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Merchants Acceptance

1314 Auburn Way N, Auburn, Washington, United States, 98002-4109

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I purchased a *** vacuum from a door to door salesman several years ago. I agreed to pay him $200 by check on the day of purchase. I also agreed to pay a monthly fee on the 17th of each month which was on autopay. I have paid this company each month the fee by AUTOPAY for several years. The final payment was taken out of my account on the 17th of October 2020. Shortly after the final payment was taken from my account, I received a phone call at almost 9pm from a man claiming I owed a late fee of $15 that I supposedly owed from November of some other year. I told him that it was on autopay the entire time so that was impossible and also extremely offensive as they have taken thousands of dollars from my account with no information of payment history or once even mentioning this fake late fee. The man said he would waive the fee and quickly hung up the phone. I then had another call from the same number that I did not accept. Then a letter in the mail claiming another late fee of 10 dollars from my past due payment from 10/16/2020 as well as $15 dollars I owed. This is a complete scam to get extra money and destroy my great credit. I have paid this company in full and have not been late. Nor do I need to be threatened and harassed for a fee I do not owe and was told by phone was being removed from their end anyway.

Merchants Acceptance Response • Nov 03, 2020

Merchants Acceptance Corp. (MAC) has investigated this consumer complaint. The consumer had a $15 NSF fee charged to her account in November 2017 that was the result of the first payment being returned to MAC unable to locate account. It was later determined that the initial setup of the autopay had the incorrect bank account number. MAC agreed to waive the $15 NSF fee on the account, however the supervisor handling the account failed to submit the account to accounting to execute the fee waiver. MAC has waived the $15 balance owing on the account and has closed it as paid in full. There has been no negative reporting to the credit bureau and the account will report as paid in full and paid as agreed. Please see attached paid in full confirmation letter.


Customer Response • Nov 03, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


I purchased a vacuum from Kirby using Merchants acceptance. The sales lady told me that there would be no interest and the copy of the contract that I signed did not have any interest on it. I was told that if it wasn't paid in three years that the interest would be added at that point. I called to pay it off today and was told that the interest has been being added and that it would cost me $228 and some change to pay it off.

Merchants Acceptance Response • Aug 06, 2020

The contract (attached) that was executed by the customer and verified with the customer does indicate that should the customer go the full 36 month term of the contract that there will be $177.88 in finance charges. Should the customer payoff early they are entitled to a refund of the unearned finance charge for the months the loan was not open. The current payoff on the account is $228.84 which represents the refunded of the unearned finance charge for the remaining months of the contract. Please contact me directly at *** should you have any further questions.

Jarod Y

Director of Business Operations


I purchased a Kirby in June 2018. I had payments scheduled to come out of my bank account automatically since I purchased this Kirby every day almost they call me and tell me my payment was missed it was never missed it automatically comes out of my bank account I get letters on a weekly telling me that they assess a late fee for the payment that they did in fact receive now the loan is up and I'm still told I need to pay $540 in fact today I even got a letter saying that my July 11th payment was late it was not late I have bank statements proving this my bank is willing to back me up proving that the payments came out on time every other week has arranged this loan should have ended in June on my credit report it even reads that payments were made on time but now that the loan is over there all of a sudden saying I still owe $545 lawn was supposed to end in June they have collected payments throughout July and are still charging late fees on the payments that they collected even though those payments were on time I do not owe any more for this Kirby

Merchants Acceptance Response • Aug 07, 2020

Merchants Acceptance Corp. has completed an investigation into this complaint. The customer is setup for automatic payments on this account; however there have been several returned payments for non sufficient funds throughout the life of the contract. These returned payments have cause the account to accrue NSF fee's and late fee's. Throughout the course of this account the customer has accrued $499 in fee's, all of these fee's are contractually owed by the customer. Merchants Acceptance Corp. is willing to work with the customer and waive half of these fee's in the amount of $249.50. The customer will still have a remaining balance of $231.96 which is accruing daily interest per the terms of the contract as the contract has matured. The account has been removed from automatic payments at the customers request but will remain open until the remaining balance is paid in full. Please contact me directly should you have any questions or need any further assistance.

Jarod Y

Director of Business Operations

Customer Response • Aug 07, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.
I will pay the 231.00 today then account should be closed per agreement

Me and my husband purchased a vacuum cleaner through Rainbow and we have been making payments through merchants acceptance - we called on May 18th to pay our account in full and have it removed from our credit report (this was discussed on the phone when I called in person) - in return, they have received their money, but they have not removed this from our credit report for deletion even though we have paid our entire account in full for them. They never had an easy way of making payments except online and you couldn't even log into your account - you just had to type in your account number and pray and hope the payment would go through. Instead, after we paid our entire account in full, they reported to the credit bureaus that we still have a balance with them. This company is extremely unprofessional, I am not really sure why they are still operating - I am very prepared to take this into a court matter if this PAID IN FULL account is not removed from my credit report effective immediately or if it is not reported correctly to my credit report. Its ridiculous that we have paid exactly $3,079.00 and it was recently reported that we still have a balance with them.

Customer Response • Jun 16, 2020

I meant to include in the reply box that they need to email me a letter immediately that they have reached out to all 3 major credit burease to remove this account off of my credit report. The letter needs to state that they have made this request for deletion and they need to include their letterhead, address, and phone number. I need this pronto.

Merchants Acceptance Response • Jun 16, 2020

Merchants Acceptance Corp.(MAC) has completed an investigation into this consumer complaint. The account referenced in this complaint was charged off due to non payment in March 2020; the customer did pay the balance in full on May 14,2020. Please be advised that Charge Off status with the credit reporting agencies is a permanent status; once a charge off is paid in full the balance that is reporting is updated to show a zero balance. MAC has confirmed with Experian, Equifax and Transunion that this account is reporting as zero balance and is reporting correctly, there is no balance owed being reported to the credit reporting agencies as the consumer states in their complaint. Please also understand that we can not guarantee the accuracy of your credit reporting when using a 3rd party credit monitoring service (example: Credit Karma). We can only guarantee the accuracy of your credit reporting when the credit report is requested directly through Experian, Equifax and Transunion. I have reviewed all phone calls and correspondence with this customer since contacting our offices to pay in full on 5/14/2020 and at no point was it agreed that this account would be completely removed or deleted from credit reporting. MAC is willing to accommodate the consumers desired resolution of having the account deleted from credit reporting to appease the consumer and it does not indicate any wrongdoing or misreporting by MAC. A request has been made to all three credit reporting agencies to remove this account from credit reporting; please allow up to 21 days to reflect on your consumer credit report that is requested directly from one of the three major credit reporting agencies.

Customer Response • Jun 16, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


They called again tonight looking for someone. We NEVER did business with this company and keep telling them to stop calling us, yet they keep it up. They are harassing us for something we have NOTHING to do with. We will start calling g our veteran reps next. This is beyond ridiculous!

Merchants Acceptance Response • May 20, 2020

Merchants Acceptance Corp. has investigated this complaint. The phone number provided was provided as a personal reference for an open account that we are servicing. The phone number was called on 4/14 and on 5/19. As of 5/19 the phone number has been placed on a do not call list as requested by the consumer.

Customer Response • May 20, 2020

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:
we found out this is an attempt to collect a debt, not a reference check of any kind. We requested not to be called the FIRST time and the company ignored us because they are aggressively trying to collect a debt we have NOTHING to do with. This practice should not be allowed at any time. Now the is involved, they are saying they will not contact us. I am ok with closing the case with the and will immediately notify the if they ever call again.

Someone opened an account under my name and the company refused to send me documents or proof of account ownership and I am in collections over this!!!

Merchants Acceptance Response • May 21, 2020

This consumer review was addressed in a complaint on 11/23/2019. The customer was personally served the debt validation for this debt on 6/2/2014 before a judgment was entered against them. Copies of the judgment and debt validation documents are again being emailed to the consumer.

they called my brother and I over 40 times each; asking for *** and saying that he needs to call them about reference *** and press option 1. my voice mail message indicates that I am ***. my brother called them last month and demanded that the calls cease. he stopped receiving phone calls. between 2/24/2020 and 4/24/2020 I have received 20 voice mail messages and answered the phone on three occasions. 3/11/2020 16:31. - told them that I am not ***. I never purchased a Kirby vacuum. I have no business with them. they argued with me the first time, saying they need to call this number because it's on their list. 3/17/2020 20:00 - they remained silent to my declaration that I am not *** and to stop calling me. 4/21/2020 16:35 - on the third call I explained to them that I was not *** and that I would be filing a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and the I received several more voice mail messages after that. I have saved the last 20 voice mail messages as evidence. I called the main office branch this evening and insisted on speaking with a manager. I explained to him that my brother and I have never bought a Kirby vacuum and that they should terminate this account and never call us again. he said that he would have them stop making phone calls to us. I also told them that if they have a legitimate debt that they should send something in writing like a normal professional collection agency. NONE of the three people I spoke to appear to have documented the contents of the call or take any corrective action to get these phone calls to stop. additionally, no written document that proved a debt existed was ever sent. the lack of any form of documentation leads me to believe that this company was attempting the pursuit of a false debt and hoped to harass us into paying them to stop the phone calls for something we never bought.

Merchants Acceptance Response • May 01, 2020

We sincerely apologize for your inconvenience and we can assure you there will be no further attempts to contact you at the phone number listed in your complaint. Your phone number was ceased immediately on your apprising us of this information on 4/24/2020. Merchants Acceptance Corp. had very good reason to believe that the phone number provided in the complaint was a good phone number for ***. According to cell phone provider data and caller ID, *** is the registered owner of that particular phone number. The request for written validation of this debt is being sent to the account holder at the current address that we have on file. If you need any further assistance please contact me directly at ***.


Jarod Y

Director of Business Operations

Customer Response • May 01, 2020

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:

although a termination of phone calls is satisfactory to me personally. I don't want this issue closed and "settled" until we have clarification and closure as to whether this debt is #1. real. #2. that the right people are being pursued in relationship to this debt. #3. if the debt IS real, and can be associated with my brother then it's a case of stolen identity on my brother's behalf. my brother already did a credit history check to see if he had a debt on his bank history that matched a vacuum cleaner of this sort and he came up with nothing.

I've known my brother for 46 years and he has never once bought a vacuum cleaner of any kind. neither of us had ANY knowledge of Kirby vacuum cleaners even existing until these people started calling us. the only vacuum either of us have used in the last 10 years is a Hoover vacuum that -I- personally bought at a local store.

I would like to wait until written proof of the validity of the debt has been received by my brother first. since we both know that he doesn't own a Kirby - this is the first step towards resolving the issue. it is possible that he's had his identity stolen and somebody else is using him as a scapegoat for their debt.


They continue to call me 3 times a day , even after I have asked them to stop calling me and come pick up the vacuum I can not afford it . They will not pick it up and continue to harrass me on the phone . I even blocked them from calling me and they still get through and leave messages . I don't know how to stop them from calling me except change my phone number and I can't really do that . PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

Merchants Acceptance Response • Apr 08, 2020

We have looked into this consumer complaint and reviewed all attempts to contact the consumer. All attempts have been within the guidelines of the FDCPA. No more that one message has been left per phone number per day and all attempts to contact the consumer have been between 8am - 9pm. The consumer had a 3 day right to cancel this purchase which they did not exercise. They have made 12 payments on this account. We will not the account note the account as a do not call but the debt will remain owed and outstanding.

BEWARE of door to door *** sales people that pull up in a van and want just a minute of your time trust me it's more than a wife and I sat through a 2 hour dog and pony show when I asked how much he skirted the issue and tried to sell me 2 vacuum cleaners for 2,600 dollars I told him to leave and he said he's trying to win a trip and a 80,000 dollar stingray I said good luck now leave so he said 1,900 for a vacuum cleaner my wife said its christmas so like a well trained dog I summited and went with there credit company called ***. well buyer BEWARE this company is full of thieves my first payment I played was $500 plus 6.00 for handling fee I said ok when I got a so called receipt there was a 36.00 interest fee WOW so I called there office got a guy named val he was nice told me we were being recorded for quality assurance ok well long story short he kept saying the rule of 78 *** it DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THIS COMPANY or you'll be very sorry you did

I call to pay a bill sent in the mail but end up being redirected to other businesses which are trying to sell me a service. They then don't transfer me to where I can pay my bill.

Merchants Acceptance Response • Oct 19, 2019

The only explanation in regards to this complaint is that the consumer is calling the incorrect phone number for Merchants Acceptance Corp.. We have only one phone number, 866-883-2392. We do not sell any products or services, we solely do consumer financing. We do not work in conjunction with any other businesses and redirect customers to them to sell them their services. If the customer could please provide the phone number they are contacting it might help in clear up this confusion. I will be personally calling the consumer today to get them all the information they need.

Merchants Acceptance Corp. received a signed contract for the purchase of a *** vacuum cleaner, in the name of my wife, ***. This contract was initiated by a door-to-door salesman some time in the month of June 2019. We were both in France for the entire month, leaving on 30 May, and returning in haste on 4 July, following some extensive identity theft causing money to be taken from our credit union account. On July 5, in the mail, there was a payment book, with a payment due shortly. I called to explain that it could not be our debt, and the contract was false, a forgery. They did not respond actively: I asked for a copy of this contract -- none was sent, and they said they would send a form to complete and return -- they did not. We did finally get this form, an affidavit for a Identity Theft about a month later. This whole affair is very stressful: I am 83, and my wife is 85 -- we are not deadbeats, but that is how one feels when not taken seriously. This finance firm, Merchants Acceptance is trying to collect on a forged contrract; we are tired of dealing with this. They need to put their legs; department into action, investigate the forgery. They or the salesman, or both, clearly failed to exercise due diligence in not verifying the identity of the buyer/purchaser -- or the fraud was done by the salesperson or someone in contact with him. Last week, in late September we received a man at the house door, accompanied by another man, saying he was the one who sold the *** vacuum ... and after some minutes into the discussion stated the he did not recognize my wife, as the buyer, nor the house -- that is either incompetence or deceptive behavior. I find that Merchants Acceptance is foot dragging in this matter, and when I read the customer complaints filed with, I note that this must be an ongoing practice. There seems to be a close tie to *** vacuum cleaners; future buyers should be very careful dealing with ***/Merchants Accep

Merchants Acceptance Response • Oct 08, 2019

Merchants Acceptance Corp. (MAC) is working diligently on the open ID Theft complaint by Ms.. Once management was apprised of the complaint on 9/3/2019 we immediately advised Ms. of our procedure of completing the ID Theft Complaint and Affidavit form as it is outlined on the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines and website. A copy of the form is attached to this complaint. The ID Theft complaint form was mailed to Ms. the same day on 9/3/2019, after several weeks of not receiving the completed form back from Ms. a follow-up call was placed on 10/4/19 to her. Ms. returned the call on 10/5/19 and indicated she was not comfortable completing the form with her SSN on it. I personally returned Ms.’s phone call on 10/7/19 to advise her to just complete the form to the best of her ability and to send in the completed form. When management was apprised of this account on 9/3/2019 it was determined that a previous complaint was verbally taken by our agent on 7/16/2019 and the agent properly informed customer of the process and procedure to resolve the complaint but after investigation it was determined that there was an unsent email in the agents email folders to apprise management of the complaint that would have prompted an investigation to be opened.

MAC does take ID Theft very seriously and institutes all processes and procedures during loan origination to be in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act in order to eliminate occurrences of ID Theft. MAC ensures that a photo ID is verified for each loan originated, that the customer answer a series of questions verifying items on their personal credit report as well as an outbound courtesy phone call placed to consumer after the date of the original sale. In this case the sophistication of the person committing the fraud was to the extent that they were able to present a photo ID, answer several questions from Ms.’s credit profile as well as complete a courtesy call with MAC just days after sale; thus raising no red flags of potential ID theft.

We understand that having your identity stolen can be a very frustrating and taxing event. Ms. should be assured that this matter is being taken seriously and that the account will be resolved, closed and removed from her credit profile once the completed ID Theft Complaint Form is received by our offices.

*** Attachments Redacted by

I had reached out to the sales person Michele that came to my residence back in January 2019 to do the presentation 2 days after the presentation what I thought about and it went over my finances and I couldnt afford the *** vaccum. I went back and forth with her and her manager Mike about my options to return the product and they both blew me off. I was told the amount of the product was $1500. Hence to say I have been struggling the make the payments and now trying to resolve the problem with Merchant is useless as well. I have tried reaching out to merchant to pay the product off without the high interest that they have added and they say it is close to $3000 to no avail! this is ruining my credit I really want from underneath this machine.

Merchants Acceptance Response • Sep 07, 2019

Merchants Acceptance Corp.(MAC) has investigated the complaint submitted by *** (consumer). We have determined that the consumer did not properly cancel the contract entered into for the financing of the purchase of a *** Home Cleaning System. Per the terms of the contract the consumer would have needed to send written notification to the seller by midnight of January 22, 2019. The consumer signed this legally binding contract with the terms of the financing clearly disclosed to her about the amount she was financing, finance charges, monthly payments and the term of the loan. I have attached a copy of the signed contract. There terms of financingwere also verified with the consumer on the date of purchase by MAC. The consumer has made payments on the loan further acknowledging the contract, but she has fallen behind. We do have options to assist her in getting the accountcurrent and she is welcome to contact me directly to further discuss these options. My direct number is ***. We are unable to cancel the loan or the purchase and the consumer will be responsible for the performance of the contract.


RE: Reported to Credit Bureau as 30 days late due to going over my contract due date.

Each time I have spoken with their representative regarding my payment due, I have asked the representative specifically the question, if by making my payment on the date I am authorizing over the phone with them, will the agreed date keep me from being reported as 30 days late to the credit bureau. The different representatives I have spoken with on my account as different times have assured me that I should not be reported.

Today I contacted the company and spoke to a Supervisor Manager his name was Tyrone. I explained my concern above and he's response was that I was advised by his representatives that my account was incurring additional interests daily which I understood the daily interest part. My concern is the reporting due to going over my contract due date. The representatives have always assured me I was within the 30 days reporting time frames. My concern was that the representatives that I have spoken with at no time did they explain or advise me that by going past my contract date, that they would report my account
to the credit bureau as 30 days late for going over the contract due date.

I am requesting that they remove the late reporting from my account due to the fact that I have always expressed to the representatives that I do not want to be reported to the credit bureau as 30 days late. At no time during any of my conversations with them did they disclose or share with me that by going over my contract end date that the company would report me as 30 days late.

Merchants Acceptance Response • Aug 06, 2019

The contract that we have with the customer is a close ended precomputed installment loan that was scheduled for 36 payments with a final payment date of 6/29/2019. Any remaining balance beyond the final payment date is due in full per the terms of the contract and those payments are considered past due payments. The customer has been made aware of the post maturity status of the account since 7/11/2019 when our agents verbally informed her of this over the phone. There has been plenty of time to make the remaining payment on the account before it was reported as 30 days past due on 7/29/2019. We have responsibility to report the account as it is paid per the terms of the contract. Merchants Acceptance Corp. (MAC) is willing to contact the credit reporting agencies and inquire about making a one time good will adjustment to the reporting of this account after it is paid in full. Please contact me directly at *** to further discuss this resolution that we hope you will find satisfactory.

Customer Response • Aug 06, 2019

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

They have indicated they are willing to contact the credit reporting agencies and make a one time good will adjustment to their reporting of my account after it is paid in full. I would like to confirm they are going to contact all three credit bureau agencies with this update.

Please advise the name of the contact person at Merchants Acceptance that I should call and speak with today to make my full payment and payoff my account.


Merchants Acceptance Response • Aug 08, 2019

Attached is the request to the credit bureaus to update credit reporting as well as a letter confirming the account is paid in full and the request to the credit bureaus has been made.


Customer Response • Aug 08, 2019

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


The company is calling and threatening me because I have been a victim of a scam by *** and
Merchants Acceptance Corp of Bellevue, Wa.

Merchants Acceptance Response • Jul 23, 2019

I have attached the ID theft complaint form that was mailed to this customer on April 18, 2019. The form needs to be fully completed and returned along with a copy of a police report and photo ID in order to investigate this customers claims further. The form that is provided comes directly from the Federal Trade Commission and is standard procedure for handling ID theft complaints. If Ms. needs any further assistance, I would encourage her to contact me directly at ***.

I purchased a *** vacuum back in May that was financed through this company. Upon purchasing the vacuum I was told by the sales team that my first payment wouldn't be due until July (it was part of their pitch with a payment not being due right away), in which I made note on my calendar. I called today to make my payment that would be due on July 14th and was told that my account was past due, that I had a payment due on June 14th; of which I was unaware of. The representative then proceeded to tell me the amount that was due included a $10 late fee. I explained to the representative my situation of not being aware that a payment was due in June and asked if there could be a one-time courtesy of waiving the late fee. In short, the representative was very rude and continued to argue with me and talk over me. I asked to speak to a supervisor due to his lack of professionalism and he responded with telling me to call back! I again then asked to be transferred to a supervisor and the representative hung up on me! I am extremely appalled by their lack of professionalism! I have never in my life been hung up on by a "business"!

Merchants Acceptance Response • Jul 11, 2019

Merchants Acceptance Corp.(MAC) has reviewed the call that Mrs. is referring to that occurred 7/10/2019. We apologize that she feels she received poor service and lack of professionalism. The agent handling the call was very calm and courteous and professionally communicated to the customer the reason for the late fee was due to the first payment being due 6/14/19 and not 7/14/19. This due date is what is on the contract the customer signed (attached) as well confirmed verbally over the phone with a MAC representative on 5/6/2019, the day of the sale. When it was communicated that the fee was a legit fee and would not be waived the consumer became very irritated and argumentative and demanded a supervisor. At this point the agent handling the call did not follow proper protocol by transferring the call to a supervisor and took it upon himself to disconnect the call. This is not proper policy/procedure and corrective action will be taken. MAC agrees to waive the late fee on the account and will contact the consumer directly to explain.

Customer Response • Jul 18, 2019

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


Still charging intrest on a closed account that was sent into collections in 2015. Predatory to say the least. Even with it being a joint account, it is still reflecting that full and now inflated balance on my credit score. The joint person is now my ex and I am a survivor of their domestic violence, which my partners DV pressed me into signing together for the purchase. I have not paid a dime and will not pay a dime because they keep tacking on charges... for a debt that is only 1/2 mine.

Where do I start. I had a van full of folks came to my neighborhood selling kirbys. They wanted to show me a vaccum. I told them I already had one. Well this is the updated and new version so I give it a shot. Well, as if I had known that they would have stayed here approximately three and a half hours I certainly wouldn't have said that I would take a look. Okay so here we go. Well to begin with the girl came in she had a so-called person in training with her and the I guess it was the so-called manager or whatever he stayed out with a friend of mine on the porch. I told them that I was busy in the middle of remodeling. They said no problem no problem we only going to take a few minutes of your time. Honestly I guess Concepcion and theirs are totally different. So the girl begins her presentation which was okay but I was more familiar with the the Kirby system then she was. She had a trainee with her that did nothing not even pay attention and she is in training. So now that we know how their training process goes, it explains a lot. These people are ruthless they will not leave your house unless at least three to four hours of wasted time and have you in a contract that brings you to this company that is rude, very unprofessional. I now have a vacuum cleaner that I have spent more time on the phone with this company then I have using the product. Hats off to Kirby they make a great vacuum but the company that is used to finance it is unbelievable. I have made my payments online so I can get Aid immediate receipt. Well, I have chronic pancreatitis and became ill and was hospitalized. I missed one payment and have been on the phone for days with these unexperienced very rude supposedly customer service. I contacted them to correct the payment that I missed. The payment was missed in April, so it was taken care of immediately and I have received a statement from my bank showing the amount that was needed to come current had been processed. So today, I get a phone call. They said I was behind $114. My monthly payment is $56, I paid $98 for missed payment that even with late fees doesn't add up to the amount stated Buy customer service. So the account is current. I have not received any notification that the $98 what's still on my account. This is June and my payment is due on the 13th of every month. I pay on the 3rd which is 10 days early and I'm current. Today to a customer service rep that said the $98 was never received so I needed to pay the 114. This is almost July and I will be making another payment next week. But they are saying that I'm still behind. The customer service rep want me to present them with a statement from the bank that showed the payment was processed. I declined to do so as that is not my job. I have proof and will not share. The customer service rep wanted to go all the way back to December when the first payment was due and I told him that that was not necessary please send statement of payments to email. He said ma'am there's no need to be rude and I said there's no need for you to contact me on a current account. He said since you're going to be rude I'm not going to send you anything I said okay. I advised him that I would be contacting the and he said fine I said I will also see you in arbitration because I have my proof and I'm not behind. He was relentless rude and very disrespectful. Had I known the company that I was financed through was so shady. I see that I'm not the only one that has had a problem with this company. Needless to say that when I called the company to advise them of their employees actions I had no idea who I was talkin about. Not only did they take up way too much of my time they also had the girl at the end of the presentation to get on her knees and fold her hands as if she was praying about a bogus trip to Las Vegas. That is so unprofessional and the customer service representative said that that was normal and I are trained today so. I said OMG you are kidding right. She said no. I received a thank you card in the mail and it was signed by Kirby girl. This company is great at harassment, illiteracy and just downright rude. So I will be filing a complaint on the actions of the company so no one else will possibly go through what I have. They are very persistent, they do not listen to you for anyting, waste at least three to four hours of your time and then you spend more time on the phone trying to fix a problem that doesn't exist. I refuse to comply with their request a bank statement. I will not let them have access the information which is on my statement which is my account information. Had I known that I would have to deal with this I would have stopped them at the door. I hope this can be resolved and this company is handled properly because they are certainly not worthy of being on the How they remain there I have no clue. I am very disappointed and stressed because of time spent on the phone, actions taken but not documented and the risk of ruining my credit. But, at this point I will do anything so I do not have to have contact with this company, even if it means ruining my credit and having to rebuild. Anything and I mean anything is better then having to deal with these unprofessional sketchy employees. That might take a lot of time to rebuild my credit but I would rather do that then be harassed and spend ungodly amount of time on the phone with this company. Please be aware they are not straightforward and something is clearly wrong. I will not allow them to line their with my money. This has been a very very unpleasant experience with this company. I'll write it down at one star because I did not have the option for 0

I bought a vaccum from a *** salesman. I was never told about the 3 day cancellation process by the person who sold it to me. I called in the next two days to the company that sold it to me out of Tuscaloosa Al and asked them to come and get it because it was 2 heavy for me and had already eaten 2 belts. I could not figure out how to use it. They informed me there they could not return the vacuum. I never received a contract I never received a payment book and called to ask a about a payment book and a contract and they said there was a fee. I asked for them to come and get the vacuum. I have received threaten phone calls from this company. I haven't used it and just want them to come get it. I dont remember exact dates because no contract was ever given!

Merchants Acceptance Response • Mar 23, 2019

(customer) purchased a *** home cleaning system from ***.(seller), an authorized distributor of *** home cleaning systems, on 8/24/2018. Merchants Acceptance Corp. (finance company) was assigned the contract for financing. On 8/24/2018 the finance company verbally verified the terms of the financing agreement with the customer on the phone as well as confirming with the customer they were being left with a copy of the contract. The contract is attached for review. The contract outlines the proper cancellation procedure for this purchase. The customer failed to properly cancel the contract per the terms of the agreement. The financing company made multiple calls to the customer between 8/30/18 and 9/6/18 as a courtesy to ensure that the customer was satisfied with the purchase. No contact was ever made and the customer did not return any of these courtesy calls. Since then the finance company has had only one contact with the customer on 12/3/18 to advise customer of the default status of the loan, the customer refused to make any payments on the account. A coupon book was mailed to *** on 9/4/2018 and since then we have sent multiple delinquency notices to the customer. Due to the fact the customer did not properly cancel this contract the customer is bound to the terms of the agreement. Please contact me directly if you need further assistance in this matter.

Jarod Y

Director of Business Operations




My contract agreement from Merchant Acceptance for a *** vacuum was $1,058.40; which was financed at 24.83% with the financing cost of $352.08 for 24 months. (The total 24 months payments was at $58.77 plus finance charge would have been a total of $1,410.48).
To avoid their interest charges, I made my 1st payment of $1000 paid on 12/29/18 and I paid my final balance of $58.40 on 01/29/19. On March 1, 2019 I talked to a manager name Mike and he stated they charged me $47.46 in interest for January and February. He stated they don't loan money for free.
I stated that's why I paid in full before I would incurred interested charges. The monthly payments was to start on January 29, 2019 and I stated I didn't owe anything in the month of February at all. Since I paid the total amount before my due date, I should have no interest charged, and if I owed any interest fees, it should of been for January ONLY nd it should have been at least around $15 because the 1st payment was due January 29th.

Merchants Acceptance Response • Mar 04, 2019

I'm sorry to hear your frustration. Because your account was not paid in full by the due dates for Jan and Feb you would owe interest for these billing periods. Please contact me directly and I'm sure we can work out a resolution that is agreeable to both of us. Jarod Y ***.

I bought a vacuum from ***, the contact was with ***, the cancellation term was 3 business days. I sent the cancellation on Feb 4, 2019 first day of the stated time. *** called to confirm they received the cancellation, and they had contacted *** to cancel the contract. I called *** 5 times and they still say they have not been contacted. I called again today 02/26/2019 to check in on the progress and the contract still has not been voided. I followed the terms of the contract, they are saying the contract is still binding due to *** not canceling.

Merchants Acceptance Response • Feb 27, 2019

Corp. contacted the seller *** Inc. today and confirmed with them that the customer did in fact send in notice of cancellation timely and we have cancelled the financing and sent a request to the credit agencies to have this removed from credit reporting. If you need any further assistance please contact me directly at

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