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Meraki Solar

21 N New Warrington Rd, Pensacola, Florida, United States, 32506

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• Feb 18, 2021

Tony L.
I am very disappointed with this company, a sales rep and his partner man and women came to my house with sales of solar panels. sounded pretty good so they ran our credit and told us we are approved . pulled his phone out and told us to sign here and here and here and soo on . All was good . we where told that we would be receiving a $500.00 check from company because we purchased the panels. and that there was a federal government rebate check that we would be receiving for $19,000 we could either keep the check or put it toward the panels and it would lower our monthly payments. and that was up to us what we decided to do with check. ok, now 2 weeks after signing everything and supposedly getting all permits and ready to go on panels we received a call from the sales rep partner. She told us that the rep had fallen sick with the covid 19 but he would get back to us once he felt better. after about 5 weeks of not hearing anything my wife called and talk to the rep and asked him where was the $500.00 that he had promised? and when would the panels get put up? he told us that he was going to talk to his supervisor so they could send out the $500.00 check. well we never received it. this was going to be a total of $85.000 for the solar panels with payment for 20 years of $224.00 a month and $40.00 more after 18 months if we did not put the rebate check toward it. so now we get the same company coming back different people trying to sell us the same solar panels . my wife told them that we had already been approved and all permits had been complete but the panels have not been installed. She actually thought they had came to install the panels. well now they told my wife that the person that had sold us the panels no longer worked for them and they would get back to us. Today a women and her partner from Meraki came to talk to my wife. they sat down and explained to my wife that there was no $500.00 check from Meraki. But there is if you refer someone. and that there is no rebate check from the federal government as we where told . I feel that we where lied to from the beginning just to get us to buy there panels. Now I see that the company May not be giving proper training to there sales reps, so they go out and give misinformation to customers , Or they purposely give out a bunch of lies to customers to get sales. I am very disappointed that my credit score went down because of this and I have worked very hard to bring my score up. I will give Meraki a bad report every chance I get. I am a government employee and have many friends that have asked me about the panels at work that I am having installed. So now I will let them know to stay away from Meraki solar and make sure to put the word out about this company . I jumped threw hoops to get all the info needed for Meraki just to get slapped in the face with disappointment. I feel that my time and stress over all this and the plans that I had made should be worth something, Not just say we can cancel the order. What about my time ? is it not worth nothing? I fell that Meraki should pay me the $500.00 because of all the troubles I went through. I guess they will just settle with not making a sale and bringing there company down with myself and others just putting out the word of how bad and full of lies the company has put out. this all falls back to the leaders of Meraki for not properly training or over training there employees to lie to customers. I will not keep my mouth shut on the experience I have went through or witnessed. I give Meraki a minus 5 star.

• Apr 22, 2020

I am very disappointed in this company. I feel that they have lied to me about the entire process from start to finish. My first complaint would be that the sales person (***) from the start lied to me and told me that I would pay $59 every month for my electricity. She specifically said that I was not gonna pay for my electricity. Now I have a payment of $59 for the panels and I also have the payment of $70 for my electricity. I feel that she lied to me just to get the sale and that is not fair for the consumers. My second complaint would be that the sales person specifically told me that the state would reimburse $4,000 that I was supposed to give as a downpayment. No where in my contracts does it say that there is a $4,000 downpayment. Again that is something else that I was lied to about from the salesperson. A lot of complaints that I have are coming from things that salesperson told me that turned out to not be true. I also asked to speak to a supervisor (***) and was giving his number. I called every single day, several times a day to try to get a hold of the supervisor. I never got an answer or a resolution to my questions and problems. I tried to cancel the solar panels but they never gave me the opportunity to do so. My biggest problems with this company is that they lie to their customers to try to get their way for the commission. I also have had several people tell the same stories and bad experiences they have also had with this company. I do not RECOMMEND this company to anyone and will continue to encourage people to not purchase from Meraki. The fact that im not gonna receive that $4,000 from the state, my payment is now going up to $85 dollars , and on top of that still have to pay for my electricity bill.

Meraki Solar Response time May 14, 2020

Hello Maria, thank you for your feedback. We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences that you might have experienced with one of our representatives. A large part of what we do here at Meraki is spread awareness on the condition of current electrical prices, production, and usage, while giving you the best solar solution. However, we entirely understand your frustration and would love to solve any issues you may have. Please contact our headquarters over the phone at (850) 378-1257 or over email at [email protected]

Meraki in there sales pitch tlod me I would no longer have an electric bill, I would only have the bill for my panels. I had just got my average bill down to $85 per month. Now I pay $116 for the panels and $45 to the El Paso electric, for a total of $161 a month. Twice what I paid for before. Meraki goes out of there way to misslead you that your electric bill will be going up soon, so you need these solar panels and that you will get cradits back from El Paso electric for the solar energy you don't use. *** is the company who installed the panels and they are just as responsible for these issues as Meraki. Bottom line solar does not save you money and these 2 companies are making false claims. Do not buy solar, it will cost more money in the long run.

Meraki Solar. Illegal Door to Door Soliciting in ***. *** Wearing an expired *** permit. Said they "didn't need an ***. Ignored my No Trespassing & No Soliciting signs. Rude, would not get off my property. Female is Camille M. Male was threatening and refused to give me his name. ----

Sales agents promised incentives for signing up. Incentives were never provided.
We were recommended to Meraki, the sales agents came out and provided us with an estimate and ran numbers with us. Of course their sales pitch is to save energy and to help with that they will be providing additional incentives which included light bulb (led) and optibox (as they called it) and a Nest thermostat. Once we signed the paper work one of the sales agent asked me to walk around the house to count the light bulbs that will be provided to us to be replaced. Both sales men re assured we would get those incentives and that they will help save energy. after a while the installation begin we even referred other people to get solar with them. it had been a while since we heard anything in regards to the incentives so we reached out to the sales person. All he advised was that he would look into it. more time passed *** we still hadn't heard back. so we reached out to him again and again we got a well look into it. more time passed *** we got no response then more time passed *** got a response advising that the sales partner had quit and no longer worked there and they would look into it. the sales agent gave me a managers number to reach out. We reach out to him and he also took a while to respond (always out of town). finally he reach out and advised that the incentives are provided after 90 days of installation. Was surprised that it would take that long as well was surprised that his sales rep wouldn't know that as the sales rep never mentioned a time frame. So we said ok. we waited till after the 90 days to reach out to the manager *** again getting a hold of him was timely. Once we got a hold of him he said he would look into it. after a while of not hearing from him we reached out once more. He didn't even know who he was texting with because he sent out check information with amounts for another account, we are assuming it was for another customer. once more he said he would look into it. after some time my husband reached out to him and was able to talk to him. He advised of the incentives and advised to text him the incentives we needed (light bulbs, optibox, nest thermostat). He advised he will look into it and asked who the sales rep was and told him it was *** and the other red head guy (forgot his name). the manager advised at that moment he was with Gilberto im assuming he verified the info with him. so time passed *** nothing. reached out to him and he was surprised and asked you haven't gotten a call from someone to install the optibox. we said no. basically we had to keep reaching out because we would not hear back after he would say he would look into it. Till finally he decided that we would not get any incentives because there was no document signed advising we would get them. Basically his sales reps lied to us to get a sale. Even though the manager knew that it was offered to us he still wouldn't rectify what his reps promised us and failed to provide to us. He advised he is unable to control what his sales rep say to customers as they are all trained the same. the manager advised that the sale reps dont even work there no more and couldn't confirm where they left the paper work advising we would get the incentives. How convenient that they no longer work there when paper work is missing or was not submitted. I advised him that in a business when your worker fail to do something for the customer the manager takes responsibility for what the reps do or dont do. you take ownership of the issue and make it right for the customer. Basically that was the end of it and we are now here. This happened within the past 6 months. Also these incentives were promised to other referrals we provided so it wasn't an unknown offer from the sale reps.

Desired Outcome

We are only asking for what was promised to us which was the incentives.

Meraki Solar Response time Mar 19, 2020

At Meraki, we take customer allegations and complaints very seriously. I have contacted this customer and advised her that I am actively working on a resolution for this concern.

Door to door solicitors refuse to observe the no soliciting sign on our door. They have continued to knock on our door, ring our door bell and attempt to sell us solar panels, every time we tell them to leave us alone and observe the no soliciting signs. My wife and I are physicians and frequently work grave shifts, we cannot be dealing with solicitors while trying to sleep during the day.

They did a loan initiation instead of a soft pull on our credit as promised. Hit my credit for 37 points and my wife's for 70.
Sales reps promised they were doing a soft pull on our credit to see if we were candidates. The following day we got a notice on our credit app that they did a loan initiation for almost 20k. We were very clear that we were about to refinance and we were not ready to move forward. They promised it was a mistake and they would get Loanpal to reverse the loan I initiation. Almost 2 months later and they still have not fixed this and won't pick up or return our calls. After looking through other reviews I see that we are not the only ones that have been lied to like this. This has affected our ability to refinance our home. They are hurting hard working families.

Desired Outcome

All we want is Meraki to reach out to loanpal and tell them the loan initiation was a mistake as they promised. Then have Loan Pal issue a letter confirming the reversal so we can have this mistake removed from our credit report.

Meraki Solar Response time Jan 07, 2020

Good Morning ***,

I cannot locate you in our system. Under the name *** I cannot locate any customer name or file.

The customer claim that the pull affected their credit score37 and 70 points respectfully is incorrect. A softpull would affect an estimate of 5 points and a hardpull an estimate of 5. I would like verification of the credit pull and score affected to substantiate this claim as it is very unusual and highly unlikely.

For the salesrep to initiate a soft pull, the customer would have had to provide pertinent information for the soft pull to be initiated in the first place.

I have reached out to loanpal for substation of allegation and cannot proceed as I have no information by the name of the customer on this claim.

Additionally this customer barrages our social media trolling every post. I have reached out and shared that I would discuss any concern but have not been contacted by him.

came to our house to discuss solar solutions. They told us they needed to do a soft credit pull to see if we were a candidate for solar. We said we did not want to do anything that would affect our credit because we were planning on refinancing within the next 2 months. They assured us it was just a soft pull and it would not affect our credit. The following day I decided to check my credit on my banking app and it turns out they did a hard pull that dropped my credit by 37 points. *** all said it was a mistake and would get it fixed. Aaron said it would take 72 hours. A month and a half into this now and it still has not been resolved. After promising to get it fixed, *** now claims his hands are tied. This affects my family's ability to refinance and will cost us thousands of dollars in the long run. It seems this company will tell you anything you want to hear to make a sale. I truly hope others see this before allowing Meraki Solar into their house. It is ashame people are corrupting something as great as solar energy. I would give zero stars if I could!

Should be ZERO stars. Avoid this company. They will give you the Song and dance when trying to sell you the system but it all goes down hill from there. They said they are quick to install - it took several months and in those months NO communication. We'd call and get ZERO response. During the sale they told us they'd install the Nest so we could control the climate remotely. Here we are 6+ months later and no Nest(s) (we have 2 AC units so they promised 1 for each). We've called the Las Cruces office countless times, messaged them on Facebook and called the El Paso office several times. NO ONE calls back. WORST customer service I've ever experienced. These guys are just out to make a buck and move on to the next house.

Meraki Solar Response time Nov 19, 2019


Thank you for sharing your concern. I dug into our phone records and we dont have a record of you contacting headquarters. I would love to speak with you and resolve your concern. Thank you, Mellie

Avoid Meraki! Unfortunately I did not shop around for panels but I have had nothing but headaches with them. The sales representative that is said to be the manager does not know how the panels work. I have had to do my own research. They have yet to finish my install and now the sales representative "manager" does not answer my call. The only time you will see them is the day of the sale. Avoid wasting your time and money save yourself the headache.

Was repeatedly told by sales reps that we would not be charged anything and found out only that we now have a 20 year loan by the solar panel company.
Sales reps were very misleading and continuously told us we would not have to pay for anything. They came to our home and told us that the electric bill I pay to the electric company, would be paid to the solar company instead and if I burn more electricity than what the solar panels generate I would need to pay the electric company the difference. They NEVER told us the electric company would bill us $25 a month for the electric meter that stays in place for security purposes (this was said to us by the City Inspector). They stated we would get a rebate of $45 when we file our income taxes and that needed to be sent to the loan company, otherwise our monthly bill would go up to $90 something dollars. When the 2 people from Meraki were here they were adamant in stating we would not be paying anything, however when I was going through the process of signing documents, the female agent was rushing through everything and not explaining to us that we were essentially signing up for a 20 year loan. We found out about the loan when we received a call from *** We NEVER were advised of a loan, and if we were, we would not have agreed to a 20 year loan when we are well into our 80's and not in the best of health. We want the Loan cancelled, as it was never explained to us there would even be a loan, and I feel that we were scammed by these sales reps as we are older and do not fully understand these new technology processes. We were also promised new light bulbs to replace every single light bulb in the home, to which we never received. At this point we just want the loan cancelled and the solar panels removed from our property. My granddaughter was present for the signing as well and heard them tell us repeatedly there would be NO CHARGES as we were signing the documents on her computer. I also signed the computer the female agent had, however as stated before she was going through everything very quickly and was just telling me to initial here and there. We were advised by *** that they were opening an investigation into this on their end as well as initially they were contacted. Case number provided by them is #XXXXX

Desired Outcome

Loan cancelled and solar panels removed from property

Meraki Solar Response time Nov 08, 2019

This customers claim is false. Meraki has a proposal and installation agreement that were signed by the customer. The customer states that he understands that he will have a connection fee to the local utility provider. This customer signed loan docs with Loanpal. Additionally, the customer completed a welcome call with the installer company.

Customer Response time Nov 12, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The Claim is not false, as Meraki claims in their response. They are stating that Loan pal was signed and that they have signatures which I have not disputed. I stated that I did sign these, however, I was told repeatedly we would not pay anything when this initial process was started by their sales reps.In regards to the "Loan", I was NOT told anything about a loan until I received the call from Loan pal advising of a 20 year loan. Why would I have chosen a loan with a company that I don't know, when I could have gone to First Light Federal Credit Union on Fort Bliss Military Base instead which is where we have conducted ALL our loans. Furthermore, I stated that I was rushed through the process by their Representatives during the initial signing and I was told to initial here and sign there. AGAIN, under the impression given by the representatives there was to be NO cost to us. This question was asked by myself and my wife multiple times and our grand-daughter was present during the time they came to speak with us about the Solar panels and when they came the day to have me sign everything. To reiterate, under the guise I would not have to pay anything. They NEVER gave us a total amount either, all we were told by the sales rep was "we qualify for $68 a month." The sales rep for Meraki informed us of a $45 rebate we would receive when we filed our income taxes, but no mention of said rebate having to be turned over to the Loan company; if we do not turn said rebate over to the
loan company we were advised our payments would go up to roughly $90-$100 a month. We were promised "FREE" light bulbs to replace all the existing ones we currently have in our home. Both of the above were mentioned in the initial complaint.We were told by the sales rep he would be here at the time of installation, and he was a NO SHOW. He informed us he was going to bring "donuts" when my wife informed him we are diabetics and cannot eat those.At this point as stated I want the solar panels removed and the Loan terminated as we feel we were scammed into this. Lastly, their sales team was well aware we are not computer literate.

Meraki is by far the worst ! they are not truthful . They talk you into investing in stupid worthless panels. And when it comes down to needing from them they do not come thru. The sales associates are trained to say everything you want to hear . They lied about full service . So disappointed overall . Wish now I would have not fallen for this bull. DO NOT waste your time much less MONEY ! Do not open your door when they come knocking!

Meraki Solar Response time Nov 04, 2019


It looks like we've had recent communication regarding your concern. You expressed to one of our Support members that you are currently in the process of purchasing a new home and would like to move your panels. Meraki facilitated your call to Solcius to check on the options for moving your panels. Unfortunately, per Solcius your installer, moving your panels to a different home when they were designed for the home that they are on would not be an option. You signed your contract on 5/24. Your system was installed on 7/10, PTOd and turned on 7/18. Solcius recommended another option which would be to sell the home and include the cost of the loan remaining for the panels. If you would like panels on your new home, we could go through the process again. You stated adding the price of the existing panels to the price of the house would not be an option. You also stated that you were told by your realtor the panels would have to be removed before selling the house. It is concerning that your realtor stated this because solar adds value to a home. My apologies that your request is not able to be accomodated by Solcius. Each solar package has a site plan created for each individual home, and it is unable to be relocated. Many variables go into these designs that are tailor-made for each home.

Please let us know if you would like to reconsider going solar on your new home. I will be more than happy to assist you have any steps of that process.


Meraki Support

Se presentaron una pareja de jovenes en nuestra casa, despues de varios intentos los dejamos que nos mostraran el video y la presentacion. Luego ellos prometieron regalarnos una television de x pulgadas y entre otras cosas. si es que aceptaramos comprar los paneles, que para luego nunca las vimos. Tambien pidieron nuestra informacion de nuestro banco, que ellos dijeron que nada mas era para propositos de verificacion. Pues despues de prometer , ya jamas supimos de ellos, despues de varios intentos de llamadas al par, jamas contestaron el telefono.Luego llegaron los instaladores, instalaron los paneles , despues hable a esta compañia MERAKI y hable con una representante que no se como me explico las cosas per que esa pareja no trabaja para ellos. que si ellos prometieron algo, tenia que estar por escrito, para ellos poder hacer algo. Cuando estaba hablando con ella, me percate que nosotros no eramos los unicos que estabamos pasando por esto. Ella sabe muy bien como hacernos sentir como que ya no se puede hacer nada. No entiendo realmente como es que van a las casas con puras mentiras para envolver a la gente. Tengan mucho cuidado., no dejen que esta gente los engatuze y les prometa cosas que no van a cumplir. Cabe mencionar que la informacion del banco , era para poder darsela a la compañia financiera que estara sacando el dinero de la cuenta para poder pagar el producto.

Awsome service by our sales rep Noah. Answered all my questions anytime I talked to him. Also took care of any issues I had in very fast time.

Do not get this company after they get their money the sales reps and the associates there never can help you. Worst customers experience. With many companies offering solar panels get someone that will take care of you after the installation on questions you might have after.

I was told that my monthly billing would be $40.00 a month during the summer and in winter that I would not have a bill
I was told that during the summer time my monthly bill would be $40.00 a month with the number of panels that I have on my house. I got my first bill and its over $190.00, and now on top of that I have to pay now for the panels thats another $90 ish dollars a month.

Desired Outcome

As it comes that they lied to me about my payment for the electric bill, they should have to step in and help make the monthly payments for the solar company

Meraki Solar Response time Jul 29, 2019

Meraki wants to apologize if there was any miscommunication at the time of sale with the independent contractor. It is a common misconception when going solar that you will no longer have a electricity bill. Most customers will still pay a vastly reduced electricity bill to their utility company in addition to the monthly loan payment. Typically, homeowners consume more electricity than the solar system generates, therefore, you will still owe your utility for that excess consumption. You will always have a service fee from your provider to be connected to the grid. The rep has agreed to compensate you for half of your solar payments for 6 months for the miscommunication during the time of sale. Also, provide an Optibox to increase your offset at no charge.


Meraki Support

Meraki Support

Meraki Solar Response time Oct 09, 2019


My apologies that your experience has been less than pleasant with going solar. You reached out to Meraki with a concern regarding your offset. Because you acknowledged your offset on the proposal with your signature and provided your consent over the phone during the welcome call, Meraki's hands were tied. Meraki attempted to provide resolution to your issue with a check for 6 months of half the cost of your solar payment. We also offered you an Optibox, which cost $850.00, free of charge. Meraki had this delivered and installed in your home. Meraki and Solcius advised that you would need more documented solar production before we could provide an estimate on how many additional panels were needed for your desired offset. Before the check arrived at your home, you chose to cancel. Once Meraki received notice of the cancellation, the check was voided but the optibox was not uninstalled. Meraki did not send you an invoice for the optibox despite cancellation.

Meraki has been more than willing to help you, but the cancellation policy from your contract states that if you cancel outside of the 3 day cancellation grace period there would be incurred cost.

The Sales agent working with Meraki had sold us too many solar panels for our size roof and the agent had promised us refrigerated air. Never done.
We were sold the solar panels back in October of 2018 by *** the sales agent for Meraki. He had promised refrigerated air along with the panels. The panels were installed on January 3, 2019. We have worked with *** for months and refrigerated air was never installed. He over sold us in the amount of solar panels. We should have half the amount of solar panels on the roof. We were financed through LoanPal and ERU's Energy is the company who installed the solar panels. I feel they should have caught the discrepency in the amount of solar panels that was installed. Now they say nothing is wrong with the amount we have. I feel we were scammed by the company.

Desired Outcome

I want them to put the correct amount of solar panels for our size home. Our neighbor has the exact same floor plan as us and has half the solar panels. He had it installed with ERU's Energy. I want them to fix the amount. We were oversold on solar panels. We got a lawyer regarding the issue, but they are not wanting to fix problem.

Meraki Solar Response time Jul 29, 2019

On behalf of Meraki, we apologize that you have been having these issues with your solar experience. Per the independent contractor you worked with, he has reached out to you to fulfill the refrigerated air promise. As a dealer we try to ensure that every customer gets a system size that best fits their needs. System size is determined by 12 months of usage prior to getting solar. The average usage of 12 months will determine the number of panels used to generate the necessary amount of power to reach the desired offset. Usage is one of the biggest factors in designing a system, as it is specific to the customer. Permitting for the solar process, particularly in El Paso, is quite vigorous. If there were too many panels for your home the city would have denied permitting. Erus was your installer and the holder of your contract. Please reach out to Erus for any concerns regarding your contractual agreement at XXX-XXX-XXXX.

Customer Response time Jul 31, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The salesman at Meraki never put in the refrigerated air. He kept putting us off. He kept setting a date for installation and no one ever showed up. Right in front of my husband and mother - in- law he assured them that the air would be done on May 18. Never happened, so no he did not reach out to us like he the said. Nothing ever came of it. Plus, they put way too many panels for the refrigerated air. My neighbor has exact same model of house and refrigerated ac and he only has 20 panels on his roof. We have double the panels. I am adding a letter from my neighbors and uploading an estimate of what we should have. I feel we were scammed. I also added a link of another estimate for solar panels that was done too. Here's the link . It has an estimate of my house.

Meraki Solar Response time Aug 29, 2019

Document Attached***
Please find attached design plans from Erus Energy the install company. The home per the contract purchased a 8.13 kw system the panels installed were 25 Hanwha q cells. 25 panels at 325 would be a 8.125 system size. I have attached a copy of the design so the homeowner can see that he only has the 25 panels that he agreed to.
Also I would like to make the home owner aware that EPE will not PTO any system that is oversold this keeps the homeowner protected from what he seems to think happened.
We are here to help in any way we can. Please let us know what we can do to help this homeowner understand that he should only have a total of 25 panels on his roof and we are not sure where the panel count is coming from.

Colorado Springs region. Offered solar by an associate, and had some more technical questions. District manager was involved, stated he would check my credit. Specified it would not be a credit inquiry, that there was no risk and no impact on my credit.
Did not authorize a "hard" credit inquiry. Did not sign anything. Did not provide my full social security number.
Later on, received an email notification from my credit monitoring that I had a new credit inquiry and that it would remain . Meraki Solar lied to me and performed an unauthorized credit inquiry.

They were suppose to give me a check and some light bulbs and the salesman kept them and quit and also lied about what I was suppose to pay
They were suppose to give me a check and some light bulbs and the salesman names *** kept them and quit and his co worker *** said he would send a new a check and the light bulbs and never did and stopped answering our calls and blocked our numbers and they also lied about what I was suppose to pay they offered me the solar system saying I was going to pay less than what I pay to el paso electric and now im going to end up paying more than double we talked to their supervisor and said he was going to fix this problem never did and stopped answering the phone to us aswell

Desired Outcome

i just want out contract canceled i dont want anything to do with them���

Meraki Solar Response time Feb 25, 2019

Hello, thank you for your feedback, we have looked into this and contacted your Sales Rep, we are working to fix this, so that we may further assist you, please give our headquarters a call at (XXX) XXX-XXXX, and my Director of Sales Support will be more than willing to take care of this issue for you.

I trusted Meraki Solutions on my Solar Panel Installation and it turned out to be a nightmare. very stressful and disappointing situation.
I was visited by *** mid June 2018 who provided a consultation on Solar Panels for our home. We proceeded to accept and our credit was ran. We got the Solar panels installed late in July due to an oversight on our application and then due to more paperwork needed. we were fine with that, we understood oversights happen. However, after that installation, nothing ever happened, we were not in a rush. In September we received a bill for the panels due on October 20 2018, our panels still not operable and I proceeded to contact the consultant *** at XXX-XXX-XXXX but was at first unable to get in touch with him so I called the Erus Energy who installed the panels. I was promised a refund of $123.43 which is our monthly payment. no refund ever came however *** did write us a check for the amount of $123 to cover the October bill and promised to stay in touch until this was resolved. on November X XXXX, *** forwarded me a message from Erus which I quote said "We are waiting on the town of Socorro to release the passed inspection to EPE so they will set the meter. Her next payment is due on 11/15. If the meter is not set by then Erus will make her next payment for her". November 15 came and passed and *** sent me a text on November 19 that Erus will be in fact reimbursing me the $123.43 and that was the last message/call I ever received from *** I texted him on November 29, December 5 and on December 7 and all went unanswered. I never got a reimbursement or explanation as to why it all went down hill as it did. let me add that I finally got the panels operable the end of November but my initial complaint was never resolved. I will not be recommending Meraki Solutions to anyone. Worst experience in my life so far.

Desired Outcome

per the contract i signed with Meraki and Erus Energy, i was not to make a payment until 60 days after operable system. my system was operable the end of November 2018. i would like November's, December's and January's Bills covered in full to fulfill that contract. it is not fair that i have to pay for their oversight.

Meraki Solar Response time Jan 04, 2019

Hi ***,

I have looked into your concerns and I apologize that things have not worked out the way the sales rep has promised you. I want to assure you that we take concerns like this very seriously. With that said, Sunlight your loan company does bill 60 days once the system is installed. I show that your system was installed on the 20th of August. This means you would have gotten your first bill in November which is when you did. We can not cover bills that you signed to pay for. I also show that your system was turned on in November so everything should be good to go for you. Please let me know if there are anymore concerns.

Customer Response time Jan 08, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
thank you for your quick response. your information is not accurate. my system was installed the end of July no August. Our first bill was in October not November. either you are looking at the wrong account of our information was altered to justify your wrong doing. I have attached several forms, emails and my contract to prove so. My salesman, Sean Sandoval, promised a reimbursement for the month of November and he stopped responding to my texts and calls to avoid giving me a reimbursement. this is no longer about money to us, me and my husband, it is about integrity. we are honest people and the stress and humiliation we have received from Meraki Solutions is out of hand. I just hope my review helps other customers in that they will chose another Solar company for their solar panel's installation. I recommend the installations of solar panels but I will never recommend Meraki Solutions for that matter. I recommended a couple of family members to get their panels installed but I am happy to say that they went with a different provider and one even got 2 months of their electric bill paid for upfront. again thanks for your quick response and hope my review gets posted for others to see.

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Address: 21 N New Warrington Rd, Pensacola, Florida, United States, 32506


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