decided not to eat it because it truly looked awful and as if it had been sitting somewhere for a long while. My granddaughter's Mac and Cheese was also room temperature. I asked to see the manager, but they kind of refused. I explained the problem and said that I wanted my money back. They only offered to replace. I said I didn't want a replacement, but they insisted that is all they would do. While waiting for the replacement, I looked at my bill and noticed that the Strawberry Lemonade had an upcharge for the strawberry part. Since, I had never received it, I asked to refund the upcharge and they acted as if I were being difficult. The 'new" French Dip was ready in like 4 minutes. That made me think that it wasn't a new sandwich. They left out the sauce and I had to ask for the "dip" part of the French Dip. We left -got the replacement to go. Ate it at home. I spent the night with pretty severe food poisoning...

I am not sure why this complaint was sent to this restaurant.  The guest says, in the complaint that the Gift Card was purchased on the McAllister's Web Site.  the web site is McAllister's corporate web site; we are a franchisee and have no control over the web site.  The guest says...

they tried to redeem at the Jonesboro AR McAllister's Deli, this is also not the Cape Girardeau store.  The guest says they emailed the web site, again this is not this stores web site, and we do not receive the email for this site.  McAllister's Corporate has the web site and receives all email for the site.  They never contacted the Cape Girardeau store and were not treated rudely at the Cape Girardeau store.  It appears the guest complaint is with McAllilster's corporate for the faulty card and with the Jonesboro Ark store for the rude servcie.  Nowhere in the complaint was the Cape Girardeau store mentioned.

• Sep 19, 2020

Figures you would say that.

Ordered a grill chicken salad on 4-22-2018 7:04pm the salad was very bad! It came warm , chicken was grisly and the tomatoes were old. The restaurant was not busy so I expected a better meal than what I received. Very disappointed. I will be not be returning to that restaurant .

Ordered a loaded back potato from the Forest Drive McAlisters. When I got there to pick it up and got back to work the food was COLD. Very disappointed since this is the only one I always go to.

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Description: McAlister's Deli is an American chain of fast casual restaurants founded in 1989 in Oxford, Mississippi, by retired dentist Dr. Don Newcomb. There are currently over 450 locations in 28 states, ranging from Virginia in the East to Florida in the South to Arizona in West to Michigan in the North.

Address: 5205 West Oaks Dr, Fuquay Varina, Arkansas, United States, 27526-9472


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