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• Sep 06, 2023

Rating 00 . . .It's gone
If you've lost all your reminders, comtinue reading and try this. . . .
I've used Memo To Me for many years and relied on it to refresh my aging memory of important dates coming up. Like others here, it suddenly stopped working and my emails to them went unanswered. Now I found it completely removed it and all my memos from my computer and I was devastated. Then I thought. . .ah, maybe it's still on my iPad and, Thank You Lord, it was, so I was able to copy that link, send to my computer and download all my reminders again. And YES, I have now saved them all and entered on a spreadsheet. If I can find another reliable reminder program, I will again enter them which will take me some time since I had hundreds.

• Sep 19, 2023

I am still able to log in and add, copy, or edit reminders, I just don't receive the reminder emails. (No, they are not blocked by any spam filter.)
It is sad to see such a great service die.

• Sep 01, 2023

Ideas why memoriesme is broken
As we all know memotome is broken and I have ideas why.

1. The server code that sends emails is on Amazon web services and they are pushing ip6 and forcing a charge on ip4 which was free, so the back end code and html hosting site has to be changed to work with ip6.

2. The back end server bills were not paid even though the html server are still paid up for now.

3. The creator of the back server that runs it has passed or is detained.

4. The domain will not be renewed after it expires next year because the creator of the site is gone since the copyright date on the site has not been updated since 2014.

So, let’s be proactive. If we can’t find the creator, we should copy the site html and reverse engineer it.

• Sep 01, 2023

Any way to get in and just copy our reminders? I had hundreds of birthdays and anniversaries in there for business purposes... Shame on me for not backing them up but I'm screwed if I can't get them back.

• Aug 29, 2023

I've been using this service for years and it stopped in June 2023. All of a sudden
no more e-mail reminders. I had the same thing to happen with Remindeo that is how
I started with MemoToMe.

This is so frustrating and disappointing because all of my reminders are just in limbo.
I have e-mailed this company numerous times about this problem and no response at

Don't use this company because they are not reliable.

• Aug 25, 2023

memotome alternatives
Does anyone know of an alternative to memotome where you can set multiple reminders for an event and space them over a period of time?

• Sep 04, 2023

Yes, (yes, that's an URL, just type it into your browser and hit the Return key on your keyboard).

• Aug 15, 2023

Absolutely the best way to make permanent enemies
Unfortunately no option to choose a zero or negative star rating. If you want to make enemies forever and totally wreck a good company name then do what MEMO TO ME executives have done. They need to all be lined up and summarily sacked.

• Aug 15, 2023

Absolutely the guaranteed way to wreck a name forever
Unfortunately no option for zero or negative stars. Memo to me execs should be lined up and summarily executed. If there is a sure fire way of making permanent enemies and ruining your good name forever then do what Memo To Me execs have done !

• Aug 14, 2023

I have used Memo To Me for 11 YEARS! Smooth sailing until this year. NOW NO MEMOS GO OUT. I tried signing up for Platinum, I emailed them, I wrote them a letter, I tried a different email address for the memos.NOTHING WORKS. ABSOLUTELY NO MEMOS ARE GOING OUT. DO NOT USE MEMO TO ME IF YOU WANT MEMOS TO YOU. THEY HAVE GONE DOWN THE DRAIN.

• Aug 04, 2023

Memo To Me , Took my money & disappeared...
Where did they go?

• Aug 30, 2023

Paid $40 for platinum service and I guess they took it and ran! I have sent 3 emails asking what the status is but no replies. Who can we report this company too?

• Jul 29, 2023

Won’t fix their problems -DONT USE
Like many others who reported the recent issue where their email notifications have stopped suddenly, this started late June 2023. I reported this to their company. ABSOLUTELY NO RESPONSE! ! My email spam filters haven’t changed. My guess is there has been some sort of new requirement by gmail where they’re now having to pay for the change directly or they can’t afford to pay a programmer to figure out.
I’ve used this free service for many years - even tried to pay for the service several years ago bc it was so dependable, but they never billed me, so just continued to use the free version. My guess they couldn’t figure out that either.

They had a similar problem last summer too, but it was short-lived.

Glad I haven’t wasted my money - but REALLY upset about having to find another service.

Thanks for the suggestions from others about different more dependable services to try.

• Jul 25, 2023

Memotome phone
6153 Wolfstar Ct
San Diego, CA 92122-3951
(858) 625-8432

• Jul 19, 2023

I’m Trying This Reminder Service
As I mentioned in earlier review, I used Memo to Me for a long time. I know more than 15 years. To change is frustrating, but change is inevitable, right? I’m trying It’s working ok so far, but will take me a while to re-enter my long list of reminders. Hope this helps someone.

• Aug 25, 2023

I don't believe you can set multiple reminders spaced apart for an event

• Jul 13, 2023

Difficulties For Me As Well
Same as everyone else's concerns! Have loved Memo To Me for many years - using it for both business and personal. I noted that I too stopped receiving notifications end of June 2023. Their prob solver page says they won't check into this b/c it's my email spam blocker. After reading these comments, we can all confirm that it's a Memo To Me problem and they have no phone number and they never respond to the Support email!

• Jul 12, 2023

I am so disappointed in this site.
I missed several reminders too, and am so disappointed in this site. I had just signed up for the platinum service, hoping that would fix it, but when I tried to enter my phone #, it wouldn't work either, then I saw all these comments and quickly cancelled it. The least they could do is send out an email to everyone warning them that there is an issue.
So with that said, several people wanted a list of their reminders so they can open an acct elsewhere. Well, all you have to do is take a screenshot, print it and you have it.

• Jul 12, 2023

Thankful I came across this!
I thought it was just my Memo to Me account! I just realized mine stopped sending reminders at the end of June! I’ve relied on this services for so many years that I actually missed a couple things before figuring it out. I get reminders for birthdays and anniversaries for my large extended family. I wasted a great deal of time on phone with email provider yesterday thinking somehow I blocked it and it needed fixing. Thankful to know it’s not just mine. Any ideas what’s wrong?

• Jul 08, 2023

Once great, sadly no more...
Memos stopped being received twelve days ago on June 27, 2023. Contacting support right away only revealed that they were experiencing problems once again with Amazon Web Services. There has been zero replies or updates since and still no memos are being sent and I have missed a number of important obligations. The website home page states they have rock sock reliability with unmatched dependability and they have been in business since 1998 and subscribers will not be left stranded one day because Memo To Me has suddenly closed up shop. I really dread having to evaluate and reenter all my data into another reminder service, unfortunately, I don't believe that this dog is going to hunt anymore. Nothing is forever.

• Jul 08, 2023

I'm experiencing the same issues. I even tried rescheduling all my reminders on July 5th including adding a few "new" test reminders. None are sent or received. No response to customer service emails. I have since moved to MailBoss at since they allow 250 free memos a month, not as easy to set up memos as memotome, but it's free and so far it's working.

• Jan 09, 2023

What's wrong with MemoToMe?
I've been a subscriber to "Memo To Me" for many years now and it's always been a great reminder program. I depend on it for doctor appointments, birthdays, meetings, anniversaries, and other events and important dates. I'm still receiving the reminders, but now I can't log into the site to add appointments, etc. What's up? Let's get it fixed!

• Mar 30, 2023

I did not receive reminders after many years. An antivirus has blocked the site as unsafe' I have never seen this(below before) You can bypass it and I have but have no idea if my info was taken as per the antivirus , Avast

• Jan 05, 2023

Come on guys- get it together

• Jan 04, 2023

Down again
Is down?
Checking if is down or it is just you...
It's not just you! is down.

• Dec 14, 2022

Not corrected
Horrible for weeks trying to login and to no avail I had to create another account but the reminders do not transfer over. What's the story? I have used this site for years. At least send me via email a list of my reminders so I can move forward. THis is the message I get when trying to email memotome.

MimeLib.MimeMessage.1 error '80072eff'

Error (2EFF) sending Internet request. The connection with the server was reset

/ForgotPassword/, line 60

• Nov 08, 2022

TG I am NOT Alone
For weeks I have been trying to upload my info on this site. I too am getting the same damn error message. So TG I am not alone in this. Does anyone have an answer as to when this memo site will return or work or whatever? I am really upset about this. I have a pals birthday coming up, But I am not too sure of her exact date. I am 67 years old with failing memory. Which is why I use this site to begin with. And now, I cannot access it? This SUCKS! Big time. And now I have to embarrass myself in asking when my pals birthday is. This site has really let me down.
I guess I better try to find another site. Because this site has been down for over 2 months now. I don't think it will ever return. Such a shame, it use to be such a good site too.

• Dec 08, 2022

days I can't log in I needed the info I added over the years. THey should have alerted us to copy all the dates we saved for reminders. I counted on this program Please let me know which site you find that is similar. This is so upsetting

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