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• Jan 07, 2021

My husband is a heart patient with apnea issues which require a CPAP device for sleep. Try ordering supplies from this place! I thought maybe my husband was exagerating and only called a couple times...not the case! I jumped in and decided to experience his frustration after the second week of no one calling him back. SAME SITUATION WITH MY CALLS! You get a friendly message...choose the right prompt...wait with some background chatter and then after 5 minutes it goes to a voicemail telling you how BUSY they are and to leave a message and someone will be in touch!
I left a detailed message explaining how my husband hadnt been able to use his machine...he needed a new hose...etc..etc...gave every detail from the order sheet I could. told them this was message one is returning calls...and no one returned mine either! We do however get repeated message from an asian sounding robotic kind of recording speaking rather quickly telling us the benefits of him using his cpap machine. ((REALLY?)) Im thinking someone with 60% heart function should DEFINITELY be using it...but NO ONE CALLS US BACK!
After the second week of this BS...I called dispatch and acted like I was checking on our order? ((of course I knew that no one would have filled one because they simply DO NOT HELP YOU))...the person listened to the problem and connected me with a real live caring human being in respiratory at the hospital who helped get supplies ordered. She isnt even part of their supply department. She was a fill-in. So now we sit and wait because of shipping issues due to Covid.
In the meantime Ive gotten 3 more calls from the Asian robotic recording telling me how its important that my husband uses his device!

Apparently they dont understand that the customers are WHY they have a business. As soon as our supplies arrive...we are moving on.

Hi [redacted] ,In response to Complaint ID # [redacted] , MedCare's Reimbursement Supervisor contacted the patient by phone today, to talk to her about the invoices in question and explain the billing process that occurred.Ms [redacted] was under the understanding that a payment processed on 5-3-in the amount of $was cleared through her bankBrian asked her to contact her credit union to verify that a single transaction in the amount of $was actually deducted from her account on 5-3-Ms [redacted] called the credit union and they verified that the amount was never deducted from her account.The reason that the payment was denied was due to a keying error with the bank account number through our payment systemTherefore the check was never processed.Our Reimbursement Supervisor explained to Ms [redacted] the billing process in regards to the "anniversary date" for rental and the timing of claims processing and how she is billed for her coinsurance.Ms [redacted] is on a payment plan and in addition, she now has PA Medicaid to help cover coinsurance moving forward.Brian provided her with his direct line for any questions regarding her account in the future.Thank you,Angie B**Quality Care AssociateMedCare Equipment Company LLC[redacted] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Regards, [redacted]

January, 30th [redacted] Holiday Drive, Suite Pittsburgh, PA This letter is in response to the 2nd complaint Reference # [redacted] that was mailed to us on 1/25/2018Ref ID # [redacted] Dear [redacted] : One of our Respiratory Customer Service Representatives spoke with Mr [redacted] on 1/25/regarding this issue, Mr [redacted] told her that he got in contact with USPS, the carrier that was delivering his order and that they told him that the package was not delivered because of an error on their endMr [redacted] requested that a receipt or documentation of his order be sent to him so that he could file a claim with USPSMedCare mailed him the copy of the delivery ticket so that he can file the claim.MedCare has also put in a sales order of the supplies that Mr [redacted] had ordered at no cost so that he will have the medical equipment that he needs to use his machineWe hope that this will satisfy Mr***’s needsThank you for your mediation effort in this matter.Sincerely, The Quality DepartmentMedCare Equipment Company, LLC I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below Continue to receive incorrect orders from company Five plus years of problems Time to move on Regards, *** [redacted]

October 25; [redacted] ***Holiday Drive, Suite Pittsburgh, PA 15220Ref: ID # [redacted] Dea [redacted] ***This letter is in response to the complaint, reference [redacted] mailed to us on 10/06/2016.According to our patient history and order notes, our records do not indicate that Mr [redacted] spoke with any staff members regarding a guaranteed delivery date on his CPAP Supply order, We have record of a supply shipment on 7/15/and receipt of delivery on 7/19/The next communication from Mr [redacted] occurred on 9/12/This communication discussed was related to receiving a bill for his suppliesOur Reimbursement Manager spoke to Mr [redacted] and offered to accept the returned items and refund the amount billed if the items were unopenedMr [redacted] stated the supplies were opened and had been used, therefore, we were unable to take the supplies backAccording to the Reimbursement Manager, the delivery date that was on the package would reflect the date of service which was 7/19/Mr [redacted] 's health benefits renewed as of 7/1/16, therefore, his deductible would have been restarted with his insurance companyMr [redacted] was offered a payment plan, but declined, stating that he had the money to pay the deductible, but it was the principle in regards to the situation as to why he was refusing to pay the charges,Thank you for your mediation effort in this matter.Sincerely,The Quality Department MedCare Equipment Company, LLC

March, 29th [redacted] Holiday Drive, Suite Pittsburgh, PA 15220This letter is In response to the complaint Reference # [redacted] that was mailed to us on 2/21/Dear [redacted] :Mr [redacted] had oxygen renting and the rental months of January $ was applied towards his insurance deductible, February rental month of oxygen $was applied towards his deductible from his insurance companyWe have copies of two invoices sent to Mr [redacted] at the time of notification from his insurance companyMedCare Equipment sent the Invoices to [redacted] ***Mr [redacted] never paid these balances, therefore, we placed them with our collection agency Transworld Collection agencyWhile Mr [redacted] did pay several balances regarding his other outstanding charges for his oxygen, he did not pay these invoicesMr, [redacted] called into MedCare on 3/13/regarding these charges and was informed they were balances due to his insurance deductible,At no time was Mr [redacted] billed incorrectly or billed twice as he Indicates in his complaint Mr [redacted] receives explanations of benefits from his insurance company each time a claim is paid or applied towards his deductibleUpon reviewing our billing all billings for his oxygen are monthly rentals and were billed to his insurance accurately.As a courtesy to Mr***, we have removed the two outstanding charges of $61,and $and will do a onetime adjustment of his accountHis account for his oxygen rentals regarding the dates above are now at zero,We hope that this satisfies the issues stated in Mr***'s complaint fetter.Thank you for your mediation effort In this matter.Sincerely,The Quality Department MedCare Equipment Company, LLC

1st of all they state my husband ordered the supplies, as if he ordered them for me He did not My husband also orders c-Pap supplies from a different company for himselfHe states that MedCare did not mention any name on the automated system and therefore he assumed he was ordering for himself I never opened the item because I didn't order anything, nor did I need anything at that time At the time that I received the supplies, I did not know that my husband received the automated call I received a bill for the items months later, which is when I contacted MedCare and when my husband mentioned that he ordered supplies for himself, but never received them As a side noteon their emails to me, it states my insurance [redacted] also neglected to mention that weeks had gone by before she actually called me backShe misplaced the messages This occurred each time I contacted her or customer service I will say that when she did contact me, she was very nice and professional and assured me it would be taken care of, however, that was never the case Also, I returned the item 6/28/ I informed [redacted] from MedCare in June, that I had sent the item backShe stated that I might receive one more bill prior to them removing the balance, until they received confirmation from the company (not me!) that the item was received I received no further notifications or communications from MedCare and assumed this was taken care ofThen on Saturday, 9/19/14, I received a notification from CBCS stating MedCare turned me over to them So I then went and checked the tracking number on the item and verified that it was received on 6/30/I left [redacted] a voicemail that day stating how upset I was I filed the complaint with the on Saturday evening, 9/as wellConsidering how long this has been going on and now my credit was at risk! [redacted] did call me back on 9/22, but as I said I had already filed the complaint on 9/which was before I spoke to her I am curious as to why she would say that I didn't tell her that the item was returned until 9/22/I shouldn't have needed to tell her Don't they communicate with each other? I am rejecting this resolution until someone from MedCare can confirm that my credit hasn't been damaged by them turning this over to the collection agency If they can verify and send me a statement that this did not go on my credit report, then I will accept the resolutionAlso, since I contacted the on 9/and NOT 9/This report was filed before I ever spoke with her When I spoke with [redacted] on 9/she did assure me that my balance at MedCare was now $and that they contacted CBCS to remove me from collectionsI requested confirmation from herI also phoned CBCS and requested a confirmation letter from them as well I did receive both letters via mail I am rejecting this because it states I contacted the after this was settled and that is not true I contacted the on 9/and I did not receive any confirmation until after 9/when I received the statementsAlso, can MedCare confirm that my credit is not damaged by turning my name into a collection agencyIf I receive confirmation of that from them, I will consider this resolved

We have reviewed your letter from 10/3/regarding additional concerns that this consumer voiced regarding the above mentioned complaint CBCS, the collection agency our company is contracted with, provided a letter stating that all the accounts in the name of this particular individual have been closed and no information was submitted to any of the credit bureausThis document is attached I also wanted to stress that Medcare Equipment Company, LLC is a home care business and we do not request credit reports or submit any information to credit bureaus regarding our customers’ accounts Thank you for your mediation effort in this matter Sincerely, ~ Quality Care Associate Medeare Equipment

July 12, 2016Re: Concern ID [redacted] / [redacted] Dear Ms [redacted] Our Company strives to provide the best level of patient care possibleOn the other hand we are operating under restrictions imposed on us by the insurance payorsThis case is one of those situationsWe can not dispense certain items without proper insurance authorization which takes sometimes several daysSince then one of our Quality Care associates contacted the patient's representative and discussed their concernsThe patient has received the bariatric commode she was requesting and the situation has been resolved in patient's favorSincerely, Olga F [redacted] Quality Care Associate Medcare Equipment Company Tel: ###-###-#### Fax: ###-###-####

August, 10th 2016 [redacted] 400 Holiday Drive, Suite 220 Pittsburgh, PA 15220 This letter is in response to the BBB complaint Reference # [redacted] that was mailed to us on 8/2/2016. Ref ID # [redacted] Dear [redacted] The patient received and was set up on her CPAP and... Humidifier from MedCare on 01/29/16. The patient had [redacted] For You insurance coverage until 04/30/16. It is the policy of [redacted] for You that the patient obtain compliancy within 90 days from the day of setup. Upon set up, patients are educated on the importance of compliancy within the first 90 days of setup. The patient's compliance period was over on 03/29/16 at which time the patient was not compliant, therefore [redacted] for You would not process the claims as they require the provider, MedCare Equipment Company, to prove the patient compliancy. On 05/26/16 a letter was sent to the patient informing her she did not obtain compliancy within the 90 days set forth by [redacted] for You. On 06/06/16 the patient contacted MedCare regarding the letter stating she did not meet compliancy. The compliance requirements were again explained to the patient and she was provided options to return the machine and repeat a sleep study in order to receive another compliance period, return the equipment, or pay for the equipment. The patient stated she was contacting [redacted] for You and would be in touch with us after speaking with [redacted] for You. MedCare Equipment Company does not reflect any documentation of the patient contacting our company regarding her equipment not working properly or her of her said illness. The patient is returning the CPAP and Humidifier. Once the equipment is received by MedCare Equipment Company, the balance on her account will be adjusted and no further collection action will be taken. Thank you for your mediation effort in this matter.

August, 18th*** ***Holiday Drive, Suite 220Pittsburgh, PA 15220This letter is in response to the complaint Reference #*** that was mailed to us on 8/2/2017.Ref ID #***Dear *** ***Ms*** did receive a refurbished PAP device on 7/12/
and she did pay $at that time The charge that the patient is disputing are from Cpap supplies mask, headgear, tubing, and filters that she received on that date when purchasing the machine.We have compliancy information in our records and the supplies that the patient received were billed correctly to UPMC The patient has a deductible with her UPMC health plan that was not met at the time the MedCare provided services The outstanding balance of $243,is correct as the claims were all processed via UPMC and reflect patient responsibility as deductible was not satisfiedIn addition, MedCare's up-front collection policy along with our UPMC contract does not allow MedCare to collect deductibles for UPMC members up-front as we must allow the claim to processWe are only permitted to collect patient coinsurance at the time of services and if additional monies are owed after processing by UPMC, we bill the patient Also in reviewing Ms***'s account, on 8/2/she began a payment program with us and has been taken out of collections,I hope that this satisfies the patient's concern regarding her balance. Thank you for your mediation effort in this matter Sincerely, The Quality DepartmentMedCare Equipment Company LLC

Hello,In response to Complaint Id # ***, our Director of Operations contacted Mr*** on 9/28/and was able to accommodate his needsShe scheduled an appointment for him with one of our Respiratory Therapists for 9/29/for a mask fittingThe director of Operations also gave Mr*** her
direct line for contact in case of any future concerns that would ariseShe will be following up with him after his scheduled appointment as well to make sure that all of his needs were satisfied.MedCare has taken Mr***s along with other customer concerns over our current phone system very seriouslyAs of October 2nd we will be implementing a new phone prompt system that should be much more user friendly and eliminate longer than hold times.Thank you for your mediation in this matter.Sincerely,Angie B**Quality Care AssociateMedCare Equipment Company LLC.***

March 31st, 2017Revdex.comPatricia CookHoliday Drive, Suite 220Pittsburgh, PA 15220Ref: ID# *** Dear Patricia Cook:This letter is in response to the complaint Reference #*** that was mailed to us on 3/22/2017Thank you for your mediation effort in this matter.After
further research into Mr***'s complaint, It Is documented in our system that our Retail Supervisor had offered on separate occasions to exchange all pair of the stockings for new pairs of a different sizeWe require a prescription with the size from the Dr, in order to dispense that particular productBeing that the portion of the delivery ticket that was signed by the patient was cut off where it states that they are a special order item and non-refundable, it is our position to refund Mr*** in full for the pair of stockings that he did not useI contacted Mr*** today 3/31/to let him know that we will give him a full refund upon return of the items, and apologized for any inconvenience this may have causedMr*** expressed to me that he was very satisfied with the outcome.Sincerely,The Quality Department MedCare Equipment Company, LLC

January 4th,*** *** *** *** *** ** ***RE: Reference ID *** Dear ***,Hi *** I just wanted to updated you on the complaint that we received concerning patient ID ***Our Customer Service Supervisor spoke with the patient today and
told her that we have credited her $This is the total amount of the Bath Chair that she purchased for $minus a 25% re-stocking fee that we had to pay because the item was a "special order item"The patient was compietley agreeable and to thisI hope that this helps in the mediation efforts in this casePlease feel free to contact me if you have any other questions/concerns.MsAngela B** Quality Team Associate ***

October 26,2015*** *** ** ***Ref: ID # ***Dear *** ***:This letter is in response to the complaint Reference #*** that was mailed to us on 10/14/2015After reviewing all of the patients past invoices and billing history it is our
position that the amount indicated $39.50, that she was sent to collections over was indeed from a payment that was due originally for supplies that were ordered back in March of The first invoice was sent to her on 3/26/The second past due notice on 4/28/15, the 3rd on 5/19/stated "payment required now"The last was a" seriously past due invoice" sent on 6/09/At this point the past due amount was sent to collectionsOur collections associate was informed by the patient that she had paid the collections amount of $at that timeWe did in error have accounts for this patient, this has since been correctedThe patient currently has one account that is now correct and her current balance is Our collections associate has submitted to the CBCS to send a letter to the patient to verify that her credit has not and will not be affected in the future.Thank you for your mediation effort in this matter.Sincerely,The Quality DepartmentMedCare Equipment Company, LLC

***,The following is the response to complaint ID # ***We are sorry to hear about the difficulty that Mr*** recently had in trying to reach one of our Respiratory Customer Service RepsAfter reviewing his concern with our Respiratory Customer Service Manager he immediately
spoke with the Representative who handled Mr***'s order.One of our representatives has since reached out to Mr*** and he still would like to move forward with getting his equipmentHe is scheduled in one of our local CPAP clinics on 10/17/to be set up on his new equipment.Thank you for your mediation in this matter.Sincerely,Angie B**Quality Care AssociateMedCare Equipment Company LLC.***

May 2nd, *** ***Holiday Drive, Suite Pittsburgh, PA 15220Re ID # ***Dear *** ***;This letter is in response to the complaint Reference #*** that was mailed to us on 5/2/2017.The particular Retail Sales order that was processed as a purchase
and billed under the patient's name and not insurance does not typically have a signed sales orderTherefore although it is stated on the sales order that returns need to be within a day time frame for any type of credit, and being that we do not have a patient signature on that order we have contacted Mr*** and told him that we will give him a full refund for this productThe patient was satisfied with the result and will be coming in to our Retail Store sometime this week to return the item.Thank you for your mediation effort in this matter.SincerelyAnne B**The Quality Department Medicare Equipment Company, LLC

August, 16th*** ***Holiday Drive, Suite 220Pittsburgh, PA 15220This letter is In response to the complaint Reference #*** that was mailed to us on 8/2/2017.Ref ID # ***Dear *** ***: After looking into this matter, I have found that Ms
*** did in fact call only days after her supply items were delivered and request to have her mask returnedThis is well before the day return period that we allowAt that time one of our Customer Service Representatives put an order in for a call tag to be sent and a return label for the mask to be returnedHowever I have no record of the label actually being sent out to Ms***'s address at that timeAfter Ms***'s second phone call regarding not receiving the call a tag, another return order was again processed.We acknowledge that this is a mistake on our end Recently we have made some important changes to our return process and the way that it is managedWe are hoping that these changes will prevent this type of issue from reoccurring in the future.We sincerely apologize for any Inconvenience that this may have caused.Thank you for your mediation effort in this matter.Sincerely,Angela B**The Quality DepartmentMedCare Equipment Company, LLC
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.
*** ***

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